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"Success is not Destination.. It's day to day Journey" The Inspiring Notion continuously provides the Motivational Quotes..... 🌸

β€œThoughts are the foundation of life. Practicing the positive thoughts, views and actions with a set mind is a key of peaceful and pleasant life.” -- Unknown

Don't let your doubts creep in; it will only weaken your ability to move forward. Believe in yourself and don't let negativity rule over you.

Follow the process, do the work, take 0px; " tag="ulated risks, encourage and love one another

Today I pressed the reset button πŸ”˜ And Monday became a new day to jump start the week to move in a productive direction.

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Today is better

I’m with my best friend in the whole world, we’re chilling in her room looking at our phones after shopping, going for a walk and taking a ton of pictures.

I am so happy and I love her so much.

Today is a better day.

I hope all of you who are having a bad week get a chance to just hang out with someone.

Love you nerds~❤

We accept the love we think we deserve.

-the perks of being a wallflower

The girl whom talks to the wind

I waited for the moon to come that night

She didn’t

The night have been rough and I waited for her to cry with me

She didn’t

But then I could feel the wind on my hair

And he said to me

“ Don’t cry my moon child, the Moon hasn’t come today but tomorrow she may come. If she not appear then wait again, cause it will ever exist a tomorrow! I’m here tonight, to cry with you. I’m cold, but I hope that you will get through this. Lay and shine my moon child ‘cause I always be here”

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Vor einigen Jahren war ich mir sicher - 18 oder überhaupt 20 zu werden.. werde ich nicht mehr. Ich würde sterben. Ich würde mich umbringen. Ich war nichts, ausser eine vernarbte leere Hülle. Keine Emotionen, keine Empathie gegenüber anderen Menschen, Kälte umschloss mein Herz und mein ganzes Leben. Um mich Lebendig zu fühlen, habe ich mir selbst Schmerz zugefügt.. Und so wurde die Klinge mein einziges Licht in all meinem Schmerz und all meiner Wut. Sie war Freiheit, Kontrolle, Sicherheit, Glückseligkeit und für einen Moment ..einen Ort der Zuflucht. Für mich war alles verloren, alles leer, trist und dunkel. Eines stand fest - sowas wie eine Zukunft wird es für mich nicht geben. Ich bin ein nichts und ein niemand. Ich bin nichts besonderes und kann auch nichts besonderes. Bin nicht klug, hübsch oder dünn genug. Bin eine Enttäuschung meiner Eltern und meiner selbst. Ich habe geraucht, um zu sterben. Ich habe viel Alkohol getrunken, um zu sterben. Ich habe Gras geraucht, um zu sterben. Und doch stehe ich heute hier.. Bin 3 Jahre clean vom Selbstverletzen und denke nicht mehr täglich über den Tod nach. Ich rauche nicht mehr, kiffe nicht mehr und trinke auch kein Alkohol mehr. Ich bin mir selbst wichtiger geworden. Ich weiß zwar nicht genau wer ich bin, aber ich weiß dass auch ich besseres verdient habe. Es ist alles nicht mehr Schwarz, sondern erhellt sich immer mehr.. Ich habe mehr Interesse an meinem Umfeld entwickelt ( auch wenn ich Menschen nach wie vor hasse ) und besitze mehr oder weniger Empathie gegenüber anderen Menschen. Ich versuche zuversichtlich in die Zukunft zu sehen, auch wenn ich da nicht viel sehen kann.. Aber ich werde es weiterhin versuchen und mit aller Kraft werde ich es schaffen zu LEBEN. Ich lebe. Ich streife nicht mehr wie ein seelenloser Mensch herum und versuche mehr positives zu sehen und zu finden. Wenn ich mich heute betrachte, weiß ich, ich habe einen gewaltigen Schritt gemacht.. Und dennoch finde ich noch heute das ich grundlos versagt habe.

Ich bin gespannt auf die nächsten Monate und Jahre meiner Veränderung und auf alles was noch kommen wird.

(Photo not mine)

Thank you for surviving again even if you seem like walking to the door of your death. For still trying to be strong while you’ve been silently going through a lot, I’m thankful that you’re still alive. They will never know, but I know very well that it’s tiring to be haunted by your depression several times. It’s like you’re playing hide-and-seek with your own sanctuary. Trying to hide in your own darkness and hoping the monsters in your head will never find you.

I know you’re getting tired with your own battles that you already want to give up, and nobody can understand that. But no matter how you tried to deceive yourself from it, it still can capture you. Yes, there’s no escape by just avoiding or hiding from it so having courage is the only way to discover your way out. How possible it is to think that the only one who can save you from you is yourself?

That’s why in times when you feel empty and lonely, thank you for still being strong to make it through. It’s okay if all you did today is to breathe and to rest. When people tell you that you’re being lazy and wasted, please don’t let their words end you. They don’t know how tiring it is to try to convince yourself to be positive when you’ve been suffering from their criticisms. And so, I want to tell you that tomorrow awaiting is another chance for you to prove them wrong. But once you’ve succeeded, please don’t forget who you were before and the journey you had.

So, don’t give up. Don’t live your life doing the things to meet others’ expectations just to make them happy and satisfied with you. Live your life and be free because it’s yours. Do it to reach your own goals.

I’m so proud of you

if you’re reading this, that means you’re alive. life is tough, but you’ve managed to get through it and overcome the darkness in your life. even if you’re still working to overcome your darkness, I’m so proud of you for staying alive. you got this, I believe in you

It’s so important to look after your physical health as well as your mental health!

Sometimes the things which help the most are the little things that you enjoy.

I got this teapot as a gift and using it has made my tea feel more sophisticated 😂 I don’t know, I think it’s important to enjoy as much as you can in life!

body posi! my squishy, bloated, problematic, growing tummy ^-^💞🌿✨

i am learning to accept myself.

its hard to ‘love’ myself in this weird quasi-recovery so ive tried to work on just simply accepting myself and accepting that it is what it is.

i am who i am in this moment and instead of worrying about doing 1000 different things to change myself, i just need to accept that this is a phase i need to push through whilst my body readjusts.

i dont “look” anorexic anymore. but there is no anorexic “look”. it is a mental disorder. and honestly that is hard to deal with. i no longer have evidence of my suffering. but i can still be honest about my suffering and take pride in my methods and efforts to overcome it.

I went through a bad break up 4 months ago.. So I dropped everything and went travelling 4 days later totally on my own for 2 months through New Zealand, Fiji, Tokyo and Spain. I can’t recommend travelling solo enough and stepping outside your comfort zone every once and a while. I’ve made friends with people from the ages of 18 to 42 to 73.. Listened to so many different life stories, advice and paths. It’s so lovely to have met SO many different individuals on so many different paths of life; there is no right or wrong way to ‘do’ life and its so nice seeing that everyone is at a different chapter no matter what their age. Don’t change your journey so that it matches someone else’s. We all need to walk different paths so the whole world can be explored in so many different ways. Revel in differences and remember to feel grateful for what you do have. Enjoy this moment of where you are, you can never turn back time and get these moments back⌚🌈🌞🌴⛅✨💜🌍.

Be who you’ve always wanted to be, don’t be afraid.. Ive definitely found myself.

“We say we don’t like rain,

but I think it’s nice to shut yourself inside

and breathe in yourself and your own space,

instead of having to settle for everything around that’s bigger than you.

I think it’s nice that flowers are growing

and snails are poking their little heads out

and you are reading a book that you haven’t looked at since childhood.

I think that we should live for the rainy days,

the days where we all dig into ourselves again

and things all grow anew,

instead of days of hot curt sun and crisp anxiety.

I think you should listen to that rain,

a soft wet heartbeat,

make a hot cup of tea

and have a well-deserved nap.”

’,’ - Megan’s Poetry #425