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Check this out from great way to ensure your students and educators are at the center of PLCs.

¡Chicos! I hope you’ve enjoyed your 3 day weekend! Excelsior & Oakridge Foreign Language PLC spent the day revamping our scales with the high school FL dept! ¡¡Nos vemos mañana!! (¡¡Espero!!)

A can help you identify school-wide goals, student needs. This kind of collaboration creates a school-wide community of active staff members, who have a voice along with administrators. Why this is key to student success:

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El director d junto a representantes d la empresa BELFI, quiénes serán los responsables de finalizar las obras del 3 puente; se encuentran reunidos con diversas jjvv, comerciantes y grupos de adultos mayores de , con el fin d sociabilizar estos trabajos.

En Infoing tenemos varios cursos en puerta ¡Contáctanos! 286 9618765 / 212 4171536

Region 3 of our Phase 1 teachers discussing their progress to date with the model at their Regional this evening. .

Friday afternoon PD ! Revisiting our WHY, developing our understanding of the different stages of a PLC, and exploring strategies for continual growth within our CT’s.

I enjoyed Friday’s collaborative work sessions focusing on instructional rigor. I’m inspired by how reflective and responsive our faculty is. When you know better, do better. OMS

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Inside PLCs takes readers on a journey to Sheridan County School District 2, a district in Wyoming that has built a professional learning community (PLC) to great success.

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Меняйте этот мир на размах ваших крыльев.
—  PLC (Сергей Викторович Трущев)

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Day Eighty-Three

I was on time for my PLC meeting this morning. Really, I was. The thing is, I was actually supposed to be with my reaccreditation committee, not my PLC, so I was late to the meeting I was supposed to be at…

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I did get it together eventually.

My plan in APUSGOV was to do some board notes, prep my students for the essay they’re writing next class, then take questions about the shutdown, but that’s not what happened. I was a third of the way through my notes (there’s debate over whether or not there are sufficient checks on the power of the bureaucracy, and I was outlining the arguments for both sides- and intending have them choose a side, research it further, and prepare to write about it next class) when one of the girls put her hand up and asked, “Can we talk about the shutdown now?” A few of her classmates echoed her, so I said sure. 

In a different class I might have stuck to my agenda so no one lost the thread, but with APUSGOV I tend to go where they take me. So I took questions, refereed a bit of a debate that cropped up over the ethics of the TSA sick-out, and- in my best seizure of the teachable moment- I had students get on Google to research national emergency declarations for a bit. When I got asked how I thought this would all end, I admitted that I didn’t know- and joked about how much I hate admitting that in any context- but I did recommend paying attention to Mitch McConnell and the Senate.

Then I looked at my partially finished board notes, and said, “I really have no smooth transition back to this, so, uh, we’re just going to make a sharp turn here.” 

Cue the laughter, and then we got on with it. 

After I wrapped up my notes, most of my students went to do further research immediately, but I have a half dozen or so who always want to have a tangental conversation after I give a lecture, and today was no exception. We did twenty minutes of Q&A on the influence of Christianity on American politics, Protestant-Catholic differences, Catholic social teaching, and National Migration Week… If anyone says religion doesn’t get discussed in public school, they ought to come to class. I have to study up on some stuff in anticipation of our next chat!

There were big discussions in World, too, after we finished Shake Hands With the Devil. My Block 4 class had a particularly good one about foreign policy and international law. And, of course, all the kids wanted to know what happened to Romeo Dallaire (since the film is from his POV), and what happened to Rwanda after 1994. The homework tonight will take them through all of that, and the war in DR Congo, and some other late 1990s/early 2000s conflicts… I’ll teach up to the present day next week, ending with conflict resolution and recovery efforts. Too often, students learn about bad things and think that’s the whole narrative, so I like talking about change-making and progress, too.

I had two meetings during Block 5, and was pretty wiped by the end of them (they were fine, just fast-paced), so I went straight home. Will pick up my grading and planning in the morning!


ProVen Growth and Income VCT plc: Transaction in Own Shares

ProVen Growth & Income VCT plc 

Transaction in own shares

19 December 2018

ProVen Growth & Income VCT plc announces that, on 19 December 2018, it purchased the following shares for cancellation:

Beringea LLP
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Net Asset Value(s)


NAV announcement

As at close of business on 14 December 2018, the unaudited Net Asset Value (NAV) for

Hargreave Hale AIM VCT plc was as follows:

NAV per Ordinary share of 1p – 74.90 pence.

As at 14 December 2018, there were 200,844,654 ordinary shares of 1p in issue carrying one vote each. Therefore the total voting rights in the Company are 200,844,654.

This figure may be used by shareholders in the Company as the denominator for the calculations by which they will determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change to their interest in, the share capital of the Company under the Disclosure and Transparency Rules.

19 December 2018

For further information please contact:
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Hargreave Hale AIM VCT plc
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Alliance Trust PLC - Net Asset Value


At the close of business on Tuesday 18 December 2018:

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For further information, please contact:-


  1. Net Asset Values are calculated in accordance with published accounting policies and AIC guidelines.
  2. The fair value of the Company’s fixed loan notes is calculated by reference to a benchmark gilt.
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The enzyme PLCy has 2 SH2 domains. It’s recruited to the phosphorylated receptor tyrosine kinase, gets activated, and cleaves PIP2 (phosphatidylinositol 4,5 bisphosphate) into inositol triphosphate (IP3) and DAG. PLCy breaks a bond in PIP2 (phosphatidylinositol 4,5 bisphosphate) to form DAG and inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate (IP3). Both DAG and IP3 are important signaling molecules.

я села писать, но не могу, ПОТОМУ ЧТО ОРУ КАК РОЖАЮЩАЯ ОСЛИЦА. в общем, кто знает Серёжу PLC, усаживайтесь поудобнее. он в Воронеже на концерте прыгнул в толпу, и его не поймали. он в порядке, но меня от смеха разрывает. 

тут такие шутки в Твиттере от фандома “Песни на ТНТ” сыплются… кто знает творчество Серёги, поймет: “прошел, так сказать, навылет”, “улетел на восход”, “ускорился на три этажа вниз”, “на ракетах улетел в космос” и контрольный: “ЕГО НЕ ВЫВОЗЯТ ДАЖЕ ТОЛПОЙ” АХАХАХААХА дайте мне жить эту жизнь. у меня уже трахея болит от смеха пиздец. кто не в курсе, все цитаты - из его песен, но слегка переделанные

он, конечно, нашел, куда прыгать. там девочки 13-15-летние, миниатюрные. кто ж его удержит? на своем концерте, в толпу, где есть парни, слушающие рэпчину - можно, но тут…

не, ну чтоб не расслаблялись” - написал Серёжа у себя в Твиттере, сопровождая фразу хохочущим смайликом. да мой ты летун усатый :DD


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