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Duran Duran - I Don't Want Your Love - 1988

Station By 🍖with chairs & tables Just make sure you use the 🚽👈😨👉 somewhere else!😲 only goes part way but go all🌱 🌱to 🐨our🐨 🐙

Do you like having fun? Do you like helping others? What is your purpose? Share in a day of inspiration and empowerment about purpose. Get your tickets at #Philanthropy#Together#Fun

Prayers up for his family 🙏🏿 shut down production after on location accident killed a production assistant

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A is essential for supplying stably. In order to make effective use of limited land in urban areas, we have installed close to 200 underground substations.

está puesto bajo la chaqueta hace rato sino los x el de Nuestro Hijo. Habría Pasado Piola. Se Entiende En Hay Una Gran de la y el del Para Avanzar!

Citizen King: The New Age of Power. Can you tap your own ? That is the journey itself. A great idea for that

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I swear by both. Some love the pop that yellow birch has, myself included and some love that sweet sound and carry with a real hard maple, me to. Two great bats. Choose one or choose both and

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Screenshot of Emperor Valkorion’s Force Lightning O_O Your move, Darth Sidious!

(no need to argue who’s stronger. I love both characters!)

From “Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

START UP RECOVERY: Instrumental Books

START UP RECOVERY Co-Founder Gregg Champion asks sober mentors for the most instrumental books in their recovery: Sonny Mayo (The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, Awareness: The Perils and Opportunity of Reality by Anthony de Mello, Around The Year with Emmet Fox), Ed Lacy (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions by Bill W.), Gary Stromberg (Positive Addictions by William Glasser, A New Pair of Glasses by Chuck C.)

50 Cent Leads the Tributes as a Crew Member for His Starz Series "Power" Is Struck by a Car and Killed On Set While Setting Up Traffic Cones for a Shot

50 Cent Leads the Tributes as a Crew Member for His Starz Series “Power” Is Struck by a Car and Killed On Set While Setting Up Traffic Cones for a Shot

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External image
Production assistant Jimenez, 63 (not pictured) was setting up for a shoot in Brooklyn when he was hit by a car while setting up cones. Executive producer and actor 50 Cent (pictured left) paid tribute to him on Facebook. The production was halted for the day following the tragedy

The Starz series Powerhas shut down production after one of their crew members, Pedro Jimenez, was killed in an…

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Mind - Full - ness


What about 

Mind - Less - ness






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With higher stations do not come rights to indignation or arrogance. Rather humility and playfulness.

Or in other words, when Allah gives you a new ability, use it wisely and let it not get to your head. Why? Because ruqayya, the same Allah who gave you this telepathic and clairvoyant ability is the same one who can take it back and is testing you with it. Do you use it for good or evil? Careful.


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Viene da lontano per provare noi e questo ci rende orgogliosi oltre che investirci di grande responsabilità!
PERSONAL TRAINING: il nostro core business consiste nell'allenare ONE TO ONE ogni allievo fornendogli assistenza a 360 gradi per ciò che riguarda l'aspetto pratico ed energetico.
Allenamento mirato per le esigenze di ogni individuo attraverso ciclizzazione e protocolli finalizzati a: condizionamento,dimagrimento,rinforzo, ipertrofia e definizione.
Prima di ogni tipo di programma ci preoccupiamo che l'allievo sia perfettamente impostato dal punto di vista posturale, in seguito ci occupiamo di rispondere alle sue esigenze di carattere tecnico o estetico.
Il percorso di PERSONAL TRAINING viene impostato, a seconda delle esigenze e richieste, su preventivo oppure acquistando pacchetti di lezioni di listino.
GROUP TRAINING: percorso collettivo per mantenere i risultati del PERSONAL TRAINING, o per avvicinare al body building soggetti neofiti o inattivi da molto tempo.
La finalità del corso è la stessa del lavoro individuale ma senza la possibilità di personalizzazione ma sempre e comunque con una particolare attenzione alla modalità di esecuzioni prima che intervenga la necessaria capacità di gestire via via un sovraccarico sempre maggiore.
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