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Have you noticed the heroes in modern Sri Lanka? There is one like that. There are many in the Island. But the biggest problem is not defending them to work. Respect Chief Lathif. 👏

In the report, Indonesia's score was 89, higher than the US (84) & lower than Canada (90). In addition, 🇮🇩's launched a special force called the Police, making 🇮🇩 a safe paradise for .

Police departments across country adopting the Trikke Defender stating that it has a number of unique advantages not found in other forms of transportation.

A big congratulations to these young men! Recruit Bearden and Jimenez graduated tonight from . They’ll begin our Agency Specific Training soon to learn the skills they need to serve and protect the . Congrats & bravo!

Take Operation Wormwood & visit the landmarks. You’ll see things you didn’t know were there. Join me at Costco this Saturday, Feb. 16 from noon – 2 pm. Let’s discuss Operation Wormwood.

Confirmed; police confirm 5 officers shot and injured, five others killed in a mass shooting at the Henry Pratt Company. Shooter is dead.

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Instead of rage towards the father, many are resenting the police for sending an amber alert in the middle of the night.

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Special thank you to Debi Jensen for once again hosting their monthly 1st Responders Breakfast and Luncheon.

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I hope all hardworking are ready to explain economics & independence to liberals who demand paid online harassment.

Thank you to ALL First Responders at the as well as all the surrounding Departments & who ran into the unknown danger this afternoon in to help save the lives of others. Your brave actions helped to save the lives of many. 💙

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Is this another example of law enforcement being insensitive to the community or proactive in fighting crime?

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Amy: it appears the victim was stabbed to death by… the edge of a picture?

Dick: I guess you could say he was framed *finger guns*


.. No rules no judge
Only fun.. Obbedience.. Trianing

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Christopher Szabo DEBUNKS pro-cop PraugerU video
Portland, Oregon, police probe texts between officer and right-wing...
(Reuters) - Police in Portland, Oregon, are investigating messages between a police lieutenant and a leader of a right-wing group in which the officer appears to give tips on how to avoid arrest and the location of counter-protesters, authorities said.

Hundreds of emails and text messages released by the city’s police bureau on Thursday showed Portland Police Lieutenant Jeff Niiya and Joey Gibson, leader of right-wing group Patriot Prayer, often discussed Gibson’s plans to demonstrate.  

The messages from 2017 and 2018, first reported this week by the local Willamette Week newspaper, drew accusations of collusion between the officer and Gibson’s group, whose demonstrations have turned violent in the past.

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw said she ordered an internal investigation to review the communications and determine if any bureau directives were violated.

“If anything is identified that is deemed outside of our values and directives, it will be addressed,” Outlaw said late on Thursday in a statement.

Niiya and Gibson could not immediately be reached for comment on Friday. Police bureau officials did not immediately respond to a request for more details.

In one of the text messages from December 2017, Niiya told Gibson that a group of anti-fascist counter-protesters was headed toward his demonstration.  

“We will have officers nearby but you may want to think about moving soon if more come,” Niiya said in the message.

In other messages, Niiya assures Gibson he can trust him, and praises his plans to run for the U.S. Congress.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said the messages were “disturbing,” raised questions about police bias and appeared to be encouraging Gibson, who Wheeler said leads a group that perpetrates hate speech and violence.

Man who fought off mountain lion speaks out

“Incidents like this contribute to the distrust that so many people have about the Portland Police Bureau,” Wheeler said in a statement on Thursday.  

Four people were arrested in August after Gibson’s group squared off with counter-protesters in Portland. Four people were injured during similar rallies in June 2018.  


The 21-year-old man fatally shot by police in #Vallejo on Saturday was identified as Willie McCoy, a local rapper known as Willie Bo with the group FBG.

Police shot McCoy after finding him asleep in a car in a Taco Bell drive-through lane, officials said. Now McCoy’s family wants to know why their loved one was killed.

The incident began shortly after 10:30 p.m., when an employee of the restaurant on Admiral Callaghan Lane reported that a driver was slumped over in the driver’s seat of a silver Mercedes.

Officers arrived and found the man unresponsive, they said. But as they assessed the situation, the driver suddenly moved, police said.
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PHLPD Blue by David Oakill