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Its the new episode I Was Just Thinking by I Shake My Head! This week Lisa shares with Sam her husbands obsession with ridding the world of pigeons...he is trying new methods which are crazy! Listen at or any podcast app!

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Follow ’s example and take notes because tomorrow at we have on the LSG Podcast! Remember hire smarties. Fire dummies.

I was a guest on 🔥Firefliespod 🔥 {NEW EPISODE} is NOT everything! In this episode, I spoke with about childhood trauma and what you can do to become self aware and emotionally healthy. Listen on iTunes:

Our exploration of which are most popular with listeners of has revealed as the king o the heap. Podcasts are for everyone, of course, but they have a built in appeal to the globetrotter. More:

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Arkhangel, a Story of Battling Schizophrenia along a Journey of Self-Discovery & learning how Leo Zaccari, was inspired to dive into the world of mental health and superheroes.

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a triple decker stack of some good, good boys


like a diehard New Yorker, I can do the calm thing for only so long and then it speeds up again….
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  • Hera: Are Dominik and Renée fighting?
  • [Across the room]
  • Dominik, shouting: My spouse is hotter than your spouse!
  • Renée, shouting back: How dare you? Your spouse can’t even be compared to mine!
  • Isabel: Yep.
  • Hera: But they're married to each other??
  • Isabel: They are both very drunk.

Sorry, just need to get this off my chest but:

My favourite aspect about podcasts (apart from many other favourite aspects like queerness and diversity and quality!) was that it they are so uniquely widely available, unlike many other forms of entertainment. Most of them are available for free, world wide.

As a show of appreciation I (and many others) have always been more than happy to financially support podcasts (whenever I’m able to) through Patreon.

But more and more podcasts are becoming exclusive. I get it, new platforms bring new opportunities! Creators deserve recognition for what they do, and that can be in the form of added professionalism! Also proper financial support that I suppose these platforms bring (probably more than Patreon).

But paid-for podcasting platforms are sprouting left and right and every podcast seems to be moving to a different platform. It’s not feasible for me and many others to get multiple subscriptions to multiple platforms.

Worse: now I’m being blocked from one of my favourite podcasts based on my location. Because I’m not in one of those countries.

That is honestly where I draw the line.

I am no longer subscribing to any of the platforms, will not be able to listen to the podcasts I love and am thereby withdrawing my financial support for podcasts who chose this route.

Don’t get me wrong: I genuinely believe these podcasts deserve the success! The creators deserve getting paid for their quality content (and I’m still assuming that is what they’re getting from these platforms). But it comes at a cost, and that cost is many loyal listeners are forced to stop listening. That’s a decision the creators have made.

The good thing is: these podcasts are now being backed financially by large platforms and that frees up my money to support smaller, independent podcasts! In the end everyone wins, I suppose (except me, I lose).


PODCAST TIP OF THE WEEK! 🎧Attention Podcasters! This is a simple one… DON’T TALK ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME!
Sure it’s great you converted your parents’ basement into a “studio” and you have your own show, but my god please shut up and allow your guests to speak. 😝
I can’t tell you how many shows I have turned immediately off once the host rambles on and on for the first 5-10 minutes about their day or what they ate for lunch or how they feel about a movie. Blah blah blah blah. I’m outa there. And so is everyone else!
Unless your Russell Brand or an Ascended Master enlightening us all with divinely guided wisdom from the 12th Dimension, you are boring the f$ck out of your audience and you will lose any potential listeners you could have.
Craft a short intro with some theme music (I recommend the same branded intro every episode - and maybe drop a teaser sentence or two about the show’s subject and guest info and then get on with it!
Ask short to the point questions of your guests and let them talk. It then becomes a conversation and that’s what people like to tune into. Not a sermon by you. Unless as I say you’re Russell Brand (and if you are you’re probably not reading this) 😂
For more tips on the do’s and dont’s of Podcasting visit my website at (link in bio) and sign up for my newsletter.

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Whether this be the veggies on our plate, or our own image of self, this culture shock speaks all too well to our obsession with the idealism we strive to uphold with regards to the exterior shell.
Digging a little deeper in episode 19 “The Qi” with Lisa Li @the_qi_ available at @itunes @applepodcasts
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190423 || 11 days left before SAT

Lately I’ve been having trouble in deciding my passion and course for the future. And this podcast is just absolutely Godsent.

It outright answered all my doubts and slapped me to get back up and face reality.

To those having doubts of the future, whether you’re a student like me or even an entrepreneur who is thinking of the million dollar questions such as

  • How does one choose passion over money, it’s easier said than done after all.
  • Finding true passion and understanding what it means to be “happy” in life.
  • Seeing the abundant life and mind of Tom Bilyeu grew with that led him to success
  • Making excuses.

This answers it all (and even more).

  • Laura Tingle: You've called Brexit the most spectacular act of economic and cultural self‐strangulation in its history. If we think about where a Britain that has left the EU sits in the world economically and strategically, when was the last point in history in which it seemed so isolated?
  • Simon Schama: It's extremely difficult to think of any point in British history where it's been so isolated.
  • Simon Schama: If you go back to the Middle Ages, we were part of a pan‐continental Angevin empire. Before that, the Norman world, before that the Roman world.
  • Simon Schama: In the 18th Century, even though I suppose there was a very strong sense of kind of truculent, bloody‐minded imperialism, nonetheless we were knitted into a system of continental alliances.
  • Simon Schama: There's never been a time, really, where we weren't deeply imbricated and, you know, ravelled up with the people with whom we most naturally trade — namely our closest neighbours.
  • Simon Schama: So it's an unprecedented… It's a willed kind of sense of our sovereignty has been lost, we've lost control.
  • Simon Schama: I mean, the notion that, actually, during the 45 or so years, the four decades, of belonging to the EU, Britain has somehow been kind of emasculated, neutered, diluted Britain is self‐evidently ludicrous. Nothing of the sort has been the case.

So late last year NPR bought the podcast app I use, PocketCasts. It didn’t really bother me, but I did have concerns that the functionality may be compromised in the buyout.

They revised the interface a few months back, which hasn’t all been bad even if some of the navigation is a little confusing to me, except! Since the UI update none of the NPR podcasts I listen to will stream through the app.

The just load for a second and timeout, I can’t figure it out and it is very frustrating… Anyways though, I’ll probably try to reach out to them via Twitter once I see Endgame and reinstall the app lol

Lore Episode 16: Covered Mirrors (Transcript) - 4th October 2015

tw: murder, graphic descriptions of violence, racism, hate crimes

Disclaimer: This transcript is entirely non-profit and fan-made. All credit for this content goes to Aaron Mahnke, creator of Lore podcast. It is by a fan, for fans, and meant to make the content of the podcast more accessible to all. Also, there may be mistakes, despite rigorous re-reading on my part. Feel free to point them out, but please be nice!

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Questions! Give ‘em!

Brandann: in a MOOD

Claire: in a MOOD

Imogen: has been on the other side of the globe for about a month

What I’m saying is, now is the time to send in those questions, anecdotes, or whatever else because we’re recording tomorrow and it is bound to be a wild ride. Send them in here or to


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