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Enjoyed my ride this morning despite it being so muggy from the rain overnight. So thankful for the health and strength to ride today.

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Intercontinental Exchange Inc., the parent of the New York Stock Exchange, won an approval that clears the way for its Bakkt unit to allow investors to buy derivatives that pay out with Bitcoins for the first time.

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Did you know? šŸ‘‡. Plexus can help you get healthy again! Why wait to feel better? Plexus costs less than medical bills! Your gut is your 2nd brain and it needs to stay healthy! Your health depends on it!

Grateful for my morning chill pill(vital Biome) that let's me wake up and not be a bearšŸ˜‚ I now wake up a few minutes before them so I can take my probiotics, drink a little coffee and get productive! Thanks to

The winds of change are blowing and Iā€™m building a windmill by starting my health journey with the all natural gut health supplements! How will you react when the winds of change blow your way?

I am getting because of a Pink Drink! It can help you too! Message me for details!

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Enjoyed my ride this morning here on the Westside of Indy. So thankful for the health and strength to ride today.

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Platonic Icosa 150 cm MOD by Warren Heaton
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I charged all these stones under moonlight last night. Today I’m programming the large rose quartz to assist someone I love dearly with their heart chakra. I feel like this is a pretty advanced thing to do since I’m technically only just a beginner with stones and crystals, but I’ve always been very intuitive and a quick learner, and I feel as if I have been doing this for years. I just have a sense of knowing, like I know exactly how to do this without looking at the books or doing the research. Then when I do look at the books and do the research my presuptions are correct. Also want to mention I got my root chakra open last night, the rest are still fighting it but I think I will be just fine.


Solar Plexus Chakra: Fire Energy (Lesson 03/04) - by Reiki Master Ashley

Let’s go on a journey this week - down the rabbit hole and into your true potential!!!

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#SPN #SocialMedia #Network #Plexus Candice Dyer posted an update 6 days, 3 hours ago · I keep reading testimony after testimony about Plexus helping with anxiety. I love that this company is about our total health; mind and body. ❤️ When anxiety runs high and depression feels deep, it may be an indication of dysbiosis (or an imbalance of the bacteria in your gut). The latest research is finding a dire