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katherine is scared walking home in the dark so anne stomps the entire way home so her sketchers light up and they can see where they’re going

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Somewhere on one of my three dozen notebook apps is a Percy Jackson/Captain America crossover that was actually pretty good for a 600 word concept and I should really start publishing my old stuff

this one decently popular taz artist draws lup and taako so ugly and masculine like please

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“All I do is drink coffee and say bad words.” (rebecca to mark)

a whole bunch of sentence starters // @icarusinvited

“isn’t that what half of parenting just is? only we don’t normally let on that it’s what half of it is because we just wanna pretend that we haven’t succumb to all that, eh?” he’d been there and done it three times now. three babies. three kids. so many missed nights of sleep. staying up half the night for god knows what reason that be couldn’t remember anymore. he had to say he had it better than her though, not three at all once. “i reckon liz was about to throttle me the first time chlo said ‘shit’ when she was three. didn’t know she’d overheard me saying it until she wouldn’t stop saying it one day. didn’t win dad of the year award that day now, did i?”

Black and white bird photography

About Nex Mafia Part 1

Nex Latin Meaning; Violent Death, Slaughter, or Death.

Nex is an organization, or Mafia group currently run by Fukyu Sumeragi (Kanji meaning “Immortal Emperor”). Nex has been around since before quirks had even started, though at the time, they were not nearly as well known, or had nearly as much power. Back then, they were still new and relied mainly on guns and fear tactics, the organization as a whole having come a long way. When the appearance of quirks first appeared, Nex made it their mission to recruit members with either powerful, or useful quirks, they weren’t above smuggling and selling these newly powered human beings, taking advantage of the law and whole country being in mass turmoil and confusion in how to handle them. 

Eventually as time wore on Nex was less inclined to shuffle and sell people with quirks, especially as their population only grew and people without quirks became the minority, instead focusing on strengthening their own ranks, of course if the price was right they could easily walk down that path again. Nex resided mainly in the East of Japan, their influence and numbers slowly growing as time went on. They offered their protection to those that ended up in their territory, asking for a “small” sum or for favors in return for keeping the streets safe from riff-raff that chose to take advantage of their quirks. They influenced and backed newfound support companies, using this to better arm and prepare their members, specifically their Executives who were considered the Elite among them. 

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I doodled this for an AU. Here Ginger gets electric powers but it has a cost…

Dawn’s got this really interesting view on nature, as someone who has lived ferally in ‘the wild’, by themselves for 100 years, often swinging between the appearance of a beautiful immortal and a sickly half-dead monster bc they can go months, even years, subsisting on animal blood, for too long than healthy, before taking from a human, but they’ve got an interesting view as someone who cannot ever, fundamentally, “return to nature” truly, as someone who exists outside the cycle of life and death, and exists as an interloper in all spaces, an invasive species, urban or rural or wild. They reject nature as the antithesis to civilization, and instinct the antithesis of thought… as an “empath” who was able to read feelings (but not coherant verbal thoughts), Dawn was always able to get a grasp of people’s verbal thoughts through their feelings because those feelings would bleed into  the images and sensations that fill up a vast array of their memories. & so from the beginning Dawn was skeptical of the way most vampire clans would dismiss their ‘feral’ cousins as backwards and the forests as an ‘embrace’ of their monstrous nature that they prided themselves on being too genteel for, as something they could civilise themselves above. But as far as Dawn’s concerned, living in the forests which were considered ‘contested territory’ they’re living in an equally complicated, but different, ecosystem, with its own inhabitants (animals and plant life) & occasionally other civilians (inc other hermit vampires, other magical beings, other mortal predators, and so on who venture in) - and comes to realise nature isn’t destroyed by civilization but rather it adapts and changes to the demands of it; the important thing is to conserve a harmony where as many can thrive as possible. Seeing themselves outside of the cycle of life-death, Dawn very does practice a concept of restraint that allows them to “keep harmony” - i.e. let as much flourish as it can. And that involves taking animal lives. But it occasionally involves venturing into the territory of other hermits, battlefields, other vampires, if not to deplete the ground where Dawn stalks. And occasionally, it involves taking from mortals when they must. Although they’ve got a strict number of rules about doing so, like they’ve very much got an internal code, a number of self-devised structures (never bleed someone dry, never approach an “innocent” without permission, only take the lives of soldiers without permission in cases x, y and z, only ask for permission in cases where they can freely give it, and would be safe for all parties, and so on,) that allow them to practice restraint as best they can, and in the case where they do take human blood it’s something they honestly loathe doing, because they really do feel the fear and the panic and the total horror of realisation of what’s happening, and it’s always there even if the victim in question is the biggest bastard in the multiverse.

Anyway this is long, and meandering, and a way of saying Dawn is genuinely really gentle with their approaches to others, and they’re genuinely delighted by nature and discovering and enjoy helping others but they’re also an extremely dangerous person who has to hunt and drink mortal blood + is extremely aware of the implications of all that so it’s an incredibly…. considered? gentleness. Like there are a million internal rules Dawn is double-checking even every single time they reach out and touch another person. So when refugees settle on the edges of the land where they hunt, Dawn doesn’t chase them out with bared fangs, but watches from afar, and intervenes only by accident at first, and then, slowly, piece by piece, before drawing new pacts and codes and rules, showing them places where they can find food, water, & shelter in return for learning a trade (shoe-making, potion-making) and enchanting them with their strange inspiring magic. They become this pillar of the community but it’s a long, long process of building trust and establishing boundaries and new rules and it takes place over generations.

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                         you  are  on  your  way  to  ravka  .  king  nikolai  has  set  up  a  meeting  to  establish  the  final  details  of  your  alliance  ,  &  your  brother  has  sent  you  as  the  image  &  voice  of  highgarden  .  an  independent  ,  completely  reliable  realm  under  the  command  of  willas  tyrell  .  it  is  strange  to  call  him  king  ,  as  well  ,  see  him  rise  to  the  title  like  it  fit  him  from  birth  ;  like  it  had  belonged  to  him  all  along  .  are  you  a  princess  now  ?  the  air  that  hits  your  face  ,  wind  in  the  middle  of  the  sea  .  your  hair  bears  salt  &  sea  now  ,  water  hits  your  face  in  tiny  doplets  ,  your  dress  sticks  to  your  skin  &  it  is  refreshing  to  feel  something  different  for  once  .  you  love  your  land  of  forever  summer  ,  your  gardens  ,  your  ever  shining  sun  ;  you  love  it  as  much  as  you  do  this  change  of  air  ,  as  being  almost  lost  in  the  middle  of  the  sea  ,  going  to  a  land  of  winter  .

                         the  travel  is  long  &  exhausting  ,  your  feet  are  restless  &  you  walk  ,  walk  ,  walk  when  it  is  impossible  for  you  to  sleep  .  the  moon  is  your  companion  now  ,  her  &  one  of  the  guards  your  brother  sent  alongside  you  .  you  make  small  conversation  but  they  are  all  so  devoted  to  make  you  arrive  safe  to  land  that  any  attempt  seems  pointless  .  your  ladies  sleep  ,  &  you  are  alone  with  your  thoughts  ,  as  dangerous  as  that  is  ,  little  girl  .  you  start  to  think  about  what  you  will  find  ,  what  you  will  do  ,  where  will  the  king  take  you  .  nikolai  lanstov  is  more  than  a  mere  political  ally  now  .  a  friend  ,  a  brother  by  choice  .  months  spen  in  the  company  of  one  another  has  done  wonders  .  it  take  you  days  ,  weeks  but  you  see  the  castle  &  you  have  changed  you  summer  dresses  for  wools  &  furs  &  capes  that  are  made  of  golden  thread  &  roses  but  not  those  born  out  of  soil  &  sun  but  from  the  hands  of  your  septas  .  you  crown  yourself  with  blue  roses  from  winterfell  .  be  proud  of  being  so  delicate  ,  little  girl  .

                         the  woman  you  see  first  ,  after  bowing  your  head  to  the  king  is  not  someone  you  have  seen  before  ,  never  part  of  the  retinue  that  came  to  highgarden  more  than  once  .  she  draws  your  attention  ,  for  her  looks  ,  her  clothes  ,  her  expression  .  who  is  she  ?  curious  like  a  cat  ,  you  approach  her  at  dinner  ,  bow  your  head  once  ,  bat  your  eyelashes  more  .  you  bear  spring  in  your  fingertips  &  eyes  ,  the  glow  your  skin  radiates  .     “     i  do  not  think  we  have  met  before  ,  my  lady  .  princess  margaery  ,  of  house  tyrell  .  sister  to  king  willas  .          your  smile  ,  ever  warm  .  you  observe  her  ,  wide  eyes  almost  innocent  .  you  are  a  princess  after  all  .     /     plotted  starter  ,  @soltsar  .

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