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“Loved the picture of the dog on my birthday card. I am keeping it to put it in a frame” - my husbands grandma 😊 ... I’m liking how my new flooring works well as a backdrop 😂

011: I know I said I’d be double posting to catch up on my 100day challenge but I completely forgot! So instead I’ll just extend the challenge 🤓🖤✨

010: Hello! I had good intentions of keeping up my challenge whilst I was away! I’ll double post for a few days till I catch up 👀 This is no.10 of my 100days of portraits!

Terje Håkonsen - Portrait piece for the pop-up exhibition “De beste i blant oss” curated by for Turbandagen 2019. The exhibition is on display until April 24 at Tjuvholmen, Oslo.

005: A simpler sketch today for this Monday morning. I spent yesterday feeling exhausted after a particularly busy week, and didn’t feel like like making such a detailed picture 🖤✨

Comin in late with this one today! Not really happy with it but I’ve been super tired and it was a ton of effort to get it done today...guess that’s why they call it a challenge 😅

002: Day two of my hundred day challenge. I reckon this red and pink combo is gonna show it’s face a few times during this project, I just can’t get enough of it at the moment🖤✨

001: So you might have seen a lot of people announcing their challenges and this year I’m going to be focusing on people starting from today 🖤✨

“Don’t give me that ‘hip hop’ look baby!”...”I ain’t yo baby..honey!”. I like her attitude! Digital portrait painting in procreate.

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Recently I opened commissions and this is the first I made!

She’s an original character of Jenny Carion, her name is Belphoebe and she is an aasimar storm sorceress trying to help free a goddess from between planes of existence.

Hope you like it!!!💕


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