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Wanderers VS Olimpia Asuncion ( BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis ) -

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It's a big game for our partners Leicester City against Watford today. fans, what do you think the score will be?

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Signs Tired But Never Sleeps
China homes in on hydrogen. "I predict that in about ten years we will also be the largest market in the world for hydrogen energy." -Professor Dr. Zong Qiang Mao, Tsinghua University
China homes in on hydrogen. “I predict that in about ten years we will also be the largest market in the world for hydrogen energy.” -Professor Dr. Zong Qiang Mao, Tsinghua University

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CNN Coded 13 Ritual Child murder propaganda with 88th prime for the “Trump/program” code.

So I haven’t really been following this story because I know it’s just by the numbers propaganda with 13 coded in it. It’s so blatantly fake news.

Now using the reverse alphabetic order this headline sums to 457. The 88th Prime number.

So 88 is a number stamped on things regarding programming and mind control. keeper of knowledge in a way. 88 also represents time because of the infinity symbolism So some interesting 88s using just the alphabetic order.

Remember there’s always more. @yourbrokenreality

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Game of Thrones: Season 8

I just really want to put out a ridiculous prediction with a ton of detail because if this is how Game of Thrones ends, I don’t want any surprises and I can turn my sadness into victory. LET’S GO!

Season eight opens on the north, Jon and Dany arriving in Winterfell with just enough time to properly introduce Dragon momma to the Stark Sisters and get then acquaiinted with one another. Fun fun, bla bla bla

Half way into the episode, we see the arm of the dead approaching Winterfell through Bran’s eyes. Jon’s all “we gotta SQUARE UP” and he and Dany charge into battle, attacking and having dramatic moments, but EVERYONE FUCKING DIES except Dany and her two dragons. Like… Jon is dead in episode one.

Dany then tries to protect Winterfell, but resistance is futile and everyone is running away except Sansa who is all “there must always be a Stark in Winterfell” and Arya’s crying, Dany’s acting all stoic, I’m peeing myself because I am crying too. Eventually Dany flees with Tyrion, Arya, Bran, Brianne and a few friends leaving Sansa to stay and hold Winterfell and also die in the first epsode.

Cut to your face as you realize you haven’t watched this many Starks die since season three.

Arya, Brianne, and Bran go off and do their own thing, find some nice Island to hang and not die while Dany and her dragons settle elsewhere. Oh, and Dany is PREGGERS and our poor, dead Jon is the baby daddy.

Episode ends.

The next episode opens several months later just after Dany has given birth and for all intensive purposes she dies. Yes, dead. Meanwhile, I lay in the middle of my parents’ living room sobbing.

Tyrion soon finds that pretty much everyone has disbanded now that their queen is dead and he’s all “now what?” I’ll tell you what, he takes this little baby and decides she (hell yea, it’s a she!) needs to be under the care of her family. Who of her family still lives? Oh yea, her badass aunt/cousin/generally distant relative Arya, and he sets out with Rhaegal to find her because Drogon is being super uncooperative atm.

I’ve never written a TV show but you can bet that there will be a few more time lapses before Tyrion finds Arya and Bran, and they agree to raise this little babe on tales of her mother and father, and also Arya teaches her how to become a faceless woman and a kickass fighter. Brianne is also there, raising this little babe, protecting her and keeping ALL THE OATHS.

Fast forward a few years and Bran notices the cool, tropical island they’ve been inhabiting has been getting colder and that the Night King has been moving further south, freezing the ocean even. Suddenly, no place left in the world is safe and they have to DO something.

Good thing little baby is the Prince(ess) That Was Promised. I mean, def born amidst salt and smoke… Maybe Dany took refuge on Pike, but it would have been an island.

I mean, she could not have been concieved if Jon had not been brought back from the dead, or if Dany did not have the power to not burn or raise dragons. Not to mention she’s the HEIR TO WESTEROSE. She (a spunky 15 year old or something) is all “Aunt Arya, we gotta save the world” and Arya is all “ok.” There’s a beautiful scene where Arya is all “Brianne, protect my brother. He is the last Stark” and Brianne agrees, but gives her sword to Baby becaus that is some good steel for fighting White Walkers. Even if it isn’t pure.

Some more interesting stuff happens. Maybe magic baby gets and army, maybe someone else we love dies, I don’t know. 

Baby is up against the army of the dead with some help from Rhaegal and others. Part way through the battle one of the White Wlakers steps up and pulls the stabby spear stunt on the loyal dragon and he DIES.

And the white walker is Jon. OH, and he has a zombie version of Ghost with him.

Arya, with the help of Nymeria (who she reunited with at some point in the season), face off with Jon and they hold fairly well but there’s that Conflict™ of having to kill her undead brother. Very touching.

Drama. Cool Special effects. Arya is killed by Jon with Longclaw because his corpse has been using it. Our poor Baby sees her aunt fall, the person who is the most important to her in the world. Across the nation you can hear our synchronised cries of anguish. Our little hero charges forward, swinging her sword like an idiot because she’s Fifteen and Emotional™. Zombie Jon fights back and manages to knock her sword out of her hands and she does that dramatic fall thing, landing close to her dead/dying aunt. In a moment of desperation and a lot of emotion -most of it coming from me- she straight pulls Longclaw from Arya’s body and it starts FLAMING AND SHIT. And she kills Zombie Jon with her new weapon. Maybe she feels a little conflict because she was raised on tales of her daddy, but that’s not important right now.

The Night King watches her as she raises her new weapon, unleashing a battle cry that is shortly drowned out by the roar of a dragon.

Yes. MF Drogon emerges to protect our little babe who we have all grown to love and we just want to see her safe. The next ten minutes are basically cuts between the two dragons fighting and our precious babe facing the Night King.

Well, Baby succeeds and kills the Night King. It’s still cold as shit outside, but she did a good job. Yay. Now she gets to become Queen. Drogon probably dies in battle because the dragons are no longer “needed” but all the zombies are dead so fair trade? Bran goes north and becomes a tree. (Maybe some crying) Also Tyrion is Hand of the Queen. Oh, and Nymeria survives because not ALL the dogs have to die.

That is my prediction. Let me know what you think!

I think I’m going to tell myself who I am??? Because why the fuck not?? If I don’t have anybody else to reassure me and cherish me then why be bitter about it when I can just so it myself??? You’re a great fucking person. You should be louder because your voice deserves to be heard. Fuck the people who make fun of you; fuck the homophobic guy sitting next to you in class. Talk to the people you want to fucking talk to. Don’t be scared of what others might think, because honestly, and trust me, you already now this, you’ll be hurt for like.. a second. just a fucking second. and then you literally will not care anymore. and not caring at all is literally not possible. be more genuine, fuck lies. don’t rely on others, but don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it. be there for yourself. shave. fix your fucking hair. and no, your hair will not stop growing you paranoid little bitch. it’s growing; slowly, but still, it’s growing. and even if it isn’t, you feel pretty cute the way your hair is right now! maybe you’ll hate it in 20 years, maybe you won’t, you can literally not know! be happy with yourself. be happy when you’re by yourself. don’t be afraid to get rejected, that’s what everyone goes through as well. even if you get rejected, even if your eyes are bad, it’s still better to know, rather than waiting and thinking about what might happen! you’re a gay lil bitch and honestly I’m so proud of you. just think of 2017 you. think about summer 2017 you especially. you were so sad. you were a fucking mess. and you know what? that was completely okay. it was okay that you cried, it was okay that you felt like you were lied to every single day. it’s okay to still be mad about what happend. and look at you now. you’re still not fully recovered, obviously. but just think about all the progress you’ve made. you were a mess, and now you still are, but you’re better now. mentally and just.. in every other way. it’s okay to be on your own, it’s okay to not want to talk to people, but you have to talk to people in a while. you have to let your feelings out. in summer 2017 you started crying in front of your brother, and he was there for you and listened to you. and there’s your best friend who listens to you as well. just be a bit more careful with her right now, she’s super stressed and can’t reply to everything you say. and please, listen to her as well. her 2017 was awful too. you know that. be cautious, be there for her, and don’t lose her. it’s okay to cry. it really is. but it’s not okay to cry about how much you hate yourself. that’s awful, and you know you don’t really do. it’s okay to not know who you are. it’s okay to feel anxious. it’s okay to make mistakes. it’s okay that you failed your exam! it was just one exam you’ve failed so far! it’s not going to ruin your life! and lastly, it’s completely okay to feel unhappy with yourself. this moment you’re having right now, all this doubt you’ve got right now, it’s okay to feel this way. just know, that everything is going to be alright. summer 2017 you thought you would be that way forever. but now you know that somewhere, there are people who love you and appreciate you the way you are. and I know that you don’t want to rely on other people, but how else are you going to ever like the way you are if there’s no one else who appreciates it?

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God. I forget that you love D. Gray-Man. Who is your favorite Noah?

I actually love both he and Tyki equally, tho~