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🇲🇽 Silencio para Enrique Ponce que estuvo esforzado ante las pocas opciones que tuvo “Compadre”, de Barralva 📷 Manolo Briones / NTR Toros

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Just arrive!! Que esperas pasa por Gamers Relay Ave. Luis Muñoz Rivera en Ponce o BUSCANOS en GOOGLEMAP!

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Puerto Rico Day 4

My days have been getting later but the extra sleep has been so nice. Rolled out of bed at around 9am, got ready, and drove up the hills to Castle Serralles, a giant mansion built by Don Serralles, owner of the famous Don Q distilleries. The mansion overlooks all of Ponce and has some of the most breathtaking views I’ve ever seen.

View from the balcony in the Serralles mansion

There’s a few types of tours available such as for the Japanese gardens or the Cruceta del Vigia but I  opted for the mansion package which included views of the estate gardens and the butterfly house. The English tours began at 11:30am (Spanish one was at 10:30am) so I had about an hour to wander the grounds and grab some photos. Unfortunately they left the butterfly house locked so I had to peer through the perforated walls. Somewhere around this time I also realized I lost my credit card… Luckily, after a mini panic attack I tracked it down to the restaurant from last night. The tour began as soon as I finished my call. I was the only one on the tour so it was a bit awkward but the guide was friendly and we breezed through everything much more quickly (tours are approximately 45 minutes but we finished in about 35 minutes). Unfortunately no photos are allowed inside the mansion with the exception of the balcony where I got the panorama. That was a shame cause the mansion was beautiful with intricate wood ceilings with matching tables and hand painted chairs. The varying tiling in each room also added a nice effect that really transformed your location with each passing. At least I got some nice shots in the garden though.

Quick walkthrough of the gardens area of the Serralles estate.


After a very confusing car ride out of the mansion region (the GPS could not find my location so I had to wander the hill a bit), I ended up back at Lola where I grabbed my card and decided to get some takeout ceviche. The portions were huge (especially for an appetizer) and I still had leftovers from last night…

Orange and Lemon marinated ceviche w/ platano tostones.


After a quick lunch/lounging around session, I headed off to my second stop of the day Museo de Arte de Ponce. I always gotta squeeze in at least one art museum anywhere I go and this place was perfect. Great balance of featured Puerto Rican artists and classic European art sprinkled with a few more contemporary pieces. As far as museums go it’s just the right size too. Very do-able in about 2.5 hours including the special exhibition.

Entrance of the museum. I got a few great shots in the balcony area too but I’ll post those on my photo blog when I get around to updating that.


Final stop of the day post-museum was the Ponce shoreline at La Guancha de Ponce. This was the perfect place to ring in my final hours in Ponce. On Saturdays there’s a few more vendors out and about along with families filling the boardwalk with a lively energy. I wandered around for a bit and eventually found the tarpon feeding area on the pier part of the boardwalk. $1 for a whole bag of sardines. Best dollar I ever spent. I had a great time spending the next half hour trying to bribe tarpons for their love while dodging seagulls that would nab up the fish if you waited to long to toss it.

I tried to make a new friend but he just wanted me for my food :(

After some feeding, more exploring, and a moment to take in the sunset, I grabbed a watermelon frappe from one of the vendors along with an octopus empanadilla and plopped onto a seat to relax by the water.

Puerto Rico Day 3

Slightly “later” morning (as in 7:45am instead of 6am), left my adorable little Rincon inn for the San Jacinto Restaurant in Guanica, getting there at around 9:45am. I didn’t expect a bunch of eclectic displays ranging from wine mom signs to Spongebob posters to come together so well. Purchased my ticket for a ferry ride along with a meal to be delivered at noon. The boat is supposed to leave on the hour according to reviews I saw online but the employee informed me it would be leaving around 10:30am instead. I spent the extra 40 minutes wandering the grounds. They have a set of beach chairs right by the shoreline where I got a lovely view of the dock and the vast clear waters. I also had a little kitty friend visit me now and then for pets.

Serene view as I wait for the boat to depart. (Not pictured, Mr. Kitty at my feet)


Ferry was finally ready to load passengers (all 3 of us) and head off to Guilligan’s Island. The ferry sped off as we passed by some gorgeous houses overlooking the water. In just about 10 minutes we were there where we were greeted by a long empty dock that stretches for what feels like miles (well a lot of feet…). The area visitors can access is actually pretty limited. The trees are so dense beyond the small clearing near the dock that you can’t even go exploring which was disappointing since I wanted to see the rest of the island. The left side of the dock was more crowded with several groups hanging out, blasting music, etc. I opted for the right side which was a bit more unkempt but there was only one other group of girls there and more than enough space for me to have my privacy.

The waters here really are crystal clear and as you wade in, you can see all the fish scattering around your legs. I saw a few varieties of fish just wading through and even a little clam. The only negative of the water is the floor is covered in giant patches of seaweed and since the water is so calm you basically have to float on top to avoid stepping on them. Unfortunately I took the risk and took a a short walk through the seaweed and found myself with several stings from what I assume are sea lice (aka tiny jellyfish). Despite all this, I had a great time looking at the sea floor, marveling at the intricate mangrove tree roots, and floating among the kelp (despite all my stings).

So many tiny fish just trying to escape giant ole me

Becoming one with my kelp brethren

Around 11:45am the ferry returned and honked it’s horn letting us know to return to the dock to pick up food. It took me a second to return to shore and find my sandals that floated away so I scurried to the dock just to catch them turning the ferry away with my food. Luckily they turned back and I got my meal and decided to eat it on the dock since no one was there. The dock was just high enough where I could barely skim my feet in the water but it was so nice being in sunlight while surrounded by such a massive and peaceful beachfront chowing down on my bacalao guisado (codfish stew) with a side of Habichuelas Guisadas (Puerto Rican beans). The beans were so delicious. First thing I did when I got online today was look up a recipe.

A home-styled meal as I sink my feet into the water.

After my meal I went for another quick dive in the water right by the dock, this time with my goggles so I could get an even clearer view. Unfortunately there isn’t as much wildlife near the dock but it was still a nice post-meal workout.

I look dumb in goggles but in an island of (mostly) just me, who cares :D


I headed back on the 1pm ferry and after inspecting my stings I hopped into my car and headed off to the historic Southern city of Ponce. The drive down here was much more similar to the freeways in America and for a second I forgot where I was but once I exited onto the city streets I was greeted by small one way corridors lined with light and colorful buildings. Once I checked into my Airbnb I had time to change and get settled before embarking on my more modest night plans of wandering the Ponce Historic Zone. The area was much smaller than I expected and I was able to walk the main area in about an hour even with a stop at Parque de Bombas, the first firehouse in Puerto Rico. The place is small and has a few signs and displays, easily doable in 15 minutes. Otherwise I passed by a few shopping streets, historic buildings, and Plaza Degetau.

Parque de Bombas lit up at night on my second walk-around the district.

Got back to the Airbnb, chilled for a second, and headed back out for dinner at Lola Eclectic Cuisine. The restaurant is located in the courtyard area of Ponce Plaza Hotel so I got to sit outdoors and enjoy my meals under the lights. The food was absolutely delicious, a big change from my disappointing dinner yesterday. To start I got the Bolitas de Maduro Rellenas de Chorizo (sweet plantain stuffed with chorizo over a balsamic vinegar reduction and guava sauce). And for my entree, the Grouper fillet in piquillo sauce and escabeche-style pickled vegetables. The grouper was well made but the root veggies were to die for. Definitely something I’m going to have to try making at home (along with those beans from lunch). Ended my meal with a little parcha (passionfruit) sorbet from King’s Cream just a few blocks away. They make it from fresh passionfruit and I am absolutely addicted to this stuff.

All around a much more low key afternoon after a couple days of non-stop adventuring. I am so ready for more than 6 hours of sleep tonight!


Congrats 🍾🎊🎈 to Tara my niece on her 4th birthday 🎂!!!! Love ❤️ You Dear !!!! #legorreta #kindel #ashida #ponce #gomez #berlin #deutschland (at MaCondo)

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Hacienda Buena Vista, Ponce, Puerto Rico-2017

Hacienda Buena Vista, also known as Hacienda Vives, is a coffee plantation and estate in Ponce, Puerto Rico, established in the 19th century. The plantation was started by Don Salvador de Vives in 1833. It is now owned by the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust, who operates it as a museum. Wikipedia