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πŸ€₯ sample included just 36 voters under 24, but included 409 over 65. Hmm πŸ€”

πŸ€₯ debate sample included just 36 voters under 24, but included 409 over 65. Hmm πŸ€”

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Interesting that ⁦ ⁦⁩ ⁦ and all the varied announce something completely different than unbiased Twitter poll which puts ⁦⁩ as the winner of the for 62% of the 30000 people.

2020 Democratic Primary National Polls: 10-Day Average vs. Last Post Biden 26.4πŸ”Ό0.5 Sanders 15.6πŸ”Ό0.6 Warren 13.0πŸ”»0.2 Buttigieg 9.1πŸ”»1.4

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This took after deciding it was to on the floor as the needed moving. Put books on the floor for before tv. 1in3 votes might to get Brexit done.

Results now pretty consistent among various polls-of-: a Tory lead of 10-11%. I won't bore you by posting the graphs. What now matters is the fine grain of the multiple contests at local level. Time for Tory candidates to inoculate themselves against foot-in-mouth disease.

Current prediction from is a Tory majority of 20 seats (data as of 4 Dec). That's narrower than several previous projections. The are nowhere near home and dry. Crazy remains a serious threat.

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hello friends!! I need help deciding whether to post my 2 upcoming Good Omens and Destiel fics in chapters or all at once.

PLEASE VOTE HERE, it’ll help me a lot <3

(more info about each fic is on on the google form)
New poll slashes Boris Johnson's lead by half in just a week
Boris Johnson's predicted Commons majority has been slashed in half in less than a week by Labour gains, pushing the Tories closer to a hung parliament, a new poll has revealed.
Five Polling Results That May Change the Way You Think About Electability
Our battleground surveys had some outcomes that upended the conventional wisdom.

A centrist media outlet concludes that the centrist candidate is most likely to beat Trump.

From the November 12, 2019 story:

It is often posited, for instance, that Democrats face a choice between a moderate who might win back a crucial sliver of white working-class voters who flipped from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, or a progressive who might mobilize a new coalition of young progressives, perhaps especially in the rapidly diversifying Sun Belt states.

But for the most part, these choices are not grounded in the attitudes of the electorate in the most competitive states.

Instead, the [6 battleground states] polls’ results on persuadable and low-turnout voters suggest that the Democratic focus on Obama-to-Trump voters, or on low-turnout progressives, is largely misplaced.

The party’s leading candidates have not yet reached the real missing piece of the Democratic coalition: less educated and often younger voters who are not conservative but who disagree with the party’s cultural left and do not share that group’s unrelenting outrage at the president’s conduct.

This basic conclusion follows from what registered voters told us in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, North Carolina and Florida.

Alrighty lemme tell you a tale! So I started this lovely little tumblr awhile ago. I go to sleep peacefully and wake up early the next day. I’m bored and don’t wanna get out of bed so I stroll through tumblr. Oh! Look! I’ve got a notification! Wonder what it could be! Let’s check. Silence. It’s a message. A bit taken aback, I’ve never gotten a message before! Let’s see what it’s about! …. silence. One beat. Two beats. Three beats. Holy fuck it’s my brother… he did it. He found my tumblr through a post about my dog which I promptly deleted because my father apparently has a tumblr as well. So as any typical tumblr user I blocked him. Now I shall hold a poll and if it gets to hmmm let’s say, oh I don’t know what about 50 notes?? And I will unblock him. Vote!
New Polling Suggests Democrats’ Impeachment Push Could Alienate Key Voters
Data exclusive to Vanity Fair shows impeachment could be a losing issue for Democrats hoping to recruit Independents in 2020. “Lots of people who don’t like Trump who are still prepared to vote for him,” says one political science expert.
By Condé Nast

A deep dive in the recent change in impeachment polls. Pretty interesting stuff from VANITY FAIR of all places.