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What are the best decisions you’ve made this year?🤔🤩 Did you make any life choices that'll benefit you & make a positive impact?💪 Join for family friendly 👑

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Let yourself savor an experience today despite the holiday pressures and the political clouds. Take a moment to appreciate the view whether it's nature or the neighbor's smile.

When you are a bright light, you will light up the world around you and everyone in it.

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Let’s get started! Spread love, share this blog, make sure everybody knows this new safe place!

Isn’t it ironic..

As soon as you walked out of my life, I met someone that gives & treats me exactly how I begged you too, without even doing for them first. They always say “what one man won’t do for you, another one will”…and sometimes more. It’s like all things being replaced without even asking or expecting it. Maybe this is another way that God is helping me restore my heart and all that I’ve lost from you. Thank you for walking away 🙌🏾😌

And then I feel so bad, so unwanted. I have never been kissed…

My straight girl friend even kisses other girls and I’ve never kissed anyone at all. It is that anybody wants me?

All of my friends have made out with someone: an older guy, a pretty girl, a guy I’ve never met because I didn’t go to that party. I want to cry because I’m destroying my confidence over a simple kiss. But is it simple at all?

I think my best friend has a girlfriend and she didn’t tell me. I thought my other best friend was in the same situation as me, but then she tells me not: that she has kissed many guys before. Am I a loser? Am I not attractive at all? Am I normal?

And this person I like, I’m over the heels for them but probably they have kissed lots of people. Why would they even return my feelings?

But I am normal. There’s not a problem with me. I am beautiful in the inside and in the outside.

I’m proud of myself, I have made a long way to this moment and I have grown into this amazing person I am today.

I have a long future before me too, I’ll become more patient and wise and I’ll appreciate that I didn’t throw myself at someone I didn’t want just for a kiss.

I’m strong and I shouldn’t be worried about this. If I want to be kissed, I’ll be someday. But today, I should live the present and stop comparing myself to others, to the society’s expectations.

I’m proud to be myself.

i think there’s beauty in every action - for how little it is- i make

the way my hand slides on the counter accompanying a piece of paper to clean up the coffee i spilled

the way i rub my cat’s belly, sharing our warmth and affection with each other

the gentle circular motions i make when i apply hydrating cream on my freshly washed face

the way i curl up under my covers when the room feels a little too cold

the way i giggle when i finally see the clear sky and the sunarays that color my skin of honey after weeks of gray skies

i appreciate it all

Milan is the most expensive city in Italy, and one of the most expensive in Europe. With its seven universities, it has a student population of 180,000, of whom 65,000 come from out of town. In Milan there are 314,000 senior citizens, mostly women, living in homes that have become big for them and also quite expensive to manage while living on a pension.

In 15 years of offering Adopt a Student, the MeglioMilano association has arranged around 600 cohabitations. The average age of the host is 79; in 76% of cases, the host is a woman living in an apartment she owns.

Project manager Monica Bergamasco says it was born in response to two problems: an ageing population with a growing number of seniors living alone, and rents increasing beyond the reach of students.

Source: The Guardian

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i have noticed myself getting more comfortable with physical affection again. as a child i hugged everyone I met, but after my traumatic event i hated being touched or even looked at. the fact that im getting back to enjoying physical affection and actively seeking it out from friends is really encouraging to me


Today I’m having a great day. My friend visited me in the hospital. He’s like a brother to me and I really missed him. Overall I’m having a hypomania episode now, so feeling great since the weekend. So happy the depressive episode is gone for now :D. I’m scared it’ll come along anytime, but I’m just living here and now. My doctor said they’ll do a brain test on me. She said they’d do it on Monday. No test. Tuesday. Not test. Today. No test. WHEN? I’ll tell you all about it as soon as it’s done, but for now: I hope y’all are having a great day <3

so im going a little out of my comfort zone today !

i woke up earlier than usual today and i did my makeup!i usually never wear eyeliner to school but today i did ! yesterday i got the sudden motivation to try something, so i ended up giving myself a second ear piercing just above the standard lobe! i also did diy acrylic nails:,,,)! they didn’t come out the best, but they don’t like horrible either!

today my goal is to really go out of my element and just try to do the opposite of what my emotional mind tells me to do! i will try using my more logical brain!


12/10/19 - Day #10 (double digits!)

I was reading The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time once again! Since we’re doing it for literature circles, I’m only supposed to read a little bit each week for our book talks.

From reading more of the book, I can see why others may have backlash for the book. 

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