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It is canon now that although Lulu doesn’t really find humans interesting, she really likes dinosaurs. 

Ya know I could just . Toss it to the wind…write the Claire / cross fanfiction I deserve ……………..

Night is Young and the Music's High

linkNight is Young and the Music’s High by  opalish

rating: gen

words: 3k

summary: "Best press conference ever,“ the Japanese Nationals silver medalist says when asked. “Ten out of ten, would medal again.”

"I would die for Katsuki-kun,” Minami declares, with terrifying sincerity.

tags: Crack , Social Media , Post-Canon , Fluff and Crack

i wanna sleep next to you (and that's all i wanna do right now)

linki wanna sleep next to you (and that’s all i wanna do right now) by  crossroadswrite

rating: gen

words: 3k

summary: “Vitya,” he starts, very slowly as Victor smiles at him sloppily, “what are you doing?”

“I thought you were never ever ever ever coming back ever, so I panicked.”

(Or: the post Barcelona Grand Prix fic that I desperately needed, in which Victor gets very drunk and Yuuri takes care of him.)

tags: Post Season 1 , POV Katsuki Yuuri , Canon Compliant , banquet fic , Coda , Drunkenness , Drunk Victor Nikiforov , Hurt/Comfort , Fluff , Katsuki Yuuri taking care of his clingy drunk boyfriend is everything to me , this fic is the flimsiest excuse i could come up with to have yuuri bodily carry victor 

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‘ you look good. you always look good. ’

THE LETTERS ARE OUT. / accepting!

that’s not how he seems himself, never has. it is not that he’s very insecure, that got better when he got older, but he also doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about how he looks. he knows what he likes to wear, knows where to look for things that fit him and his lanky frame too, and at work he always sticks to wearing the same things anyway. it’s about the same with the rest of his appearance: he knows what works and he sticks to it

anyone telling him he’s attractive or that he looks good is still surprising to him and most times he doesn’t know what to do about it. it has been like that even when he was married, even with francine and him knowing each other so well he still got sheepish around her when she complimented him. it’s always been like this with anyone.

somehow, it’s not like that with jenna. her words just let a tiny smile appear on his face, still sheepish but less embarrassed than he usually would be when someone would say that to him. she just floors him in a way nobody else can, makes him feel good about himself; confident. with her around it’s easier to be just himself. 

“thank you,” is his answer, still smiling foolishly, kissing her temple. “though i would argue about the ‘always’. i mean, you have seen me after a night shift at the hospital, have you? i look like a whole mess then.” there’s something to talk about here, how she has seen him in any state now; from his early morning, un-caffeinated bedhead to the mentioned mess of a man he is after a full night at the hospital. and how no matter his state, she always radiates like the sun casting through the clouds. it makes him a little mad, how fantastic she always looks. maybe he’s just too in love. who knows. “you always look great, though. don’t know how you do it, but you do.”


Dirt Road Sunset by Abigail Joy
Via Flickr:
One of my favorite things..


thank goodness i’m seeing my friends, my worlds, my loves today cuz let me tell you, I haven’t slept and i’m feeling needy and i need to woo them with my charm and dramatics and get lost in their smiles and words and hand gestures and the hecking profound comfort they provide. home is not a fixed place. home is wherever they are. 

i hate falling for male characters that have a heavily female fanbase i just want some cute gay fanfiction how hard is thi s

ppl need to start making more gay garrus vakarian/john hancock stuff blease

[art+drabble] Postcard (Jake/Ezri/Ziyal)

For the @trek-rarepair-swap​ and @parmachkais​ I wasn’t comfortable enough with the characterization to think I’d turn out a good story but my drawing is also in progress so I did both haha. Hopefully this works!

Postcard Reads:

Dear Grandad,

I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner. It’s been hectic getting settled in here but we’re all managing well. I got the spices you’d sent. Ezri  said that Curzon’s favorite food memories were eating at the restaurant with dad. I think you’d be proud of how my cooking has come along. I’ve learned a few other things too. Today I made a lunch for our trip to explore the ruins. You can see the face that Ziyal is making at the octopus weiner, but presentation is everything, right? Ezri loves the tamago that Mrs  O’Brien showed me how to make. Maybe you can spice it up and add it to the menu? I know, I know, you don’t tell me how to write the great novel and I stay out of the kitchen. But I really thought that vanilla chicken would work!

I’ve included a copy of my latest book. Non fiction is so much harder to write but hey, even Robert Louis Stevenson was a master travel writer too. I keep writing Nog and telling him he should help us look for buried treasure. I think for my next project I’m going to write about the three of us. It’s an interesting story, don’t you think? A Trill, a Human, and a Cardassian all living on Bajor in a massive treehouse. I really am so grateful to dad for the land he bought. Every day here is beautiful and I’m just so thankful to have all of it after what we’ve been through.

I think about dad a lot still but I know I’ll see him again. I’m not sure who I’ll see first, you or him. That was a hint, you know. Italk about you such much, the girls really want to meet you and you can’t hide behind the restaurant forever. I’m setting a date, Christmas I’ll expect you here and I’ll even put up a tree. Or well, we can decorate the ones in the kitchen. Let me know what you think of the book and keep in touch!



shut: your f/o’s reaction to having the door closed on their foot.

@blueshipstealstars *claps hands together* no specific f/o? PERFECT time to introduce my new f/o – (slash - friends w/ benefits, slash its complicated (??))

mostly bc I was pleasantly pleased w/ how they how they handled (most) of lotor’s character & his ending,, –but at the same time didnt want one of the most attractive characters of the series completely gone and I wanted to draw myself as a galra for SO LONG lmaoo

–yea,, so I misread the prompt & drew Lotor’s reaction to hitting his foot on something, but the reactions the same - so its good //shrug 🙍

“You write poetry?“ Klaus asked.
He had read a lot about poets but had never met one.
"Just a little bit,” Isadora said modestly. “I write poems down in this notebook. It’s an interest of mine.”
“Sappho!” Sunny shrieked, which meant something like, “I’d be very pleased to hear a poem of yours!”
—  The Austere Academy, aka when Isadora’s being a wlw became canon

As some may have noticed from another post I did, I’m really against this happening. Even after I posted that, I just could not let the subject go on just WHY I consider a love triangle between these three characters a bad idea. Which it is. According to yours truely, putting Aja into a love triangle with Steve and Eli is a tragically stupid idea.

I’m not even saying this as a Creepslayerz/Steli shipper. I’m saying this as a dedicated and hopeful fan of the Tales of Arcadia franchise, who really wouldn’t want Aja or Steve or Eli to be treated as shitty as that. This applies mostly to Aja, especially since she will probably be the only girl in the new group. I, nor does any other ordinary fan, do not want to see her be degraded to the female love interest character for two of the main male characters. She shouldn’t be used for something as overused and terrible as the Love Triangle trope and Aja should be written as her own person. Well, alien, actually.

Steve and Eli are pretty obviously my favorite side characters. They are both amazing, with plenty of potential for future development, both character and relationship wise. If Aja is used as a way for their friendship to be split up, even if temporarily, for “drama”, than that will be plain disappointing and disrespectful. Bickering over the one girl in their group is just a really, REALLY bad thing to do. If there should be conflict added between them for any reason, there are other, more effective ways to do so.

Maybe their argument could be about their past, when Steve used to bully Eli all the time, even after they became the Creepslayerz. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was kinda ticked off about that. Let their different personalities clash, have one of them be angry at the other when they do something risky and/or life threatening; hell, let Steve be jealous that Eli is spending more time with the new students rather than him. Or don’t seperate then at all(no angst, pretty please?). You should get the idea.

Before anyone comments, NO, I am not against Aja ending up with Steve or Eli or any other male/female character. But YES, I do expect any relationship, not just Aja’s, to be well done and natural, like Jim and Claire’s was. I usually have moderate standards to how a relationship(platinic/romantic) is since I’m no expert on romance. But I do know that I can at least depend on Guillermo del Toro and his crew to make 3 Below just as much of a spectacular, impressive, and wonderful story as Trollhunters was, with just as many important and diverse characters.

Am I being too passionate and/or dramatic about this? Probably so. Is 3 Below a goofy, science fiction series with the focus on aliens and not romance? Absolutely, yes. Will there be any type of romance in 3 Below? Probably not, beside the side relationships with Walter x Barbara and Toby x Darci if they show up, maybe even Steve and Eli’s parents too. But does my point still stand? YES. Don’t mind me, I just needed to get this off my mind. Maybe I’m still salty about the Nomura scene from the third Trollhunters season…. Also, keep in mind that this is just my opinion on what I think would be a bad choice to make in the series first, or only, season.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk. ENJOY 3 BELOW Y'ALL!!!

honestly? honestly (encore) by gabbie hanna is such a ginny mood after michael corner

  • John: Hey Dave you want some weed?
  • Dave: You have weed Egbert? How in the hell do you have weed?
  • John: Never mind that. Now do you want some or not?
  • Dave: Well if you're sharing sure
  • John: *hands Dave a dandelion*
  • Dave: ...John what the fuck is this?
  • John: Weed :P
  • Dave: I fucking hate you John

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Hi nobody can te// me that friendsim protag is human, they did not /ook human AT A//. But either way I sti// /ove them ♦ I freakin miss ya friend ~Vio/et Tegiri Ka/bur (💕/❇)

“Hi nobody can tell me that friendsim protag is human, they did not look human AT ALL. But either way I still love them ♦ I freakin miss ya friend ~Violet Tegiri Kalbur (💕/❇)“


So after blowing my way through pretty much every Fraser/Kowalski rec on AO3 I sat down and actually watched the series and it’s a little disgusting how badly I want these idiots to settle down in a snowy cabin and live happily ever after.

In my head, Fraser can’t stand the expedition beard, but leaves his hair long, while Ray doesn’t mind the beard so much, but can’t abide the hair.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and non gender conforming marvel fans I present to you Stephen Strange and Tony Stark getting into fights over whether magic or science is better.

Strange simply snaps his fingers and sends Tony flying into another portal in which he just keeps falling (like ragnarok and loki) and Strange just keeps letting Tony fall until he admits magic is cooler.
Learning How To Survive - Chapter 1 - AceHensworth - Be More Chill - Iconis/Tracz [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

I updated my fanfic with it’s third chapter yesterday, which is when things start getting really good. I know it’s not shippy or romantic but its some of my best writing and pretty good I promise. And there is some Rich/Michael!
So, You've Adopted a Fruit - Nejinee

Steve knows that Bucky’s trying his best to stay whole in this new modern world. Then Bucky finds a struggling little scraggly creature and decides immediately to wrap it up in his open heart and take it home. It’s a bit bizarre seeing a former assassin taking to something so small and helpless, but to Steve it all makes sense.

Domestic fluff feat. a literal ball of fluff! :P