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Beta Test program with ' begins in North America! Read More:

We are hiring! Are you looking to join the family? We are looking for motivated account executives for our Pittsburgh and Cranberry Twp. offices!

La (Position latΓ©rale de sΓ©curitΓ©) est la base des gestes de secourisme en attendant les secours. Et on l apprend aujourd'hui au des scolaires avec le sur le stand

Solidaires fait table café/thé prix libres au manège de Carnot, viens rencontrer ton syndicat de luttes, t'informer sur notre programme "Pour une Liste Solidaire"

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Iya Shaki, give me one round about and 2 fuku... πŸ˜‚ Okuuuurrrrr 😍😘 see for standard prices and more details

Hi! Thank you for all dm! I’m queuing now so it hard to reply all.πŸ’¦ Due to a big amount of order, I’ll reply tonight after I got many as I can in venues. consider that ONLY take order from 2 sets and more. πŸ’œ Shipping fee is 5usd per set. Take about one week 🌎

is hiring for officers and dispatch! See the picture for application details! For more information about our program and career opportunities, visit !

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Simone... don't eat my brothers... sisters... friends... my family... :'(

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oi m8 fook all oui p'ato's is fresh boy jove evn 'ar kahli'gs in eh big ole' hon'e bun leagues if fresh due process me arse fook

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YO SOY VALIENTE y tu puedes tambien!! Se valiente y no te mates!πŸ™ƒ

Dr. Lawson speaking with students at an open house today about our Program offerings for the semester! For more information visit !

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Le nombre de suite a ce concours... sauf un (Le gagnant)

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They may have won the battle, but we will win the war...

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Seafood okro of Soupa Land 😍 How much? see for standard prices and more details

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can someone talk to me abt my birthchart??

I’d like to continue my visual vocab-list but my dad is using my computer for who knows what, so I can’t and now I’m waiting

just in case it hasnt been said enough, i want to give a reminder that this blog is pro-ace/nb/queer/inclusionist in general.

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4, 31, 50, 62, 76, and 81 yo

4. 3 things I love?

1) My friends

2) My dogs (or any animals in general tbh)

3) Attention

31. How I feel right now?Lmao tired as heck

50. Do I have someone of the opposite sex that I can tell anything to? Uh yes, you. 💖

62. Do i prefer talking on the phone or video chatting? Video chatting, especially if i haven’t seen that person in forever

76. What do i think Satan’s last name is?Uhhhh, i have no idea, never thought about this tbh.

81. My top 5 blogs on tumblr. Idk man, i just reblog from anyone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hola!, quiero decirte que me encanta como dibujas, y felicidades por lo logros que has obtenido, y una pequeña pregunta, ¿de donde eres?, se que hablas español pero la duda me consume PD: i β™‘ u

No se procupen, ya lo habia mencionado anteriormente, pero no dije de donde especificamente… asi que preparense,

CHAN-CHAN-CHAN (okno) soy de Argentina (Buenos Aires) ta-da!.

Wait… con que me conociste en Halloween anon, eh… je! !Excelente fecha mi amigo! >:3.

Y con respecto a bendy, si le quieren hacer preguntar claro que pueden hacerlo (y si el sabe español) lol 🖒