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Great of talking with , and about , and . Thanks & his for

's popularity with , it's not hard to imagine that will look to use the to spread their , and potentially in the lead-up to the 2020 . Read More:

- चिंतामणि-भट्ट को लेकर रमन-भूपेश के बीच जुबानी जंग नान की जांच तो रमन ने ही शुरू की थी : भूपेश अब अपराधियों को गवाह बनाने की नई परंपरा: रमन

With great respect and pride, “RKGIT PARIWAR” congratulates you on your well deserved and overlong success as nominated for the MLC Candidate from Meerut -Saharanpur Mandal.

responded for allegation that his dad was from Yemeni was fake news and said he was Chinese . look at Chinese girls in traditional cloth on Erechaa. Well come to Erechaa 2019

A barnstorming contribution from Kerry O’Brien, Chair of — Serious challenges facing in include lack of + domination of diversity, among others

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about Resisting Herods Herods offer influence with Rome. These men are masters at “influence.” But neither Jesus nor Paul exploited it.

🇬🇭 onions familiar to the internal jungle of - Bono region (local lawyers'/2006, our case of justice/freedom = homicide. The total failure of all, who involved. Mind lack of security for us as Pablo from Reg. Ministry worship to a killer.

12 countries are gathering in Honiara for the 3rd Regional Pacific Conference on , to discuss how to promote greater of underrepresented groups such as and . Supported by

"Franz argues that there are two fundamentally opposed ways of acquiring : the ' ' through coercion, and the ' ' through peaceful (1922)"

Launches Ads Library for Increased Transparency : 2019-09-17 Social Media Today Newsletter [issue:23046]&utm_term=Social Media Today via socialmedia2day

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When parties field this type of candidate in a we can only wonder.

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Proroguing of UK Parliament

So there is presently a court case taking place to determine whether or not the proroguing of UK Parliament is legal or an abuse of executive power to push Brexit through with no resistance from Parliament and quite rightly it seems to be coming down on the side of it being an abuse of executive power.

Anyway, something you guys might not know about me but I am pro-Brexit. I have nothing against the EU, but I have never felt the UK is a natural part of it or that we really fit/belong there. What annoys me so much about my fellow Brexiteers though is yesterday I saw someone going, “If it weren’t for Brexit no one would care about this.” And I find that so annoying. It seems that Brexiteers are quite happy to throw out our laws and constitution so long as it gains the result of Brexit, which given the line by most Brexiteers is along the lines of us “taking back control”, it seems pretty redundant if we can’t seem to be able to follow our own laws and constitution when they prove inconvenient. Whether or not we agree with those laws and that constitution is a different matter, but if we our so bogged down in taking back control the least we can do is have a respect for our laws and our constitution, many of which - the constitution especially - predate the EU.

Brexit pisses me off on so many levels though, as much as I want it, I want it done right and I want it done legally. From the Leave Campaign built on lies which has already been well determined to be illegal in itself, to the proroguing of Parliament, to a complete disregard of the wants of needs of the devolved powers and the Overseas Territories and to the fact Boris Johnson refuses to ask for an extension if a No-Deal Brexit is on the table which is in fact now law. There seems to be a complete lack of respect for the laws and constitution of a country we our supposedly wishing to regain control of so long as it achieves the goal of Brexit at all and any cost and I think that is wrong. As much as I want Brexit, this is not the way it should be achieved and if we can’t attain it right, we shouldn’t attain it at all.

Critisize your political group.

Pointing out the problems and issues with ideas common within a political movement is important in growth and knowlege. Don’t feel obligated to stay silent just because you are a part of that group.

Yes, you are either anti-fascist or pro-fascist.

But that does not mean libertarians, leftists, anarchists, feminists, marxists, conservatives, liberals, and every other political group are going to ban forces with activism which is primarily being lead by the authoritarian-left in opposition of the authoritarian-right (fascists).

Especially not when the majority of those groups are being wrongly accused of fascism or fascist sympathies in the first place.

You are either anti-authoritarian or pro-authoritarian. The trouble is, antifa can be either of these things. And the rest of us refuse to fall for the manipulation tactics of the authoritarian left.


Here for the Yang! #yang2020 #yanggang #yang2020mass #politics #political #politicalrace2020 (at Cambridge Common)

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Saudi Arabia Oil Attack. What really happened?

Saudi Arabia’s oil production facilities were attacked by drone strikes from an unknown attacker. Yemen’s Houthi rebels claim to have done the strike, but some question this story because of their dire poverty and weak capabilities.  American intelligence points the finger at Iran, while others suggest this is a false flag to purposefully incite war.  What is the truth?  Tune in to find out!

parents suck for a million different reasons but here’s one random thing that pisses me off. kids typically have like no say in what their haircuts are until they are teens. and even then sometimes their parents might be controlling over what they choose. like it’s such a subtle thing but it makes me so angry. all the stories of kids that try to cut their own hair in secret because they realize their parents won’t let them get the style they want… it’s insanity. girls who try to cut their own bangs because they want them but their parents don’t think it looks cute on them. boys who try to shave designs into their hair because they want to have a cooler style but their parents will get mad at them for it. girls who are forced to grow their hair out long who put gum in it to try and create an excuse for it to be shorter. boys who might want to experiment with their hair but will never get that chance because their parents make sure to regularly touch up their buzzcut so it doesn’t get too long. and then when kids finally hit their teen years and their parents give them more agency they choose WaCkY cRaZy hAiRsTyLeS because they want to figure out how to express themselves and their parents have a heart attack. if only children were people too

One of the worst problems I see is self proclaimed leftists or liberals using their distain for society to absolve themselves of any personal responsibility for the worlds issues,,, you are society, Why don’t you make things better?