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LUNGU PERMITTED…me to export 100 containers of mukula, reveals chief | Zambian Politics News - (Full Story: )

Democrats consider how many flushes it’ll take to flush this turd down. 10? 15? takes the piss out of politics & creates the original gifts I want in 1 shop.

Grow up, you naïve perfectionist, and accept the reality of & . There are no clean hands anywhere. Are YOUR hands clean? Are you perfect? Neither is anyone else. We vote for the best we can get and today the have it all over this .

said, " endorsed me a number of times, and I endorsed Cory Booker a number of times. He's very well spoken, he's got some good ideas." Is that statement racist?🤷🏾‍♂️ 🎙👑

Pennsylvania State Representative Movita Johnson-Harrell (D) charged with stealing from a non-profit organization she founded....

This bit from the report makes me wonder if the broader argument will ultimately be that committed acts that (at least) border on ?

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Biden, Ignoring Three-Quarters of His Vice-Presidential Tenure, Says Sharing Power With Republicans Is a Good Thing

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What the fuck are fucking doing with this fake news bullcrap, good job am voting .. posting fake news in

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trump eats crayons when he’s nervous???

since the impeachment started he’s gone through a whole 64 pack of crayolas 😔???
Reddit security detects likely Russian campaign to leak documents

Yesterday, r/redditsecurity announced that it believes leaked internal secret documents about trade agreement discussions between the United States and the United Kingdom were posted to /r/worldpolitics by Russians:

Earlier this year Facebook discovered a Russian campaign on its platform, which was further analyzed by the Atlantic Council and dubbed “Secondary Infektion.” Suspect accounts on Reddit were recently reported to us, along with indicators from law enforcement, and we were able to confirm that they did indeed show a pattern of coordination. We were then able to use these accounts to identify additional suspect accounts that were part of the campaign on Reddit. This group provides us with important attribution for the recent posting of the leaked UK documents, as well as insights into how adversaries are adapting their tactics.

In late October, an account u/gregoratior posted the leaked documents and later reposted by an additional account u/ostermaxnn. Additionally, we were able to find a pocket of accounts participating in vote manipulation on the original post. All of these accounts have the same shared pattern as the original Secondary Infektion group detected, causing us to believe that this was indeed tied to the original group.
Opinion | Schiff Impeaches Biden
His broad definition of bribery would capture Joe’s work in Ukraine.
By The Editorial Board

Democrats are still in denial about Biden’s dealings in Ukraine and elsewhere.  I’ve never heard a single Democrat admit Biden did anything worth looking at.  ‘Nothing to see here’ is what they are going with.  This is why I can’t believe there will be an impeachment vote.  That narrative will never survive a Senate trial and Democrats will have look head-on into Biden’s shady foreign policy.  

What ultimately makes capitalism a fucking mess is the power structures. Yes hypothetically there could be a generation of ultra-benevolent owners of the means of production. Just like their could hypothetically be an ultra-benevolent tankie dictator. But the nature of power ensures that this will never be the norm throughout society and therefore systems based in hierarchy are always terrible. Especially in comparison to what they could be if they were anarchist.
PG&E reaches $13.5 billion settlement with California wildfire victims

Pacific Gas & Electric on Friday announced it had reached a multibillion-dollar settlement with victims of wildfires that killed dozens of people and destroyed tens of thousands of homes across Northern California.

The settlement, valued at roughly $13.5 billion, will cover claims stemming from some of the deadliest and most destructive fires in the state’s history, including the 2018 Camp Fire and the 2017 Tubbs Fire. A federal bankruptcy judge needs to approve the accord before it becomes final.

“We are pleased that PG&E has finally admitted that the victims’ losses exceed $13.5 billion, and that PG&E is responsible for the victim’s losses,” said Robert Julian, a lawyer from the firm Baker Hostetler in San Francisco representing victims.

The massive settlement could compensate tens of thousands of individual victims who have had to recover and rebuild after losing homes, businesses and loved ones in the blazes. It would also mark a step forward in the beleaguered utility’s attempts to emerge from bankruptcy in the coming months…

In addition to the Camp and Tubbs fires, the settlement would cover claims related to the 2015 Butte Fire and the 2016 Ghost Ship Fire, an electrical fire that killed 36 people at a party in an artist warehouse in Oakland.

PG&E has faced waves of criticism over its response to the string of wildfires that have ravaged the state in recent years. After fire investigators determined the utility’s equipment was involved in some of the blazes, PG&E started preemptively cutting power to millions of customers during intensely dry, windy weather, infuriating residents and leading politicians to propose a public takeover of the company.
The Expanse season 4 settles down for an anti-colonial disaster
By Joshua Rivera

Its fourth season, set to premiere on December 13th, picks up immediately after the events of the third season finale — which in turn was the slow-burn culmination that began with a missing girl and ended with the discovery of alien life and other worlds.

Season 4 pumps the brakes a bit to rearrange the show’s sprawling array of characters and places. The action centers around Ilus, a new, seemingly unpopulated world found beyond a newly opened gate to other star systems. Collectively, humanity is struggling to deal with the sudden revelation of new, habitable worlds, and ultimately dealing with it poorly. The first three seasons of The Expanse are largely concerned with how class structures and oppressive politics replicate themselves, even in the far reaches of space.

There’s a land rush. The RCE, an energy company with a contract to mine Ilus — dubbed “New Terra” by some — dispatches a research team. But their mission is complicated by refugees from the Asteroid Belt station Ganymede, who, with nowhere else to go, run a blockade to quickly claim land as their own. Knowing that this will likely end poorly, United Nations chief Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) dispatches the crew of the gunship Rocinante to arbitrate. Captain James Holden (Steven Strait) and his crew once again find themselves in the middle of a conflict that threatens to become the epicenter of something much larger — especially when it seems like the planet itself might be alive.

In the six episodes released in advance to critics, the new season of The Expanse feels like the beginning of a grand second act. The first three seasons of the show were driven by the slow realization of scale, as one mystery gradually unraveled into the increasing certainty of open, deadly war. With the pathway to other worlds open, the tensions between the various factions of The Expanse are dialed down as the show digs in for a story about the ugly, messy greed of colonization.

“The rose sheds no blood and no sound when it is impaled; that is why flowers and not tigers are the victims of war.”

’,’ - Megan’s Poetry #703

See, I only came to tumblr for relatable memes, fandom gifs, cottage core, the fun science side, and to share tidbits of my tips and writings . But now I’m dragged into advocate brawls, people having to beg for resources/shelter, and political debates about a country I’ve never been to and now, hopefully it’s stays that way.

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Are labour’s plans economically viable?

I’m not an economist, but it’s been backed by a lot of people who are and their manifesto is fully costed, which is more than can be said for any other political party in the U.K. I’ve no doubt that they won’t implement all of their manifesto in one term, no one ever does, but it’s time for an ambitious economic plan after so many years of public sector cuts, tax breaks for the rich and ruinous austerity for the rest of us.