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山さん気に入ってくれて良かった☺️✨✨ 日本では完売していた CHANELの限定マニキュア♡ *

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It is a daily practice of mine to spending as much time as possible just in the moment. Passing through the Port of Los Angeles gave me the opportunity to do just that.

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Thank you uncle Mikey!! Better late than never for a Christmas present 😁 Made his day Mike, thank you!

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Only in the present is your mind free to do what it does best — solve problems. — Bryant McGill

Chocolate for Nikki

Chocolate for Nikki

           “Man, I hope Nikki likes this. It cost me a fucking arm and a leg to get this, and I’ve been out here for a fucking hour,” Max mumbled to himself, walking through the forest with the goal of seeking out his green haired crush with a box of chocolates in his hand. Max was normally not one for clichés, but he had heard from Nerris that Nikki had a thing for chocolate, so it seemed to make sense to get her some chocolates. The problem was that Max had no idea where Nikki was. He went to Nikki and Nerris’ tent to look for her, but Nerris had told him that she left.

As Max continued his trek through the woods, he heard some leaves rustling. He looked around briefly, but concluded that it was just a bit of wind. He continued walking, but he heard the rustling again, along with some speedy footsteps. Max looked around, even looking behind the bushes. But since he was bent down face first in a thick bush, he wasn’t able to see what was right behind him…

…Nikki jumping out of a tree, and grabbing Max by the back.

“GIVE ME THAT CHOCOLATE!” Nikki shrieked, maintaining her balance and grip as Max was running around, trying to shake her off of her.

“JESUS CHRIST!” Max screamed as he was running back from where he came. “NIKKI, GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!” Max screamed again before he tripped on a rock, and fell face first into the ground with the box of chocolates falling a few feet in front of him. When Nikki saw the chocolates fall away from Max, she jumped off of Max, rocketed to the chocolates, ripped the box open, and started devouring all the chocolates.

“Shame on you Max! Hoarding all this delicious chocolate for yourself without sharing with me!” Nikki exclaimed, her mouth full of half chewed chocolates. Max pinched the bridge of his nose before walking to Nikki.

“Nikki, I got those chocolates for you. In fact, I was out in these woods trying to find you so I can give these to you,” Max said, with a deadpanned expression to match the tone in his voice. Nikki looked at Max with her puppy dog eyes, which caused Max’s heart to do an entire gymnastics routine. She swallowed the abundance of chocolate in her mouth before giving Max a hug.

“That’s so sweet of you Max,” Nikki said, while having her face buried in Max’s hoodie. Max, not knowing how to react, started petting Nikki’s head.  

“Not bad for a first try at being sweet, huh?” Max asked with a smirk on her face. Nikki looked up at Max and nodded. “Maybe you can give me some more chances to practice my sweetness?” Max asked, leaving Nikki’s mouth agape with sparkles in her eyes.

“Are you asking me what I think you’re asking me?” Nikki nearly whispered, too shocked to increase the volume of her voice.

“Yeah…Nikki…will you by my…girlfriend?” Max asked, looking down at his feet with a blush completely covering his face. Nikki jumped into his arms, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Yes I will!” Nikki proudly exclaimed, giving Max a flurry of additional kisses on the cheek and forehead. Max laughed at the kiss attack, and gave Nikki a flurry of kisses back on the cheek. Nikki got down from Max’s arms, and started eating the chocolates again. Max shook his head with a smile on his face, and sat next to Nikki with his arm around her neck. Nikki felt Max’s arm, looked at him, and smiled at him with her teeth and mouth covered in chocolate.

“I love you Max,” Nikki cooed before she went back to eating the chocolate.

“I love you too Nikki,” Max responded, scratching the top of Nikki’s head while she was finishing off the last of the chocolate in the box.

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I meant to send you a sweet message like forever ago! But there's no better time than right now. I really appreciate how kind and calm you always seem to be. You're a delight to talk to and I'm always overjoyed whenever I see you on my dash! I wish you happiness forever and ever 💞

You’re so sweet, oh my gosh! Thank you so much, this has bought a happy tear to my eye, omg. I… can’t even… You’re so sweet, I can’t even function… Just thank you so much, you have no idea how much this warms my heart and makes me smile. It means the world and even taking the time to send this to lil me, thank you! Oh my… I’ve wrote this precious message down and will post after I’ve replied to this, hehe.

Thank you so much once again… I’m legit…. RIP ME <33

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You're such a sweet person and you deserve the best <3 so don't ever worry about your followers! Just take care everything will turn out ok!!

I’m super sorry, I wrote this down but forgot to answer it *hides* thank you ever so much, you’re ever so sweet! Thank you, thank you ^_^ <33

I’m 25

At 22:48 I turned 25 years old. 25 years ago I was born. As was my sister, 4 minutes later, and our brother, 2 minutes after that.
Two out of three remain. I suspect our birthday is mostly a happy occasion for our parents, but it’s sad too. It saddens me a bit, and I didn’t even get to know our brother, not really. He died when we were 3 months old…

Anyway, I’m 25. That’s a quarter of a century. Should I feel old? I don’t know. In a way 25 don’t feel that different from 24, but at the same time it feels quite different. Though I’m not sure why. Could be because I thought I would have fulfilled a few dreams by now when I was younger. I suspect my younger self would be rather disappointed if she could see me now.

Not to say I’m unhappy. I’m rather content with my life right now. I have accomplished things, they’re not the things my younger self had in mind but they still count. Like my education, I’m really proud of that. I don’t think the person I was just a few years ago would have had the motivation to go through with that. So, while my younger (teen) self would have been disappointed, my less younger self would have been impressed.

It was a good day; good food, cake and presents. Nice presents, some I wished for and some I didn’t but will hopefully find a use for anyway. It was just the immediate family. In March we will have a larger celebration with the extended family. I’m looking foward to it.

If only I had known then what I know now, would I have done the same? These thoughts keep me up at night. I wonder and ponder over possibilities and moments that have passed. If only I paid as much attention to the tiny details while I lived those moments. Or did those tiny details only come to light because I relive those moments time by time again? I only know that I lived how I lived, I did what I did and I can’t change it. How can that make me feel so strong and so weak all at once? Time is a thing that is present in all, in living creatures, in moments and in us. It’s the one variable which we can’t change or oversee perfectly. But if we could, would we do it differently? Would I have grown smarter, older or younger? It seems like a riddle, a riddle I want to solve. Maybe the only way to make time ever stop is by remembering a moment so perfectly you get to live it forever. But do you want to? Because you live in the now, this is the moment that matters right? Why is it that humans get so stuck in the past that they forget about the now? I should ask myself, and I do more than enough. It’s as if moments fall around us like snow, time is one of those things that doesn’t matter. A smile from then, a tear from now, a kiss from then. They connect, everything connects. It’s as if everything led us to this moment, so if you change one moment you change the now, but if you could, would you?
—  Annedi Bergsma