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Did you know the has three hearts?!!! 🐙 New for 2020 just around the coral! Who will be the first to get their two hands on this 8-armed creature!?? Reach out:

It has been raining a lot lately. It was an adventurous dogwalk today, the water remained exactly to the edge of my rain boots 😅 Loved it

Congratulations to our 2nd day of Christmas winners, Mrs. Moats, Mrs. Franks, and Ms. Boyd! Gift cards, extra plan time, and jeans day passes!

Let's a . The first 3 you see is what your is thinking about ... ☕ Mine are Spirit - Passion - Heart. What are yours, and ?

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A perfect Saturday morning to play this game for the first time!

When you, the reader, play video games… Do you talk at all while playing? Like, do you ever say anything while playing?

I don’t, really. Occasionally I might say a word of profanity, but it’s been quite some time since I did that. The only other thing is chuckling, but that rarely happens either.

EDIT: The purpose of this post was to see if anyone actually talks when they play alone. If there’s someone watching it doesn’t count for my question! If you do or do not speak while playing alone I would like to hear about it.



Someday we’ll find it, 
The rainbow connection.
The lovers, the dreamers, and me.

A new string of rabies has rendered 80% of the North, Central, and South American populations infected or dead. Four survivors have managed to keep themselves safe for the past two and a half months, but with the world crumbling around them, it gets harder every day.

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writing tip

De-clutter your work area. Research shows a clean and organized surrounding puts your brain at ease and makes it more likely to want to work, be productive, and lets it focus. 

a.n.: right now my bed is made and I literally feel like I could write a whole novel right here and right now


Grim and I have to help Kenzie steal a NEMO Chair from the Deckers! This’ll be fun!