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There are paths in life to choose. Take a attitude Take a view Take a read of this Start in TODAY

My YOU Are BEAUTIFUL🌹& BRILLIANT 💎 photo for 1/16/20. Peace, Shalom & Assalamualaikum to ALL, with love, best wishes & blessings from my family & me to each of you and everyone who is near and dear to you! 🙏🏼💖✌🏼

Kill the Negativity.. Change the Focus.. The Minute you even think about something Game changes.. FOLLOW THIS PERSON AND MAKE IT HAPPEN 👉👉

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Are we living in the best time ever? What's really wrong with the world today and how can you push through it to be your best?

everyone! After seeing how much plastic was In the water while he was kayaking, Irish teen Fionn Ferreira developed a technique of using rust and oil to remove micro plastics from water!

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Today I felt proud because after 2 years of my husband calling me straight even though I am Pansexual, he finally admitted that he knows I prefer woman but hes glad I chose him to fall in love with.


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Done giving people the benefit of the doubt.

Done putting up with everything I don’t deserve.

Done with the back and forth.

Done letting people use me.

Done letting people around my energy.

Okay I’m deleting this app for a while because it’s another social media addiction. & I definitely don’t need to add to that.

See y’all soon, I just need a break! ❤️💫

Really quick positivity post, I love all you guys. I know a lot of us don’t talk but seeing everyone on the dash having a good time and finding new ways to love and appreciate yourselves is such a heartwarming and generally great space to be in. Obviously the person I have to thank most is Eren for leading me here, I really didn’t think it would consume my life this much but it’s been such a blast 🥺💕

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Hey Acti-Veg! For the longest time, part of me didn't feel at peace and I didn't understand why. After going vegan, I began to understand the importance of respecting animals as well as myself. I formed a closer bond to all animals I've met (including my own pets). I began taking care of myself and doing things to make myself happier. Veganism helped me learn kindness and respect to all living things. Thank you for helping me become a better person, and thanks for reading!

That’s wonderful anon; I’m so glad to hear that veganism has had such a positive impact on your life. Thank you for sharing this, I really appreciate it.