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Daily Doodle #958

Like the Plumber with the leaky pipes, sometimes we as forget to review our own .. now is the time!

Mohamed Salah has been named the African Player of the Year for the second time! Who watched Salah set a new 32 goal record in the 2017/18 English Premier League campaign?

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Finished my venting with a vibing session in the studio and @erykahbadu was the guest of honor. I’m a bit rusty but I truly enjoyed this work. Nothing but peace and positive vibes and here’s the result. Enjoy.

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Forgive Me, a film.

(a more analytical look at the film and its themes will be written after production)

For an upcoming group crit. session, I am making a short film which draws a parallel between Youtube ‘apology videos’ (and more loosely Youtube ‘storytime’ narratives) and an Anglo-Saxon penance prayer. This, of course, is an iteration of the comparisons between confessional forms of social media and early religious forms of confession as penance.

In writing the script I will return to the Michael Drout’s seafarer project documents (link here) which give examples of ‘bodily confession’ prayers and look at their significance. I have also read an article entitled ‘’The form of confession: a later medieval genre for examining conscience’’ by Michael E. Cornett (link here) to gather material and inspiration for the ‘prayer’ section of the script.

For the confessional Youtube videos, I have watched and transcribed some of the most prolific examples (Laura Lee and Logan Paul primarily). These were both subject to mocking and criticism for their lack of sincerity which potentially has implications I’ll look at later. I have also briefly looked at ‘storytime’ videos to examine and recreate some of their conventions. These are often more sincere and importantly, they frequently discuss extremely personal topics, including very physical and bodily topics.

The film will use a character, but presents itself as real. She’s a young distressed woman who is confessing a failed relationship to her audience. She apologises for lying to her viewers about it in the past. This uses all the conventions of ‘vulnerability’ on Youtube - crying, low quality, jump cuts, melodrama, babbling and asking for forgiveness. The visual and audio will be extremely easy to recreate based on

Over the course of a couple of minutes, this sequence merges into the another - the anglo saxon prayer. The same character begins to talk oddly about parts of her body and asking for forgiveness. Eventually she is reciting an entire obscure prayer, which has its focus on listing parts of the body as metaphors for wrongdoing, in order to repent.

This prayer sequence will have a much different aesthetic - it will be explicitly staged and dramatic. Because the prayer is so obscure, I want to be reflected. I also want it to be an explicitly critical and distanced from the accompanying sequence. The style will take inspiration from a Youtube channel ‘’Contrapoints’’ which uses similar characterisations to make long format video essays of social criticism and analysis, in a recognisable style which is visually theatrical, slightly melodramatic. Primarily I’ll recreate this with lighting and audio. I have experimented with this visual using the actor and am pleased with the results, but plan to make it more exaggerated in the filming.

so ive been complaining about my lack of motivation to practice at the end of the day and how i want to quit my job to become a better musician and my husband just fuckin

hes just like “you should wake up an hour early and practice in the morning” and im shocked?? because?? that might work? anyway let’s see if i can do tomorrow


🎤Practicing more alt shit in the new year for sure. Butchered the words to this song but honestly the lyrics are so damn tricky. I always have that issue with #saosin, or you know, music in general 😆#neverknowthewords
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Oh hey guys.

Just here with some fresh batch of sketches, I hope you don’t mind 

┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴

I just wanted to practice doing different perspectives and I borrowed some of your OCs. I hope you like them ❤❤❤

3rd pic - James belongs to @jsweetsdraws

5th pic - sweet handsome hyena boy belongs to @parliy

6th pic - Nerissa belongs to @telemaniak

7th pic - Rosie belongs to @sibuhleen

Deltra, Ariel, Crow and Victor Belong to me


I’m learning to animate in photoshop, it’s pretty cool and easy.

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My beautiful son - Ísar Blair

I drew him like that cause he needs some edge :”) and i know that looks wierd
just- don’t question it pls

I also added the background i drew since i was really proud of it

and an additional chib

hope this is okay for now
i don’t really feel like drawing fan art of anything for now buttt some should be pretty soon


Line King Kimbolton on my YouTube channel IRS WO1F:

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