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It’s that time of year again! PILGRIMAGE TO CANTERBURY! My AP Lit class dresses up like a character and tells their tale. Always fun!

Nice first day in the business area of the fair with plenty of meetings, videos, pitches... Follow us this week & discover the pitches of from the the next days. Have fun playing and doing business ! 🕹️Hall 4.1

Mama CEO♥ day 1 I can't wait to work with her in future when I make it in the game HARD SMATER

Joan Almon - Creative is like a spring that bubbles up from deep within a child

Our uke’s, picks and straps pay homage to the Cavern Club and its stellar throughout the years...

"" This morning, I visited the second session of Soft at the Ore . This group aims to bring families together who have children with additional needs (primarily but not exclusively) in a fun and safe …

Practicing my bocce ball skills this morning. Big bash this Saturday supporting the details on

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Protector of balls

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14.8.18 - 17.8.18


The bus journey to Hue was only around 100km but took us over 2.5 hours! We got dropped off somewhere outside the city centre and began walking to our hotel, the uniquely named Google Hotel😆 After a sweaty walk we eventually arrived and were glad to drop our bags, we got checked in and went to our room.

First impressions of the room were that it was gloomy, smelled of damp, no air, and generally a bit grubby. We dropped the bags and left for some food at the restaurant attached to the hotel.

Ria stayed in the room and had a nap, and I went for a wander around the city. I’d not been out long at all, just ordered a coffee when Ria messaged me saying I had to come back as she’d found bedbugs😐 I finished my drink and made my way back to the hotel. Once there I wanted to see what she’d found, took the evidence in tissue paper down to the reception and asked for a full refund as we didn’t want to pick up the bedbugs and potentially carry them around.

The guy who checked us in offered us another room but was reluctant to give us any money back. We refused his offer as we thought there was a good chance there were the same problem in other rooms. He didn’t seem happy with what we said and asked us to walk over to a shop with him a few minutes away to speak to who must have been an owner or something. He showed her the bedbugs and told her what we’d said, she wanted us to try another room…again we refused, and seemingly pretty pissed off that we wouldn’t budge the guy left the shop, throwing the tissue on the ground and storming off back to the hotel.

Once back he made up some excuses about it being difficult to give us all our money back as we’d been in the room..(For less than 2 hours!) And said he’d offer us three quarters of the money…again we said no and this time demanded all our money back..he gave in and after leaving us again to go and collect the money from somewhere we eventually had our refund and gladly left the place! 🙄🙄

Ok…apart from that issue we had a good stay in Hue and enjoyed the city. We managed to find a lovely little replacement to the infested Google place, The Kha Hotel. We found this place by chance when asking for directions to another hotel we were going to try. It started raining, we went in to ask directions, they said we could sit down while the rain stopped…then we booked 2 night’s there instead 😆

Highlights of our stay in Hue -

Getting approached by a group of local students whilst walking next to the river, and being asked if we could spend some of our time talking to them so that they could improve their English skills 😁👌 We spent maybe 45 mins talking with them, telling them a bit about ourselves and answering any questions they had for us, it was a very rewarding feeling and good experience.

Visiting the Citadel and Forbidden City.

Rooftop happy hour cocktails listening to the same Ed Sheeran songs they seem to have on in every bar… can’t say I minded tho👌

Seeing the hotel’s children play like children should play, outdoors with friends playing dominoes!😂👍 Not a piece of technology in sight, great to see!

And last but not least, we spotted a boat traveling down the river so heavily loaded with what looked like building material that it was so close to sinking it was unbelievable 😂😂

Another city ticked off, and another one we could have spent longer in, next time then!

Neither of us were too bothered about the historical side of this visit, it’s just not our thing, but whilst in Hue I definitely wanted to visit this place and at the very least take some pictures of the ancient architecture 👌🤓 There were some aircraft and other machinery used in the Vietnam war on show outside the grounds which were interesting to look at. It was definitely worth the visit, some very nice parts to look at, and craftsmanship of the highest order👌..oh and Ria’s favourite part, feeding the fish 😆


Battle Chef Brigade #2 | VIVE LA BRIGADE

Gina and Allison play Battle Chef Brigade, the game that’s part Monster Hunter, part Iron Chef, and all wonderful fun.  The kingdom of Victusia has a monster problem, and their solution are the Battle Chefs - combat-trained culinary artists who hunt down monsters and cook them up into 5☆ delicacies!

Watch from the beginning!


Parasite Eve: Day 1 - Resonance | The Leviathan


She’s fourteen the fuck do you mean she’s fourteen she’s a baby! A child! Why is her outfit like this she is a CHILD why does she have to have a backless dress like that?! She’s fourteen! Oh god and if she’s fourteen that means she wasn’t even born before Khur’ain’s legal system got fucked up and she’s been raised her entire life in Some Bullshit and no wonder she’s been nothing but mean and I think I’m legally obligated to adopt her now and rescue her from this hell country she’s fourteen


Montag auf Cräck (Vinyl only) by Waffensupermarkt
recorded at Crack Bellmer, Berlin (Germany)

Will disabiling play store app on Android really disables all of it's components and services?

I use Oneplus5 and the default ROM that came with it, I have disabled apps like Chrome, Duo, Google, play Music, Movies & TV, text to speech and youtube.

I am thinking about disabiling Play Store too and use yelp, I wanna ask will disabiling it remove all the play store services and components.

Please do not give me advice about flashing LineageOs or any other ROM.

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