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आज 21 अप्रैल को लाइव एवं शनिदेव & रत्न नीलम की चर्चा। aaj 21 April Ko Li…

Just a little theory:

So, I was thinking about the story and where it’s headed. One of the things I started considering was how Orizaba would return (because like @wingsupamigos , I have no doubts that she will be returning) to get revenge.

So one theory that came to mind was that Shuriki will somehow get the scepter of night. I know… no surprise there! I personally would have preferred that Mateo would somehow be linked to it because of all the foreshadowing of his interest in the scepter, and wanting to be the greatest wizard, and his destiny to be a hero at Elena’s side (which Elena predicted herself for him!) But ifhe wasn’t destined to be linked to it, and Shuriki did get it, I think she would immediately find out she can’t use it. After all, only someone with magic inside them can use the scepter of Light— the scepter of night would be no different! (Which is also a reason why I think Mateo will be connected to it. Elena’s first song to him was called MAGIC WITHIN YOU. Foreshadowing that he has a ancient magic inside him? I THINK SO!)

Someone in the group would have to have heard about how Elena stopping Orizaba and banishing her back to the spirit world. So Fiero will summon his spirit guide and convince it to take them to the spirit world to revive Orizaba. Let’s not forget, Orizaba was mentioned by Zuzo as “holding a grudge” remember? By reviving Orizaba they will have a magical being that can use the scepter of night.

Now, Orizaba by herself will hardly pose too great a threat. I think even with the scepter of night, Elena and her team would be able to stop her and Shuriki. But I am also a fan of the theory that the shadows that destroyed Maru will some how return to do the same to Avalor. So, I’m thinking Orizaba will summon the shadows herself, and that will be the endgame darkness that Elena will have to defeat.

What are your thoughts?? 🤔

Episode 9 Wedding Crashers

Let the final chapter of the Skywalker end with an epic wedding celebration, but not necessarily Reylo.


Personally, I’m firmly in the camp that Ben and Rey got married the second they teamed up to take down Snoke and the guards. They’re a bonded pair since the moment they touched hands and that’s my religion.  Also, Rey doesn’t seem like the kind of girl who would want a ‘wedding’ anyway.

That being said, let Finn and Rose get married, (if they’re truly ending up together of course).  It would be sweet because he was one of the first heroes introduced in the series and Rose is a huge Finn fangirl and they deserve awesome wedding outfits.

Episode 9 is going to be such an emotional roller coaster between Rey and Ben that they literally don’t need to celebrate their undying love for each other, they just need to survive, but imagine them as spectators. Ben’s dressed like a literal Disney Prince in the finest Amidala line fashions and Rey gets to wear the finest materials she’s ever known to exist while still wearing her lightsaber on her hip.

Let Poe show his love for Finn by giving him away to the bride and by being the most excited for his secret man crush finding happiness because he’s just that good of a guy.

This way, you can end the saga with an awesome happy celebration that isn’t the obvious one but is still sweet and wholesome and everyone gets to look their best. I mean come on, imagine Ben actually having a full nights sleep because Rey is beside him and he no longer has bags under his eyes and Rey beaming as she holds his hand throughout the ceremony.

Happy endings don’t have to be obvious, they can take many forms and still send off the Skywalker clan with a finale worthy of the saga.

Considering how pretty much every archangel has come back and how the show seems to get closer and closer to exploring their stories can you imagine if we get some archangels’ childhood flashbacks?