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will be dropping a different kind of episode Monday. We will bring you a unique story captured at . It’s a powerful story that begins w/ radicalization & ends w/ redemption!!! Tuning in & telling your friends is a MUST! Go to to listen!

BIBLE VERSE OF THE DAY Following the laws of God is a path way to knowledge. For God is with those that obeys him and remembers them in their time of trouble

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I wanna enjoy the Spider-man: Far From Home trailer but like I can’t help but to think about how y’all said that everything we love about him is actually Miles Morales

Oh! I forgot to mention this but tomorrow I’m flying into DC to go to a thing called POCC/SDLC which stands for People of Color Conference/Student Diversity Leadership Conference and I have heard wonderful things about it and am very excited! I know a lot of y'all are leaders of student diversity in various ways so it just occurred to me that it’s possible someone I know on Tumblr will be there in real life which would be very cool indeed. Let me know if so!