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Interesting discussion of influence levers and engagement beyond government actors from .

What's the latest in the world of federal regulations and competency-based education, you ask? The has you covered Special nod to for the quote!

Committed to uplift the downtrodden by under . Interface bw of & communities, facilitated by IRP to bridge the & gaps in Agriculture & Livestock sectors with inclusive approaches for sustainable livelihoods.

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Quote, Bind, Pay for Valentine's Day! Don't forget about special events coverage for events surrounding this lovely holiday!

At today's member meeting Robert Doar, Morgridge Fellow at is answering questions about , upcoming in and the interplay between the federal government and the states.

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 One family’s story: Join us next week as we host a panel of local and national voices to discuss the of . Fabiana Silva, , & Laura Sanders are joined by Emilio Gutiérrez Soto and moderator Ann Lin. Details/RSVP:

The people are with Moving the top marginal rate over 70% (appropriately taxing wealth) isn’t just good it’s good Let’s equify our economy by returning the top rates back to historical norms.

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A note on “monsters”

I’m seeing this word far too often in bureau communications and it has to stop. Taxpaying citizens of USA are not monsters. People with culture and language, regardless of their residence or lifestyle, are not monsters. Your coworkers with fins or horns or bio-luminescence are NOT MONSTERS!

The word monster is reserved explicitly for use in describing unintelligent living things that are innately driven to the destruction of life for its own sake. No, carnivorous animals are not monsters. They hunt in order to eat. A monster hunts in order to kill. 

And while sport hunting remains a major concern for the Bureau, sentient sport hunters — or murderers — are not monsters. They are criminals, and it is not our place to supersede criminal law by sloppily labeling them as monsters and wasting bureau resources on a “monster hunt”.

Continued use of this term to slur innocent people will result in disciplinary action. Those of you so eager to see more monsters in your work might enjoy a few months on lab duty.