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Truncated Octahedron Lamp - Hanging Ceiling Pendant

I made an lamp that can hang from ceilings. One of the original solids. Amazing what precision you can get w/ lasers

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Virgil had terrible seasonal allergies and he used to shut himself off in his room and sleep it all off for weeks on end. But now the others try to help him the best they can. Not much helps but they are there for him whenever he needs somebody to cuddle with and sleep.

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Fanfic title: All Three of Us Are Sinners

Patton hadn’t meant for this to happen. In fact, he still wasn’t quite sure what had happened. One day, he was following his normal routine, heading to work with Remy and talking excitedly about adopting a dog and maybe- in the future- a child of his own.

The next, he was on the run, three small children at his heels.

And sure, he still wasn’t sure what had happened, but he knew he had done the right thing. They needed someone. Virgil, with his ability to slip onto someone’s body as if it were his own. Roman, with his ability to become one with the wind itself. Logan, with his ability to predict the most positive outcome of a choice.

Patton was sure of three things:

1) The government feared them like no others.

2) That they had done something to earn that fear.

3) and that they deserved all the happiness in the world.

Fake title for a fake summary? :D

Okay but imagine Roman quietly humming something and Patton starts to sing to it his own lyrics and Roman joins in and because they are inside the same mind they sing this awesome duetto. Virgil joins in too, quietly, and Logan as well, and slowly it shifts to them singing about their personal problems (kinda like in the new video, but going a bit deeper) and at first Patton starts sniffing and Romans eyes are a bit wet and Virgil is shaking a bit and when Logan actually starts to cry, that opens the floodgates and suddenly you have four people sobbing and still trying to sing and they end up just cuddling and whispering soft ‘I love you’s to each other

Okay thanks that’s it you can continue scrolling

So I saw some Latino Roman and it made me think, how about Latino Patton? 

More specifically Brazilian Patton! And no I didn’t think about that just cuz I’m Brazilian shut up.

- So human AU were Patton is a Brazilian immigrant

- He moved to the USA to go to college (yes he’s a very smart cookie, a bit easy to distract but very smart cookie)

- Was planning to go back, but decided to stay after meeting his new family friends

- Will hug said friends every time he meets them, and will hug even more if they allow it

- Doesn’t really understand why Americans don’t hug others when meeting them, but will also not do so if the person is uncomfortable

- And honestly is much faster to enter and leave parties when you don’t have to hug everyone you know 

- Leaned how to cook because he wanted to eat pão de queijo and no one even knew what that was

- Is alway learning how to cook new things, specially traditional Brazilian food, and always make the others taste it

- 9 times out of 10 is delicious

- Doesn’t understand the pineapple on pizza discord cause he’s used to eat chocolate, coconut and banana pizza (yes all three of these are real flavors we eat, and it’s delicious)

- Is always joking and loves memes

- Has the habit to make jokes when everything is going terribly wrong

- Always making a reference to a meme no one knows

- Dad jokes in both Portuguese and English! (and yes that includes the infamous “é pavê ou pacomê?”)

- Doesn’t really watches soccer but goes crazy during the World Cup

- Is very patience when people ask him about his country

- Logan is not as patient, specially with questions he already knew before meeting Patton

- “Oh! Actually our capital is Brasilia!” “Unless you’re from 1959, then yes Rio is still the capital." 

- Mixes Portuguese and English all the time

- Was asked several times to translate something from Spanish, and had to patiently explained that he didn’t speak Spanish

- "But aren’t you Brazilian?” “Yeah! We don’t speak Spanish in Brazil.” “So…you speak Brazilian?” “Oh honey…”

- And because I love Latino Roman, the two Latino boys are teaching each other their languages

- It’s not long until Pat is saying “yo” instead of “I” and Roman is saying Brazilians slangs like “treta”

- When these two are alone talking is a crazy mix between Portuguese, Spanish and English, so heavens have mercy on the poor soul who tries to understand it

- When Virgil is having a bad day he’ll say “Cafuné!” before hugging Virge and running his fingers through his hair until he calms down

And that’s what I have for now! I may add to this later! And if you want to add something please feel free to!

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Who does Virgil go to for nightmares? ~ LAMP

I imagine it’ll depend on what kind of nightmare for which side. Like

If he wants to feel protected and cared for he goes to Roman

If he needs to cuddle and be hugged and reassured by somebody he goes to Patton

But when being touched is too much or he just needs somebody there with him but doesn’t want the overwhelming emotion that comes with the others he goes to Logan.

Now I imagine when he has nightmares about the others hating him again or something hurting all the sides they have a sleepover aka cuddle pile and all cuddle and hug him throughout the night, just to reassure him that they do indeed love him and that they are there for him no matter what~

~Send me asks about “Who does __” with a ship~


late comic for nerd boy logan’s birthday

(he loved all the cakes!! or at least pretended to, for their sake. virgil’s reasoning behind his… attempt was that logan wouldn’t care whether or not they made him a cake, and therefore didn’t put much effort into his. yeah he was definitely pretending to be bad at baking, because it’s funny, he can totally bake shut up roman)


Warnings: cursing, arguing, sympathetic deceit, unhappy ending

Pairings: Platonic Anxceit, platonic LAMP

Genre: Pure Angst

Summary: Virgil creates a villain of his friend.

Taglist: @stardustedsweaterlover @the-magicalpotato @eliz1325

Note: This is the longest fic I’ve ever written at 1456 words holy fuck.

Deceit paced the commons of the subconscious, twirling a hat around his pale finger. He wore the same outfit he always did; a dark green t-shirt that was a size too big and baggy blue jeans that covered most of his black sneakers.

Anxiety should’ve been back by now.

Deceit’s one and only friend, Anxiety, had recently been spending more and more time with- with them. The “Light” Sides, as they’d been called. Yet no matter how much time he’d been spending, he’d always be back by 6 p.m. on the dot.

It was 6:30.

Where was he?

Deceit was getting increasingly worried. Sure, a few minutes past six would’ve been odd, but not a cause for concern. A half hour was a different story.

He scratched absently at the scales on his arm and left hand, trying to think rationally about this.

When Anxiety finally returned, he was snickering slightly with a wide grin on his face, a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie in hand.

Deceit stopped in his tracks.

“Anxiety!” He exclaimed, shoulders slumping in relief. The dark side in question looked up from the cookie in hand, eyes landing on the shorter one.

“Hey Dee, what’s up?” He smiled and Deceit allowed himself to relax further, moving forward and  hugging Anxiety’s torso tightly.

“I was scared.” Deceit whispered. He had a bad habit of saying the truth and only the truth, whether it was a good idea or not. Lying made him uncomfortable and feel sick to his stomach.

“What? Why?” Anxiety moved away from the hug with a concerned look.

“You were gone for way longer than usual! 30 minutes, Anx!” Deceit exclaimed. Anxiety rolled his eyes slightly.

“30 minutes isn’t that long. I was-”

“-with the light sides.” Deceit interrupted, frowning and moving away. “Like always. You spend way too much time with them, Anx.”

“You’re not my mom or dad, Dee,"  Anxiety scowled, "you can’t control where I go, who I’m with, or how much time I spend with them.” He was getting fed up with Deceit’s constant questioning of where he was and how long he’d be there.

“I know, but you never spend time with me anymore.” Deceit frowned. He was trying not to seem selfish, clingy or possessive, but Anxiety was his only friend.

“Yeah, I do. Stop smothering me. I like hanging out with the light sides.” Anxiety defended, raising his voice a little.

“Then why don’t you just go hang out with the light sides 24/7?” Deceit scowled, also raising his voice. Anxiety was full on glaring down at Deceit, gaze cold. Over the past few weeks, their friendship has been strained, but Deceit never expected what happened in the next few moments to transpire before of that.

“You know what? Maybe I will. They can’t be any worse than you.” Anxiety spat, turning on his heel. Deceit’s mismatched eyes widened and he grabbed the other side’s wrist.

“A-Anxiety, wait…” the scaly side stuttered. “They think we’re villains, remember? They’ll never accept you!” he wasn’t sneering it. Instead, it seemed to come out rushed and frantically, as if he were terrified.

“You’re right. But at least most villains don’t naturally look the part.” Anxiety spat, pulling his arm away and stalking off angrily.

“A-Anx…” Deceit pulled his hand away and held it, scratching lightly at the patch of scales there as Anxiety left The Subconscious.

He stood there for a moment, then slowly turned and sulked to his small room.

| • | • | • | • |

Five years.

Deceit waited five fucking years.

But Anxiety hadn’t come back, no, not even stopped by.

So Deceit decided he’d have to come to him.

Ditching his usual outfit, Deceit recalled the last few words they’d said to each other.

If Virgil thought he looked like a villain then…well, he was in for a surprise.

Deceit grinned, showing off the fangs that had grown over the years.

Deception Sanders stepped out of The Subconscious. A small gasp was pulled from him at the immediate warmth, a significant difference from the cold, darkness of The Subconscious. He shrugged it off and fixing his gloves.

Deceit messed with his cape as he confidently strolled into the light side commons, where Creativity and Morality were watching Steven Universe on the floor. Logic was on the couch reading a book next to-

Deceit’s breath silently caught in his throat for a moment.

Anxiety was sitting next to them all, playing on his phone. Instead of his plain black outfit, he had a much more colorful one. Shades of purple and even some gray decorated the black hoodie. Along with his change of color scheme, Anxiety looked so much more relaxed and…happy than he had in The Subconscious.

All the “light” sides looked up at the click of heeled shoes on the floor and Anxiety nearly dropped his phone. Creativity stood immediately, drawing his Katana and pointing it at Deceit.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” he demanded. Deceit merely smiled coyly, arms behind his back.

“Dee…” Anxiety whispered. Deceit narrowed his eyes.

“I’m not sorry to disappoint, but that is very correct, Anxiety.” Deceit took his hat off and gave a bow, his cold gaze never wavering. “I am not Deceit.” Creativity looked confused. He lowered his sword slightly, looking over at Anxiety.

“Virgil? You know this…this person?” Deceit clenched his fists as he stood up straight, putting his hat back on. Virgil? Was that what he called himself now?

“Well… I’m not so sure.” Anxiety admitted, frowning over at Deceit. Deceit smiled dryly.

“Aw, I’m not hurt. You told them about me, Anx?” he asked mockingly, despite the sting he felt at that realization. Anxiety seemed uncomfortable.


Deceit’s old friend looked away. The snake faced side narrowed his eyes.

“What’s wrong, Virgil?” The name tasted foreign and bittersweet on his tongue, but Deceit ignored it the same way he ignored the sickening feeling he got every time he lied. “Not like what you found? You look comfortable.”

“Kiddos, how about we all calm down?” Morality spoke nervously as Creativity raised the sword again, pressing the sharp tip against Deceit’s chest.

“I agree with Patton,” Logic nodded, “we should all calm down and talk things out. Roman, put the sword down.”

Ugh. They all had names.

What? No, Deceit wasn’t jealous.

“But- Logan!"  Creativity exclaimed, pushing the sword harder against his chest. Deceit fought back a wince, instead snarling at the side.

"L, Pat, I know this guy.” Anxiety squinted at Deceit. “Princey, get him out of here.” he ordered. Deceit felt anger bubble in his chest but ignored it.

“Now, kiddo-” Morality tried, but Deceit dismissively waved his hand. Instantly, Morality unwillingly slapped a hand over his mouth. Anxiety’s eyes went wide, along with the others.

Deceit grinned. Of course even Anxiety would be surprised by that, he had never been able to do that before. Morality was panicking, trying to speak.

“Now that I don’t have your attention again, I wouldn’t like to let you know that I,” Deceit sweeped his mismatched eyes over the four light sides, “that I will not leave of my own accord.”

“Okay…” Anxiety said quietly, eyes never leaving Deceit’s hands. The dark side smirked.

“If you’d ever like to hear Morality speak again, I suggest not putting the Katana down.” Deceit threatened coldly. Creativity hesitated.

“…fine.” he gave in, lowering and sheathing the sword. “Now, let him speak, you fiend.” Deceit’s grin was dangerous and he was pretty sure his yellow eye was glowing.

“Well, I will not see you all again soon,” Deceit announced as he pressed his fingertips together, “especially not you, Anxiety.”

“Hey-” Creativity started but Logic quieted him. Anxiety just glowered at the lying side.

“Farewell.” Deceit said finally. With that, he turned on his heel, cape flaring up behind him, and strolled back to The Subconscious. Halfway down the hall, he waved his hand so Morality would be able to speak.

He paused, looking at a door that appeared next to him in the hall. It was gray with a ’D’ on it, so Deceit assumed that it was his. Keeping up his confident facade even though no one was watching, he opened the door and walked inside like he owned the place.

Deceit shut the door behind him, letting his shoulders slump and his smooth act to crumble. He closed his eyes, choosing to ignore the sounds of jokes and laughter coming from the commons nearby. Then, he opened them again and his expression hardened.

If Anxiety was going to act like he did nothing wrong, like he was a hero, like Deceit was the problem…

Well, every hero needed a villain.

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A sudden crash shattered the peaceful quietness of the mindscape within a second three sets of shoes echoed up the stairs and down the hallway leading towards the bedrooms, Roman’s bedroom, towards the sound. But when they saw a black and purple blob dart out the open door towards them it froze before colliding with them and whipped up it’s small head revealing his wide eyes. A harsh meow came from the cat but it sounded strangled like it was having troubles even doing that and they could see it shaking. Patton all but shrieked at the cuteness before them and scooped him up in his arms before Roman or Logan could protest against it. It dove into Pattons chest kneading and clawing his arms in franticness as Logan leaned forward curiously the cat froze as Logan got into its face, Logan raised up one eyebrow.


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Hear Me Out

Pairing: Platonic LAMP

Warnings: Hurt/Comfort (sorry it’s a fluffy ending I swear), food mention, detailed-ish panic attack(s)?, all caps yelling (of excitement that involve cookies), negative feelings, nightmares, cognitive distortions

Word Count: 2,261 words

Taglist: (Who’s she? Never heard of her.)

A/N: Wowww, this took so long. This gave me so many feels. Yeah, okay. Hope you enjoy the story!

Alright, onward with the story!

“AAAAAAAND that’s a wrap, people,” Roman shouted from in front of the television. Various sounds of glee escape the other sides’ mouths. Virgil rolls out his shoulders and relaxes a bit. Knowing that all of the filming is done calms him down. Just a bit.

“Would anybody like some water?” Patton asks as he walks to the fridge. 

“I suppose some oxidane would be satisfactory,” Virgil watches as Logan responds and simultaneously adjusts his tie. “I suggest the rest of you should have some, as well.” Ah, mother Logan has emerged. 

The anxious side sits down on the steps and pulls out his phone to check if any notifications piled up in the hours they had been recording.  

After checking out some art and relatable posts on Tumblr, Virgil hears a high pitched squeal coming from the kitchen.

“Uh, is everything Gucci, Pat?”


Virgil switches off his phone to see Thomas walk up to his morality. “Oh, shoot, yeah, I forgot about that.”

Another squeal came out of Patton, “It’s not expired yet. Who wants to help their old pop make cookies?” 

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So I don’t know why but I’ve been thinking a lot about parent AUs lately. I may be wrong but I don’t think that there is an Analogical parent AU out there so here’s my idea:

  • Virgil Marsh and Logan Berry are high school sweet hearts who have been inseparable since an Intro to Astronomy class they had together. They finally get married after the duo graduates college, but before Logan finishes his PhD to become a Geneticist. They combine their names so they’re the Berry-Marshes
  • After the stress of school and a job secured, Logan talks to Virgil about starting a family. They both agree to find a surrogate who is willing to go through two pregnancies since they each want to be a biological father too. 
  • Roman is the first born. The day after Virgil walked out of his crummy job and swore that he would always protect this loud baby, that had his lover’s eyes and stubbornness.
  • A few months after Roman’s third birthday his baby brother Patton is born. Logan holds the baby that reminds him of his husband’s (rarely seen to strangers) kind demeanor. How is this kid three hours old and already smiling brighter than the sun?
  • Little Roro disliked being a brother at first until he realized he had someone to play with all the time.
  • One day on what was supposed to be a normal check up with the doctor Patty had his hearing checked and the results weren’t great. The doctor informed his fathers that Patton may lose his hearing and they should consider cochlear implants to “correct the issue.” Logan said “if my son loses his hearing that isn’t an issue. D/deaf people exist just fine without hearing,”
  • Virgil grabbed his baby and decked the guy on the way out. The next day they went as a family to a community college to learn ASL together.
  • While Pat doesn’t have full hearing loss, he does chose to wear hearing aids, but some days instead of talking he’ll sign instead
  • Roman and Patton can get pretty much anything they ask for if they go to Logan and Virgil, respectively.
  • Logan is Papa (and Pop as the boys grow up) much to his dismay satisfaction and Virgil is Dad (and all its variations looking at you Roman)
  • Lo calls Virge Starlight and Virge will call him anything from asshat to pumpkin, but the most common pet name is love
  • Thursdays are mandatory date nights for the dads because Virge has learned over the years that if he does not force his man to relax, he would work even on his three day weekends. 
  • Logan Berry-Marsh you work four 12 hour days, when you come home the only genes you should care about are mine! Starlight, *please* don’t
  • Virgil gets feisty when he’s cooped up in the house all day long.
  • When the boys are both in middle school Virgil decides to go into the workforce again. He gets hired as a barista at a local coffee shop he would pop into almost every day and quickly moves up the ladder.
  • There’s eventual Roman x Remy and Patton x (sympathetic)Deceit (named Derek)  which coincidentally both start during high school too.
  • All of them are different types of disaster gays™   
  • I’m calling it Daddy Diaries even though it’s not done in a diary entry style whoops

Tagging @residentanchor because she said I could. Thanks Ma! 🍓

Roman taking the others Trick or Treating in the Imagination!

He’d design the neighborhood himself with all these careful details, including a street for each of the sides, tailored to their interests and preferences. Everyone is so excited about it, just having a fun night because there’s plenty for each of them to enjoy. They’d have a movie night afterwards, munching on their newly acquired candy and letting Roman pick what to watch as a thank you for making it happen - especially because for being so considerate of their preferences and comfort.

This got long, so I’ll put the details of what I think all their streets would be like under the cut;

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This was a bad idea, part 2!

Whaaaat? Me making a commitment and actually sticking to it??? ITS MORE LIKELY THEN YOU THINK

Words : 425 (again, sorry it’s short but I just tend to write better that way (

Summary : driving, Disney and ahh!


The four had been driving for about 2 hours now, virgil was quiet the entire time, he always seemed to disappear into his own little world whenever he put on his headphones.. Patton, on the other hand, did the complete opposite. With a bit of convincing and a lot of puppy eyes, logan handed over the aux cord to patton who, of course, was playing some Disney sing alongs, and Roman, being the Disney fanatic he is, just HAD TO sing along to every single one. Eventually, logan reached his breaking point of Romans singing, he unplugged Patton’s phone on the middle of let it go.

“LET IT GOOOOOO- HEY!” Roman didn’t enjoy being interrupted mid-song, he glared at logan

“if I do recall correctly, it’s my turn to choose the songs” Logan said as he hooked up his own phone.

“But your songs don’t even have lyrics! How do I sing along to them????”

“That is the point, Roman” Logan said as his classical music began to play

“UGHHHHHH” Roman said dramatically, slumping into his seat and pouting. Logan hummed along to the tune for a good five minutes before Patton spoke up.

“uh, hey Logan? “ He said

“yes Patton? “

“i gotta pee..”

Logan sighed “Patton, you’ll have to hold it until we get to remy’s house, we’re in the middle of nowhere right now”

“okay… how long until we get there?”

“thirty minutes “

After the 7-minute mark, Patton couldn’t take it anymore

“loooogan I have to gooooo”

“logan he has to go!” Ronan said, just to further bug Logan

“I know he was to go! There’s nowhere TO GO right now!!” Logan was about to lose it.

Virgil turned up the volume on his headphones, he regretted ever coming along.

Luckily Roman spotted a porta potty, so everything was good! At least , until virgil threw his headphones onto the car floor “FUCK” he exclaimed.

“language, what’s wrong kiddo? ?” Patton asked


“ha! Rip!” Roman said, which earned a pair of headphones thrown at him


“virgil, no throwing things! And don’t you think you’re overreacting just a teensy-weensy bit?”

“I wish I was dead “ Virgil said, slamming his head against the window.

“nooooooo, my boyyyyy” Patton reached over and patted vigils head. “shhhh, everything will be okay..” Virgil sniffled.

“it’s just a phone!” Roman said, a little annoyed that Virgil was getting attention over something so stupid.

“Roman, shush please” Patton said, Roman grumbled in response. He looked out the the window and immediately spotted a familiar house.

They’d arrived at Remy’s.


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Logan’s Birthday

Prompt from @thats-so-crash! It is decidedly not angsty. XP

Patton frowned at his calendar. It was two months until Virgil’s birthday and he’d encountered a problem.

Almost a year had passed since they’d started celebrating birthdays. Virgil had shyly admitted the anniversary of his first video had arrived and Patton had spent the rest of the day blowing up balloons and making cake and having Roman conjure gifts and asking Logan to wrap them.

Virgil had been thrilled with the “birthday” celebration. He’d “covertly” wormed his way into snuggling with all of them the whole day and had only picked on Roman three times, which was a win in Patton’s book.

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So I dreamed about the Sanders Sides...

Sharing this cause it was a (funny) mess

FunFact about me: When I think too much about something or Im excited for something, I dream about it, so, since the new video comes out today this doesnt surprise me.

What I remember about the dream:

Virgil (while crying and shaking) was telling the others that was sure that he was  cursed since everyone he had ever loved had died and was scared of the same happening to the others (Think I read a fic like that, were Virgil was a Fae???). Roman was oblivious in the background singing cheesy Disney songs and Deceit was trying to shut him up because “ROMAN PAY ATENTION THIS IS SERIOUS”. Logan was with Virgil trying to debunk his theory with cold hard logic “Curses don’t exist and in case they did this type of curses would be cast upon the worst of the worst and you are one of the best people I’ve ever known” Patton was hugging the crying Virgil and trying to tell him that this was okay, the curse was nonsense and that even if it were real, Virgil was worth it.

And then my alarm went off

This was a bad idea

Heyyy first fic! It’s a bit short because well.. I don’t really have an excuse… but oh well! Hope you enjoy!

Summary : Roman is a slow boy and McDonald’s

Words : 633


The tall nerd stood outside, tapping his foot on the ground and checking his watch. Like usual, he was waiting for sir late-a-lot

He sighed “That’s it, we’re leaving without him-”

“I’VE ARRIVED!” Shouted the familiar voice, a smile spread across his face.

“ROMAN!! I MISSED YOUUUU!!” Patton shouted, running up to Roman and giving him a hug.

“You were LITERALLY apart for four hours” Logan sighed

“It was a long four hours!” Roman protested with a smile, as the ever so cheery Patton laughed.

“Can you guys keep it down??” The purple haired emo said, who was leaning against patton’s minivan

“And good morning to you, sir sadness” Roman said with a cheeky grin.

Virgil rolled his eyes with a smile “where are your bags, prince dingus?”

Romans smile disappeared from his face as he looked behind him “Shit”

“Language“ Patton said, almost automatically.

“oh my god! Can you be any more irresponsible??” Logan said, clearly annoyed. This trip was really stressing him out

“Is that a challenge???” Roman asked jokingly

“Roman oH MY GOD “ Logan was about to go on a rant about responsibility, but Roman interrupted him

“Ten minutes!” Roman said, running up back into his apartment.

“Five!” Logan shouted back, he already regretted this..

The plan was for a week long road trip across the country. Each of the companions picked a place they’d like to visit on the way there. They’d been planning it for about a month now..Well, Logan had been planning for a month now, everyone else had forgotten until last night. Now that everyone was here, they just had to go pick up Remy, should be a breeze!

It took roman much longer then five minutes to grab his luggage, he dragged the two large suitcases behind him.

“Roman, I said five minutes” Logan was not impressed

“That was five minutes!” Roman protested

“That was twenty minutes!”

“Oh tomato tomato, four eyes” Roman was already shoving his stuff into the back of Patton’s minivan.

Logan muttered something under his breath, which got him a glare from patton.

“I call shotgun!” Roman shouted after he put all his bags in the back. He ran to the front seat, hoping to beat Virgil to it. You could imagine the disappointment he felt when he opened the door to find the small emo, who’d already claimed the front seat.

“Hey” virgil said with a smirk

“You sneaky little bastard…”

“I won fair and square, prince diddle-daddle”


“Language!” Patton said, peering over the seats from the back.

Logan opened the door and got into the driver’s seat

“Go sit with patton” Virgil said with a smirk

Roman grumbled, he knew he had been defeated. He stomped to the back door and sat beside patton.

“You’re acting like a child” Logan sighed. Roman stuck his tongue out at logan, and virgil flipped the pouty prince off.

“Hey I have an idea! How about we go get some snacks??” Patton said, trying to lighten the mood. The mention of food immediately cheered Roman up.

“fine, but I expect healthy choices from all of you”

“McDonald’s! McDonald’s! McDonald’s!” Roman and patton chanted. Virgil put on his headphones, this was gonna be a LONG week.

In order to get Roman and Patton to shut up, Logan pulled into the McDonald’s drive-thru.

“alright what do you want?”

“happy meal!” Patton said with a cheer

“ummmmm…. CHICKEN FINGYS” Roman shouted

“my father back” Virgil said, not looking up from his phone

“calm yourself, edgelord” Roman said, flicking Virgil’s head, which earned him a slap.

“I WILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND “ Logan snapped, looking back at Roman and virgil

“sorry, mom” Roman and virgil said in sync, which earned a laugh from Patton.

“umm…can I take your order?” The drive through lady asked.

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Imagine: someone threatens to hurt one of the Sides. Patton just tilts his head and smiles. His eyes and grin are full of an ice that no one’s ever seen before. He just smiles and says, in a tone sharper than Roman’s sword, “I wouldn’t follow through with that, if I were you.”

“You won’t be able to fight. You won’t be able to run. You won’t be able to beat us. You’ll fail, little shadowling, and then you’ll belong to us.” 

It made sense that they’d come for Virgil first. The anxious side was fiercely loyal to the others, and protective to the point of death, but that was not enough to protect himself. He did not just carry Thomas’s fight or flight instincts, but all his self worth issues as well, meaning that while Virgil would go to the moon and back for the others, he’d be mostly helpless to protect himself. 

They knew this, so it was Virgil they threatened first, not his family, when they made their appearance at last. Roman’s sword was out of its sheath and Logan’s fists were clenched at his sides, but they merely smiled in amusement. They knew they could take the others. They knew that Virgil was the only one who stood as a threat against them. They knew that by pretending to be there only for him, they’d overtake them all. 

Or they thought they knew. 

Even as Virgil seemed to shrink into his hoodie in an attempt to escape their jeers and threats, a voice behind him, harsh and clear and cold as ice, cut through the air with a frightening precision. 

“What. Did you say. To my son?” 

Patton stepped forward, a smile on his face and a glint in his eye that made Roman’s sword lower a few inches and Logan take a step back. 

They shifted, uncertain in the face of this new challenge. They knew they could beat Logan. They knew they could beat Roman. They thought they could beat Patton. But this was not the bubbly, overly excitable, emotional side they had studied. This was emotion at its rawest, cold fury, burning resentment, and a intense love they had never seen manifested before, all swirling behind Patton’s eyes as he took another step towards them, and they suddenly thought that perhaps coming here to this part of the mindscape had been a mistake. 

“If I were you,” Patton continued slowly, his voice never wavering, smile never faltering. “I wouldn’t follow through with that. If I were you, I’d leave now, and never come anywhere close this family ever again.” 

He didn’t once raise his voice, didn’t once make any move that suggested he was about to attack, but at his words they retreated, tripping over themselves as they scurried back to their place in the mind. They saw now their mistake. 

They had assumed Virgil to be the most powerful, for what was a more powerful motivator than fear? But they had been prepared for fear, had known how to turn its motivating power into something paralyzing. But fear was not the strongest they had to face, and this new thing that they had witnessed, they had no idea how to fight.

Patton wrapped his arms around Virgil protectively, all the fire gone from his eyes, and after a stunned moment of silence Roman and Logan joined them, the four of them taking comfort in one another’s presence after the ordeal. 

The only thing more motivating, more devastating and insurmountable than fear, was the fierce, fervent love that Patton kept burning deep within Thomas’s heart, and they knew even now that they would never be strong enough to fight against that. 

Fire Meet Gasoline (Part One)

Summary: Hospital!AU. It’s Family Day at Sanders-Stokes Memorial and Patton’s parents are in town…and they want to meet Virgil. Meanwhile, Roman and Logan have their first couple’s therapy session.

Warnings: discussion of medical procedures, mention of past gun violence, mention of past addiction and drug use, past eating disorder mention, anxiety, nausea mention, some swearing

Pairings: QPP Moxiety and Romantic Logince

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Notes: I can’t stay away from this ‘verse! I feel like I’m writing too much in it but it’s all I’m inspired for lately. This definitely isn’t as heavy as the last series so enjoy a breath of fresh air! Also, peep those resourced Cartoon Therapy characters!

Despite his penchant for ice cream, his occasionally childish ways, and eternal love of cartoons, Dr. Patton Parker was an adult, thank you very much. He enjoyed alcohol. He could change a flat tire, make a mean spinach omelet, hold a detailed conversation about politics, and suture a mitral valve defect in utero faster than anyone he knew.

That did not stop him from jumping joyously into his parents’ arms when they arrived knocking on his office door.

“MOM! DAD!” His shout drew the attention of the entire nurses’ station, one of them spilling their coffee. Patton gasped, hands immediately flying to his face. “Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you!” The nurse nodded and waved, still looking rather pleasant for someone who just lost their source of energy.

“You must be well-liked around here. Spilled coffee in my office is practically an HR offense,” his dad joked, patting his son on the shoulder. “Yeah, you could say that,” was the stammered response, a blush quickly spreading across his face. The three shared a quick chuckle before Dot, Patton’s mom, swooped in to fuss over him.

“Oh sweetie, come here, let me look you over. Oh, you look so tired, are you sleeping? And what have you done with your hair? You’re practically bald on one side!”

“It’s called a side cut for a reason, Mom. Virgil and I got it together. You should see his; it was bright purple before he started growing it out. Department head and all, he’s going for a more professional look.”

“Oh right, he did get that promotion! Oh, we’re so proud of him, son,” Larry, Patton’s father chimed in. “Can we sit?”

“Sure!”the fetal surgeon beamed, closing the door behind him. “Oh, I’m so happy you’re both here! I needed to see you, more than I realized.”

“I can only imagine. We were so worried when you told us about what happened with that awful shooting. Oh honey, are you all right? That must have been horrible to go through, do tell us if you’re all right?” Dot brought both hands up to his face, fretting over the worry lines around his mouth and eyes. “You look so tired. Are you sleeping? Are you eating?”

“Dot, don’t overwhelm the boy. He’s a Parker! Therefore he’s strong. Right, son?” Larry eyed him with a soul-searching gaze.

“But you can tell us if you’re not! You don’t have to be all right for us if you’re not, sweetie.”

“He’s fine, darling, you don’t need to fuss over him.” They bickered back and forth momentarily while Patton briefly closed his eyes, blocking out their chatter. This is why I could never tell them about my depression, he thought to himself. Their extremes made it difficult to confide in them; Dot with her incessant worrying and Larry with his stubborn insistence that Parkers never ever got overwhelmed. Patton was grateful, of course. They were wonderful parents.

They just were a bit…much at times.

“I’m fine, you guys. Really, Virgil and I are both good. You don’t need to worry, Mom, we’re good.” Patton’s trademark smile spread across his face. His heart rate began to slow once Dot finally calmed down, leaned back, and rested her hands in her lap. “Okay, sweetie, I believe you. Speaking of Virgil, though…could we possibly…meet him?”

Patton could barely stop his jaw from dropping. “You…you want to meet him? Really?”

“Of course! We were so excited when you told us you’d found someone who was accepting of your sexual orientation. I mean, aside from us, of course,” Dot clarified, grabbing Patton’s hands in hers. Patton fought the urge to roll his at the memory of his mother’s reaction to his coming out as asexual. The next day, she proceeded to throw an all out ace themed dinner party, complete with napkins, paper plates, and a tablecloth with– you guessed it – aces of all suits printed all over them.

“I had to buy out their whole stock to have enough to pull out just the ones with aces on them!” He clearly remembered her bright tone and elated expression as she held up the discarded napkins to punctuate her point. He could also vividly recall the way his father stood back, a silently fuming dichotomy to her cheerfulness. They had ended up fighting that night after Patton “went to bed” over Dot’s overindulgence.

It’s actually not a great memory for Patton. The grounded, calm, accepting conversation they had as a family three days later about his future as a member of the LGBT community was all he really needed.

Dot’s voice brought him back to reality. “Knowing that someone loves my son for who he is makes us over the moon with joy. Of course I want to know who that person is.”

“Only if he wants to,” Larry added, “…but we really hope he does.” Patton observed how his dad was practically vibrating with anticipation.​ He smiled again, simultaneously thanking the universe for his accepting parents and praying that this wouldn’t end up in another ace decorated disaster.

“As long as he’s okay with it…of course you can meet him. But I have to check with him first, you know? It’s a big step, I just want to make sure he’s ready.”

“Oh, my thoughtful, caring son. Of course, we’re in town for the whole weekend so you just let us know!” Dot exclaimed. “Come on, honey, we’ve gotta go check in to the hotel before 11!” Larry chided sternly, grasping his wife’s hand and leading her out gently. She turned to face Patton and walked backwards out of the room, talking the whole time. “Call us later, sweetie! We’ll do dinner after we watch your surgery! Oh, I can’t wait to see you in action!” As he tried to rush them out of the office, Larry ended up slamming directly into another nurse who had yet another coffee hit the ground. “Oh no, I am so, so sorry! But hey, like father, like son, am I right?” Larry attempted to elicit a chuckle out of her but the nurse just glared at him, her chocolate eyes dark pools of irritation. Patton was on his feet in a flash, grabbing a stray surgical towel from his cabinet to help clean up the mess. “I am so sorry,” he whispered.

“Dot, come on. We need to get out here before we start barreling over patients,” Larry grumbled, his face red with embarrassment. “Bye, sweetie!” Dot called out over her shoulder, while being practically dragged by her husband.

“That your parents? They seem so opposite,” the nurse mumbled, blowing her wiry curls out of her face. Patton looked up and nodded. “Yep, that’s them. They’re a crazy pair, for sure.”

“Must be overwhelming to have them around.” She sat back and watched Patton watching his parents sprinting down the hall.

“Yes, it is. And I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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