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has allowed , wife of former senior officer Gaurav Dutt who allegedly committed suicide and accused West Bengal Chief Minister in his suicide note, to withdraw her plea for independent inquiry into the death of her husband.

Four guerrillas involved in the killing of five personnel were by the - district on July 20. Photo: IANS

Any investigations conducted by the can cause immense stress and concern, and this is particularly true when you have done nothing wrong. For expert assistance with police investigations, please contact MJR Solicitors today

A community police commander 14 year old, 8 year old, wife, all killed while the 5 year old child of the family survives:

Received call of missing person so attended and taken details. Circulated as missing and located a few days later safe and well 👍

وارڈنز بارش کی پرواہ کئے بغیر ٹریفک کی روانی کو یقینی بنائے ہوئے۔ شہریوں کو مناسب حد رفتار اور فاصلہ رکھتے ہوئے محتاط ڈرائیونگ کی ہدایت، وارڈنز ٹریفک کی روانی میں مصورف عمل ہیں

thi sis ITO Cross.. And this sign for no right turn.. Appreciate the efforts but was wondering if has the budget to put sign boards

先日、買って間もない腕時計のガラスが割れてしまったので、修理に出した(保証により無料) 修理に1ヶ月ぐらい掛かるからと、もう1本腕時計を買いました。

Thousands of ppl have joined a pro-govt "Safeguard " rally at Tamar Park. The crowd is there to call for an end to violent protests and to show support to the

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Open letter from a person of color to police of color

Hello ,

Thank u so much 4 what u do . Maybe u became a cop to stop ur friends from going into gangs . Maybe u became a cop to make ur community better . Maybe u became a cop so when a black youth is being harassed u can tell ur partner to stop , and then to sit them down and talk to them in our language , so instead of hearing “ listen here boy , you have broken US penal code 2947 article 1 chapter 11 page 5 word 32 and you are going to jail for ever ” u can just sit with them and say “ look bruh , i know you fucked up , this shit scary mayne , and these whites really shadin ’ u . But look , this shit aint ova , imma let u mama know u ok n we get outta this together ”.

But please listen.

Brothers and sisters , u r being used . U r racist white cops “ black friend ” . “ No i didnt beat that 6 year old black boy , i work with a black guy ! ” They r using u . When u go 2 a white home , they r wishing ur white partner came instead of u . They probably talk about that black cop at their klan / racist meetings with their other white friends .

If u want to make a difference then refuse to work with whites . Refuse to help whites . They just want to oppress u .
Rural domestic abusers being protected by countryside culture
Victims are failed by police and suffer from isolation and patriarchal views, report warns
By Vikram Dodd

Rural women enduring domestic abuse are half as likely as urban victims to report their suffering and are being failed by authorities with perpetrators shielded by countryside culture, a report says.

Abusers are protected by the isolation of the countryside and traditional patriarchal attitudes, says the report from the National Rural Crime Network. It is the first study of its kind and finds that close-knit rural communities can facilitate abuse which can last, on average, 25% longer than in urban areas.

Some abusers move their partners from urban areas, where detection is more likely, to rural areas.

The report, published on Wednesday, says: “Rurality and isolation are used as a weapon by abusers. Financial control, removal from friends, isolation from family are all well-understood tools of abuse.”

It continues: “We have revealed a traditional society where women (and it is mostly women) are subjugated, abused and controlled, not just by an individual abuser, but de facto by very the communities in which they live, too often left unsupported and unprotected. This is not at all unique to rural areas, but it is very significant, and change is slow.”