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Motorraumreinigung Audi A3 1.6

,,,Discombobulated transmissions from an artist. May well induce mild but acute forms of ...

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His Excellency Piotr Wilczek, Ambassador of Poland 🇵🇱 delivers his remarks on US-Polish Relations & Opportunities in .

Headlines from around the region: judges; Bulgaria, Russia, and ’s poisoning; a Russian culture minister who hates culture; a monument to heroes; and Turkmenistan’s population.

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HiPOD 24.01.2020: Strażnicy zaklęci w kamieniu numer: ESP_036905_1420 data pozyskania: 11 czerwca 2014 wysokość: 253 km NASA/JPL/UArizona

Strażnicy zaklęci w kamieniu (NASA/UArizona)
Strażnicy zaklęci w kamieniu (NASA/UArizona)

Get the kids to look after their shoes, after all they are expensive. Pop in for our range of Cherry Blossom and  

Box Office hit crime movie 'Psy 3' opens at the Eye Cinema today and plays daily at 9pm in the original language with English subtitles. Early Arrival and Booking are strongly advised! 🎟️

carrier LOT is acquiring Thomas Cook’s airline Condor, creating a leading aviation group in Europe carrying more than 20 million passengers a year.

Strangely enough, some of them were implicated with the murder of the officers in . Some of the commission’s reports are now considered outright fabrications. Particularly, the one saying that had been done by the , dated 76 years ago.

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I am so proud of Jerzy Owsiak, co-founder and the Board President of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, is to receive the Peace Summit Medal for Social Activism

On the initiative of Gen. to commemorate the unknown soldiers who had fallen in and the , the Council of Ministers decided to erect the within the arcade of the in 95 years ago.

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Reading “The Good Wifes” by Louisa May Alcott (the sequel to “The Little Women”) would be great if the publishing company hired the same translator who translated the first book. Right now all of the things that I loved in first book’s style are gone, because the translator of TGW had different (and imo worse) idea for lots of characteristic things that made me love TLW.

And yeah, I know that I could read that in English instead of Polish, but I wanted to read it before seeing the film, so that option was much easier for me. Well, at least the film seems to be good 🤷🏻‍♀️


Dziewanna - Zaśpiew

Some of you guys probably (well, more than probably) know The Witcher and if you know it, I’m almost sure you like it. Well, I’m a big fan of it, but there are a lots (and I really mean it) things around it, that annoy me.

I think that’s worth mentioning, I’m Polish and The Witcher is based on Polish book (same title). So that’s why a lots of Polish people treat this series as a some kind of national treasure or something like that. And well, there are many of them complaining about almost everything connected with The Witcher (well, since we’re probably known for this, it shouldn’t be surprising, but it still annoys me. Also, Polish girl complaining about complaining. Mood.)


Originally posted by cirisfiona

The biggest thing, black elves. I’m not sure if it was controversial around the world, but in Poland it was hella big thing. Because 1) black people of course didn’t exist in medieval Europe 2) black people aren’t slavic 3) black people aren’t very Polish 4) it’s not really how it was in the books. And well, since the last argument is used very rarely, I must say that a lots of Poles are just racists who don’t know that apparently, elves are not people (which doesn’t surprise me very much, but still hurts <- that’s about racism, not not knowing the difference between people and elves). And I know that no one actually treats those people seriously, because they’re those rude, “traditional” people that don’t understand you don’t wear socks to sandals, but there are a lots of them in Poland. But let’s forget about those people. There’s also one more group that doesn’t like black elves.

Do you remember complaint number 4? The series are different than the books and stuff? Yeah. Well, I’m not sure if being mad at people for checking the versions of The Witcher and liking more one over another is good, especially because if for example there was a remake of Harry Potter and the Weasleys wouldn’t have ginger hair, I totally would complain a lot. But on the other hand, I don’t think a lots of people know The Witcher books. And that’s why I think it’s good that there are black elves in the series. Because if there is more diversity on screen, it’s better. Representation is super important, so that’s a great step forward. Also I think that if you see a movie/the series first and then decide to read a book, you just accept differences, which I think goes another way round for books -> films order.


Originally posted by loubuggins

So yeah, as you’ve probably already seen, I’m fed up with all of the complaining about skin colour. Of course Polish people have problems with many other things in the series, like for example Henry Cavil being to handsome to be Geralt or that Polish Witcher (the series) was way better than Netflix’s one (no it wasn’t. Everyone was complaining about it until Netflix announced they will make their version. Also, never ever try to watch it. I warned you), but the black elves thing made me actually angry. Because it’s just a skin colour and nothing more and apparently a lots of Poles don’t understand that.

So, what I want to say, that probably is already clear, but let’s say it: never be racist. That would be great.

(Side note: I’m not a native speaker, so if you see any mistake there ⬆️, please let me know, so I could get better in the future 😉)

I’m trying to learn polish because of reasons and like it’s so different from French (or even even English) that i can’t even pronounce the words ???

The same letters sounds so different making it so hard and difficult and I’m struggling like a lil bitch x((( And the worst is that polish is absolustely not as popular and omnipresent as English so it’s really not as easy to learn it ?? Because ok duolingo exists but it ain’t the best way to learn a language :(

At last one day I’ll vinquish it and I’ll be able to present my polish ass in polish lmao