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Save the date and make plans now to attend!

SPEA is looking for a candidate for our Executive Director position. Know someone? For more details check out:

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The winner of the How Far Do Our County Colours Travel competition is ..... Harry Butler from Rathnew GAA. You win a hamper of Wicklow GAA merchandise and a family season championship ticket for 2020

This Thursday, the Pennsauken Library hosts an important workshop on domestic violence. There are two presentations: one in English, one in Spanish.

అందరు రైతు సహోదరులకు నా మనవి. కొత్తగా పసుపుస్తకలు వచ్చిన రైతులందరు రైతు భీమా చేయించుకోవాలి. ఎవరన్నా ఇదివరకు చేయించుకొని రైతులు తప్పనిసరిగా రైతుభీమ చేయించు కోవాలి. మీ... కల్వకుంట్ల విద్యాసాగర్ రావు శాసనసభ్యులు, కోరుట్ల

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Sometimes sex is just about physical pleasure and sometimes it's transcendental. Sex between a couple should strive to achieve what Thom York described so well.....

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I have updated my YouTube channel description to tell you the reason i started this channel and why its important that you subscribe if you are an fan... Subscription link: Thanks Raz

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RT ProEdTN "RT LeaderUtn: The best place to find any school-related research and reference tools on the web. Check out our newly updated page. "

Two persons of interest are in custody. The Toyota vehicle is in custody. Cupcake is still missing. and continue to look for Cupcake! The latest from PD:

On Monday 28th October we will be having our extractor fans in the main Scullery kitchen cleaned and there will be no hot food available to purchase from 10am until 11.30am. Drinks and a selection of other items will still be available

The best place to find any school-related research and reference tools on the web. Check out our newly updated page.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed we can get the truck up and running this week. See everyone soon to get your Good Eats! fix.

Power, Privilidge & Prejudice: The Crown Act Law With Charmin K. Edwards! Higher Learning with ZeldaSpeaks on Monday Morning Mindfulness! 515-605-9325 Press 1 to speak! (IF BUSY CALL BACK) LIVE Meditation 7:15am

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Meet Patches. Her owner lost his house and she lost them both. He abandoned her… She is filthy, scared and hungry. The house was a jungle and now it’s bare and in the market with no place to hide. We are fixing all the cats left behind. Neighbors are trying to care for them but for how long? Patches is fixed, friendly and talkative. Any fosters willing to step up so we can pull her and rally a home for her? Please email us ( if you can lend a paw…. We will fully vet her and#helpsavepatches #streetcats #abandoned #fosterneeded #pleaseshare (at La Puente, California)

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J Hacha De Zola - Anarchy


Good thing I don’t have a diagnosed mental health condition, that is being at large, targeting individuala with mental health conditions and disorders, by using mainstream media to perpetually insight undue and a unconstitutional narrative, meant only to streamline the fear-based mechanics of our social programming, and label those of whom you have already tragically ignored and experimented on for most their lives using at best, pseudo-scientific methods of ALL available means, to promote a subversive and subliminal WAR you fabricated and people you exploit, in order to promote your own set of standards & liquid solutions.

Oh sh*t, I do have a diagnosed mental health conditon…? Well, I’m Fu*d. Whatever they claim I did, I promise both God & People, I did NOT; But, thanks for promoting that people stereotype & judge even more!? As, they already fear what they cannot know or possibly understand; But now, you fuel both a conscious & subconscious hatered & sow the seeds of prejudice, toward a already targeted, exploited, hurting, minority, of people. *because, “I am [ ].” * Fill in your blank *


ALL MARTIAL ARTIST AND FRIENDS, Please copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.

Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday

1,000,000 SHARE USMC-Army N.G. Rey.! #pleaseshare #karate #jiujitsu #judo (at Cheeseman Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

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Please read all the way i’m so nervous


To my people of tumblr for all of you that know me and those of you who may want to, my name is maddox and i am a straight trans male. I have a hard time accepting help from others but, i have never wanted anything so bad before. I am Trying to be more comfortable with myself so please take a second to look at my fund raiser (please don’t stop reading here you don’t have to donate unless you really want to. Please just hear me out) for my surgries, top and bottom, i am not trying to scam, offend or force any one to pitty me. Though a lot of you will keep scrolling i hope some of you help spread this around. anything will help I am going to be saving up too. I don’t expect hand outs I’m just trying to open my options to be more comfortable with myself. I don’t want to pressure anyone into giving anything they don’t have or even don’t want to give. I wont judge but, even if you don’t leave anything you can help by reblog this. Maybe someone might drop a few pennies anything helps at this point my facebook is ( if you want to dm me and or chat with me on tumblr i promise I’m real and i’ll answer any questions you may have. Please reblog to support a fellow transmale. If anything comes of this post i’ll keep you updated…😅 thanks for reading.


Abby is fighting..and she’s having trouble breathing and she’s taking her medicine like a very good girl but it’s going to take a lot more than her medicine and I just want to say thank you to anyone that has helped Abby loves her Aunt Tina because Aunt Tina always calls and asks about her and Aunt Tina is a very big supporter and loves her baby nieces and nephews and is such a good kitty I just hope that this illness goes away
#cats #mykitty #aww #pleaseshare #donate #share #lovemycats #myheart

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Plant more tree
Save water
#please share #for our upcoming little champ
Share to each and every groups
#pleaseshare #waterislife

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It’s official The MOVE Convention is coming to Atlanta, GA

▶️When: Spring 2020
▶️Where: Atlanta,GA⠀⠀

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So important and anyone who thinks it’s not a real thing then they don’t understand life.
I have the experience of not being able to use the rush hour tube and it doesn’t make me any less effective.

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I won’t ask for your help on anything else. This is the subtitled version of the #flexappeal film. It’s been shared 3,489 times since yesterday. Thank you. If you believe flexible working is for people - all people - not ‘slackers’, please share. Please share here. Please share on @instagram stories. Please share on @linkedin. Please share on @twitter. Please share on @facebook. You can help change the narrative by clicking some buttons. I don’t mind sounding desperate #flexappeal #flexibleworking #jobshare #pleaseshare **funds from our latest @LinkedIn campaign went towards commissioning the brilliant director/producer @millroadcreative to bring our thoughts to life in this video. She was forced out of the creative industry through inflexibility once she had a 👶🏻. She is brilliant.

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