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Betmeteor 2019 Pick #109 (W) | BetClic - 2.40 ------- 💰

Completing the final edits at my favorite coffee joint, here in Santa Cruz. My chat with about life, drag and NBA Playoffs will be dropping shortly.

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last minute epilogue predictions

here’s what i’m reasonably certain of, although obviously, you can never predict where hussie is going to take things when it comes to homestuck

  • Meat route, candy route.
  • Meat route will take John back into the comic with a format shift. Candy route will keep him in the prose format.
  • Meat John will rescue the game over kids and take them to fulfill the Masterpiece.
  • John’s arc (being able to make decisions for himself) will be resolved.
  • I will be sad.

here’s what i’m less certain of, but would really like to see

  • Meat John punches Aranea in the face
  • Meat John literally interrupts the Game Over flash somehow
  • John ends up happier
  • There is a third route (this is Heavily Foreshadowed but I’m still putting it in the “less certain” category)
  • The third route happens ““chronologically””, if that makes any sense, after the first two do - it requires them to happen before it happens.
  • The Meat route and Candy route will somehow influence each other.

so, there you go.

anonymous asked:

Ji third scandal is a possibility, no smoke without fire. But at least we know its going to be a set up. I dont know who will be picked, but if its within the house its going to be seulgi. Or sunmi could fit him too.

yo lets all turn into prediction blog LOL 

- sunmi

- seulgi


okay anyways please be aware i am being super sarcastic because fuck all this farce and tbh fuck scandals that ruin ji image 

Ch151: Undertaker surpised? And an unexpected benefit….

Something I find unusual about Undertaker’s reaction to Funtom: he seems to be surprised by it all. Keeping track of our earl these past four years, he must have known about Funtom, so why is he surprised by all the products that need approval? I guess he has just never paid attention to the details of the business.

And it makes me wonder if there is an upside to turning real Ciel into a bizarre doll. I mean, the cons of it must outweigh the pros, but this is an interesting opportunity… for real Ciel to see how well his brother has fared as earl and watchdog in his stead.

Real Ciel might even eventually come to the conclusion he didn’t need to come back to the manor and take over. Hopefully he doesn’t destroy Funtom, the estate, and everything else the earl has established or fixed… before his inevitable demise. And yes, I think real Ciel will have to be destroyed. Perhaps he will come to that conclusion, too… just like in Mother3, when Lucas has the final confrontation with his dead and reanimated older mirror twin brother, Claus. Claus realizes he shouldn’t fight his younger twin, that he should let Lucas “win”, and then he sacrifices himself for Lucas.
This Is How Human Extinction Could Play Out
Food-system collapse, sea-level rise, disease. In his new book “Falter,” Bill McKibben asks, “Is it Too Late?”
By Bill McKibben

“But let’s try to occupy ourselves with the most likely scenarios, because they are more than disturbing enough. Long before we get to tidal waves or smallpox, long before we choke to death or stop thinking clearly, we will need to concentrate on the most mundane and basic facts: everyone needs to eat every day, and an awful lot of us live near the ocean.”

Predicting the remaining 20 games on the Sega Mega Drive mini
  1. Aladdin (1P): If they can include both Castle of Illusion and World of Illusion, they clearly have some kind of support from Disney. So why not this game? After all, it is a highly regarded game, with graphics that were hand drawn by Disney animators. And there is an Aladdin remake coming out this year, so it’s re-release would be timely.
  2. Vectorman 2 (1P): Personally, I prefer this one over the first game, I found the difficulty more fair, the visuals more appealing, and enjoyed the ‘insect’ theme. It also had a motion cutscene at the beginning which was kinda cool. But in any case, I feel like at least one Vectorman game has to make it on here, there’s not really that many other great pre-rendered Mega Drive games, let alone ones that are owned by Sega themselves, or that make such great and unique uses of their sprites.
  3. Phantasy Star 2, 3 or 4 (1P): I’ll be honest, I’m still playing through the first game, and so haven’t actually played any of the sequels. But regardless, the system does need at least one great traditional RPG, and if the sequels are anything like the first game, then any one of them would fit that role well.
  4. Alex Kidd and the Enchanted Castle (1P): This game is kind of essential, just for what it represents historically. It was the last instalment for Sega’s original mascot platformer, right before Sonic came along and, well, you know the rest. It’s from a time before platformers were expected to have a standout mechanic of some kind, making it kind of unique in its simplicity as far as Mega Drive games go.
  5. Columns (2P): As far as block-falling/matching puzzle games go, this game is basically synonymous with the Mega Drive. Unlike it’s sequel, or Mean Bean Machine which is already being included, this game has little to no focus on competition, making it more well suited to single-player (though you can still play with a friend if you want to), and much more calm and slow-paced.
  6. Golden Axe (2P): I know we already have Streets of Rage 2 and Comix Zone, but a collection of Mega Drive games just wouldn’t be complete without a Golden Axe game.
  7. Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (2P): Nintendo’s consoles each had a Ghosts ‘n Goblins game, and seeing as Sega has already managed to include Castlvania and Contra games (which were also included in Nintendo’s mini consoles) it would be nice if they could do the same for this series. This is also a very early Mega Drive game, having come out in the very first year of the console’s lifespan.
  8. Sonic 3 and Knuckles (2P): It would just feel wrong to not have all three original Sonic games, especially in the case of this one, since it has the most content, best graphics, and features Knuckles. Some might say that they should have Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic and Knuckles as separate games, but that would feel wasteful, and like padding out the list just for the sake of it. This is essentially one game, it was developed as one game, it plays best as one game, and it should be featured as one game. And if Nintendo can include all three Super Mario Bros games on the NES Classic, despite only including 30 games, and also having other Mario games alongside them, then three Sonic the Hedgehog games is not unreasonable.
  9. Rocket Knight Adventures (1P): They already have Konami’s support with Castlevania and Contra, and Konami did make a sequel to this game a few years ago so they clearly haven’t forgotten about it.
  10. Battletoads and Double Dragon The Ultimate Team (2P): The great thing about no longer being a console manufacturer, is that you can more easily make deals with companies that are console manufacturers, since you’re not directly competing with them. This game has never been re-released, not even on XBOX, so it wouldn’t even be competing with Microsoft in any way, it would just be giving players a chance to play a great game that hasn’t been available for over 20 years. And the owners of Double Dragon were willing to let Double Dragon 2 be on the NES Classic.
  11. Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe (2P): Every console needs a sports game, and what better or more classic sports game can you get than Speedball? Aside from the Amiga version that is. This game has been ported to mobile platforms, so it doesn’t seem like there’s any resistance to re-releasing it.
  12. Galaxy Force 2 (1P): Like many of the games that have so far been announced for the system, this game was remade for the 3DS by M2. Personally, I prefer this over Space Harrier, if only for the fact that you actually get to travel through space, and if 2D shooters get to have two games, with Thunder Force and Fantasy Zone, then so should 3D shooters.
  13. Ristar (1P): This was one of the last Mega Drive games released before the Saturn came out. It was also developed from the early concepts for Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s also just a great game overall, with a unique and intuitive central mechanic, beautiful and detailed environments and characters, and very distinctly Mega Drive music.
  14. The Ooze (1P): This is a very unique and creepy game where you play as a blob of green goo travelling along the ground trying to defeat enemies, collect more goo to keep yourself alive and eventually become human again. It’s hard to even describe the genre of this game, it’s not a platformer since you can’t jump or anything, it’s not a shooter since you don’t really ‘shoot’ your enemies, it’s not a puzzle game since the challenges don’t require enough creative thinking, and it’s not even really a fighter, at least not in the Streets of Rage/Golden Axe sense. A game this weird and terrifying definitely belongs on the Mega Drive mini. The game has been re-released on a few of the Mega Drive compilations released on consoles, and it was also included on one of the Atgames systems. It was also made entirely by Sega, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t exclusively own the rights to it.
  15. Crack Down (2P): Okay, so far we’ve got 3D shooters, horizontal 2D shooters, and a side-scrolling shooter in the form of Contra, now all that’s missing is a top-down shooter.
  16. Mortal Kombat (2P): While there are a whole lot of beat ‘em up games already included, there’s been no traditional 1-on-1 fighting game announced, and while they could just include Virtua Fighter 2 like they did on Steam and the Console compilations, I think it would be better to save that for a potential Sega Saturn mini, and include Mortal Kombat here. They did manage to include it in one of the Atgames consoles, so I’d be surprised if they weren’t able to include it here as well.
  17. Pitfall the Mayan Adventure (1P): This one is kind of a long shot, and I’m mainly just including it based on personal preference, but the original Pitfall game was included in the recent Atari Flashback console, so it’s certainly possible at least.
  18. Flashback (1P): It would be nice to have at least one cinematic platformer on here, and I feel like if any game would fill that position, it would be this one. Unlike Another World, it wouldn’t be overshadowed by a wide variety of clearly superior versions released on modern platforms, and I feel like this game is more closely associated with the Mega Drive. It was ported to Switch just last year, and had a remake a few years before, so there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping the game from getting a re-release.
  19. Virtua Racing (2P): In the interest of including representatives for every major game genre, I think there needs to be at least one racing game included, and what better racing game could you get than Virtua Racing? It has multiplayer (always a must for racing games), it belongs to Sega, it’s a 3D game (take that Super Nintendo), it’s never been re-released before, and it’s even currently being reworked by M2 for the Switch.
  20. Star Quest (1P): I feel like, for this system to serve as a true competitor to the SNES Classic, they need to include at least 2 3D games to compare with Star Fox 1&2, and preferably include at least 1 unreleased game, just like how Star Fox 2 was unreleased. So, why not include the unreleased localisation of Star Cruiser; Star Quest? It’s a Wolfenstein/DOOM style FPS game, something that didn’t really exist on consoles at the time, and also an RPG. And as far as its original Japanese release goes, it preceded Star Fox on the Super Nintendo by about 3 years, proving that Sega does in fact do what Nintendon’t.

Aries April 2019 End of Month💖The Surprise Is Close 💖

Feh characters most likely to get alts based on their popularity

A list of feh characters who DONT have alts and are most likely to get one based on their CYL3 popularity.

This list is based on CYL3 results. I listed the top ten characters who are in feh already who DONT have alts. **I excluded some Radiant Dawn and Thracia only characters since I haven’t played those games and was initially making this list for myself, sorry. **Also, Shadow Dragon and New Mystery characters have been combined.

This is on the assumption that they won’t give us another camilla or lucina or whatnot, and that they are picking from the current feh character pull. Who knows, maybe they’ll throw in a couple of new characters like bridal charlotte. This is sort of a general guide for what IntSys might be thinking.



  1. Alm
  2. Delthea
  3. Berkut
  4. Faye
  5. Genny
  6. Kliff
  7. Lukas
  8. Sonya
  9. Clair
  10. Mae


  1. Wrys
  2. Minerva
  3. Navarre
  4. Camus
  5. Katarina
  6. Ogma
  7. Merric
  8. Michalis
  9. Jeorge
  10. Athena


  1. Sigurd
  2. Seliph
  3. Ishtar
  4. Ayra
  5. Leif
  6. Eldigan
  7. Finn
  8. Julia
  9. Lewyn
  10. Arvis


  1. Ranulf
  2. Nephenee
  3. Black Knight
  4. Haar
  5. Zelgius
  6. Lethe
  7. Caineghis
  8. Tibarn
  9. Sothe
  10. Nailah

Sacred Stones:

  1. Lyon
  2. Joshua
  3. Lute
  4. Amelia
  5. Seth
  6. Tana
  7. L’Arachel
  8. Valter
  9. ——
  10. ——

Blazing Sword:

  1. Florina
  2. Jaffar
  3. Lucius
  4. Raven
  5. Matthew
  6. Canas
  7. Lloyd
  8. Rebecca
  9. Ursula
  10. Serra

Binding Blade:

  1. Idunn
  2. Rutger
  3. Fir
  4. Sophia
  5. Lugh
  6. Sue
  7. Shanna
  8. Klein
  9. Zephiel
  10. Thea


  1. Selkie
  2. Felicia
  3. Velouria
  4. Keaton
  5. Kaden
  6. Soleil
  7. Ophelia
  8. Effie
  9. Peri
  10. Beruka


  1. Anna
  2. Cherche
  3. Panne
  4. Grima
  5. F!Morgan
  6. Owain
  7. Lon’qu
  8. Aversa
  9. Donnel
  10. M!Morgan


  1. Anna
  2. Líf
  3. Thrasir
  4. Surtr
  5. Eir
  6. Hel
  7. Ylgr
  8. Helbindi
  9. ——
  10. ——

So I work for mental health and one of my clients told me two months ago that she had a dream I was leaving. I was like “nah” but now I gave my two week notice and I AM leaving. She has predicted many things the past few years, which she was always right but I still have my doubts… but today she says “hey I had a dream about you last night.” I’m like really? Hope it was not bad… she goes “nope, I had a dream you were pregnant.”

Grain of salt orrrr…

all i want for got s8ep2

after dany finishes threatening jaime and scaring the shit out of him in the hall, brienne stands up and goes ‘jaime, tell them what you told me, at harrenhal’ and jaime finally gets to tell his side of the story

if dany doesnt get told the truth at some point in that episode im going to Revolt


Taurus April 2019 Mid Month💕Transformation 💕

Predictions chapter 174

Hak and Kuelbo

- they will argue but eventually come to the agreement that they both want to be with their women again and team-up.

- Hak will threaten Kuelbo with his glaive

- Kuelbo will tease Hak again because he’s so determined to be with Yona again. He comes to the conclusion that Hak loves Yona at least as much as she loves him.

- Hak could ask Kuelbo what he wants to do with Yona. Kuelbo tells him about the “Goddess of war”

- Hak laughs and tells him “Hime-san will never agree to this. She hates wars.”

- IF Kuelbo really wants to marry Yona…. he’ll kiss Hak’s glaive again.

- MAYBE Kuelbo and Hak will come to the place where their women are. AT THE VERY LAST PAGE AS A CLIFFHANGER

I’m predicting the HakYona reunion in 175 for months, so I’m sorry to disappoint you..

tbh, I am curious and excited for a team-up between these two. Could be fun.

Yona and Gobi

- We will see where Yona (and maybe Yoo-Lan) is

- Gobi will tell Yona AGAIN that he wants the powers of the dragons [so he’s his annoying ass as always]

- Yona is pretty annoyed with his bs and kicks him again

Kye-Sook and Joo-Doh

- they will discuss the rising popularity of Yona and especially Hak and talk about how to get rid of them

I hope that we’ll get that discussion.

If not we’ll get something with the dragons. They are sensing that Hak is gone and are searching for him.