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I've just watched episode S01E01 of Pose!

Elektra got one of these furs from Andriana Furs off of 95th Street Only real Chicago folks know what I’m talking about lol

When my laptop skipped and made me miss the rest of the feather to ball only to come back and hear Anita Baker...

Ricky became a Wintour? See? No loyalty. He gotta catch a fade.

y'all know Patti Lupone is burning down Blanca's shop in the next episode

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I seriously applaud Damon for breaking up with Ricky

reluctantfae  asked:

thank god for amazon prime, cause i got to see the rest of the episode today and holy shit i cannot wait until next tuesday this show is so amazing and i don't understand why no one on tumblr talks about it. there's so little content

omg i just saw this now i hope you liked the episode !!! and you’re so right this show needs to be bigger!!!!

POSE 2x02

But please tell me: Do you guys really think Ricky cheated? and do you think Damon made the right decision?

I personally do think he was unfaithful and that Damon was completely right choosing himself.

This episode was amazing. It highlighted the reality of living life with AIDs, the fear and emotions that come with it. This also shows the strength of a family, even if they don’t share the same blood. We see Blanca fighting back against a system built to tear her down. We see Angel stepping up because at some point she’s going to need to be the Mother. We see Damon coming to the realization that to love he has to love himself. This episode made me cry and laugh. This season is going great, y’all.