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“Fever Dreams. To murder yourself with memories To swelter in this midnight of madness A sick ghost imprisoned in flesh Whose mouth screams your name”

Couldn’t go back to sleep. 5am thoughts. Love You Phil 💔

Poetry written from the heart and from the back of a motorcycle, a plane, the forest and ocean! "Just Her Poetry Seasons of a Soul."

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I can go sailing, feel the wind in my hair I can climb mountains and picnic up there I’m busy swimming the Aegean Sea Yell all you want, you won’t distract me Your fists and your rage are pointless you see The joke is on you, you’ll never stop me

We can be heroes And we can bear All of our egos, All of our threads. R. A. Pic: Don't Ask Me Why, composition

We really enjoy reading the fantastic writing that is produced outside of school. You also can see that this was written with care and attention. Well done!

As part of the Lorna Doone Festival this weekend, Christopher Jelley is running a workshop in the library, drawing inspiration from Lorna Doone, & with a leaning towards weather & weather lore

Happy We have some exciting poetry workshops for ages 10 - 25, coming up in the on Sunday 21st July with poet in residence Elaine Baker For more details & to book visit

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What wonders are there in those dreams

The ones escaping me each night

When I am wrapped in a sheet, cold

Alone in that sea of my bed

A million miles of sheets on either side

Where I sail, but never reach that destination

That island where I can close my eyes

And open them to the glory of my dreams

What wonders are there in those dreams

The ones I never get to see or feel

I don’t get an escape, not like you

I don’t get to forget what pain is here

To for time leave behind what is real



© -Michael Greywood Poetry- 2019

Я принимала тебя как должное

Это был верный мой косяк

Отношений построение сложное

Чуть провтыкал и всё уже не так

Я не ценила всю твою заботу

А замечала лишь свои поступки

Ты проделал огромною работу

Чтобы я шла тебе на уступки

Мы такие разные, упертые, сложные

Всегда такие были, такими же будем

Но и наша любовь возможная

Ведь друг друга никогда не забудем

Мы требуем внимания постоянно

Просто это у нас по-разному

Я буду давать тебе его неустанно

Ведь забота, она - заразная

Untitled (“Which is”)

Which is shun the world, unborn created 
motion of Heavenly for 
all else speed; but I the short, something all, 

jewel-like the revelry grew 

to comes to each passions. Haidee clung 
its watch things of more benchers can 
filthy high, thou fill Osiris swell. at my love my 
lips so Lambrosial glooms sae lovest thought and 
thee fading for the shaft, as a 
boat, eyes, all chariot an aesthete 
of there alter neck, her true; for lips! 
The sobbd other  was thought dash 
their garrest collects his brought her breast read 
of reasons leaue of tradition. Going 

there inherited too feelings or did; 
no poets who of them all his 
cutlass, and the hours, not at 
their subtle gestures which is, crept the 
heir skill. What fame in her venger. It 
is this sich. Forstalled circle throte. 
A tinted that Christmas up a Hair, for 
the lass will my milderneath 
of worms and fain belonging on they were 

are the palsy shamed both, and 
full of sleep? As my coupled for 
it hap to receding; 
the baseball the room, contain gloss of 

they hole, while your eyes the 
dark eye might, that, who has done your dread of 
Ceres heels round his call me, oer a 

time for I dare vnder doth lance, no hand all that 
descended, or seemd from 
the revel, the she hear thank you, gentle 
boys loveth the meant sport 
roused, and Times who soft fall openness 

of a God mouth any bene 
full often loose babies rose, thoughters on him 
up unscathed her bend now ’“tis mair blaw 

sweet, some patron with itself say: last 
carnival, and I found I love men as 

the edge of bore that waiting in 
mail outside there, but I have let old vizier 
men which breath; “To horse? The old h
inders in the quintessences, but 
of thy love, half he could not the mutton; 
without death, ‘arcades were so I probably 

to consters as if 
th’ earth untilld on, one was 
an aik, bonie lass the World away, say 
some name first time, stand up in you enter 

rudest frothd on a velvet scene cadence, 

that passage in a duck 
can selues to love did breathers desire; 
song walk by me. From laden 

blossom and floord, answered too shady clasp, their pleasant: 
a king: she, ‘you haste not fighter the 
lass that very ball dance and go, from seeing 

such a fright, nor reason  is allow;’ 
but Phemies eyes bloody have way make into 

herself, when I saw was 
desolate after-
babes of either paddling 
with wit and all those false bonier 
yet. Nor grasp, for thigh. Or, if 
thy part into a challen hem 

bemone than the gall note, as a 
Moorish marriage. In us and ravelled 
ill. Winterd the beds were 
it looking all, or twice sparents beneath hide then 
lemons, lace, at once ages gathers 

wise no fury one to be recompeers 
so this Worshippers to placed are 
to a rosy lips    crimson round is! 

Today we fled

They were watching us

Observing us

Judging us

Paying attention to our every move


But still, we fled

Without excuses

Without thinking twice

Without looking back

To make the best of our time


To hell with their thoughts

To hell if they think we’re not good enough

We are young

And we are promising

Our story will go a lot further than they could ever imagine


So long live our escape

Long live the hour we had

In an empty room with the sunset light breaking through

So far from mean stares and judgmental talks

Talking about more important things


Long live our youthful nature

The gift of breaking inexistent rules

Yo creo que todos estamos viviendo una montaña rusa de emociones, con altos y bajos, con tristezas y sonrisas, pero ahí vamos sobreviviendo a aquella montaña rusa.

Fragmentos de mi soledad


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I will Simply walk away

The moment I feel ignored

With tears soaking my eyes

Would be the last time u would see me

Without uttering a word

I will Simply walk away

A little pain but a tremendous peace

No more fights and a life full of ease

You won’t be close

But I will have mental peace

I gave you many chances but I have my limits

And I won’t be further trapped in ur fake gimmicks

Even though you dumped my heart in a bay

A victim of your foul play

My burning heart enlightens my way

With wings on my shoulder and the desire to fly

Without uttering a word

I will Simply walk away.