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Very negative people , donโ€™t be bothered. Itโ€™s your life, and itโ€™s oke to live a life others donโ€™t understand โœจ๐Ÿ’ซ (again, this is not a page to leave hateful comments!)

One Thing We Can Do Is Make The Choice To View The World In A Healthy Way. We Can Choose To See The World As Safe With Only Moments Of Danger Rather Than Seeing The World As Dangerous With Only Moments Of Safety.

One Thing We Can Do Is Make The Choice To View The World In A Healthy Way. We Can Choose To See The World As Safe With Only Moments Of Danger Rather Than Seeing The World As Dangerous With Only Moments Of Safety.

Pray Until Something Happens ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค— Have a Blessed Sunday full of gratitude and thanksgiving for what He has given us ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

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idc what it is. but if you see this, let’s just send positivity back and forth. nothing specific, nothing opinionated or controversial, but wholesome images and jokes and anything happy you can think of. hell, tell me about your favorite TV show, I’ll tell you mine. What hobbies do you wish you had? I’ll tell you the same.

I know I don’t say it enough-or at all even, but I love every single one of you. I’m shit at talking to people but I truly enjoy you as people and your company. I will never disregard you or think of you as annoying and all that shit. I love you all. And I’m still here.

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Hey! Yeah you, the battiest bat! You may be a "local disaster" but you're the most beautiful one I've ever seen! ~xoxo, A friendly star

Oh hello!!

Thank you so much!! This is so sweet!! Aaaaaa!!! 💕💕💕

You’re very kind!! I hope you have a lovely day!!

#ThinkPositive2019: Jun 15
  • Slept until 8:30
  • Caught up with my mom a bit more this morning before heading back to my place
  • My StitchFix box arrived and I added a really cute pair of linen shorts to my wardrobe
  • Cuddles from Mr. Chips this morning
  • Had a lovely chat with Susie this afternoon
  • Took a 3 hour nap - was meant to sleep for about an hour but whatevs… I clearly needed the sleep
  • Niall’s tweets and insta posts
  • Niall at the Armani fashion show today - HOLY FUCKING SHIT HE LOOKED INCREDIBLE
  • Alejandro’s insta posts - christ almighty I can’t wait to hear more of his music

What I learned in 2019 thus far

  • My time in Georgia was so fun yet challenging for me. I learned a lot about myself in these past six months.
  • I came in Jan. completely heartbroken and insecure, knew absolutely no one, and had no job lined up for me after an unexpected graduation. After so many phone/Skype interviews and meetings/dates, I learned that life is all about: hard work (effort) and the people you surround yourself with. BE with people who always lift you up. My friends in Georgia constantly encouraged me to be optimistic, pushed me to do better, and truly believed in me. We were each other’s support system. R and A saw me at my worse moments- when I was in tears and emotionally vulnerable, and they were always there for me and helped me move forward. In contrast, in college I spent a lot of time with people who negatively influenced me.
  • As a woman, stand up for yourself. You don’t owe anyone anything. If someone happened to buy you a drink, give you a nice gift or do a sweet gesture, you can still walk away from the conversation.
  • Regarding relationships - I’m not going to lie, I’m peculiar about the people who I date. Young Jenny cared about superficial things like height, how cool they appeared, and not having a hint of social awkwardness. I liked “oppa” like figures that had a chill personality. I gravitated towards materialistic people who were also humble. I loved going on extravagantly planned, thrilling dates. Now that I’ve matured a little. I value having a partner who genuinely cares for me, always encourages me in my career and are proud of my accomplishments. I know I deserve better. I like people who I can be open to, talk out problems with, and learn from. I want something more than someone who thinks at a surface level.
  • I’m not as weary anymore and am more patient with myself. I am more self aware and in cue with my emotions. Before I get too irrational, I stop myself and think about all the perspectives, and I work on this everyday. I want to have that level-headed trait where I don’t over analyze or overthink especially in one skewed direction. It’s human nature to react and be sensitive to matters that one is directly associated with. And I think we all need to respect that every person has different experiences that shape their ideologies or ways of thinking, and it’s so important not to point fingers or be filled with hatred towards people who think differently than you.
  • Self- love is so important. What’s the point in constantly giving and giving to people when you, yourself, can’t even take care of your body and your mental, physical and emotional health. Take time to really nourish your body, be in tune with your emotions and mind, do more of what makes you happy, constantly train your mind to think positive thoughts AND most importantly, learn to say NO - when someone steps over your boundaries. You have only yourself to get through all 24 hours of the day.
  • Be grateful. It’s so easy to think about everything you don’t have in life. Escaping the college setting and really seeing homeless people in Atlanta or other parents working in really difficult part-time jobs, all placed things into new perspectives for me. My life may have its ups and downs, but I’m so blessed to have supportive parents that housed me for six months and provided me with the food and resources to carefully search for a job - and sometimes I’m so caught up on the little stresses of life that I forget to be thankful for what I already have.
  • I’ll end it with: be fking bold - see everything as a huge challenge. Confidently make decisions and choices and walk away from anything negative and things or people who harm you or get in the way of your well-being.

Xoxo JEN

It’s kinda late at night, huh? Sometimes, you get into the habit of running late like I do. But I like to take comfort in the fact that although I’m late to the race, I’m at least making it across the finish line, right? It’s the same for you, too. I know it can be really stressful to try and maintain a proper schedule, but don’t feel bad if you can’t manage it right away. It’s difficult to transition from one habit of living to another.

If you’re trying to get back on track, adjusting small pieces of your schedule at a time is the proper way to do it- Not expecting to be able to transform the way you go about the day all in one fell swoop. Try slight changes at a time, and in the meantime, if you ever catch yourself falling into procrastination or spreading yourself thin… it’s okay. Just get done what you need to do, you know?

Although the clock can put a lot of pressure on us, and deadlines are scary… I believe in you. No matter what you accomplish or don’t accomplish, no matter the pace… You have the rest of your life to try out new managements methods and tackle various responsibilities. I believe in you! So. Don’t sweat it, alright?


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We Need To Calm Down 💃🎤

I was out running around today, and I kept thinking about the past couple of days … 

Yesterday we were nitpicking over the phrase “To Be”. 

Today I had an inbox filled with “Taylor called Toe her fiancé”.

I literally said to myself … no wonder Taylor doesn’t like to do interviews. Anything she says gets twisted to the readers/listeners perception. Taylor did not say that “she” was an ally. She discussed what it means “to be” an ally. Taylor never once mentioned Toe (regardless of the now corrected translation error). Yet, I had 15 people in my inbox telling me that she did. 🤷🏼‍♀️

This Kaylor community should be the most supportive and understanding of what Taylor is doing this era. 

She is embarking on a personal journey in front of the entire world. I think we would all agree that her PR skills are next level. She is a master at it. She knows what she is doing. She knows that every single move she makes (no matter what the topic is), will be met with supporters and naysayers. 

Let’s make this section of her fanbase her safe place. 

Can we just all calm down 😉 and appreciate and observe what we are witnessing? 

A global super star is spreading a message of love, acceptance, and diversity, while shouting down hatred and intolerance. Whether she ever comes out explicitly or not, she is spreading positivity at a time that it is needed more than ever.