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When surrendering, a woman imagines that she has given eternity, and a man thinks that he has received a moment of pleasure. 💃 Check pinned. Hope you enjoy!


Mira el tráiler de Mewtwo Contrataca: Evolución, la nueva película de que se estrenará exclusivamente en 😱👏

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19/? The pikachus being cute while the trainers have a chat about JJ. And yes, his Nidoking’s name is King (x’D), and his Roselia is Bella ;D 💞 👥 📸 🦄

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Evolved the Shiny Chansey I hatched in last night into a Shiny Blissey! This is one of the rarest Pokemon, let alone shiny, in Generation 2 and so happy to have this for my !!

I think Arcanine is canonically a canine, but I like interpretting it as more of a mix between wolf and tiger. So even though this guy has a mostly canine body, I DID sneak in some retractable claws ;)

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mgrgfan  asked:

About reproduction of Legendary Pokemon - that sounds like a very interesting topic. Is there any data about how Silver the baby Lugia from Whirl Islands came to be? Or about Alto Mare Lati twins? Or, heck, if Mew do reproduce (because they definitely do die, as shown by the Team Rocket's excavations, when they've found corpse of Mew and extracted remnants of DNA from the fossilized eyelash... though I might be mistake here...)? By the way, me and Mew (who took name of "Trace") are fine.

Glad to hear you’re doing well.

There’s very limited data on how Legendary Pokemon come into existence because it’s a very intricate and precise process. For example, new Lugias are, we think, formed in a deep underwater ocean current during a specific time of year under specific circumstances. We’ve never been able to observe the whole process because we don’t have submarines able to dive that deep, but we believe that as ice melts in the spring and chunks break off into the water, ancient particles of DNA and chemicals travel through this current and react to the microorganisms deep within the ocean.

This is… a stretch, to say the very least, but since Lugia are usually rather reclusive Pokemon, we don’t have enough observable data to know how exactly they come into existence.

The Lati twins are even more extreme—there’s been absolutely no record of the reproduction of Latios and Latias. That being said, we have observed young Lati traveling with their families, so we know they do reproduce.

With all of this being said, the science around Legendary and Mythological reproduction is still in the testing stages. Until technology advanced and grants us access into lava caverns and deep sea abysses, this topic will likely remain mysterious.

—Professor Cherry

anonymous asked:

What's wrong, is he okay?

He’s fine, he just has times where, like… He’s just on a different, totally illogical plane of reality. But he seems like he’s having a good time, we’re just keeping him from accidentally hurting himself by accident.

He tried to eat a bottle cap and insisting he’s the Prince of Unova, then he gave me a rock because “it’ll be important to your quest”.

Pokeball-inspired spirit binding containers

What some people don’t know (as it was really only ever mentioned in a Japanese-only booklet for the first movie), Pokemon are in fact spirits. One may even liken them to djinn from Arabian folklore. This can thus explain how Pokeballs work; small spherical objects, sometimes wooden or made of large nuts, but nowadays moreso made from metal, that house something for the Pokemon’s essence to go into; essentially, a spirit binding.

What you need:

-Object to hold the base (this can be a sphere, such as a Christmas ornament, but it can also be a wand like Sir Aaron’s staff, or a box like old Technical Machines from the manga and card game)

-Base house for the spirit (commonly crystals are used, but other material can also be used, and may be made to fit the spirit summoned; my kitsune likes opal, while my sphinx prefers a plastic spoon “staff” adorned with Egyptian-like designs) 

-Optional: Binding spells or seals or prayers to be wrapped around the base (if the Container opens up, it’s possible to write these inside of it, or onto it if it’s, for example, a wand or a spoon, but paper also works)

How it works: the container makes it easier to carry multiple spirits with you. Some official Pokeball toys even come with belt clips or keychain clips. But say you want to house multiple spirits, but you want them to be easily accessible and difficult to lose. Simply put them all on a wand, or put them all into one container if the bases are small enough.

Warning: While some spirits may find it cute that their houses are protected by their favorite anime or videogame’s mechanic, it is also possible that even a spirit that likes Pokemon could find it degrading, since most Pokemon are seen as pets or otherwise inferior to humans. Always communicate with your spirits so as to find out any concerns your spirits may have. Another option is to bejewel a Pokeball, and use the bejeweled part as the base so it’s more like they are protecting the other spirits.

Notice: With the exception of possible color coordination, the container is purely aesthetic. A Masterball container works just as well as a Pokeball container (though might give the spirit a stronger sense of value), and a Luxuryball will not give the spirit a better experience. That is purely based on the energy and spells placed upon the base.


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“Hi there! I’m Mathias, but you can call me Mat if ya want! I’m just yer average trainer, explorin’ around and battling people with my awesome Pokemon! Can’t wait to see ya ‘round!”

((The art is old, but it’s the only full body pic of Poketalia!Den I have atm + I’m lazy-