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Kenyan logistics startup Sendy raises $20M round backed by Toyota via

| El Juez Victor Zúñiga dictó 15 meses de prisión preventiva para la lidereza de , después de una larga audiencia. retornó a la carceleta del .

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Alan Dershowitz called Trump corrupt in 2016 and said he could be corrupt as President via

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Sargent Meowington

You can tell when your blog is NSFW when you get this much attention over roughly 24 hours to that one post


I got a mf like within 1 minute of posting it. It blew up over night. I knew people loved Alastor and Sex but.. asexuals be intense with their love.



Also, aside from me constantly joking about murder, I mostly just leave NSFW on my blog cuz I don’t like the idea of people b******* about me saying fetish/kink stuff as well as the more soft core UT fanart that I like to reblog. I don’t post or talk about anything very graphic even if I joke about it. Cuz, let’s be serious, the concept of slapping organs into other people without accidently killing them and it being pleasurable is f-ing HILARIOUS.

In the time that it took “Welcome to My Asexual Wet Dream” to get 64 notes, it took my trans memes like 1 or 2 weeks. Yet this one post is getting more attention… I could just play off the popularity or…

The internet is f-ing too horny for it’s own good.


Someone get the internet laid.

#get the internet laid




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Once again, sorry for the lack of videos of mine going private. As true to my word of hearing out my producer’s wanted to hear more about music from me by Martell Tha Cool


This video was recorded on 1/27/2020 I was describing how come Asians demand positive stereotypes and influences from their own people. But black people refused to challenge for a better positive black stereotypes and influences themselves. by Martell Tha Cool