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Friends: Here you go five things mentally strong people do. (01.01). They enjoy their time alone. They hold themselves accountable for their actions. (02.02). They celebrate the success of others. They surround themselves with greatness. . . .

2019年2月NYLON 通り“これが俺だ”という強くも心地良いアイデンティティを見せてくれた。 showed a strong and pleasant identity of "This is me" according to the title.

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Good morning me bhaiya janiii have a Day after weekend be happy bro :)

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Pairing: Ben Hardy x Reader

Summary: She meets the rest of the cast for the first time

Requested: No 

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: Please send in any requests you have - I’m running out of ideas and am hitting writers block hard. And please remember to let me know what you think of this - do you want me to write more with Ben? Or the other BoRhap cast/characters? I was thinking about doing a Ben x Reader x Roger if that’s something you’d want?

Originally posted by sortofflamboyant

Y/N felt awkward as she walked onto set, flashing her ID to the security guard before being waved through - Ben always put her on the list of people allowed to visit him on set, though she often felt too shy to visit him for fear of having to meet his cast mates.

“Hi - can I help you?” A set hand asked, seeing Y/N walking around, unsure of where to go.

“Hey, sorry, I - uhm - I’m just looking for Ben?” She said, biting her lip.

“Are you his…”

“Oh I’m his girlfriend,” she felt the heat rising to her cheeks. The set hand smiled at her.

“Ben has been telling everyone about you,”

“Oh,” she murmured quietly, giving a bashful laugh.

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Breath of Fresh Air

It feels so good to read that someone else is also very religious. It’s a breath of fresh air to know that some people still have strong faith in God.

Have everything but faith in God and you lose everything.
Lose everything but faith in God and you have everything.