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model:北園さや studio:Coucou その3

[Portrait]👨‍🦰 Cette semaine ➡️ portrait d'entrepreneur : Vincent Lê, fondateur d' la solution de géolocalisation de matériel médical🔬

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Pain 苦痛は空白の要素をもっている いつ始まったか、それは思いだすことができない また、苦しまない日が1日でもあったかどうかも

アジサイが綺麗に咲く トンボ橋って… 「いい爪研ぎだニャ–😄🐾」 カリカリと爪研ぎをする ネコなのでしたっ💦 そこでは(≧◇≦)乂ダメダメッ!     

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Zala Kralj/ Just a Corpse,
Ljubljana, 2019

Katya, approx 12h.
In an inexplicable turn of events, this piece decided to photograph properly. Which is a good thing, because I absolutely adored this model, and the piece turned out so well. She has a beautiful delicate bone structure, but at same time, such baby-doll features.
This is not perfect, but this is probably as good as I can get at the moment.
(Despite my mentor’s joke that it could do with 6 more hours - hahaha no.)


#décrochage #portrait #macron #gco #gcononmerci #strasbourg (à Palais de justice de Strasbourg)

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