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Never Give Up ✊✊😌

'That's the big question, the one the world throws at you every morning. "Here you are, alive. Would you like to make a comment?' Mary Oliver

The universe is infinite and within all of us. We have all experienced multiple eternities.

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No more sadness or self pity friends, we’re all gonna sit our collective happy asses down and play some goddamn Donkey Kong Country and love ourselves tonight, you hear me?


Periodical Reminder

There are a few of us using this blog, each with different opinions, outlooks, ect.

We have a system where we wont post things if there is too much disagreement with us (though we will sometimes add things to make posts more agreeable). This can lead to some pretty heavy revision.

I, Evan, have decided not to really introduce myself or talk about myself because I think and try to teach that a good idea stands or falls on its own merit. I don’t want any of you supporting me purely because of some arbitrary characteristic about myself like being hypothetically homosexual or anything else like that.

The others have various reasons why they haven’t really shared much, ranging from laziness to a desire to avoid notoriety. That said, we are all pretty grateful to those of you who respect that we are different individuals and dont lump us together (as some people have).

You have given to us a basic level of respect, which, in todays world, should not be assumed one will get (sadly). In that we do not assume that we will get it from everyone we encounter (often people who know), we are very much grateful to those who respect our claim of not all being the same person.

This is me, Evan, conveying all of our gratitude that you grant us this. Thank you, it means a lot, especially in the face of how often we encounter the contrary. You all are great. Most of us are against calling out those who just don’t understand or don’t want to understand, but we do indeed appreciate those who do. You all are great.


I choose to look at life in a positive, new way.
My attitude has a powerful influence on my daily life. It affects my relationships and the outcomes I experience. I choose to embrace this God-given day with a positive attitude.Perhaps the most important thing about my attitude is my ability to manage it.

I have #power over my thoughts and actions. I can choose to hold a positive attitude rather than a negative one I can choose to face the day with inner strength and confidence in my abilities. I can choose to hold life-affirming thoughts that lead me to my highest good.
#Today I choose to have a positive attitude and look at my life in a new way. With this attitude, I receive bountiful blessings.

#This is the day that the Lord has made; let #us rejoice and be glad in it.–Psalm 118:24

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I’m very nervous for next week. My university classes will be starting and I honestly have so many emotions running through me because of it.

I’m starting university a year after most people my age. So even though it is only a year and I shouldn’t be comparing myself to others I still feel left behind. I feel like I’m not enough. I’m studying something I’m extremely passionate about, but it is what most people would deem a useless degree. But mostly I’m just worried about how lonely I’ll be. Due to me not wanting to go to my local university for a whole stack of reasons, not having the means to move away and also because I know health wise I wouldn’t be able to handle physically going to a university campus, I’ll be doing my entire degree online. So that’s three years of not being able to have that university experience. Of not being able to make new friends or possibly get a girlfriend. I know I’m doing the right thing for me. I know this is best choice, but it is still sad. I won’t be able to go with my friends after a lecture and sit on the grass together. I won’t be able to learn in a room many before be have learned in. I won’t be able to join a club or see a cute woman walk past me and think “oh maybe she’s a lesbian too”. I realise I’ve probably romantized university life. But it still saddens me there is this whole part of life I’m just not going to get to experience. Instead I’ll be sitting by myself getting notes from my computer.

I am trying to make the best of it though!! I’m going to wear a cute new outfit on Monday and I’m going to do my hair nice and if I’m feeling good I’ll catch the bus to this really beautiful library near where I live and I’ll do my work there. Im going to try really hard to make the most of this, even if I’m sad this was the decision I had to make. And I’m going to try really hard to not put too much pressure on myself. Because it’s okay if I’m soft and quiet. It’s okay if I’m shy and nerdy. It’s okay if I start things a little later. Its okay if I only have 2 IRL friends who I hardly see. It’s okay if it takes me awhile to get a girlfriend. Because I’m trying my best with everything I’ve been dealt, and in the end that’s all I can really do. And if I’m lucky and I keep trying, maybe one day it’ll pay off.

Who Do You Want To Be?

When I was in university, I loved organizing dinners, and movie nights and weekend plans with my friends. It was just who I was. I never wanted to sit at home by myself. I needed to be doing something…not that I don’t like sitting in and watching Netflix once in a while. So when I slowly shifted into the workforce, it was important to decide who I was going to be. Was I going to be this hip, professional person; newly invented who adopted the mature demeanour or was I going to be overly energetic and continue to bug people to hang out with me while putting on team socials and drinking beers. 

I wanted to be the former. I wanted to be that professional, fancy employee that wore pencil skirts and made everyone think, “What does she do for a living??” I think a lot of people are intrigued by THAT person and aspire to be someone like that. But I hated eating lunches by myself. I hated that my voice had this professional, old-ish undertone that didn’t sound like me. I also couldn’t get into drinking three cups of coffee from Starbucks/Tim Hortons like a lot of working adults. 

So, like all people in this situation I needed to make a decision. Who did I want to be? Everyone always thinks this is a loaded question with too many different answers with each being subjective, but I personally had a simpler answer. I want to be the person where I was the most happiest. I wanted those traits. I wanted to be the fun-loving, ambitious, positive, kind of quirky girl who saw every day as an amazing opportunity. That’s the person that makes me the happiest. 

I am lucky enough to work in a place where I see the same people Monday to Friday, 9-5pm. So I started organizing lunches with my co-workers and networking events, health and wellness sessions, walks and breaks. I invited people to hang out after work and run errands with. I adopted the same practices I used in university, here in my workplace. But it didn’t just stop there. I made the active effort to connect with people in my past college program and friends from university and elementary school. I kept trying and trying and pushing to hang out with these people. I did this because this is who I was when I was most happiest. The girl who organizes dinners and get togethers. The girl who brings people together over delicious food and fun conversation. The girl who puts in an active effort to keep in contact with people she cares about. 

When you enter into the workforce it’s important to maintain some level of professionalism. It’s not like I don’t have a serious voice or refuse to wear pencil skirts to work (I actually love them). But it’s important not to change who you are entirely. I think anyone can be that person who pretends to not want a social life, doesn’t crack a smile, treats everything like it is business; but in my experience that just leads to more wrinkles. If that is who you have always been then, go for it, be that person. But I find that when deciding who you want to be for the rest of your life, especially during a big change like beginning to work or starting a new job; just find that person who you were always proud of. Don’t be ashamed or self-conscious, just own it. Life’s too short to try and become someone you’re not meant to be. 

My life has gotten a lot better since I started making a conscious effort to focus on reality.

Maybe you don’t know if that girl was hitting on you.

Maybe you don’t know why your friend hugged you.

Maybe you don’t know why your brother came by.

But does it matter?

Instead of focusing on why, and making conjectures as to what it might be, I focus on what I do know.

It made me feel good, it made me feel welcome, it made me feel connected.

What does the rest matter.

What is is all that matters.

What you felt was real.

What it might have been is irrelevant.

Believe in yourself, trust yourself, you owe it to your self.

Make a conscious effort to focus on reality.


Your Bed-Time Story of Success 😬

Dun, dun, dunnnnn….! What may happen next?! More on the next chapter of this crazy quinnie life
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#ThinkPositive2019: Feb 22
  • Slept until my alarm went off
  • I think I got more than 7 hours of sleep
  • Had another incredibly productive day at work
  • Brought breakfast and lunch from home
  • Got a second breakfast thanks to one of my fabulous co-workers who brought in breakfast tacos for everyone
  • My car didn’t sustain any serious damage - if any at all - after driving over a big ass floor mat from some vehicle that was in the middle of the lane on the highway
  • Watched some women’s college gymnastics
  • Lots of extra cuddles from the fur kids today
  • Had dinner at home with my parents
  • Niall’s insta posts
  • Liam’s tweets and insta posts
  • Luke’s insta post of him and Petunia *heart eyes*