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is losing a quarter of a million people every year

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Critical slides from my keynote talk about education for the convergence of the fourth industrial revolution () & the existential challenges of &

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Humans need collateral land to survive thus confiscates creating Suggest David Pimental work documenting this relationship created thru photosynthesis is deterministic over time More use humans less

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Unfortunately while aggregate proceeds w accelerating extraction hiding issue looks misplaced And while progress made reductions were still adding ~75 million people to each day

Much of South Korea's chaebol dates back to the period of Japanese occupation before the end of the second World War and is shaped according to the powerful industrial.

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Vital populous gain knowledge linking to Unfortunately rates based outdated Every human deserve modern knowledge Informed people act their best interest

Much of South Korea's chaebol dates back to the period of Japanese occupation before the end of the second World War and is shaped according to the powerful industrial.

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Roughly 6-700 years ago, The Bubonic Plague foretold of the end of The Dark Ages and the beginning of The Renaissance. Short term pain for long term gain. Imagine the entire human population was one obese organism, and it went on a diet and got healthy again.

A Place Far Away

We all address our daily needs as best as we find ourselves able. Maslow illustrates that we are not really free to think outside of our own self-needs until we overcome the basic challenges. We then may learn to think beyond self and of the greater need. Beyond feeding ourselves each day and finding fulfilment, there are great needs of social order, food and monetary supply and general wellbeing facing masses among us. For generations we have mused these problems and with some effort do not yet have them resolved through with our efforts we have assisted.

Thinking of our future, we require a mobile biosphere capable of going to the galaxies. All problems must be solved. We require social order and structure, nurture, fulfilment, access to nature, a food supply, fresh air and water, and all of our needs if we are to be free to contribute. All things must be arranged for the holistic benefit of the biosphere that must last for generations.

Here on Earth, our biosphere is without navigation but our problems are vast. Imagine if on our mobile biosphere there was civil insurrection or war? We as masses are in no fit state for our biosphere.

My argument is that in solving the needs of our mobile biosphere we solve the needs of Earth. Social structure, to surpass Maslonian needs, have worthwhile value and to contribute.

We already accept our end accomplishment for this solar system will eventually be to travel far away and procreate, hopefully remembering our human values, the foundations of society and, what makes us so special as humans.

Impeccably small people think that we speak of ourselves.

Far closer to home we require solutions for climate and the challenges of population. Global co-operation would assist.



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Saturday Night Live (SNL) aired a “Conspiracy Theory Rock!” segment once in 1998, after which it was banned by the network and cut the segment from any future reruns of the episode. •

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Reposted from @wokebreed - #BigPharma The biggest drug dealers of all. Psychotropic drugs are a big business. Selling sickness, not cures. All in the name of profit 💊💰 •

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We need some type of representation in our country that has demographics similar to those of our nation at large. Ignoring intersections, here’s what a 100 person representative group would look like in the US (based on admiteddly non-thourough Google searches)

51 Women: 49 men
63 whites: 17 Latinos: 13 African-Americans: 5 Asians: 1 Native American: 2 mixed race people
95 cishets: 5 queer
87 abled people: 13 disabled people
24 under 18-year-olds: 37 18-to-44 year olds: 24 45-to-64 year olds
1 upper class: 15 upper middle class: 30 lower middle class: 30 working class: 13 working poor: 12 unemployed
36 protestants: 22 catholics: 14 other Christians: 21 not religious: 5 non-Christian religious folks

If a group makes up less than 1% of the population they don’t get reps

In 1944, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife released 29 reindeer on St. Matthew, an island off the coast of Alaska, to help the native people, the Aleuts, get protein. Herds from the island grew exponentially until they ate everything they could eat and then the population crashed back as they starved to death (Scheffer, 1951).

I’ve never felt more alive than when I’m in the city. 

It’s the rush of people, the sounds of the cars, machines, and construction, and the concrete jungle surrounding me that give me so much life. 

I know that there are many negatives regarding the city: its lack of ecofriendliness, the overpopulation, and the fact that most times they are dirtier than most people like. 

But I don’t care. All I can think about when I’m in the city is the possibilities that the city presents. The number of different people there are to meet. The number of different cultures there are to experience. How many different places I can go to. 

Compared to the bustle and excitement of the city, the eerie silence of my hometown is simply forgettable. 

Nearly half of Americans live in a county where the prime working-age population (ages 25 to 54) shrank over the last decade. Declining population, a reduced labor force, falling home prices, and weak public finances due to an eroding tax base combine to create a vicious cycle that the locations losing population can find difficult to escape. Population growth in the United States is at its lowest level since 1937. Economic growth is forecast to remain well below its late 20th-century levels.


Immigration may be the most viable means to repopulate certain areas of the country and reinvigorate their economies. (x)