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Cars are regulated for safety — why not information technology?

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there is nuance in methods to understand use of research evidence but informing is complex

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So like, I can’t tell you how many times my store changed its policy on breaks. Or how many times a manager tells me different things about breaks.

My first year there I was told we have to work 6 ½ hours to get a half hour unpaid lunch but then we also get a 15, and we can work up to 8 ½ hours and get 2 15’s and a lunch.

At some point they changed it to 7 hours to get a half. But you don’t get the 15.

Then it became you’re entitled to a lunch break if you work 7 hours but you don’t have to take it if you don’t want to so if you just want a 15 you’re good but you don’t get any other breaks. And part timers can only work up to 8 hours in one shift and only then when you work the full 8 hours do you get a half and a lunch.

Then it went back to 6 ½ hours for a lunch break but you either get the half or a 15. You don’t get both unless you work 7 ½ hours.

Then they said you can take a lunch and a 15 if you work 7 hours, but if you work 6 ½ hours you only get one or the other.

Then it went back to the one before, getting eith a lunch or a 15 at 6 ½ hours but not both unless you worked 7 ½-8 hours.

Today one boss tells me “oh you’re working over 6 hours, you’re entitled to lunch.” Silly me, it was only 6 hours and 15 minutes so I figured I’d be fine with just the 15. Not only do I end up staying an extra hour when the night manager comes in (against my will basically) but found out from a coworker that I shouldn’t have even been offered a half at all because we only get a half hour lunch break now if we work 7 hours. Anything under that is 15 minutes only.

But they’re trying to change that policy to a half hour break when we work 6 ½ hours.

These changes have all happened over the course of 5 years.

Can someone just PLEASE make up their mind about the damn breaks and stick to it? I can’t be the only one who hates being toyed with like this.