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Stand for Life Added to the ScentofDuty,com collection commemorating the March for Life demonstration in Washington DC. T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, 10 colors, 6 sizes.

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Never a good idea to drive thru a no entry in front of a police officer. Especially when you have no insurance. And you're disqualified...

Good evening followers! for me this weekend and I’ve been asked to chill out after dinner and build a station on 👍🏻 My son says to me “wow your not bad considering your old Daddy” 🙄 😬

Please note that due to an ongoing incident. The High Road in from Turnpike lane junction is closed in both directions. – at Wood Green

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What's Going On? More Than 4 Times as Many Police Officers Killed Themselves Than Were Shot in 2019

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: Day 101 of the . clashed with . This father stood with his infant daughter facing riot police in an attempt to stop water cannons, police didn't hesitate to shower them both.

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There’s a lot of folk chuntering on about 🇬🇧British-built cars for forces after , which looks like a really fun way of getting around!

SOCIAL MEDIA TIP: Be aware of your social media presence and your friends. Even being tagged in a bad post can get you disqualified from a police/fire position. Ensure your social media is free of profanity, drugs, racial comments, nudity, and other stuff.

K9 sniffs out $300,000 in drugs, money during Sacramento International Airport busts 😀Well done Odin. Enjoying a nap while partner does all the paperwork

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And look at which “rioters” that have hurt with their tear gas: children, babies, street hawkers & normal civilians, who were out in the street because it’s CHINESE NEW YEAR & a public holiday!! Not unlawful assembly!!

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Al Capone 1928 Cadillac Series 341-A Town Sedan,

The car’s story seems to back up the fact that it was indeed owned by Capone. A 1931 Milwaukee Sentinel story traced the license plates to Mae Capone, Al’s wife. 

The complete ownership history of the car is known from 1933 on, and it, too, suggests the car was purchased from Emil Denemark, who took possession of the car when the mobster was in prison as payment for debts incurred from the purchase of a pair of Cadillac V-16s.

The car in question is powered by a 341-cubic-inch L-head V-8 that made 90 horsepower. Cadillac built the first V-8 engine in the U.S. in 1914 and sold it through 1935.

Documentation says Capone had a foundry install quarter-inch boiler plate all around, including under the soft top, as well as thicker windows. 

The hinged rear window hinged allowed passengers to shoot at pursuers, and a police siren was added to clear traffic. He also had it painted green and black to match the police car Cadillacs of the day.


This individual thought I was going to slow on La Contenta Rd in Joshua Tree. So…in a 25 mph school zone, with a double solid yellow line, they chose to tailgate me and then illegally pass me, then speed (this one’s hazy, only the visual to go off of). If you’re with the San Bernardino Sheriffs Department, would this suffice to issue a ticket?


During the morning walk, Alaskan Malamute and Golden Retriever spot a po…

in the latest edition of things-I-never-thought-would-happen-to-me, I was having sex with my partner yesterday when the phone rang. I ignored it, obvs, cos SEX.

It was the police. Apparently they’d been trying to get hold of me all morning…

I witnessed a conversation on Twitter that just melted my heart.

A left wing woman was insulting the police of my country, saying that they were all aggressive, violent and psychotic assholes, while a right wing woman defended them. They were insulting each other and everything. Then the first woman revealed she had been r*ped by a cop and no one would let her report him; she said that maybe they weren’t all assholes but her experience with the police had been awful. You know what the other woman did? She told the survivor that she was a lawyer, and if she needed help with her case she was right there for her.

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OUT ON BOND: NFL free agent Antonio Brown appeared in a Florida courtroom after turning himself in on charges stemming from the alleged attack on a moving truck driver, with Brown posting a $110,000 bond and the judge ordering a GPS monitor, a mental health evaluation and that he turn over his passport. #brown #antoniobrown #nfl #jail #arrest #surrender #court #judge #police #florida #fortlauderdale #worldnewstonight

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