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#: 14 DSP rank officer Transferred (See the list below) -

Podcasts from the week-long exhibition in 2015 captured, for the first time in a decade then, conversations around constitutional reform that, once again in 2020, are deeply relevant. Do come if free.

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The Scottish government has proposed a 'Scottish visa' to allow Scotland to meet its workforce needs post Brexit. We need to read the proposal ourselves to decide on it, rather then letting media spin it for us. Link's here:

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ਕੈਪਟਨ ਵਲੋਂ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਪੁਲਿਸ 'ਚ ਵੱਡਾ ਫੇਰਬਦਲ- 19 ਆਈਪੀਐਸ ਅਧਿਕਾਰੀਆਂ ਨੂੰ ਬਦਲ ਕੇ ਕੀਤਾ ਇਧਰੋਂ-ਉਧਰ -

The Barrister is saying that eeeh.. a two State Federation is the Key. . . .

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Beetle traps identify 100s of species new to P.E.I.
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A federal government project has identified close to 300 species of beetle not identified on Prince Edward Island before, and maybe a couple that are entirely new to science.

from CBC | Prince Edward Island News

Opinion Master Post

  • transneutralist
  • left wing (anarcho-syndicalist)
  • exclusionist
  • cringe culture isn’t dead but should be
  • don’t punch nazis
  • detransitioners are super valid and deserve love
  • anti organised religion, pro freedom of religion
  • pro lgbt
  • pro choice
  • pro free healthcare
  • legalise drugs and fund rehab centres (portugal’s approach)
  • egalitarian
Factbox: Key U.S. senators in battle over Trump impeachment trial testimony

The U.S. Senate is holding an impeachment trial on charges by the House of Representatives that President Donald Trump abused his powers and obstructed a congressional inquiry into his effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden.

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via Reuters: Politics
Bolton revelation puts Republicans under pressure in Trump impeachment trial

Republicans in the U.S. Senate came under fresh pressure on Monday to allow witnesses and new documents in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial after a news report that a former top aide has a written a book manuscript that undercuts Trump’s versions of events in the Ukraine affair.

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via Reuters: Politics
'Increasingly likely' Republican senators to back call for Bolton to testify: Romney

U.S. Republican Senator Mitt Romney said on Monday that it was “increasingly likely” at least four Republican senators would join Democrats in calling for John Bolton, the former White House national security adviser, to testify in the Senate impeachment trial of U.S. President Donald Trump.

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via Reuters: Politics

Can we please stop respecting everyone’s “opinions” and “beliefs”? That’s reserved for situations where it’s not hurting anybody.

Your thoughts about pineapple on pizza is an opinion.

Whether or not god exists is a belief.

Handpicking which people deserve human rights based on your personal preferences for race, gender, or sexuality is bigotry.

‘Vale ended our lives’: Broken Brumadinho a year after dam collapse


The friendship between Josiana Resende and Natalia de Oliveira is one born out of loss - they got to know each other after the dam collapsed at the Corrego do Feijao mine exactly a year ago, killing both their sisters.

Natalia’s sister Lecilda and Josiana’s sister Juju were great friends. Lecilda introduced Juju to her husband and she was bridesmaid at the wedding. Now the bond has extended to the surviving sisters.

Natalia and Josiana’s friendship is also born out of a shared cause - finding their sisters’ bodies. Of the 270 people who died, they and nine others are still missing.

“We re-live what happened on the 25th every day,” says Josiana. “The fact that we can’t say goodbye doesn’t give us any closure - we can’t move on. Time has stood still for us.”

This past year has been hard on Juju’s dad Geraldo too. He’s wearing a T-shirt with a picture of his daughter and her twin boys Geraldo Augusto and Antonio Augusto.

The photo was taken at one of their monthly milestones - Geraldo can’t remember if they were eight or nine months at the time but she loved celebrating each and every month. She died shortly afterwards. The boys are the reason the family keeps going.


“When a father cries, it’s such a deep pain,” Geraldo says between tears. “Those people at Vale ended our lives, we lost the will to live. I have thoughts that I shouldn’t talk about. I just want my daughter to come back - but I know it’s not going to happen.”

When the mud and mining waste barrelled through a valley near the town of Brumadinho on 25 January 2019, it wiped out everything in its wake. Now, there’s a void in the hillside where the dam used to be. And below it, for nearly 10km (six miles), a lunar landscape of dark mud, with water collecting in the crevasses.

The dam collapse in Brumadinho was one of Brazil’s worst environmental disasters. Forests were destroyed and rivers polluted, so it’s a big job to relocate the mud to a safer place and return this area to its previous state.

“We’ve got 2,500 people working here and we’re hoping to get rid of all the waste from the dam within five years,” says Rogerio Galvao who is in charge of the clean-up operation for Vale, who owned the dam. “But that depends on the progress of firefighters, with their search and recovery efforts.”

There is a great deal of anger towards Vale. The murder and environmental charges handed out to 16 employees, the mining company and its auditor Tuv Sud this week have come as welcome news to many here.

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Halifax police face lawsuit in alleged mishandling of sexual assault case

A Halifax woman has launched a lawsuit alleging police falsely labelled her as a lying alcoholic while mishandling her sexual assault case.

Forty-three-year-old Carrie Low says in a statement of claim submitted to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court that she’s seeking damages from the RCMP and Halifax Regional Police.

The lawsuit launched today by lawyer Michael Dull repeats Low’s statements last year that police failed to visit the scene where the rape is alleged to have happened.

It also alleges police didn’t properly handle Low’s clothing as evidence, and failed to send it for examination in a timely fashion after the May 2018 incident.

However, it also contains allegations that senior officers “labelled the plaintiff ‘a drunk’ and 'a liar,”’ and instructed an investigator to “not investigate the merits of her sexual assault.”

The claim has not been proven in court and the two police forces, which operate a joint sexual assault unit in Halifax, have not yet filed statements of defence.

Last year, the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner declined to refer Low’s case for a hearing, saying the alleged police misconduct occurred more than six months before she brought forward her complaint.

The Halifax police force has already stated it is concerned by Low’s allegations and is looking into them through an internal review.

Low has said she blacked out through much of the incident but has had brief and painful recollections of waking to being assaulted.

She also believes she was drugged while having a drink at a neighbourhood pub, but evidence to confirm what was in her blood wasn’t immediately sent to a lab for processing.

Lawyers with the Elizabeth Fry Society are now attempting to have the complaints commissioner’s decision against Low reversed and to have her complaint processed.

The society is also supporting Low’s legal action.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 27, 2020.

from CTV News - Atlantic
Political Question by CherokeeGal1975 on DeviantArt

by CherokeeGal1975

    I’m probably opening up a can of worms because this entry involves politics and people get real touchy on the subject.  Please don’t bite me.

   Could someone please tell me how to contact the latest presidential candidates that are still in the running?  I’ve heard Bernie Sanders, Goldburg and Tulsi Gabbard so far.  Likely I’ll be hearing from the others still remaining because my mother is paying close attention to what’s going on and I can’t help but hear what’s blasting out of the TV as I’m doing my housekeeping.  Of the three I’ve heard, they all sound awesome.  I loved what they had to say about fixing what needs fixing.  

 I can’t remember every detail of what they said, but bits and pieces stuck out for each even though they pretty much said the same thing.  I haven’t picked yet and I’m doing my best to not be biased in my choice.  As much as I’d love to see a woman president, I’m basing my choice on who might be best person to have my vote.  I can understand they have to be against each other right now, but when the dust settles, I’d love it if they would all work together to bring about the very changes they are talking about.  What a powerhouse they’d be if they did.
    I really want to tell them that and be heard.  How do I contact them? 


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As Malthusian overpopulation rhetoric spreads and the right wing ends its denialism over climate change, they will eventually switch to scapegoating of the poor and blahalized in order to maintain the capitalist system under the crises of environmental catastrophe. We need a serious answer to the coming horror and existential threat that will be ecofascism.

N.S. man faces weapons charges after fellow hunter injured in shooting

A man is facing weapons charges after he allegedly shot another man by accident while hunting in Digby County.

The RCMP responded to the Digby General Hospital Saturday afternoon after a man with a gunshot wound arrived at the facility.

Police determined three men who knew each other had been hunting rabbits near Four Point Road in Weymouth, N.S. They say one man got separated from the group and shot at what he thought was a rabbit, but he accidentally injured one of the other men.

The victim, a 20-year-old man from Digby County, sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

A 35-year-old man from Digby County was arrested and is facing charges of careless use of a firearm and unauthorized possession of a firearm.

The man, who has not been named, was released from custody and is due to appear in Digby provincial court on March 16.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

from CTV News - Atlantic
Senate Trial Notes, Monday 27th

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Today we will kick off what could be the last day of the Senate Trial. 

On Saturday, the President’s defense made a stunningly short argument, which mostly consisted of attacking the Bidens and Democrats. While they did try to cast doubt on the accusation that Trump wrongly withheld aid from Ukraine, we did not see an in depth refutation of the facts and arguments made by Democrats. 

Today, Monday, could be the last day of the trial. The defense is suspected to finish their statements today, and McConnell has his eye on a quick acquittal. However, after the defense has finished, there will be another procedural vote where Democrats will again make a motion for witnesses. If witnesses are allowed, by swaying four Republicans to vote Yes, then the trial will continue through the week. The speculation is that without witnesses Trump will be acquitted, but if Bolton is allowed to speak then Trump will almost sure be removed. 

Over this weekend, John Bolton shared critical information, that will be in his upcoming book. He says that Trump did say he wanted to withhold 400K from Ukraine until they announced an investigation into the Bidens and a debunked conspiracy theory about Ukraine interfering in our elections. Biden said before the trial started that he had important information to share and that he was willing to testify. 

Republican Senator Mitt Romney has stated that he will “very likely” vote for more witnesses. Last week there were rumors that two moderates may be thinking about breaking ranks. Right now, Romney is the only one who has publicly spoken out though. 

It’s hard to put into words how maddening this process has been. This is, without a doubt, the most corrupt trial I’ve ever witnesses. In this administration, I fully expect these things to happen, but watching them play out is always mindboggling.