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Surround yourself with positive energy and positive thoughts. Don't let anybody ruin your day by projecting their negative energy and bullshit talk that's going to throw you off..

Life Lessons on Prosperity between Father and Son “Fear motivates us to accept inconveniences, sacrifices and sustained discomforts.” ––the wealthy gardener

Today is the day of grumpy people. Today is also the day that I wish them to have a better day.

Feeling stress? Needing to make a change? Check out this behind the scenes look at how to develop a positive attitude to help with stress management.

Creating mural painting inspired by Jason Naylor. His artwork brings love and positivity. He believes that kindness is the key to success! What a great connection

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Life Lessons on Prosperity between Father and Son “Attention and intention are the cure of hopelessness.” ––the wealthy gardener

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You will not be alone


I’m kinda at a point on this website where I don’t care about what you hate or dislike anymore. I never did tbh.

Can we all just start talking about what do like, enjoy, LOVE even.

Everyone thinks they’re a better person because they know what wrong and they hate theses certain thing. But you’re not, you show of negativity, you look hateful and unapproachable.

On this website 1 out of 3 posts/people seem to be negative.

So listen…

I don’t care what ships you hate.

I don’t care if you think this kink is disgusting.

I don’t care if this political view is better than the other.

I don’t care if you think this media or show or art is problamatic(cause most of the time it’s not, it’s over analyzing.)

I don’t care about your essay long dissection of a FICTIONAL character just so you can justify calling them abusive.


You wanna know what I do care about?

I care the art you make and are happy for.

I care about that story you wrote of your favorite characters being happy and in a relationship.

I care about the political views you use to build the world, not to tear down others.

I care about how you’re feeling, how’s you life, how’s your cat? It’s very cute.

I care about what shows you love and how exited you are to see another season.

I care about the plants you’re growing.

I care about what plans you’re excited for today.

I care about essay long posts on why you love this character and their entire biography. EVEN IF I DONT LIKE THAT CHARACTER!

Because guess what, destroying the negative, leaves an empty room.

Pushing out and drowning the negativity with positivity, and love. Leaves the room fuller than it ever was or will be.

And I’m not gonna say or act like I’m a better person than you for making this post. I’m not trying to attack, I’m trying to give advice. I’m flawed and trying to be a better person too.

So please no matter what mental illness you have, no matter how shitty your day was. No matter how tired you are of seeing a specific character.

Pls do something positive to try and make yourself a little happier.


I created a positive and encouraging mental health channel in Jodel and people are already cheering each other up and saying that they’re proud of strangers who tell about their day :’) Nobody knows who the others are in real life but everyone is being kind and helpful because they know how tough life can be with a mental illness. Together they try to come up with solutions and a more positive way of thinking. I feel like I’ve actually done something good.

The point is, anyone can make a change in the world and it doesn’t matter how small it might seem at first glance, because it’s a change nevertheless and it could make someone’s day if you’re lucky. So think about others, use what you have, and do something good, however you seem fit.

There will always be someone who doesn’t agree with the way you are, who doesn’t accept you and want you to change. There will always be people to who you are not good enough. It’s hard, but don’t let those people change who you are. Don’t give them the power to change you. Don’t change just so they will like you, because when you change for them someone other people will have problems with it. It’s an endless circle unless you stop it. Unless you focus on who you want to be. Be yourself. It’s not your problem if they have a problem with you. It’s their loss. You are beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, special and valuable just the way you are. No matter what other people tell you.


поклоняюсь песням в которых красивые сравнения и метафоры. и красивая картинка, рисованная через слова. 

my aesthetic heart can’t handle it! but in a good way



I am the Infinite Energy of the Universe.

I align my 7 main chakras and I connect myself internally.

I close my eyes to the vibrational purity of the Divine Creation.

I lead the Golden Sphere of Light through all my chakras and I clean all impurities.

I respect what you say to me and to others.

I am the Infinite Love and I awaken all my senses.

I expand my pineal gland and I see beyond what is in front of me.

I breathe Love, I live Love, I am Love.

Be the Master of Your Life Today!

Light and Prosperity! 


Diego Mangabeira 

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5 Things to Do When You're Feeling Sad

There are so many things you can do to make yourself feel a little better when you’re feeling sad. I thought it would be cute to write this short, but very meaningful list that will hopefully help you & I when things get rough. 💖

• I find that writing about my feelings really helps me remove the huge weight off my shoulders. It makes me feel free & fresh to release all those negative emotions that have been building up inside of me. Maybe this is something you can consider trying, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t like to speak about their emotions to others. Remember that you don’t need to put down your feelings with just tears in your eyes, grab a pen and write your heart out. 

• Cleaning/Organising, does not only help me feel more in control of my life but also helps to keep my mind off things. It’s a great way to keep yourself distracted & busy! 

• Try to go for a run, or a walk. Which ever suits you best. Getting some fresh air and looking at the beautiful environment around you can definitely contribute to making you feel a little better. Exercising will boost your energy and keep you healthy, which is a plus. 

• Try to spend time with those you love. Your friends, family or maybe even your pets!  Sometimes it’s good to be alone and have time to reflect on your feelings, but other times you just need somebody to be there with you and keep you company. You can choose to speak to them about your issue, and ask for advice but you don’t need to if this is something that you are not comfortable with. 

• I feel like when you’re going through a hard time it is the best opportunity for you to get into a new hobby, or learn something new. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and purpose. It really does help to boost confidence, because it makes you feel like you have the ability to do anything! 

I hope these help you and I hope you can find peace. 💞

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I have always sort of questioned my sexuality, ever since I was about 14, probably earlier but that's when i became sexually aware in general. I always think "do i like girls too?" And i let it sit with me for a second, I think "yeah i think so" but then I doubt and freak out and push it away. Lately i haven't been able to push it away and now I'm scared because I feel like I don't know myself anymore. I don't know if I'm bi or not and I don't know how to figure it out.

Figuring out your sexuality can be really difficult, my best advice would be to keep a little journal, write down how you feel, what your thoughts are, any crushes you have, all those sorts of things and reflect on it after a little while.

You don’t have to pick a sexuality and that’s it, your stuck the rest of your live, you can change how you identify until you find a label you are comfortable with.

Don’t worry if you find yourself confused at times, you’ll figure it out 😊