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14 RTit Preparing for General Data Protection Regulation ()

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Good morning team. Didn't have time to upload a video at my YouTube channel. So here are all my predictions for today. 3 tickets. 1) Wonderkid 2) Striker 3)more tips Choose your favorite and good luck brothers 👑

3 based on 2017 trends: Scala becoming more mainstream Apache Spark will dominate data processing Big Data fuelling AI and machine learning

This lovely lady made her very own iceberg and brought it to school! ❄️🌟 we are recording the changes throughout the day! 😀

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can someone come look over my bio for angelina ?? 

Episode IX Theory

Poe and Hux will form an alliance of sorts behind closed doors for a mutually beneficial grab for more power/victory. Hux will feed the resistance information about the First Order to bring Ben down so that he and Poe can rule in a benevolent manner (or so Hux says). Hux will paint Kylo as the evil mastermind and himself as the victim forced to do his bidding. We also saw Poe’s desire for power with his disappointment when Holdo was made leader instead of him. I think this rift in ideology will also set the stage for Reylo. As force users, Ben and Rey will have to come together to fight this new alliance. And realize that they were never aligned with their respective factions to begin with. 

“It’s all a machine, partner…”


Capricorn End of September | Tarot Reading 2018

It might be because I’m ridiculously tired…

But I find it hilarious that The Arcana update for XVI asked everyone if they were ready…

And everyone went “No! 😱”

Because, at the moment, it seems like the answer was “… A'ight. You don’t appreciate this? Suffer, then.”

And everyone’s sitting here having to sheepishly backtrack: “No, but… can I have it tho? 😰”


Every year we try to predict the very unpredictable Emmys in a very special episode of Dual Redundancy. This year Dave and Kyle try and forecast who will take home the Emmy in all the major categories for the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. The ceremony will be on Monday, September 17th on NBC and will be hosted by Colin Jost & Michael Che.

We first discuss how Colin & Michael will do (1:30) and overall nomination stats (4:05). We then predict the acting, writing and directing categories for both comedy series (6:15) and drama series (29:35). Finally, we look at the main three: limited series, comedy series and drama series (52:10).

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This may just be me but has anyone noticed how whenever one of the cast members directs an episode their characters screen time limited in that episode it's something I've noticed while do rewatch of some of the cast directed episodes

Understandably? Though I think Rossi had a focus in the episode Joe directed last season, but it was a side story and not the case? Probably easier to shoot that way. I am pretty bad at noticing them as directors until the episode airs though. And I last year I refused to watch MGG’s one.

Passing Glance || Alicia & Marlin


Marlin knew how he was perceived. He still walked with his telltale slouch. He still carried a sense of darkness around him. Very little had changed, even since he found himself constantly surrounded by a sweet, cotton candy princess.

Occasionally it worked in his favor.

From a distance, Marlin caught a glance of a young woman with pink hair being harassed by a man, and panic immediately gripped his heart. He sauntered down the street, a hand resting gently on the hilt of his blade, and…and drew up slower when he realized with a single glance that such a figure did not actually belong to Popuri.

Alicia, her name was. He remembered now.

“Unless you’re looking for trouble,” he snapped at the man giving her trouble, “you’ll walk on, now.” A quick flash of his blade - only the first inch drawn out in the hilt and catching in the moonlight - did the trick, and the man hurried away, and Marlin glanced down at Alicia. “…now, don’t you look calm?”

The way I see it for Marks song we have several options.

I'm guessing OMW means On My Way. So it can be:

Look at me I'm going through life. I’m OMW. I’ll keep going through this journey of life. There’s so much to do still.

 I'm OMW (girl) I miss you. I love you. I can wait to see you. I'm on my way back to you.

orrrrr  I'm OMW girl. bout to get up in your bed/ guts etc.

Which one will it be?

My Predictions for KH3

•Aqua is turning into a heartless, specifically a darkling (10+ years in the Dark Realm with the darkness getting to her)

•Xion is back but it isn’t actually Xion, just like a replica of her. (A replica of a replica I guess?) Somehow Xehanort got one to work and probs Norted her (it?) even though she’s truly inside Sora

•Roxas gets a body made from the Twilight Town data and the Light crew is gonna try to somehow extract Roxas from Sora

•Sora is probably gonna sacrifice himself in some way to bring back Roxas and Xion, and somehow Ventus will be brought back by this too. (Sora might find a way back into light, who knows with how Nomura’s stories are.) This may or may not happen after Sora saves Aqua from the dark realm?? Might happen at the same time, somehow Sora finds his way into the Dark Realm to save Aqua and in turn brings back Xion, Roxas, and Ven?? Crazier things have happened so

•Someone’s gonna comment that Roxas and Ven look alike, right? Someone has got to right??

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throwback to this post you made /post/143226414671/realistically-do-you-think-its-possible-the-sw, lol do you remember when we had no idea what the st ships were gonna be

Those were the good ol’ days, we were so young and stupid and we really did know nothing, Jon Snow. lol, so many things have changed since then (including my opinion on some things, like Jealous!F/inn, Eternally Single!Rey and other stuff, probably), but I have to pat myself on the shoulder for this:

But a kiss (or a tender moment) in episode IX is completely possible, considering that I fully expect a major shift will happen in Ren’s loyalty to Snoke, which could lead to him refusing to kill Rey (the Forceback vision?), and maybe the two of them teaming up against Snoke at some point between VIII and IX

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