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Vancouver police launch laneway signage project to help locate addresses during emergencies

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Hello. The guy in the photo is actually called Christian Ciocan - A Romanian chief! He's an INNOCENT man whose photos are & ABUSED by LIKE ⏩ ❌& ❌ & numerous other fake profiles! STAY SAFE!

You, sir are a disgrace. Trying to corral the to use the 'full force' of the law against the peaceful demonstraters. On the grounds of short termism. The problem is MPs like you need to think of the future and have VISION. Shame on you.

La n'a pas le droit d'être une cause perdue...

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Auto break-ins continued to drop in February 2019, down 31% compared to two years ago. You can learn more about crime & safety in at |

'Average users, with small meaningful networks': these are the tweeters you want on your team to share the right info in an emergency

Unis, tous ensemble pour trouver des solutions. On ne se suicide sans doute pas juste parce qu’on est policier. Mais on doit tout faire pour favoriser la fierté d’être policier. Il faut repenser la police en profondeur.

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Just loving how our valued police services throughout the UK are using social media to introduce humour but also highlighting the point that it’s illegal to use/handle a phone whilst driving. Well done guys 👍🏻

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rarely grants to ... 2 years ago.Why does take so long. When it usually takes / 2 months to get away with of !

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James killing Jeremy. Its going well.
(Top Gear S15E02)
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Licensed superheroes

Sokovia accords got you down? Here’s a compromise.

The government will interview and choose a unit of sanctioned superheroes. These supers will be required to confidentially release their secret identities to a secure subset of the police force, and these documents will be SECURELY filed. They will wear a uniquely identifying tag at all times while conducting operations but will be permitted to wear a mask. At the end of their shift, or engagement in any vigilante activities, they will report to the police station. They will then unmask and give a full verbal report to a senior officer.

Each super will wear a body cam at all times while doing vigilante work. If the camera seems to be disrupted, activities will be subject to investigation and possible suspension. The city will construct a super-grade prison for the event that any supers get out of control. (They should do that anyway, honestly.)

Any tech used by supers must be inspected for reasonable safety and legality. No legal superhero tech plans will be disclosed for any reason.

Each super will be given a police license with the “vigilante” tag on it. They enjoy the same rights as a police officer while active and in good standing (but no more). They will also receive appropriate monetary compensation. Note: this does not include paying for gear outside of standard issue.

Heroes for Safer Streets: your patrol begins!


Reposted from @abcworldnewstonight - DEVELOPING: A suspect in Rancho Cucamonga, California, who refused to stop for police is in custody after a tense standoff, with aerial footage showing armored vehicles pinning his car and SWAT team officers using flash-bangs before they moved in to make the arrest. #arrest #swat #police #california #ranchocucamonga #standoff #tense #dangerous #aerials #armor #suspect #worldnewstonight - #regrann

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A man in his thirties is shouting curses “Get down here, you whore!”

I was at home when i heard shouting “Open the door!” he said. I followed his gaze to a window where two women were standing, one hugging the other. He screamed, cursed and even threw a rock at them, which didn’t reach the scared women. I called the police. He kept shouting, the women both went inside and he called them on his phone. Started screaming again “Get down, bitch!”

The police didn’t arrive. Why would they? I had said “A man is shouting, cursing at a woman. She needs help.” I didn’t say she was secure in an apartment and that the man couldn’t reach her. I figured it would make them care even less. That didn’t matter

Half an hour into the shouting the woman appeared at the entrance of the apartment with a big suitcase at her side. Had she escaped to that apartment? To her friend maybe? He had found her, demanded she came down and she did. The police didn’t arrive. The men that were supposed to protect didn’t arrive.

Demolish the patriarchy. It doesn’t do any good.