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갓세븐 앨범 양도합니다 FOCUS , EYES ON YOU , Present : YOU , Present : YOU & ME 다합쳐서 20000₩에 양도합니다 ※예판구성품거의다있습니다 ※포스터는 focus앨범꺼 있습니다

日本で「唯一」の楊枝屋 楊枝を初めて使ったのはネアンデルタール人10万年前。日本には奈良時代仏教と共に伝来。日本で唯一の楊枝屋は日本橋さるや。江戸から続く伝統技術隅々まで伝わる“粋”贈物に最適

President Donald Trump has said the US Navy shot down an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz. "took defensive action" on Thursday after the drone came within about 1,000 yards (914m) of the vessel. Source: BBC

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Where has the time gone?

Life is just flying by. Everyone around me is going with the times where I feel like I’m stuck in the present moment, the past for everyone else. It’s kinda like those scenes where that one kid is sitting at the lunch table alone and there is a time lapse behind them of everyone else. It’s not a good feeling.


Peace & Love y’all 🙏💙
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So, what'd you get?

Yeah, it’s pretty unfortunate that you’ve got to work tomorrow (well, unless you’re down with Boxing Day), but let’s take it one 24-hour window at a time, shall we? It’s not as if you’ve had any shortage of gizmos to choose from this year, and while you aren’t likely to get a Transformer Prime, there’s plenty of other stocking stuffers to look forward to. Speaking of which, what’d you find under your tree this morning? A Kindle Fire? That new laptop you’ve been longing for? A few new cables to do… cable-y things with? Let us know in comments below, and be sure to press play on your way there. Hopefully that’s not your kid.

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Tiers of Value
(Fulfilment Insight 6)
Gifts in decreasing order of value:
1) Give Joy - Make them smile
2) Give Time - So they can pursue Joy
3) Give Money - So they can buy Time
4) Give Space - So they can earn Money, buy Time, and pursue Joy unhindered.
What did you last give? To who?
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Final draft of the birthday present for my friend (I forgot to take other pictures ):

  • This gold-plated box
  • Filled with pictures, songs,poems and texts
  • A pair of old earrings (little suns)
  • “The Song of Achilles” - yes I want to ruin her
  • NYX bodypaint for cosplay
  • Pretty pretty cotton, glitter and gold leaf to cover the rest
Truths I live by

1) Us humans are not at the center of the Universe. Although the world appears to be a human one from our perspective, we are merely a small part of an interconnected cosmic network and, we are all one. There is nothing inferior or superior - those are concepts humans created.

2) Love is the essence of life and the most powerful form of energy. Jim Carrey said this during a commencement speech and I still remember it to this day. “The most valuable currency in this world is our effect on other people”. This is absolutely the truth and can be experienced in our daily lives if we really pay attention to our interactions with others.

3) The only moment we will ever experience is the present. Our minds create illusions of the past and future and distract us from being here, now. Strangely, we are never taught this in school. From an early age, our education system and most often, parents, teach us to prepare for our future.

Whenever I’m alone with you
you make me feel like I am home again
whenever I’m alone with you
you make me feel like I am clean again

However far away I will always love you
however long I stay I will always love you
whatever words I say I will always love you
I will always love you

(Lovesong - The Cure)

A little present for my babygirl ( @bestpizzahoe )

Art of living

Today, I went to the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. They projected the performance of  “ A Lot of Sorrow ” by The National and Ragnar Kjartansson staged at the MoMA in New York. I sat there for about 30 minutes and closed my eyes.

 I reminisced my last year while listening to the song and I started crying. I really felt alive for a moment. It’s like if I was seeing my life flashing in front of me with a wave of emotions.

I live for those moments