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I did a drawing yesterday but did not post so here are 2

Finally watching and ugh... it frustrates/breaks my heart when parents & people seem to think that religion or taking extreme measures will cure your sexuality. Being gay is simply not a choice & nothing can change that.

Thank you for the adorable pose ! Characters are from our project The Goldfish and the Cat with

is brilliant. If you arent watching it, you are missing out.

Have you ever performed any poses? This utkata konasana seems to multiple groups. If you like yoga leave us a telling us what your pose is. Happy everyone!

Just watched the first two episodes of back to back and I can tell this is going to be taking up every second of my spare time until I am through all eight episodes. I don’t have the attention span to watch much TV but it’s brilliant. ☺️

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Indya Moore for Vogue Spain March 2019

Open rp/Q&A

Admin/Both Demoras: A sort of free-for-all rp where you all can rp while asking the girls some questions(pictures of art are optional), as they give you the best possible answers to them(as long as they aren’t troublesome or too personal). Mostly since the girls are still somewhat new to five Undertale AU’s((UL, UF, HT(Horrortale), SwapfellRed, and UT)) including Undertale itself, and Skelly Demora aka “Skelly D” has one insecurity since she became a skeleton monster in her timeline(so don’t metion her hair because it’s one of the main and only insecurity she gots).