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Launches 18 Months After Career Derailed Over โ€˜Inappropriateโ€™ Behavior via thewrap

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How is it that the vast majority of Trump supporters are people who lived through the Cold War?

Shouldn’t the generations who grew up in constant fear of the Russians be the most outraged that they interfered with our elections? Shouldn’t the people who hid under a desk during school because they thought the Russians would nuke them any second be the most angry that the Russians have so much power over the US government? Shouldn’t the people who grew up hearing stories of Russian spies be the most concerned that Trump has secret meetings with Russians? Why would anyone believe that the Russians have all of a sudden, after the last 70 years of tension, come into this situation with no malicious intent whatsoever? 

It literally doesn’t make any sense.

My introduction

I created this blog so that I would have a place to air my grievances when it comes to current events and politics. If people choose to leave comments and create a dialogue, so be it.  

Obviously, based on the name of my blog- I tend to be conservative. Lets be clear, I do not care if you do not like my views/opinions, I do not sugar coat anything and I NEVER apologize for my beliefs. EVER. So if you are going to come looking for an apology because you were offended by something I said or you are an extremely sensitive, close-minded individual or just a liberal….. This blog probably isn’t for you.

I do not purport to be an expert by any means on current events or politics. I am however pretty proficient in sarcasm, debate and opinionated opinions.  

I am not an expert on grammar or punctuation. If you are going to read my blog and the only thing you have to comment about is my grammar and punctuation, don’t waste your time.  


my name is Josh Henderson.  I am a political consultant who, until recently, was looking for an outlet for political expression.  The number one rule of working in politics is if you aren’t the candidate or an elected official your political opinions can’t affect your job.  That being said, there are times where an individual like myself look for a way to discuss political events and opinions and that is how I ended up here in the fifth estate.  I hope this is only the beginning of this blog.  A blog that I hope will spread the importance of politics and a well informed electorate.   What I will write about will range from past political experiences to current political events and debate going on in our country.  There will be one common message in every post, honesty.  My two goals are to give a better insight into the political realm and discuss political topics with honesty and intelligence.  I’ve found these two goals the most important because our country needs to realize how important politics is and can be.  There are so many turn-offs in politics that people turn away from participation.  I am aiming to change that.