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All libraries are closed today, Monday, January 21st in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but our digital collections are always open!

We love Mondays, do you? see for standard prices and more details about Soupamarket services and products.. #08171484909

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❗145 lat temu w Wierzchosławicach urodził się Wincenty - jeden z , przywódca i lider , przewodniczący , trzykrotny premier , jeden z przywódców .u i więzień brzeski.

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Elle est belle la théorie du ruissellement défendue sans vergogne par votre idéologie mortifère j'ai cru que vous alliez finir en devant ... Guignol, qui sorti de sa fiche ne maitrise rien... un beau mouton de plus...

In NSW a land owner can lodge an objection to a valuation put on their land if they don’t agree with it. The Local Council bases its rates on this valuation. Objections are initially made to the NSW Valuer General.

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today's 's story.. tomorrow's we expect story😎! ... . support my account... fans...!

The biggest match y’all | y’all 💯💯💯| if you meet me there drinks on me 🥃🥃🥃 | LIVE 8pm 📺

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own rule is ur own rule don't broke the rule for someone🤓 🤘

All libraries will be closed on Monday, January 21st in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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This is my first tumblr post of this new blog. I decided to create this to motivate myself and others to study and be productive. But, it’s going to be a little unorthodox. Studying can be draining sometimes, so I’m serving to light up the mood!!

I’m a 16 year old junior in hs, planning to study biochem or medicine

Current classes:

-AP chemistry

-AP calculus AB

-AP US History

-AP language and composition

-I also took AP world and psychology last year :)

Aside from slumping over a desk for multiple hours, my other interests are singing, dancing, and Aerial Arts


im about to weigh myself i genuinely have no idea how much ive gained or if I maintained please God don’t let me be more than 122

y’all i jus-

im cryn right now what the fuck 2019 alrdy shtting on us goddamn i aint ok :,((

rip boo ilysm i hope u & ur bestie r doing ok in doggy heaven 😢💛💘💫☀️✨💗🌻😔💗💫💛💕💘💖💕💘💘💫✨💕🌻💛💫🌼💕🌻💫🌻💫🌼💗💛💫🌻💕💖💗✨💘🌻💗🌼💛💛💛🌻💫💖💖💫💫💛💛💗💫✨💘💗💗💗💖💘💗🌻💫💫💛💫💫💗🌻🌻💛

    “    you’ve got a lil’ somethin’ on your face…” She gave her best dimpled smile, prodding her head forward as she playfully nudged his nose. One which did not help his situation when she smeared shaving cream all over his nose as well as hers and she uttered out a hearty chuckle, wrinkling her nose only to rub against his.