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spare a RT or two and , she needs home to her family



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In about 3 hours at 9:30pm EST I will officially be out of after 7 days. Don't ask...!!! I'm surely going to have a forking FANTASTIC evening. . You to. 😉

Mit Ausnahme vom Westen und Nordwesten des Landes dominieren aktuell verbreitet dichte Wolken und im Süden und Südosten bringen diese auch . Teils sind auch möglich, wie auch zur Nordsee hin. Weitere Infos für jede gibt es auf .

spare a RT or two and , this much loved family pet needs to be found and returned to her family

どなたかこのカスみたいなデータのパズドラ買ってくれませんか涙 2000円か3000円で最悪1000円でも頼む誰か買ってください

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Watch my w talks including his personal life in scripts, why being makes he do good things. If you like it to my Youtube Link below:

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디즈니랜드 랏소 가방 구해요ㅜㅜ 지금은 단종됬고 만약 팔아주시면 진짜 절할게요..

RT and , she’s been missing since 17March;((((( Huge Reward for her safe return

Dale ¡ME GUSTA! si serás parte del Clásico Nacional en el Maracaná. Comenta con 🔵🔴🦁 si eres placino y con ⚪ ⚫🐃 si eres taurino.

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tunglr, plz send in asks. im sitting through the worst presentation/orientation ever

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1, 13, 28

1.Top 5 TV shows

This is haRd

Amar a muerte


Adventure time

Wynonna Earp

Miraculous ladybug

13. Top 5 dead characters

Sadly :(

Lexa ->the 100, I love her she was a strong character and had great development she deserved better than just surviving which she wasn’t allowed to even get .fuck.

Allura -> Voltron, letS nOt discusS

Black widow -> marvel, she deserved to have seen how they succeeded she gave so much

Lexie grey-> Grey’s anatomy. They didnt have to do her like that.

Maes Hughes and literally anybody who got wrongfully killed-> fullmetal alchemist

28. Top 5 trios

Ron,harry,and Hermione-> Harry Potter

Callum,rayla,and ezran->The dragon prince

Steve,aja and krel-> 3 below

Edward, Alphonse and Winry also Roy mustang, hawkeye, and Hughes-> Fullmetal alchemist

Supergirl, alex danvers, and lena luthor-> Supergirl

anyone know where to find that lamb puppet meme falling down the hill? or the post about its lore w the cult thing??? i think she’s called lamb chop or something the video was the one of the sheppard trying to get her to listen to rules or whatever

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1, 17, 31 ?

1: What’s your name?

hi, im sharky

I hope you weren’t asking for my legal name ;)

17: What’s your dream job?

I don’t know.. I like space though so maybe something there

31:Any tips/advice for anything?

yes absolutely 

if you throw a punch keeps your hands up and be prepared to get one back