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On the of the Foamcast Radio , new blasters from , , Buzz Bee and more at the NY Toy Fair! Plus I talk to Justin Keller from ! now on your podcast app and so you won’t miss future episodes!

We're going to be chatting about the recent and our upcoming eastern Mediterranean cruise tonight on the ! Follow this link to watch live at 9pm

This week's discussion is with Evan Holladay about his calling to serve his community through Real Estate development, his podcast, and leveraging intentional goal-setting to navigate challenges EP 35

Attracting the Love You Deserve with Dr. Gary D Salyer - EP 24 Love & Relationships Coaching & Healing

"You can't take on anything like this without 100 per cent commitment, it has its challenges," says Hedley Thomas at the Q&A luncheon pioneer

"Trust your feelings to guide your choices" Andy Grant discusses Masculinity, Mental Health and the Permission to Feel - EP 25 Suicide Prevention & Mental Health for Men

Talking with Tom Schwab about starting a conversation with someone who could be an ideal customer and Building—and Marketing—a Business That Doesn’t Feel Like Work EP 26

Gary Sinclair cured himself of MS & now helps people around the world to recover from PTSD - he's a miracle man & we welcome his wisdom at the Men On Purpose Podcast

Helping Good Men Become Great Dads with Matt Hall- EP 21 Fatherhood mentor on the Men On Purpose Podcast

We're delighted to announce our new studio at will be available for booking from next week! Especially thrilled to have the "Startup West" podcast team already involved

Episode 11 is LIVE -- check out our take on The Hidden World! It's a great addition to the dragon-training world we've come to love.

Being an entrepreneur is a very lonely life; you need to find a tribe of folks you can meet with; Jeff needs to find a meetup w/ Amani Roberts

Legalized is in the spotlight of 180. 12 past guests including model Kendra Sunderland weigh in!

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I told all about you tonight ... and your outstanding tutorials on YouTube. Dr. April - click this link for Shan's Guide:

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hi bored b kayo guys? walang magawa? stuck sa traffic? gusto magpuyat? tutulungan namin kayo, sana maaliw nami kayo ng isang oras hahahaha makinig na kayo ng podcast namen 😁 and please like and subscribe. nakaka 3 ep na kami. thank you guys 😊
Ep 21 l NXT Takes Over Raw and Smackdown
Recapping the Elimination Chamber, NXT talent makes their main roster debuts, the awful Layfaette audience and Daniel Bryan’s potential Wrestlemania opponent.

🚨The Signature Spot l Ep 21🚨

✅Elimination Chamber Recap
✅NXT talent impress on Raw & Smackdown
✅Velveteen Dream strikes gold
✅Fans acting as a “moral compass” and passing judgement

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favorite tropes from the “views” podcast part one

  1. jason’s impression of his mom
  2. sponsors taking 5 minutes because david and jason go off topic or david just can’t read
  3. “what’s up guys welcome back to v i e w s s s the podcast where *insert something weird jason may or may not be doing*
  4. david asking why jason and trish broke up this time
  5. jason talking about his kids and being a dad
  6. david repeating stories by accident
  7. jason trying to dissect david’s dreams and childhood
  8. this isn’t really a trope but that one heated debate they had about the death penalty
  9. david ranting about how much he loved highschool

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@theprogressreport101 recently interviewed @hot1079atl own @bhighatl to speak about his journey in the music business, starting off as an intern working his way up to a radio personality & teaching at Clark Atlanta University! And of course we asked him to define our keyword #PROGRESS 😎🔌 Watch the full conversation #TheProgressReport #BHigh #RadioShawty #Hot1079ATL #ClarkAtlanta #hiphop #video #podcast (at Live Hip Hop Daily)

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Until then, checkout this clip from a previous “Sideline Stories” show/podcast! (Watch previous episodes on YouTube. Listen to previous episodes on iTunes, Spotify & Google Play)
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Podcast Recommendation

So this evening I was in a traffic jam and started listening to the Millennial Pagan Podcast on Spotify. I really don’t like it that much, I was especially turned off when these two white folks started talking about their “spirit animals” which is a closed part of many tribal practices. Ironically right after they spoke about appropriation. 

But personal feelings aside, they actually had a part of episode 2 on deities that I think a lot of you guys out there with deity questions might enjoy hearing or benefit from so you should check out that first little portion of the episode and see if you hear anything that strikes your fancy.
"Episode 503: Garage Is The New Black" from The Shotgun Mike Hostettler Show by Shotgun Mike Hostettler on Apple Podcasts
There are too many words to describe what is trying to be done here. Putting things in boxes has never been my specialty. That goes without saying. Make sure you listen to this podcast with someone special, someone you care about.&...

This is such a special episode I’m going to sing that song from that movie about dancing that said “I had the time of my life…and I never felt like this before.”.  It’s a horrible song, but it seems to fit the jovial mood I’m going for.  Having the time of your life and such.

The Stories are Lit this Morning btw #freethinkers #podcast #cypher #feelfreeto...

The Stories are Lit this Morning btw #freethinkers #podcast #cypher #feelfreeto…

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The Stories are Lit this Morning btw 🔥🔥🔥 #freethinkers #podcast #cypher #feelfreetothinkfreely

A photo posted by FreeThinkers Radio (@freethinkersradio) on 2018-12-03 13:47:28

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The Stories are Lit this Morning btw 🔥🔥🔥 #freethinkers #podcast #cypher #feelfreetothinkfreely



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Also it would be cool to have listeners that could send in questions, either about me or the podcast or they just want advice and I could answer them on the show, that’d be fun, if anyone wants to do that lemme know

I may have jumped the gun but I now have episodes 2&3 of my podcast poolwatertea done and ready to upload, I’m gonna wait a little bit between uploads but yeah! Originally I wanted to wait a week between recordings but idk I was eager and had a lot to talk about I guess, now I don’t want to put pressure on myself or have any expectations at all but it occurred to me that being that soon, like very soon I’ll need a new hosting site since soundcloud has a 3 hour upload limit unless you pay like $12 a month for a subscription, it would be cool if I somehow magically found a small audience that liked my podcast enough and I could set up a patreon and they would actually give me money so I could continue doing the podcast on soundcloud, it would just be so cool to actually have one of my projects be able to support itself like a real business but that’s not gonna happen and that’s ok I’m not building up my expectations just thinking that would be amazing, that’d be a success



Excited to be part of this project. Go follow The Art of Being Queer to meet a bunch of awesome queer artists, and look for my interview coming soon!