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「生涯」 多くの時間を塗り潰してしまっていた気がする。 [書きたい事を書いた時は、このアカウントにあげてます。]

I believe that behind the hurricane air there are lips. That recite the prayer I believe that in the silence of the inclosed universe. There is God who listens to me. If my eyes ever aspire to the sky. The lights clear. The tunes get higher I'm full of faith.✍️

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"Betrayal vol. 2" Harold Pinter's "Betrayal" recreated and based on "May I Feel Said He" by E.E. Cummings.

Being like a hey Dancing in the wind All I can remember I was electrified Attracted to you Your eyes of

[Poetry Reading Music] “振り向いた君が懐かしそうな顔をするから 今日も遠回りして帰る” ♫【IHONO|家路】 Listen🎧 詩/斉木直樹 曲/福島 馨 絵/加藤 都 朗読/Sayuri

Mudlark by dandugpoetry We slink around this Earth collecting for ourselves. You have two hands, use one to help others. We are a spectrum of latched light, a collaboration of humans built as a community

uninspired inattentive undesirable, l feel. does time change the mix, the flow, the adversary? Will l take it to the limit, time-out or to the max? inspired attentive desirable, l feel.

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Never underestimate your strength You are stronger than that It's okay to go slowly It's okay to go with your own pace As long as you never stop

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Tak pandai merangkai kata. Tak andal mengungkapkan rasa. Yang tersimpan di hati biarlah tetap tersimpan. Tak perlu kalut tuk sampaikannya.

Tak jarang, yg dibiarkan terkemas di hati bisa bertahan lebih lama. Namun yg terburu-buru disampaikan justru lebih cepat hilang.


You don’t get to tell me what to do, or who to be—

No, let me speak.

You say you know better when I’ve worked harder, longer than you.

You’re not the expert. I am.

And yet you make me feel so small:

My justified screams become whispers in your presence.

Despite every fibre of my being telling me to stand up straight,

Your voice, echoed by history, forces me down.

According to you, I am faceless, nameless.

I call myself strong because I have earned the right to speak.

But who gave you the right to interrupt?

All night long

Had some lovely time

That night

when nothing bothered

Me anymore.

I got high on ectasy

and laid there

On the shore.

Waves after waves

crashed at my feet

While I counted the stars

my tear-streaked face was aglow

In the dark.

For the millionth time

I wished for a simpler life

One where I was not afraid

Of the face in the mirror staring back.

But i let go of

Those feelings

That night on the shore,

I closed my eyes

and heard

The music of the moon

All night long.

@taylorswift what do you think?? I’m trying to write like you


When I lived in the moment

Step upon step

Hand in your hand

My head in your chest

I finally opened up myself

Unveiling all that had been lost

Into your arms, I fell and fell

It didn’t matter any cost

Time and time again

Your company greeted me

With a kind loving word

Spread out my wings

My lovely baby bird

I love you

©A.Angeles, 12/07/19

A veces te trabas, te limitas, desorientas.

Soy una persona confundida y sin rumbo fijo, hoy estoy mañana no lo sé, quiero verte libre para que puedas ser feliz, pero tengo miedo a dejarte ir y no volver a saber de ti.

Cada segundo a tu lado fue único, más allá de fuego que entre ambas crecía, era un cariño y electricidad que recorría mis manos

Pero en el fondo sabes cuándo no eres para alguien, al menos yo lo siento, aunque no quiera… Se que no puedes ser mia aunque lo quiera.

Al final no eres tú, es el universo que me lo susurra

Porque tú sonrisa me atrapó, tú mirada me cautivaba cada día, y más allá del sexo, tuve ganas de tenerte cerca

Pero le perteneces a alguien que aún no llega pero se aproxima y entenderemos que fuimos pero no éramos

Le grite a esa voz que guardara silencio y fui egoísta al seguir mis instintos, me arrepiento de haberme ido, pero más me arrepiento de haber sido egoísta y llegar más lejos de lo que debí

Le pido al cielo y a las estrellas que te sigan cuidando, que te recuerden que no estás sola y que aunque no me quieras cerca yo siempre estaré contigo

Y al universo le ruego que te enseñe lo que yo ví en ti.


Another leaf sways from its branch,

Unsure of where it lands,

Confused to why it’s brittle,

Alone although surrounded by hundreds.

Broken and dissolved,

Soil is cold but thankful,

Sprouts search for surface,

A new leaf born.

Fox finds the leaf,

Hungry and desperate,

Innocent taste,

Underdeveloped stems.

Fox became ill,

Rid’s its body of toxins,

Spread amongst the soil,

Broken leaves.

One must find the leaf in divine timing,

Not premature and raw,

Not brittle and lonely,

But when leaves are independently growing,

In harmony with its branch.

- Eve & her snake (a series by me)



Till Silence sounds the horn

And Stillness hoists the flag

- J. P. Lee

7 December 2019


जा-ब-जा रक़्स में आने लगे चाँदी के भँवर

चाँद के हाथ से तारों के कँवल गिर गिर कर 🍃

डूबते तैरते मुरझाते रहे, खिलते रहे 🌸

रात और सुब्ह बहुत देर गले मिलते रहे 🌖

- Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Poem 1127

I am a balloon—
It is hard to express my disappointment
When I am so tightly bound,
Bulging with the need to let it all out,
That when I open my mouth
All my repressed indignation
Comes rushing out like “phbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbt”—

What a way to go limp

It’s hard to open up to

Someone new

So many reasons not to

Sad but true

We favour the portraits

That we’ve drawn ourselves

We keep pretending

To be somebody else

To My Dearest Mattie

(Image is mine, non sparkly version is on Instagram)


Like a thief in the night,

Hidden and cunning,

You stole my heart away.

A bountiful prize

It must’ve been,

Seeing as you’ve never given it back.

Like lightning in a thunderstorm,

Flashing quickly by,

Is my love for you that I’ve held up so high.

And for so long.

I love you.

Kendimden özür dilerim. Kırmamak için, kırıldığım için. Küçücük olayları “dev” yapıp boş yere kendimi üzdüğüm için. “Bir dakika” düşünmemi hak etmeyen şeyleri, “aylarca” düşündüğüm için. Güçlü olmak uğruna, güçsüzlüğü yaşamamı unuttuğum için. Değişmeyecek insanları değiştirmeye çalışıp kendimi yorduğum için. Bittiğini kabullenemediğim şeyleri başlatmaya çalıştığım için

Özür dilerim.

Hem de çok..


Этот суд не просто абсурд,

Здесь построено всё на обмане.

Судьи смачно свой крест несут,

С ними власть с кукишом в кармане.

Ниже плинтуса планка бесстыдства,

Зал секретными службами полон.

Суд спустился уже так низко,

Что публичным становится домом…

И по сути своей - без вымысла

Он стал истинным домом терпимости,

Где безумные паханы

Судят будущее страны.