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Akhmat Groznyi have been drawing at both half time and full time in 6 of their last 12 home matches in Premier League More & Stats➡️

Future production will allow crops to grow all year round, including extreme environments and remote communities:

FC Nordsjælland and AGF Aarhus will close the round in Denmark More & Stats➡️

In the first blog of our 2019 series, explains why PR and comms professional need to consider the impact of their non-verbal communication in the new year:

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Grammy Nominations Award the Culture🏆

On Friday morning, highly-anticipated nominations for the Grammys’ gleaming golden cups were announced, and hip-hop, surprisingly and yet unsurprisingly, dominated the top categories. Kendrick Lamar, the critically acclaimed Compton rapper, got the most nods despite not releasing his own project. (The successful Black Panther soundtrack, which escorted its record-shattering and history-making cinematic namesake, helped him appear on, and command, the exclusive, gilded list.) Lamar’s hugely popular, chart-topping rival, Drake, whose musical ubiquity was solidified some time ago, follows with seven nominations. (The blame can be placed on his best-of-both-worlds double disk Scorpion, the record that yielded billions of streams and more than a couple Billboard Hot 100 hits.) The lovable loudmouth Cardi B, whimsical creative genius Childish Gambino, and tantalizing mystery woman H.E.R. each scored five prized acknowledgments, making me smile at the rainbow of color and talent dancing across the “Big Four” and other areas.

For Record of the Year, Cardi, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin’s energetic “I Like It,” Gambino’s satirical “This is America,” Drake’s quotable “God’s Plan,” Lamar and SZA’s hopeful “All the Stars,” and Post Malone’s decadent “rockstar” compete. I doubt that Gambino’s social critique will walk away with the gold, and the TDE artists’ collaboration was not a cultural phenomenon (though it did reach number seven on the Hot 100 and received platinum plaques). Since the remaining three songs all reached number one and incessantly played on hundreds of radio stations, it is challenging to determine which one wins the popularity contest. My personal favorite out of the rap and R&B tracks is “All the Stars,” but to the Grammys, the song may not pack enough of a punch. It is an uncertain category, but I am still betting on the three omnipresent singles.

Album of the Year includes Cardi’s Invasion of Privacy, Drake’s Scorpion, H.E.R.’s H.E.R., Malone’s beerbongs & bentleys, Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer, and the Black Panther score. The latter project might have the biggest chance of winning, though it did not achieve the greatest commercial success. Drake’s album seems too congested, Monae’s and H.E.R.’s might be overlooked, and Malone’s does not seem to fit the category. Cardi’s warmly received debut, however, has a chance against my predicted champion. 

For Song of the Year, I believe “God’s Plan” has the highest likelihood of prevailing over Lamar and SZA’s superhero salute, Ella Mai’s puppy love anthem, and Gambino’s pointed examination. I am hoping that either H.E.R. or Jorja Smith walk away with Best New Artist because R&B reigns supreme in their contrasting voices. When considering Best R&B Performance, I expect H.E.R.’s “Best Part” to succeed. H.E.R. deserves to win also in the Best R&B Song field because “Boo’d Up” (though I appreciate it) is too bubbly, and the other offerings are not as memorable. H.E.R’s “Focus” is one of my favorites and should win that category. Moving on to Best Rap Performance: “King’s Dead” from the Black Panther soundtrack looks set to triumph. Admittedly, there are some formidable opponents in Drake’s “Nice for What” and Travis Scott’s “SICKO MODE.” 6lack and J. Cole’s “Pretty Little Fears” show up on Best Rap/Sung Performance, and I adamantly advocate their victory. 6lack croons about vulnerabilities while Cole spits precious poetry; their subtlety is beautiful and makes me lose my enthusiasm for “All the Stars.” For Best Rap Song, I am leaning toward “Lucky You,” though Joyner Lucas’ “All my life, I want a Grammy, but I’ll prolly never get it” line might sadly prove to be prescient. And finally, for Best Rap Album, I am tied between Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap and Pusha T’s Daytona.

I am eager to see who grabs the gold on the night of February 10, and I hope that the Grammys gift the rappers and R&B vocalists who deserve the coveted prizes. Nominations only go so far. There is a myriad of black and brown brilliants disrupting the traditional institution representing musical excellence, and those luminaries should be embraced, not ignored. Just because their art speaks a different vernacular and produces a different sound does not mean their truth and beauty should be minimized. The culture’s communication is crucial. It is beautiful and brutal, and it rises proudly and magically from the base of that “gilded gramophone,” its melodic shouts sent to enrapture the world.


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Anyone else want Neo to be the one to kill Cinder

Like not until after her and Ruby have a showdown and Ruby talks Cinder down trying to reason with crazy (cause Ruby is like Dobby, she maimes not kills people) and as a weak Cinder starts to accept her fate and likely being taken in Neo swoops in for her revenge– becoming Cinders last thought and takes the maiden powers.

I like this for a few reasons.

1. It takes the fall maiden powers out of the loop and puts a somewhat balance of power back on the field. Neither side would have a maiden and since Oz is still licking his wounds it looked like Ruby was going to have to be the only one with extra abilities vs both Salem and Cinder. When Neo gets her revenge she really has no reason to stick around since Ruby really didnt kill Torchwick so she takes off. Or if she does, shes seen Ruby can fight off maiden powers if she isnt careful so she goes to train with a strategic retreat.

2. Makes Neo a very scary and very unpredictable threat. It makes would make brininging her character back justified as well as open the opportunity for future development other then Torchwicks muscle that may or may not have had a deeper relationship

3. The possibility of another spring vs fall maiden stand off. Cinder has no reason to go after Raven, or at least shes so hellbent on Ruby (seriously do you really think you can just side step Salems orders and it not bite you in the ass. It already has once when you tried to make it more then an in and out mission at haven) she isn’t holding a grudge on Raven. In Vol 2 we clearly see how shaken up Neo is when Raven appears to save Yang and we see a twinge of that again when she fights Cinder. If the theory that Raven destroyed her village is true, then it could be a change for Neo to seek out the person who left her with only Torchwick the first time. The powers would put her at an even playing field and possibly bring Raven back into the story as I feel shes still a key part to team STRQ coming to terms with what happened to them and their falling out, because there was a time even Raven was willing to leave the tribe for her friends and brother before she got scared and went back to what she knew and what she thought was safest.

But these are just my ramblings as usual and what I would like to see/where I predict the series will go. May not be this season or next but Cinder cant be around for the final fight otherwise it will hinder the showdown between Salem and Ruby.

The end of season 8

Okay, but just… just picture this:

It’s the last minute of season 8. Everyone is crying because of something that happened and because there’s only one minute left of Voltron left.

And then Iverson says to Lance,”You’ve become a darn good pilot, cadet. You might even be better than Keith.”

And Lance and Keith lock eyes, and then suddenly the Voltron theme is playing as they race to the flight simulator, their rivalry fueled by the challenge

shhh don’t tell anybody but I don’t think corruption is going to be fully resolved in the diamond days bomb. I think redeeming White is going to be a big old slog of a story arc and unless there’s gonna be another gem war very soon, corrupted gems aren’t going to be fully healed for a loooong time.

j-just can’t wait to be proved wrong. it’s still fun! it’s fun i tell you.


The Belle of the Football 🏈 Bold Predictions Pt. 2 🥰😘 #nfl #nflplayoffs #vikings #seahawks #predictions #nflnews #nflpicks

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Am gonna make some da4 predictions now!!!

This is for myself. If I get anything right I will be super smug about it for 30 years plus.

- Solas is definitely corrupted by red lyrium

- the PC or Solas is hunting several lyrium idols

- PC won’t be the inquisitior. But we will meet them and work with them in the same way we worked with Hawke in DAI

- we will DEFINITELY meet Mae

- characters from DAO might show up, Zevran, Merrill or Aveline. I don’t think Fenris will show up. Fans will be upset

- Hawke/Stroud/Alistair survives the fade

- the veil will be torn down and we will meet some of the elvhen gods, not all!

- there will be a DLC set in Par Vollen

- we will fight a really really important dragon. Maybe an archdemon

- Solas dies. The redemption option was a red herring and won’t affect the endgame

- dwarves under Orlais will play a major part

- one of the DAI ambassadors dies

- Sera and Leliana will have important roles!

- Chaos, the cure for tranquility will be secured and exposed. Seekers dispand for good

- wardens rebuilt and we won’t hear much about them!

- except… For the fact that a cure for the taint is found! Either by HOF, Alistair or ehm.. Stroud I guess?

- the lyrium idols turns out to be of Tevinter origin!

- Sandal won’t appear ) :

- the old gods turn out to be titans! 

That is all for now!

To everyone freaking out about Shuri

Y'all realize that all the photos shown are people presumed missing, right? Not dead. While we know Peter was dusted, we also know that Scott was not and was simply off the grid while he was traveling to the new Avengers compound (I imagine travel is difficult when 50% of the world is suddenly missing). As for Shuri, we’ve seen her duck and run when things get hairy back in the first Black Panther movie, and Wakanda spent years cloaked using Shuri’s technology. She had the capability to disappear if need be, especially if Nakia–a trained spy–is with her. As the heir to the throne after T'Challa, it would make sense for her to send Wakanda back in hiding, being so vulnerable without the Black Panther’s protection. But most importantly, we know that Thanos’ snap split up pairs, meaning that it’s unlikely that the snap would’ve taken both T'Challa and Shuri (because who else is going to mourn his death besides Okoye and presumably Nakia)? My guess is that Shuri will return later in the film and help the OG6 develop the time travel capabilities necessary for their plan to work. Our girl isn’t gone, not even close.

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treasure box predictions

literally no one asked for this but i’m going to do it anyway,

these predictions are from what we have seen in episode 1-3, it might change as time goes on

So basically the treasure team is currently

haruto [j]

mashiho [j]

jeongwoo [c]

junghwan [c]

jyunhao [b]

yoonbin [b]

jihoon [b]

junkyu [a]

seunghun [a]

yedam [a]

apparently episode 4 they will eliminate 3 people from the 10 and then in the same episode/ next episode 5 trainees that were not picked will be put in the treasure team to them be eliminated to make the final debut group.

my predictions:

the 7 trainees that are safe this week are

  • haruto
  • jeongwoo
  • junkyu
  • yedam
  • seunghun
  • jyunhao
  • jihoon


  • mashiho
  • yoonbin
  • junghwan

the reason i think that is all three of them haven’t had much screen time during the show. they haven’t had time to show their stories unlike

  • haruto (his home life and his mother),
  • yedam (he had a whole speaking time in episode 1 + his journey in yg),
  • jeongwoo (screen time in episode 2 of him singing and winning against yedam)
  • junkyu (his confidence struggle and his cover in ep 1)
  • jyunhao (his struggle with korean in episode 2 + his justin bieber cover in episode 1)

the only two that i’m a bit iffy about is seunghun and jihoon because yes they have had screen time but there isn’t really a story behind them, yes seunghun has been a traineee for 9 years but that’s about it. what jihoon has is that he was on the stray kids episode.

the 5 that will be given a second chance:

  • junhyuk [c]
  • hyunsuk [a]
  • byounggon [a]
  • doyoung [a]
  • keita [j]

the reason i say this is because- there is no way that yg won’t debut all of treasure a, it’s their longest trainees and they have been together for so long, they work well together. hyunsuk gets way too much screen time not to debut or not to make it far.

junhyuk gets lots of praise and screentime during the show to not make it far + he’s so talented but that’s just my opinion lol

doyoung can dance and they need a dancer, he also got screen time in episode 2

there’s too little rappers so i think they will add byounggon, hyunsuk or junhyuk

as for keita, he almost made it in episode 3 so i’m pretty sure he will get a second chance.

so the final 12 that will compete in the live shows for a spot on the debut team are

treasure a







treasure b



treasure c



trasure j



what ive predicted is what i think is going to happen before the live show thingys, this isn’t who i want but what i think is going to happen. trust me, if it were up to me i would have chosen a different treasure team lmao anyway, the next episode is tomorrow so i guess we will see what will happen.

thank you for coming to me ted talk

*sees rumour going around that a Frozen 2 teaser might come this month*

me: pfffft, no way that can be true, it’s too early… …  .    .    .     right?

*quickly finishes bingo card before any footage can come out*

So yeah, feel free to ask about my biased, based on absolutely nothing predictions or share your own :D

The future of awards parties

One of the most popular pastimes when any major awards ceremony is broadcast live on television is of course the awards party! People congregate as someone’s house, eat a lot of food, and take bets on which awards will be won by which people! (Note that betting on awards outcomes is illegal, so don’t tell anyone if you do it.)

Will this tradition continue on to our incredible future? I predict that it will!

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my predictions

as tumblr nears its due date to remove all porn, we find ourselves in a path I believe I see. I’ve seen it in the stars, among the vast void of the universe. I have felt it within my heart.

Dec. 13

Tumblr bans porn

after that

tumblr users split to either newgrounds or reddit, and cause various culture shocks. fandom based games and much more fanfiction/art on new grounds, much more LGBT content on newgrounds, reddit has much more subreddits, and various new communities of meme types pop up. 

after that (this is where my prediction begins)

reddit bans porn. its been a long time coming. they started with r/watchpeopledie and r/piracy censoring for more family friendly content, and it will end as r/gonewild dies. 

Newgrounds still allows porn, because newgrounds is the wild west of the internet.

but a new player comes out of the shadows. spoken in jokes and thought of as a terrorism site, 4chan takes a good chunk of the porno lovers on reddit.

around this time tumblr will become its pre-dash con self. harry potter, supernatural, hell even homestuck may make a come back. a new meme economy is breathed life into, and we see the creation of a lot of new formats. 

newgrounds is next upon the chopping block. someone slips child porn out. someone accidentally sends some illegal shit over a message. whatever the case it either changes or dies. ifunny and other minor deaths (9gag etc.) occur as they have a minor porn community. throughout all this, 4chan remains. 4chan always remains. its death was long ago. it lives now, a lich, undying, invincible. 

various other websites are destroyed as internet culture is deleted one website at a time. saturation bombing of websites. you can’t differentiate so you must destroy all. terabytes of data are scattered through the wind. 

a beneficial thing of this is the fact that furries and bronies will have to congregate in small websites where skirmishes between the two and various doxx/attacks by other users who don’t like their shit occur. 

but back to the main thing, 4chan remains. and as the other fan forums die out due to a simple mistake, the unthinkable happens.

Tumblr users relocate to 4chan. its effects will be cataclysmic across the whole internet. various activists will fight neckbeards forum to forum. spam will destroy those that do not shore up mod defenses. the mighty /pol/ may be overrun by the grand tumblr army. 

and then, the final nail lands. 4chan is destroyed. and with the grand titan anonymity killed, the internet becomes pre late 1990s. message boards, IRC’s, various small websites to try and hoard porn. whispers of strange websites across the grand empty basin that once was the internet, which you can find only by searching specific keywords. and it will stay that way for a while. 

My prediction for the S6 playout is based on a single dialogue from Red in S5. 

“Tom was a man of many truths. Which of those he was going to divulge, I can’t say.”

I fully believe Tom died knowing who our Red is. Tom’s dialogue prior to death and Red’s dialogue after his death furthers this. Liz doesn’t have the whole truth because she’s missing the answers Tom had. She failed to question things as Tom did because she only knows half of Tom’s truth. Until she learns those many truths of Tom’s, she’s not gonna piece it together. So I’m predicting Tom’s truths will come first and Red’s identity will come last. 


Why not get a jump start and see what’s in store for the Rat in 2019

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Oh oh who wants another Dewey foreshadowing thing? No one? Except me! Hooray!

I re-watched Onion Gang and god damn it - while Onion seems capable of defending himself just fine, I will eat an entire bagel in a threatening manner if he comes to any harm. His friends are adorable. HE’S adorable. This whole episode was lovely.

Back to blog purposes though? I found something that might foreshadow Bill and Barb’s red herring romance - and how it may end, too.

Steven is being a sad mackerel and flipping through the contacts on his phone to find somebody to hang out with. We see Barb, Lars three times (because no friends either! never works out with the Cool Kids!) and then Bill.

Steven: Looks like the lonely boy with no friends his age was actually… Steven.

Aw Steven, you got loads of friends! This is one character talking for another again. And yeah, Pink Diamond was prolly pretty lonely especially when she had her original weirdo Pearl that became White’s and blah blah but Steven’s talking for Dewey here, too.

As my frankendewey theories go, this would fit with Bill being way older than all the other humans. He doesn’t really get the other people that are supposedly around his age - being all ‘mayorly’ probably kept him forming many friendships to speak of - but really? It’s because no one in town is nearly 200 years old.

Steven: What are you doing?! (Onion starts dragging him by the foot) No, Onion! Onion, listen! I figured it out - the only reason you hang out with me is ‘cause you feel bad for me, isn’t it?

(Onion, shocked, shakes his head)

Steven: You don’t have to lie to me to protect my feelings! Those kids, out there in the woods. You understand each other and you don’t even talk! They’re your real friends. So, just go. I don’t need you to pity me - it’s the one thing I can do by myself.

Being with someone out of pity never makes for a good relationship (friendship or otherwise) even if Onion doesn’t actually pity Steven - that’s just what Steven thinks.

I’m going to operate on my assumption of foreshadowing from the wrestling bit in Letters to Lars with the Wolf of Wall Street chasing Concrete Heat as Barb ‘pursuing’ Bill - so Barb makes the first move.

Steven’s bit about pity could go a couple ways:

  • Bill takes Barb’s advances as pitying him and misunderstands her like Steven is doing.
  • Barb takes Bill’s acceptance of her advances as doing so out of pity (when it’s actually because he felt she is the closest to the ‘right’ age for him).

Either way, Barb ‘sets the scene’ for Bill/Jamie to happen - probably on a road to hell paved with good intentions. :( Poor Barb.

Steven McMatchmaker McUniverse Face will probably set up Barb with Andy, but yeesh pain and heartache etc etc. I love how all my predictions for this show are essentially for the most ham-fisted soap opera subplot of it and again I have no idea how any of it relates to Steven’s development but

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