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Another amazing morning. I’m alive, healthy and have been given another day to live. I choose to make it a great day!


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Just played my outdoor drums. A Private Cove beside a Creek with my puppy Gidgit. was and the Birds are Chirping! Tweet!

Aaj Sarf payara lag raha hai..his body language is different altogether..

💥You will discover many things about yourself while reaching for solitude. Not loneliness, because loneliness is a negative feeling that doesn’t allow you introspection.

As we embark into July & into the 2nd half of 2019, my wish for whoever is reading this, may the rest of your year be filled with , , , , . We all deserve & need these, in a world so fixed on negativity. Have a blessed Wednesday

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Chris Brown invented Scientology by beating up his girlfriend.

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Don’t check on me if we’re not together, and it’s probably for a reason. 

Every heartbreak has its season, it ain’t always summer in June.

Don’t Check On Me

✨ Crystal Cleansing ✨

🔮 To all of my fellow witches, remember, you can use Florida Water to cleanse crystals.

🔮 My Amethyst pendulum wasn’t swinging anymore, so I used some Florida Water and I automatically felt so much positive energy and it started swinging so heavily

🔮 Another reminder to be careful about which Crystal’s you leave out in the sun or submerge in water. Some Crystal’s may fade over time.

St. John’s Wort Spell - Banishing the Dismals

Best cast during a waxing or full moon.


  • Agrimony, Horehound, Nettle, St. John’s Wort (to heal)
  • Epidote, Opal, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz (to charge with positive energy)
  • Myrrh, Pine, Sage, or Cedar incense (to banish negative energy)
  • Symbol of related element
  • Paper or similarly biodegradable container (envelope or satchel)

Before you begin, sit alone and think about the mood and feelings you wish to let go of. Do you feel like you’re carrying around a great burden on your shoulders that constantly weighs upon you (earth) or do you feel like you’re being swept to and fro along in your life, out of control (air)? Do you feel like you’re drowning and can’t break through the surface (water) or like you’re just burned out, nothing left to run on (fire)? Use this elemental association in your casting.

To begin the spell, light your incense. Pass your herbs and crystals, and anything else you wish to add, through the smoke to strip it of the negative energy that is affecting you. Place the cleansed materials in your envelope etc and seal as you recite the following incantation:

“Darkness and sorrow, all shadows of grief,

cast out with a sunburst and shine with relief.”

Concentrate on feeling yourself let go and dispose of your package of ensnared sadness according to the energy you feel it has:

  • Air: Hang it from a high branch of a tree or set it atop a hill and let the wind carry it away
  • Fire: Burn it and scatter the ashes in a southern wind at sunset
  • Water: Cast it into the ocean or running water. Or drown it in a jar and pour the contents down a westward facing slope
  • Earth: Return it to the Earth by burying it, perhaps cover it over with a small cairn of stones

Sit alone after you’re all done and feel the tension and melancholy drain out of you, to be replaced with peace and light.

Day #28 complete. I burned more calories than what is shown but there was no specific exercises to choose from on here. I’d guess I burned about 50 more calories. Today was pretty decent, didn’t get to go swimming but I finished my walk on the treadmill and my other basic little workout routines.


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What is your thoughts on the difference between salesman vs. marketers 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 -
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Sunrise people will bring you hope, happiness and warmth while sunset people will bring you peace, gratitude, and healing. May you have both people in your everyday life so that you will always have a reason to pay attention to the light.
—  juansen dizon, Sun Life