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Watch out for and collection at Far East Weavers. Love of / and global elements that are unique and one of a kind. ❤️Shop Now! .

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Female model posing by a wall wearing lime green. Text overlay "Wardrobe update line break Pre-fall styling"
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Female model by a brick wall standing with a bag. Male model in the foreground.
Male and female model standing together wearing pink and tan.

Space Cowboys. I am definitely ready for the boots season to kickstart! The Fall collections are usually my favorite! Platform boots by @dorotheeschumacher

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What are Pre-Fall collections? They offer a sneak peek at the new fall collections. More...

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[ @protectxthem​ ]  “Gabriel? I can’t reach the middle spot of my wings. Can you help me? They itch.” (Pre fall Lucifer if you’d like)


WHEN LUCIFER approached the young Archangel, Gabriel’s gaze fell on his uncomfortable posture most likely due to the itch. A soft smile formed on the messenger’s lips & he placed his hands on his friend’s shoulders to orient him more properly, turning Lucifer to where he was facing away from him & he could get a proper angle at the spot. 

HIS WINGS were glorious, the feathers plumed out magnificently across his back & some reflected the sunlight with a yellow glow. Gabriel gave a small hum of approval at this & moved to scratch the angel where he had mentioned it itched.

❛ NO PROBLEM. It can be irritating when that happens. Have you been preening properly? It itches a little less if you’re frequent about it. 

[ @ineffablequestion ] uwu heart me gabe

Drop me a character name and I’ll reveal my muse’s heart…

(purely aesthetic appreciation of looks)

(how close a friend they consider them)

(wanting to have sex with them)

(hoping for a romantic relationship)


Getting some writing done on my Gabe and Ivy story currently titled Peace nad Love which takes place after the Ominic Crisis while they are celebrating the end of the peace talks. It is currently the third story in their series. The first, Owls and Ivy, is going to deal with their meeting and the building of their relationship during the SEP program and through the Ominic Crisis. The second will take place during the Ominic Crisis.  I am also trying to watch Bumblebee while doing this, iTunes is making it a pain. If it doesn’t work after a couple more tries I might try something on Netflix.

Also I am going to have to go back and rewrite Snapshots in Our Life, might retitle it Snapshots in our Lives, so that they include more of Vincent since he, Jack and Mary are going to be in a Poly relationship. Right now the plan is to have Jack and Vincent start out in a relationship and then later on in a later story Jack brings Mary in with them working out how their three way relationship is going to work and how Jack will divide his time between them and Overwatch. 


Pre-Fall habits of the Terrans #654,