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Considering a in ? This summer, spend 4 weeks immersed in learning about the theory and practice of architecture, developing materials for a , and exploring the NY cityscape. Career Lab details:

CCNY architecture and student reviewing designs on large work table in studio at Spitzer School of Architecture

This week’s features a modern new website we designed and developed for Travel One, Inc. We utilized video on the home page to help them stand out from competition and grab the viewers interest.

Démarquez vous de vos concurrents avec un support de vente numérique personnalisé à votre image. Utilisez Mobifolio, votre portfolio interactif de documents. Découvrez Mobifolio :

“NGP Capital has given me the opportunity to do a lot of different things; engaging with , learning about new technology & markets, supporting companies, and doing financial modeling & scenario analysis."

Ever want a closer look at this scene? Check out my new materials and asset breakdown, here or at the link --

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1 illustrator told me to never include pop culture pieces in my Portfolio. Others tell me to and wonder why I haven't when they see Deadpool and Pickle Wick. Weah!

I have spent the past 18 months really trying to improve my technical work, but cannot seem to get people to stay beyond the welcome page, I'd like some guidance. Should I include sketch work?

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Responsive - A that is developed for business, corporate, creative, lawyer, minimal, modern, multi-purpose, one page, parallax, , responsive, visual composer, themes. .

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Filey, North Yorkshire

A small town on the east coast of the UK.


Historical AU: Keith and Lance as Percy and Henry from “A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue”

(If any of you read this, then puhleeaseee message me so I can fangirl with you, and if you haven’t then drop everything and read it! Henry is a bisexual disaster (like someone we know) and Percy is an oblivious gay cinnamon roll. It’s got THE tropes too; sharing a bed, everyone knows they like each other except them, childhood friends to lovers.That beautiful quote is Henry pining over Percy)

Also…today was my 20th birthday!! Looking back at last year, all of you guys who follow me and support me with my ridiculous art have really made me improve and look forward to something and I’m so grateful for it. This little piece I whipped up today is a little thank you for all that you have done and I hope to continue making pieces for you guys in the future as well! I hope you guys like this piece as much as I liked making it!


That’s great, nice plan. Now can we think this through? Harvard Law School?   I have a 4.0 average.   Yeah, in Fashion Merchandising. What makes you think you can do this?   Love! I’m doing this for love! And love will see me through. Yes, with love on my side, I can’t lose. And Harvard can’t refuse a love so pure and true. Don’t lawyers feel love too?