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Date a gamer guy.


Poco a poco vamos regresando!!… todo el mundo falla alguna vez o muchas veces. Simplemente no hay que rendirse!!

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Opening This Week “Pride & Prejudice (sort of)” by FotoFling Scotland
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“Pride & Prejudice (sort of)” by Isobel McArthur after Jane Austen and Directred by Paul Brotherston at Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh 23rd Jan - 15th Feb 2020

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Envelope “It doesn’t hurt too much does it sweetie? Oh dear, I hope I didn’t tie you up too roughly.. God knows your skin is glorious.” for the yandere prompts with polnareff please?

here you go dear! <3 have some Knight!Polnareff uwu 

content warning: yandere!reader, kidnapping, drugging

oath to keep (Jean Pierre Polnareff) 

Polnareff would have done anything for you. You were his liege, the person he had been sworn to protect. But more than that, you were his savior. He still remembers that rainy day, when you had reached out to him, when you had offered him a kind smile and told him that he wasn’t broken, that he wasn’t useless, that he was still worthy. 

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‘Much behavior in public is not confined to specific tasks’: in public play, the common purpose is merely to be with and to experience other people as ends in themselves.
—  Lennard and Lennard 1984: 9 - The Ludic City
Activities which are not emotionally pleasurable to all participants are not playful. This is not to say that play events cannot inspire emotions such as fear, sadness, tension or boredom. In fact, play is significant in arousing and providing outlet for such feelings when they are otherwise lacking or diminished in everyday life. People enjoy exposing themselves to intense experience, so long as they can choose the limits of the intensity and consequentiality of their exposure. The origin of the word ‘play’ is in the Old English plegen, the meaning of which includes taking risks and exposing oneself to danger of injury or failure. Play includes the freedom to attempt something and to fail (Goodale and Godbey 1988). Taking risks adds strength and depth of people’s experience in the world.

The Ludic City

Play, as part of the ‘Dionysian side of existence – excess, intoxication, risks (even mortal risks) – has its own peculiar freedom and value’
—  Lefebvre 1991b: 178