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trying again w this piece o’ writing uhh megan sent me a prompt the other day but i lost the ask fjdkskdj it was a randomised list n the prompt i got was “kissing to shut the other person up” so. naturally that’s heli n cass. here u go

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Official Timeline Of Inky Terrors Of The Past

1970- creation of sillyvision, along with the first ink machine

1975- joey tries to attempt to bring bendy to life in secret, only henry knows about this, there were 10 prototypes in total, all failures, then he fed them through the ink machine as he needed the ink to make a perfect bendy only the tenth one was the only survivor and escaped joey’s grasp

1979- henry makes his own design of bendy, joey sets off to look for various materials around the world to use for bendy’s creation

1987- bendy’s creation comes around, henry’s design was chosen by the ink along with luring a soul of a hellhound demon that’s been around since life on earth, henry helps bendy adjust to the 3D world and acts like a father figure to him.

 almost 1988- alice, boris, and the butcher gang’s creation, plus henry leaving due to joey not giving him credit  

somewhere between 1990 and 1995- new people get hired, one of them, a artist named corr

 2003- corr gets infected by one of joey’s tests and gets turned to a sort of lab like demon basically, later on the same year, alpha becomes the ink demon, throughout the first three weeks the studios pretty much became a warzone, malice appears along with the projectionist

 2005- henry returns from war, linda and him break up, he tries to live a normal life with his daughter jess

 2010- more and more lost ones appear when tresspassers or people who got lost are killed by either the false angel or the ink demon’s wrath, lanky corr emerges when corr gets ‘killed’ by “nomad”

 2015- boris gets killed by malice and is strapped on the table near the entrance level, bendy becomes depressed knowing that he lost all his friends and therefore tries to survive the best he can, eventually he gives malice payback by tearing up half her face, a new ink machine also gets made as the other one gets rebuild into something more newer and ‘modern’

 2017- alpha finds the letter that joey meant to sent to henry but never got too, he breaks free from joey’s control and disguses himself, bringing the letter to jess when he found her outside of school and she gave it to henry, henry returns to the studio after 30 long years of being away from it, him and bendy then get reunited and try to survive the horrors of the studio. along with boris, allison/alice, the butcher gang, and eventually the projectionist and toon corr who was originally lanky corr but found a way to turn into a toon, but he has no memory. eventually they get out of the studio alive but… it came at a cost
corr- @core4lost

yall think my live blogging’s hilarious? imagine waking up and scrolling through your blog with an abject sense of horror and what the hell was i doing

masterpost of urls i own for url trading!

death march club:

zombie land saga:
hoshikawa-lily (picky about trading lily urls!)

witch’s heart:

natsumi-kuzuryuu - danganronpa: despair arc/SDR2
sh1ndenki - bnha ship/shindenki
bi-saeyoung - mysme
signoftherigid - homestuck
neji-yuuyu - bnha ship/nejiyuyu
amorousness - single word url
astraphilia - single word url
steverogerslovemail - marvel/i love him


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listen we all know that morris is the younger brother and we all know oscar is an asshole. when oscar pushes race back, morris's mind was probably like "okay so my big brother did it now i have to do it" (as someone who's grown up with two older brothers, i've seen this happen many times, especially now with my nephews) OR MAYBE he's just a giant asshole and i'm hopelessly in love with him. that sounds very plausible.

i honestly see morris as the older brother and oscar as the Excitable Rowdy younger brother BUT this is very valid. plus both morris and oscar were raised by wiesel so its like. how else r they gonna turn out. 

to reiterate: morris is big dumbass asshole fuck but hes like super hot

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Kinda gay but i thought about my lesbian bnha OCs and almost started crying in school 👇😔👇

GOD thats so valid anon . crying over lesbian bnha OCs is the thing all cool kids do


aggressive hand holding

@cultshaped liked a starter call!!

Kyra had been at her altar to Artemis, Leader of the Hunt, before she went out hunting when she heard footsteps behind her. Thalates by now knew to leave her at peace in her prayers, and anyone with urgency would have called out to her.

Something felt off.

I’m busy.” 

Her prayers were interrupted but still she remained focussed on her altar for now. Perhaps this was a citizen who had few manners. In the right situation she would not mind.

oh shit

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