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The in this book has been written in a way that no matter where your life takes you, or whatever journey you are on, there is a poem that will resonate deep within you. by

30 POEMS IN 30 DAYS Day 22 22. Write an ode to a produce item. Here's some info about odes that you might find helpful

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“The Tree Poets: Rivers of Stone” Pamphlet Competition Deadline: 31st July 2019 Our second ever Tree Poets competition, continues the series and searches for three poets to share a beautifully published pamphlet. The Theme this time is NATURE

Tu danses à rebours Comme une rivière qui mue Dans la joie crue et permise Ne reste de toi que ce chant inconnu de la source qui s’extirpe Où chaque roche est un cœur qui bat

Just published a new book! It’s a collection of poetry, including pieces from my other books. Be sure to check it out!

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gone away

two birds of blue, in youth, they’d played away

and through the years, somehow, they made a way

caution, their wings, turned fear into the rain

when storms drew near the bluebirds stayed away

sometimes, though, hurricanes leave no escape

and the other birds will have strayed away

but theirs, a life of love spent side by side,

is not a thing those birds would trade away

the storm subsiding to the dawn of day

revealed the egg the bluebirds laid away

but the bluejays son, lonely and afraid,

was only born that he might fade away

It was the same old afternoon.

I was in that usual spot

Waiting for the bus to return

But you were there,

And soon my heart wanted to get out,

Beating so fast,

Drowning me deep inside my thoughts.

I don’t want to expect,

I don’t want to fall;

I keep my feelings in check

‘Cause I know you’ll be my greatest downfall.

But this thing in the middle of my chest

Has different plans for me.

It doesn’t want to rest

Especially when you are just beside me.

So I let it be.

I let my heart lead my feelings.

I know this is insane;

This will hurt in the end.

But I don’t want to regret

That I didn’t even get to try

Falling in love with the stranger

With that blue and orange bag.

—  z.v.


I thought once…

I had been put here just for you

I thought I was here to support your beauty and purpose

I thought once…

I was here, just for you and nothing else

I thought once you were done I was pointless

But I know NOW

You were put here for me

To show me the beauty and darkness

To let me glimpse the highs of happiness and love

To let me see the depths of absolute despair

I know Now

That you were a lesson about life

To make me grow as a person

To make me wiser

To make better

rainy days with you

the music plays
quietly, in the
other room
with the rain
on our roof
it is just a summer storm,
my love,
and we are safe inside
tucked against each other
as the melodies play
and the world is still
holding our love
within its spin

Hold You

I just want to hug you and hold you

And you can push me away
And I will hold you

And you can tear a distance between us
And I will hold you

And you can hate me more
And I will hold you

And you can be as cold as ice
And I will hold you

And you can forget me
And I will hold you

And when you will remember me
I will hold you

edytha: 2006
from Nonsensical Prophecies

Pie Poetry

Start with your crust, it must be an idea that is soft and flaky yet, strong enough to be the foundation of your thoughts going from mind to paper.

Move on to your filling, no matter what you choose make sure that it’s delicious. Make it so that once you try it and you are satisfied, that in turn others will feel the same.

Now we bake, you must take time, set the bar for yourself that you can reach so that when all is done you know you’ve done your best and your end result is both pleasing to behold as well as taking in a whiff, you smell success and not a charred disaster.

Lastly there is the topping, will your word pie be ala mode or plain. Will your end result leave those who taste your work with a message they can carry or perhaps it’s just for fun. Either way look now to what you’ve created. How does it look, smell, taste… Will you want to make another one soon or is every once in awhile okay?

image: pie painting - Ecosia

Let me know what you think and pass the thought along.

thank you for being more than a person, but a
home away from home; an anchor when i feel like i’m floating in
outer space.
my life would not know the joy
and peace it knows now, had it not been for
someone like you.

for @thatsthat24 ♡ 
(cc, 2019)