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Donald Trump Jr blasts Joe Biden, asks why he didn’t ‘cure cancer’ in last 50 years - Fox News

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As a representative of Bengaluru Central, today I took oath as member of the 17th LokSabha. I reiterate my commitment to the people of will continue to work hard for them & always be their voice in Parliament Twitter

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Politicians are more concerned about skewing numbers for political image than the proles, who would have thunk it.

ตู้ใหม่พร้อมที่จะให้บริการภายในเดือน: น. ประยูร # PrayutChan-o-cha

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Breaking News: “Trump Does Not Want War” Mike Pompeo

New evidence shows Iran caught in the act.


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school shootings

okay, so, ita currently two am, so if any of this sounds weird, I apologise.

I’m an american, and something that sticks out in my mind when I think about my nationality is how im so fucking ashamed of it. And a huge chunk of that is because of school shootings.

As a quick little “history lesson” on school shootings, it was so uncommon and bot even a thing in the United States until the seventie, when Brenda Spencer shot up the elementary school across her house. They didnt even become “normal” here until around 2016 or so.

I watched a few clips of the movie “We Need To Talk About Kevin,” staring Ezra Miller, that was on my recommended this morning, and now I literally can’t call asleep because the clips literally won’t leave my mind. I really like Ezra’s acting, so it’s sort of weird for me to say I’m scared to fall asleep because his scary smile when he played Kevin won’t leave my mind.

I bring this up because Kevin had shot up a school (with arrows, but you get what I mean) by the end of that movie. He holds no remorse or regret for firing at that gym where, I believe cheerleaders, are practicing. We see images of bloodied up bodies being wheeled out, and we see families reactions.

I’ve seen short films and news clippings of these things before, but it never really hot me as emotionally as this movie has. Of course, I feel upset for the families and people in the actual events, but it never really hit me very emotionally because you don’t see gory bodies ( although in wnttak, it was makeup) being wheeled out. You don’t see the person who murdered them walk out. You don’t see their life story.

This movie didn’t make or break my opinion on this topic as a whole, but made me realize how much it’s normalized in 2019. I see school shooting topics on my news feed, but never hear anyone talk about them at all anymore. Back on Valentine’s Day 2017, that’s all my school used to talk about and we don’t even live in Florida. Now, it seems like no one is shocked by the idea of someone shooting innocent people for fun.

And it breaks my heart to see that. I don’t want to worry about whether I’ll come home safe, about whether my friends will, or my siblings, or my future children and grandchildren one day. I don’t want my parents to get a call about how me or my siblings passed away. I don’t want to be constantly afraid of going somewhere where I’m supposed to feel safe. I shouldn’t be worrying over this at all.

Mental health shouldn’t be considered “main stream” or “cool.” You shouldn’t self-diagnose yourself or use the title for attention. And it’s just as bad as not trying to get help when you really do believe you have it, or not helping anyone who does. This also goes for counsellors and doctors, and literally everyone; treat it seriously and make sure they get help if they need it. Don’t be a fucking bystander.

Gun control is something that needs to be fucking limited, letting people have such east access to fucking murder weapons us a huge reason. I get it if you like to hunt, for example, but people have been wanting gun limitations for a reason. A child’s life is more important than whether you got to kill an animal today.

I can’t imagine how people who have been through the experience of something as awful as losing someone or being in a school shooting feel. I’m scared to sleep because I know I’ll have a nightmare after watching that movie, but you guys literally lived through it. I’m so sorry, from the bottom of my heart.

I want something to change. I want our voices, our cries of help to be heard. I want us– no, we need to be taken seriously. Don’t put this back just because you think it’s not a main priority, or because you don’t think it’ll happen to you. Because it might, and before long, it probably will.

(I won’t force you to reblog this, but I hope at least some of you will, because I’m really tired of how this is being handled in society here.)

A short ramble

As far as I’ve been able to determine overpopulation is a total myth. While there is definitely problems with distribution and how we produce things with regards to sustainability and the various ways capitalism makes it all worse. But if we stopped wasting resources and focused on recycling there’d be more than enough for everyone to live a good life, not just a decent one, a good one!

Jimmy Reed: On Jeremiah Thomas
  • Question: What do you think of all these people who are gloating over the impending death of Jeremiah Thomas, a cancer patient who was dying... and then did... because of his position on abortion?
  • Jimmy Reed: *shakes head with dismay* That... is not cool! It really does not make your side look any good when you behave in such a manner. I would not act that way towards my worst enemy. That is *not* how you treat other people! Now, even though I myself am really not a fan of abortion, I do understand that it is sometimes necessary - so I am not in favour of overturning Roe versus Wade. The bottom line is, you don't have to agree with someone's political views to respect them as an individual. That sort of, uh, cyberbullying is totally unacceptable behaviour! I really do hope that, wherever he is right now, he is at peace.

Sreedhar Bevara Excellent Speech about Money Spent in Elections | Politi…


(I can’t believe we’re now having a serious and ‘sensible’ debate about suspending Parliament in the UK? Maybe I’m an idiot or something, but wasn’t closing down parliaments a thing only dictators did until, like, two weeks ago? Mussolini comes to mind? But suddenly you’ve got all these Tory candidates advocating for the idea and presenting it as a ‘defence of democracy’ and one of them will be the next PM and uh, that’s what life is now.)

Trump says he would accept dirt on political rivals from foreign governments
By Kevin Liptak, CNN

Donald Trump says he would listen if a foreign government approached him with damaging information about a political rival – and wouldn’t necessarily report the contact to the FBI.

“I think you might want to listen, there isn’t anything wrong with listening,” Trump said in an interview with ABC News that aired on Wednesday.

“I think I’d want to hear it,” Trump went on, downplaying the idea such a move by another country would amount to election interference.Trump and his 2016 campaign have come under intense scrutiny – and a special counsel investigation – for their contacts with Russians during the last presidential election.

It is a crime for an American political campaign to accept anything of value – including information – from a foreign national or foreign government.

Botswana Decriminalizes Homosexuality in Landmark Ruling

In a landmark decision on Tuesday, June 11 Botswana’s High Court overturned the laws criminalizing same-sex relations in the country. Three judges ruled unanimously to revoke the laws. Judge Michael Leburu said as he delivered the verdict, “Human dignity is harmed when minority groups are blahalized.” LGBTQ advocates packed the courthouse in Gaborone, the capital and were overjoyed to hear the verdict. According to the New York Times, Anna Mmolai-Chalmers, chief executive of the gay rights group said, We still can’t believe what has happened. We’ve been fighting for so long, and within three hours your life changes.” 

The ruling struck down section 164 of Botswana’s Penal Code which stated that “carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature” could carry a maximum sentence of seven years. Section 167, also struck down, made public or private acts of “gross indecency” punishable by up to two years in prison. These laws date back to the 1800s during British colonial rule of Botswana (then Bechuanaland). The laws criminalizing homosexuality were challenged by Letsweletse Motshidiemang (L.M. in court papers), a student at the University of Botswana. L.M. argued that homosexuality was now more widely accepted. These arguments came after some successes for LGBTQ rights in the country. IN 2010 it became illegal for employees to be terminated on the basis of sexual orientation and in 2017 two rulings made it easier for transgender people to change their gender of legal documents. 

This is a major victory for LGBTQ rights in Africa, where homosexuality remains taboo. Over 30 African countries have laws making it illegal to have gay sex and in some places, the punishment can be death or life in prison. While attempts to further criminalize homosexuality exist they are matched by progressive victories such as that in Botswana. 

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where’s the lie? if not for these heroes, then for who?