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patienceaintmystrongsuit  asked:

Ok, to take your inbox to another spiritual place... What are your top 5 MSR moments, they don't have to be overly significant, but that you enjoy to watch over and over? 😘

You’re so sweet. I love you! ❤️ I think you already know the answer but here we go:

1. Redux part 2:

From the moment Mulder got, metaphorically, the wind knocked out of him, when he sees Scully lying in that bed at the hospital, to when he smiles, relief written all over his face, saying that her cancer is going into remission I think this is one of my favorite MSR-centered episodes. But I have to say that the kissing-Scully-hello scene, when he comes to visit her is the best part for me … 🥰

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2. Field Trip

It’s my favorite episode, but I think the moment that hooked me forever is the holding hands final scene. Even in the dark, injured and barely alive they reach for each other. I love that!

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3. Dreamland.

I love this episode. I have an obsession about the music playing in the background of that bar scene and, sadly, I never knew the name of that song. I think one of my favorite MSR moments is when they say good bye in the end of Dreamland 2 and he hands her some of his sunflower seeds. The look ok his face watching her go away with that fake version of himself is so sad.

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4. Rain King

Such a funny episode. I love them swinging together at that ball.

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5. Post-modern Prometheus

The dancing scene… for reasons. Adorable doesn’t even describe this moment. 😍

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I’d told myself that I would draw more this year, go back to the basics. I’d planned to draw something, take a photo, and upload it as my first post here to show the start of my journey. I’d gotten a sketch book and a pack of pencils, but I was unsure about where to start.

A good friend then gifted me this wacom drawing tablet. “I know it’s not your birthday yet,” he said, “but, you were talking about drawing and looked so happy, I didn’t think it should wait.”

25 days early.

Drawing is one of those things I will always do. I’d stop for a while, making the excuse that I didn’t have time, then start again. This year, I want to get better. I want to practice. I want to learn. I want to inspire.

I still dont know where to start. But I will start. That’s all that matters.