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TSA Strike? As Trump and GOP Refuse to End Shutdown, Call Grows for Federal Workers to Rise Up

Jared Kushner Told Donald Trump That Firing Comey and Flynn Would Help End Russia Probe, Chris Christie Says

Trump Is A Clear And Present Danger To The National Security Of The United States, Former Doj Chief Says

Shutdown has kept Trump off golf course for longest stretch of his presidency

Trump tried to bypass Nancy Pelosi and negotiate with members of her caucus. None of them showed up.

McConnell blocks House bill to reopen government for second time

Karachi: We don't want to destroy Government! : Akhtar Mengal What did he say further? To know complete news please click on the link below!

Calling all women's organisations! Want tips on influencing ? Join our on Tuesday 29th January, hosted by director of govt relations Find out more and register here

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هندوستان، افغانستان، د منځنۍ اسیا ملګري ملتونه د ترهګرۍ پرضد مبارزه کې همکاري کوي

You say that like it's a bad thing. Lets remind people what the Tory austerity policies and punitive Universal Credit system are are hounding the working class people into. .

I truly would like to know myself Wonka.. 🤷‍♀️ Never have I seen Breakfast, Junk food and Porn in one entire feed on Twitter conversing on a political aspect. POTUS thanks to you I guess. America is full of wonders 🤓

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Hey people! So here’s the issue; I’m from another country and I absolutely have no idea about the importance of today’s vote results. Can someone please explain it? Will UK stay in EU or not? I’m hella confused right now

Am I alone in being extremely nervous about whatever in the fuck Trump is hiding behind this ridiculous dog and pony show of a shutdown?

Usually he does slight of hand type shit. Actual bad/ illegal shit happening and he throws a fit about trivial nonsense on Twitter, drawing attention away from the stuff he doesn’t want us to pay attention to.

What the actual fuck is he diverting our attention from?!

let’s just take a moment and think about how much anxiety and stress relief we’ll have once we have a real president again

Things don’t change. Their all the same !
Hmmm….perhaps there is something in this ?
The USA : Nixon = possible neo-liberal: Reagan =neo-liberal : Bush sr = neo-liberal : Clinton = neo-liberal :
Bush jr= neo-liberal : Obama = neo-liberal :
Trump , extreme neo-liberal !
The UK : Thatcher = neo-liberal : Major= neo-liberal :
Blair = neo-liberal : Brown = neo-liberal :
Cameron and Co = extreme neo-liberal !
(note , Corbyn = socialist)
France : Macron - neo-liberal .
Now France has had many right-wing governments over the years. But these have been the old fashioned European Catholic conservative type of thing. The sort of conservative that Thatcher mocked as ‘wet’. Because they believed in something more than themselves.
So, France has its first neo-liberal government and they are not happy !


Neo-liberalism is an ideology , in the same way as Socialism,  Communism  or Fascism.

It’s great trick was to be talked about as an economic approach, a monetary policy, something for economists, intellectuals and politicians to pay attention too, but not the general public.

And neo-liberalism is massive, it is basically the operating system the western world has been using for the past 30 to 40 years. Don’t know what Neo-liberalism looks like ? Look around, in the USA, in Britain, in the Americas and increasingly in Europe, you’re inside it ! What you see is a Neo-Liberal world. We are living with the success of neo-liberalism, look around and see its fruits !

What is the best way to understand neo-liberalism ?

I think the term ‘Line your own pockets’: Best sums up the central principle of neo-liberalism.

It was known as Reaganomics or Thatherism. Sold to us with the 'trickle down theory’ of wealth creation. Free trade and competition, the 'small state’, business does things better.  Corporatisation, privatization, contracting out and third party 'None Government organisation’ (NGO’s). The commodification of all things. All parts of its all-embracing ideology, which its supports cleverly hid.

If you want a symbol of the all-pervading nature of neo-liberalism, look at the corporatisation of charities ? Charities are not what they used to be 15 to 20 years ago are they. They now have CEO’s on mega bucks salaries. The CEO’s, the fat cats who can name there own salaries ! Corporate offices, professional organizing, global reach, they even contract out collecting their charitable donation to profession charity collectors…..hmmm ?

Professional charity collectors, do you not see a contradiction in that ?  

These corporate charities create an ever growing organisational structure that absorbs more and more of the public’s charitable donations. So, we are where we are, with more and more donated to charities, but less and less of that money being used to act on the aims of that charity and more and more required to support the corporate structure of the charity.  


We were sold Neo-liberalism as the answer to all our economic problems. It has succeeded in one area and one area only : Telecommunications. The deregulation and opening up with competition within the telecoms sector has been a success, there are no two ways about this. This is what we were told Neo-liberalism would bring to all the sectors that it is now used in. These are the terms of success its supporters told us it would achieve. So, by the its own terms, the improvements that we were told it would bring are not here – it has   failed !

Every aspect of both government and the economy have been effected by the Neo-Liberal ideology. Major changes to how we work, our utility suppliers and to government systems have happened, driven by the ideology. Have any of these changes improved any of the systems that they have replaced – again NO !

Its ideology says that State monopolies are bad, they need to broken-up to allow competition, greater efficiency, private sector business know how etc. Look at our utilities, energy, water etc.  The Railways – need I say more ? All this neo-liberal ideology has allowed is for the private, corporate control of public assets and systems. Assets that in the past, we had some say in how they were run as they were publicly owned. This has lead to the break-up of public monopolies, temporarily. Because very soon after, through mergers and bankruptcies and  the cost cutting known as synergies, we end up with private monopolies !   We were told they give us better service, market forces, choice, competition, efficiency, value for money, private sector know how, improvements, investments. Every area of life should now have improved in the same way as telecommunications.

Neo-Liberalism has failed and failed on their own terms. Failed to do what they said they would do. Failed to achieve what they promised us. Or have they ?

The private corporations now have control of what were our public assets. The neo-liberals have what we had !