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How many licks does it take to get to the center of the pop? Let's find out... 1,2,3

The relationship has changed between employees and employers. Both can stay ahead of the curve with these tips:

🇮🇹 | There's Friday night entertainment over in Italy, where Juventus host lowly Frosinone Value might be hard to come by on this one, but over 2.5 goals @ 1.50 looks like a steal: | | |

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the umbrella academy adaptation is honestly everything I could have wanted and more I just wish there were more episodes and I kind of have a doubt because they seem to have combined apocalypse suite and dallas. maybe the second season will focus on hotel oblivion?


Scorpio EO February 2019💕Heading Right Towards Eachother💕

Next BNHA Arc?
  • Me: Bro hear me out. This dude we saw in chapter 216 and is assumedly called "Shiragumo" in the last chapter? When Aizawa had a brief flashback? And we're going into a villain arc. What if this dude turned into a villain but used to be friends with mic and aizawa and we get like angst and character background for mic and aizawa.
  • Friend: IT'S DABI!
  • Friend: jk. that would be kinda cool
  • Me: P sure dabi is too young? meh who knows
  • Friend: Also p sure he's too young

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Oh wow I wonder if he's even aware he's having these "flashes" of human-like responses. After seeing what Seb was like back when he first made the contract with Ciel I feel like he's changed a lot. I used to think Yana was developing his character way too slowly but it's just very subtle. It's like his demon nature is a huge wall preventing any human emotion from fully taking root. Or preventing him from even realizing if or what he's feeling. It really makes sense in that context.

Yeah, he has changed subtly, but I have no idea whether that fact has registered with him… yet.

I’m truly expecting him to get hit with a wave of emotions some day. Big enough that 1) he can’t ignore it and 2) it has a lasting effect on him. Just like he tells Beast he doesn’t understand love or loss “yet”. Someday, I think he will.


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January 4, 2019: Arthonsys Technologies LLP posted images on LinkedIn

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