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"I know you’re tired but come, this is the way." -Rumi THE OCHER OF ABUNDANCE ☄    

This week's poet spotlight is Dai Moret reading live at 2019. She talks about her earliest memories of poetry and what it means to her.

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झूठे फर्जी विडियो चलाने वाले चौकिदारो पर बटन की बीप भारी हो दिल्ली में इंसाफ की तैयारी हो

To celebrate 900 followers in just a few days I’m going to work some more black magick to become even more powerful. What are you doing right now instead of sleeping?

Sometimes the character limit has me like ugh I just wanna go to bed, but no I MUST spend three extra seconds taking a screenshot and uploading a poem because I need to put it out there because I'm a poet apparently

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It encouraged me to wake up from the comforting yet debilitating flow of routine that holds us hostage." 📌   

Pictures from last nights performance at Poetry Series. It was such a great night.

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since feeling is first
who pays any attention
to the syntax of things
will never wholly kiss you;

wholly to be a fool
while Spring is in the world

my blood approves,
and kisses are a better fate
than wisdom
lady i swear by all flowers. Don’t cry
– the best gesture of my brain is less than
your eyelids’ flutter which says

we are for each other; then
laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life’s not a paragraph

And death i think is no parenthesis

E.E. Cummings, since feeling is first

do i just chose?

you hear them talk sometime.
some are born to act.
some are born to sing and dance.
some are born to peer into the universe
and the good ones
or care for
nothing else.

some are born to sell roses down the avenues of the dead.
some are born to talk,
others just to listen.
some talk to themselves.
then you have those born to create beautiful things
even if nobody cares
the dreamers, the writers, the artists
the real ones
not the instagrammers.

some read books
to others.
lets not forget those born
to fuck and those born to
be fucked;
some of my favorite people
are whores.
some are born to cut meat
others to pour tea and others fold hot
metal fifty times and make it sharp
but soft inside.
some are born to kill.

occasionally i would
meet someone
who’d begin  
sentences with “i was born to”
and i was always impressed

regardless of what

i, too, was born.
but i still

do i just chose?

egg and cheese bagel

the beefy bagel, toasted, thick
and fibrous, light brown, buttered
just enough, wheat, always has to
be wheat, and in between two eggs
and some cheese, but no bacon
anymore, i am vegetarian, and
have been since i met her, and the
cheese is melts and the eggs still
warm, burst out the sides, vapor
rising in the cold air chokes my
face and nose and mouth with lust
to wreck this bagel, and so with a
greedy bite i gnaw, equal parts
egg and bagel and as the food goes
down, barely chewed i gulp the
cold coke with wide open throat,
so it pours into me, barbarically,
vigorously fizzing, mixing with the
warmth of the eggs, culminating, into
a heavy sense of impending rapture
and fullness of the throat, as i swallow
it all without a single breath.  

There aren’t words that flow out of me,

And not touch your lips.

Yet, there’s your eyes

That you keep trained away from me.

That little what you say,

Is a serenade my heart hums along to.

And there’s that smile you hide,

Like a secret not meant to be released.

You’re a mystery best when not solved,

Every step you take away from me,

Is also another step you take towards me.

And even those questions you can’t voice,

I have answers to.

But I’ll wait and wait,

For there’s a weird kind of satisfaction I find

In that too.


@heartofmuse I’m submitting this post to you, cause I really admire your writings ❤️

Love this. You are so very talented @nikithathampy

Thanks for all the love. ❤

Under the moonlight’s magic glow,

a piercing song of shimmering oceans,

Happiness uncurls

Grows wings,

Kisses you into my soul,

Infinite and eternal,

Love, the nascient melody flows

Only we hear each others song,

the intimate secret story of our souls,

Deep in our bones it twines itself and

settles as it finds a home



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Ancient Tree

The bomb you just ignite

Is utterly empty inside

Flame will be gone at night

No shadow due to lack of light

Not even energy left to explode

Just leave this harmless piece

It will never turn into gold

Nor find any sort of peace

Well, you could try and grow

Gardens and flowers instead

Refrain the kindness of the soul

Its weakness might make you sad

Mild to pouring rain

Grave enough to kill

Days won’t ever happen again

For the heartache is still

Dying roses in my skin

I kept from an ancient tree

Rooted underneath my sin

Where I was supposed be

Flooded by gracious butterflies

Stomach is no longer a home

They rise in order to reach the skies

And leave forever this garden dome

I wish that I worked like a perfect programming

Resetting itself everyday to a cleared up cache

The ticking of the clocks is getting too loud

Until it explodes in my head,

Until I collapse in my head

Dysfunctional machine—

Already human being?

I wish the world would act upon my command

I wish that I had something more in my hands

Than my own fate - though I suppose

Not even that is much true anymore

Living means falling through an open space,

Grasping for strings

What is control anyway

If not another concept,


Just overthink it

(So why do I want it?)

I’m sitting in a corner, hiding

Time is a wild animal with carnivorous hunger

Preying on every bleeding heart

That spent it’s teen years dying,

Wanting to be dead,

Rarely surviving

short forevers

some women bellowed
things like
“fuck me! fuck me! harder.”
some would even say
my name

a lot moaned to themselves
eyes closed, sort of in their
own little world
forgetting i was
even there

those who loved me opted for
“fuck me, forever” or
“i love you” with unsettling
eye contact

such short

Bleeding hysteria

I let it all out but my heart is getting heavier

The smoke in my lungs is my sanity savior

Covered in clouds so I can’t see my failures

Weeping wisteria

Violet vines of memory to which I am tethered

Cracks in the walls crumbling from pressure

Impaired from growing during cloudy weather

Becoming delirious

All my emotions crawl up towards the ceiling

I’m severed from reality and caught in my feelings

But my bruised palms will keep reaching and reaching


Woke up like this…. Divine Energy over me… Frequency forms through me
Dance of the light.. Essence within takes flight.
Woke up like this… Connected to my higher self.. Walking to my our beat…. Proud of my defeat.. Woke up like this.. Happy and profound.. Enlightenment all around.. Woke up like this magically delicious inner love in peek.. Between the sheets a rise this goddess 3rd eye woke… I ain’t no joke.. Proud to find myself… Grounded Authenticity
Blended through me.
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am i happy ?

crisp air entered through
the cracked window i opened
it was getting hot
the morning sex was wonderful
passionate intimate yet savage
and ended with sweet
release in the place of danger.

showered, freshly orgasmed
clad in our best hipster wear we
headed out for bagels with eggs
and cheese and no bacon for
her either
bagels in the park
bagels in the sun while
watching the piano man tune
his piano for twenty minutes
and her turning me on
with non stop baby comments



Insecure Burning Cigarette

I don’t want to be like you

I don’t like you

You have nothing that I want

Maybe superficial stuff

But the person I’d have to be

To get what I need

Is an unflinching mix

Of insecurity

You punish me because I exist in ways you could never understand

The opinions of others don’t burn me where I stand

But they light you up and watch you burn

Like a sneaky midnight cigarette

You say you don’t care but when backs are turned

You shape yourself to be what they see is perfect

But it’s not because nothing is

And nothing ever will be

And it’s a shame

I see you play this game

And never learn a goddamn thing

I don’t know what made you this way

Rejection and neglect

But you refuse to do better

And instead be bitter

So you’re still a burning cigarette

As you burn down

You burn my lungs

Last desperate attempts

To make me sing the song you’ve sung

But I watch you burn

And I refuse my turn

The battle is won

But I have still lost