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Merci à toutes les personnes qui sont venues participer à la série “Recueil de fêlures” la semaine dernière au studio !

Il y aura d'autres sessions pour continuer les clichés en Avril ;-)

En attendant, n'hésitez pas à partager l'appel à participation ci dessous.

Belle journée,


At last, I have been immortalized in art for all time. #LemonyMeerkat busted out this masterpiece, complete with #ClaireBun. ⁣

My stomach is apparently my defining characteristic. No explanation was offered for my ears. ⁣

Also, I yell and am shaped like a potato. Fun!⁣

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Review: Everland by Wendy Spinale
Rating: 4/5

In an alternate universe where London has been destroyed by a wrathful German queen, Gwen Darling is desperate to keep her siblings safe. But when her sister Joanna is kidnapped to be experimented on by Captain Hanz Otto Oswald Kretschmer, Gwen must find a way to rescue her. A chance encounter with a boy named Pete leads Gwen to an underground city of Lost Boys, the last survivors of the Horologia virus that has wiped out the adult population. She enlists their help to rescue her sister but will soon discover she is much more than just another Lost Kid. 

I’ll be completely honest, I was apprehensive about this retelling of Peter Pan. I’m not a big fan of alternate histories and I’ve never read steampunk before but I ended up really loving this. The writing flows so well and the characters are so lively that the story just pulls you in and drags you along until all of a sudden you find yourself wishing you could live in an underground city beneath the streets of London. This genre-bending wonder is so incredibly awesome and manages to put a wonderfully unique spin on my favourite children’s classic. 

Gwen was definitely my favourite character. So many retellings try to unravel the enigma of Peter Pan or explain away Captain Hook but Wendy is the true hero of the original story and it was exciting to see her reimagined this way. I especially enjoyed that Gwen’s strength came not from her physical prowess or her skills with strategy but from her willingness to care about people. She forces Pete to apologise when he hurts Bella’s feelings even though Bella has been nothing but cruel to her. She protects and reassures her little brother, Mikey, and the Lost Boys when she can. She fights to rescue the Professor even before she finds out who she is. She even finds some sympathy for Hook, in the end. We don’t often get heroines who are so full of love and genuine kindness and I’m so glad that this was Gwen’s defining characteristic. 

I also loved the antagonistic force being the Horologia virus rather than just Hook on his own. Sometimes in speculative fiction, the Big Bad can feel so distant and indefinite but the constant threat of the virus brought so much immediacy to the plot. And it was awesome to have this be a science fiction setting rather than the usual fantasy landscape we get with retellings. Thinking about it, I reckon I tend to enjoy sci-fi retellings more, so I’m definitely excited to see where this goes in Umberland and Ozland

My one qualm with the book was that I couldn’t figure out what kind of time period it’s meant to be set in. Given the science side of things, I figured the war happened in the early to the mid 20th century but it was difficult to tell given that they never talk about tanks or fighter planes - just the zeppelins. This wasn’t a major issue but it was a query I kept going back to. 

I also read the prequel short story, Lost Boy, that details Pete’s life before London is destroyed and shows how he met the other Lost Boys and started the underground city. An interesting little bit of background that goes more in-depth with his background and explains his situation more clearly. It’s worth reading if you enjoyed Everland

If you love retellings that take a familiar story and characters and put them in a completely different situation, definitely give Everland a shot. It’s full of the wonder and whimsy of the original Peter Pan with a new splash of danger that will keep you hooked until the very end.