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An actual portrait of me plotting my next scene. #

When you’re eyeing everything that’s yours for the taking. 🙏🏾✨ It’s always season... | ✨

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Great work guys I enjoy seeing outreach. But this guy... I am not sure about. Is he something? As a great man once said. "Picture tells one million words" you studied disingenuous smiles at grimsby polytechnic, your views?

Little drawing I just finished of my girl Charlie. If you’re wondering why she looks so mad, it’s probably because she’s freezing her butt off. I haven’t drawn in 4EVER! 💕

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Spending much of August planning for season and November. Planning all the things w/ holly and jolly music & wishing it was cold outside ⛄️ and and !... 😉

How does type impact writing style? Is versus related to personality? This month on the INTROVERT 360 PODCAST we sharing writing tips for , , & authors. Listen now:

Here's a little sneak preview of a new character / series that and I are working up right now. Meet Finn. He has no clue who or what he is. Yet.

Did you know? writes a 90 page outline. He told us. Plot that novel! writers Whether a pantser who wants to try plotting or a plotter who needs more plotting tips...

This is what does to you! My characters keep changing the story, it’s making me go bold 😭

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Is versus associated with type? Learn about how type impacts writing and learn to help you get through your obstacles. , , & Listen now:

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Fridays are good days for reflecting on the three Rs of writing.

Hmm so if they can’t breathe outside the water that means as soon as the water is drained, Strickler will start suffocating. Akiridions don’t breathe in my canon, or don’t have too so they don’t realise right away that others need to breathe.

Oris will react preatty quick cause as a halfling she breathes and get Strickler back in the water but then the tests follow because the water is only viable for so long. So a replacement must be found.