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Truncated Octahedron Lamp - Hanging Ceiling Pendant

I made an lamp that can hang from ceilings. One of the original solids. Amazing what precision you can get w/ lasers

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  • Logan: ...Patton? Why are you wearing a banana suit?
  • Patton: *pulls out a banana, peels it, takes a bite*
  • Roman and Virgil, gasping: Canabananalism
  • Logan: What is WRONG with you people!?

“What do you say?”

A/N: So uuhhhh happy (really really late) valentine’s day everyone!! I am so sorry this is so late I wrote this but didn’t have time to edit it and blah blah blah. This is sorta a vent fic and it felt sorta good to express these feelings out. Idk this is properly shit but here ya go take it! 

summary: It’s Valentines Day, a day that Virgil always hated and always wishes the day never existed in the first place. This year, however, he really really wished it never existed, he wished he could just disappear for the entire day. After going through a rough breakup just a few weeks earlier he is still picking up his pieces, luckily his best friend is there to help him through this day and to spend some company with him. And Virgil thought it was the best time as any to ask a question that’s been lingering in his head for quite some time. 

WC: 2,376

ships: QueerPlatonic Analogical, Romantic Royality, Platonic LAMP 

warnings: Mentions of breakups, Mentions of Crying, Mentions of Anxiety, touch starved 

Tag List: @punsterterry @stormcrawler75 @frostedlover @mutechild  @mycatshuman @panicattheeverywhere15 @thewinterbookqueen @analogical-mess

It was Virgil’s least favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day. Normally he hates this holiday for the reason being it was simply a stupid holiday. It put way to much stupid pressure on single people to get a partner. Or if they already had a partner it put pressure on both of them to do something romantic. And it made single people who weren’t able to get a partner, feel like shit aka him every year.

Normally he was fine with this. He didn’t care. He just sat in his room and waited for the day to be over with and move on. But this year… This year he felt extra shitty.

Just a few weeks ago he had broken off with his boyfriend, a boyfriend who cheated on him.

The guy didn’t even have the decency to actually admit that he was cheating when Virgil found out. Actually, he didn’t even talk to him at all about it, simply ignoring him every time Virgil tried to speak to him about it. But not like any of that mattered, it was done it was over it was in the past now.

But still this year, instead of feeling the normal shittiness that came with this holiday, he felt like he was getting slapped in the face.

He couldn’t even go anywhere online without seeing about it. Everywhere he went all he saw was hearts and red and love and he felt like he wanted to cry and bury himself in piles upon piles of blankets for the day.

It didn’t help that he had to go to the store that day, having forgotten to get something the previous day, and he had to get it he couldn’t wiggle his way out of this one. Of course, the moment he stepped into the place he was bombarded with red and love and he felt like he wanted to cry right there. But instead, he took a deep breath buried his face more in his hoodie and tried to hurry as fast as he could. What made matters even worse was that there was a long line and not enough workers to help the cashiers. Just great. So he had to put up with people holding flowers, holding chocolates, or being with their partners and holding hands… This day couldn’t go by quicker.

When he finally left he shuttered out a shaky breath as he made his way towards his car. Really the only good thing about today was the fact that it was pouring, he always liked the rain. It made everything feel like a dream, tranquil he guessed he could say. It always made him calmer, and honestly, right now it feels like the rain was the only thing keeping him together.

Once he finally got in the car he practically threw his things on the passenger side and almost started crying right then and there. His chest hurt, his eyes were stinging. But no he had to get home to cry. So forcefully he sighed and dug out his keys wiping his eyes with a wet sleeve.

It didn’t take long for him to arrive at the door to his shared apartment. When he arrived he saw the lights were off in the living room and quickly he took off his wet jacket and placed his things in the kitchen. Luckily there were only a few things that needed refrigerated everything else he could put away later, more like tomorrow if he could.

Just as he was going to grab a snack and some tissues a sudden voice behind him made him jump so badly he smacked his knee into the cabinet.

“Salutations, Virgil.”

“Jesus! Lo, don’t scare me like that!”

He turned around to be greeted with one of his roommates, his hair was slicked back as always but in his hand were some chocolates. Ah yes, he knew early on Logan had a certain sweet tooth. Something that was interesting though was the fact that he was in his unicorn onesie. Normally he doesn’t wear that out in the open like this, he’s caught Logan wearing it in his room countless amount of times but never out here. He wondered why that was.

Logan seemed to have noticed him staring as he signed and reached up for his glasses, “I am sorry for scaring you, Virgil. I thought I made enough noise coming down the hall. My bad. I can tell your wondering why I’m wearing my onesie and the answer is well… I thought I would be alone today. I admit you startled me a bit hearing you come in.”

“It’s fine… Really? You’re not going out with Pat or Ro?”

“It’s Valentine’s Day Virgil do I need to say more?”

“Ah… You’ve got a point there.” He grabbed his snack as he mumbled. Yeah, when it comes to Valentine’s Day Roman and Patton can get…overboard on their romance. Which that reminded him that’s why Logan was alone today, he didn’t like romance, did he? When Logan told him he was Asexual when they first became roommates it didn’t matter to him at all. But oh when Roman found out he looked like he was told Disney was canceled forever. He kept shouting that how could somebody hate romance, how could somebody just be fine with never kissing another, blah blah blah.

Let’s just say… That day they all found out to never piss off Patton. After Patton dragged Roman out for a walk for a bit when they came back Roman apologize profusely. It was a bit hard for him to understand but he promised he would try, that was enough for Logan he guessed.

It was a bit awkward around here when Roman and Patton first started dating with their constant flirting at first. Logan during that time hid away in his room and when they had to pry him out he was constantly uncomfortable they all could tell but they couldn’t get a word out of him to see what’s wrong. That was until Virgil walked in one day to find Logan crying in his pillow mumbling something about being broken and always being alone, unlovable.

It took a while but Virgil finally talked to him about it. That all the constant flirting and the romance was the thing that was making him uncomfortable. He never liked any form of romance at all always being disgusted by it. But being reminded of it all the time made all his insecurities came bubbling up to the surface. And it had made sense to Virgil. He only thought Logan just didn’t want sex, but no he was disgusted by any forms of romantic endeavors which made sense as he always hated romance movies-

“Virgil? You okay?”

“Huh what? Sorry…”

“It’s okay. Why are you getting tissues?”

He glanced down to the box in his hand and quickly made an excuse, “Oh, well I’m about to watch a movie that I’ve heard is sad. Better be prepared right?”

And he could tell Logan didn’t buy into that at all for he raised his eyebrow and looked from the box back to Virgil’s eyes, “Really? Cause I can tell you’re about to cry right now.”

“W-What? No, I’m not-”

“You’ve been acting off all day since you’ve woken up. You’re quieter than normal. Your shoulders are more slouched then normal. I can tell even right now your eyes are glassy.”

Virgil chuckled lightly setting down the box and his snack on the counter, his eyes grew misty again, “Nothing gets by you doesn’t it?”

“It’s about Dolion again isn’t it?”

“Yeah… It’s just…seeing all this stupid romance everywhere is..getting to me…” He wiped his eyes, “But I’m sure you don’t want to listen to it so I’ll get out of your hair and-” He was moving to get out of the kitchen but stopped when a hand grabbed his wrist.

“I may not understand what you’re going through, Virgil. But I would advise being alone at your current mental state as it is unhealthy.”

Virgil looked over his shoulder and smiled faintly if wetly, “What do you suggest then? Oh, master.” Okay, that came out way sharper then he wanted it to.

Logan flinched a bit but still kept his grip on Virgil’s wrist, “Well… I wasn’t doing anything. Well, I was reading but I would imagine you don’t want to read right now so…” He grew silent for a moment to think then looked up again, “We could watch some movies? Or do puzzles if you don’t want to do that? Or-”

“Logan… Movies sound great.”

“O-Oh okay than. I can make popcorn?”

“Yeah… I’ll pick a movie.”

Within the next ten minutes, they were on the couch watching non-romance movies, movies that Patton had up on the shelf in case they wanted a sudden movie night. There was a bowl of popcorn in the middle of them as the sat on opposite sides of the couch. Silence engulfed the room but still, Virgil’s mind won’t relax, though he figured this was better than crying his eyes out right?

There was something he wanted to tell Logan, something that he’s actually been wanted to say for quite some time now even before he broke it off with Dolion but has never had the right time to say it. But he thought maybe now was a good time as ever? He missed the feeling of fingers through his hair. He missed cuddling with somebody in bed. He missed having that feeling of being taken care of and vise versa. He missed the feeling of…being a part of somebody’s life.

But how could he word this? It wasn’t a romantic relationship so he couldn’t just blurt out that he loves him cause that just wasn’t right. But what else could he stay instead? That he loves him platonically? No Logan would take that the wrong way he knows he will-

“Virgil? I can tell you’re anxious what’s wrong?”

Virgil’s eyes looked up to see that Logan was looking at him with concern and the movie was paused. He chewed his lip, certainly, Logan would know about this right? But what if he doesn’t want this? Well, then it’s not like it’s romance right? They would just go on as normal. Huh…

“Lo… Um… Have… Have you ever heard of queerplatonic relationships?”

There was silence and he blinked Logan’s head tilted as he thought for a moment, Virgil could tell he was thinking by the fact his eyes would always drift off for a moment as if he was in his own little world.

“Why yes, I have. I stumbled upon that term a few times when I first discovered Asexuality. Why do you ask?”

“Would… Would you like…to be in one…with me?” He chewed his lip as he waited.

“Hm… I’ve never thought of being in one. I must admit before meeting you I’ve never thought of participating in one, though it is one of the only relationships I can partake in other than the generalized friendship. But if I’m being honest here Virgil I won’t mind trying that out with you.”

His eyes shot wide as a small smile danced on his lips, “Really?”

“Yes. In fact, I always thought of you as a close friend, closer than most friends I’ve had before. And I’ve been meaning to try it out for a while now. At first, I was thinking of asking Patton if he wanted to partake in it but after your recent breakup, I felt like you needed somebody in your life that is going to be there with you. But, I admit, I wasn’t sure if you wanted it since you’ve never seemed interested in it. So yes, Virgil, I would happily be interested in being in a queerplatonic relationship with you.”

Virgil felt the nervous feelings drift away as he took a shaky breath. Just a little he already felt less alone, less like he was drifting in the wind awaiting his anchor that he wasn’t sure if it will ever come. Logan offered one of his rare genuine smiles and Virgil couldn’t resist but to smile back.

“Uh… I… I’m glad you are… But I…”

“You want to cuddle don’t you?”

His cheeks grew red, “I mean… Only if you want to I don’t want to-”

“Virgil it’s fine. I’ve known your touch-starved and since you don’t have anybody else to do it for you I’ll be happy to help. After all,” He smiled a bit more and took the bowl that was blocking them, “Isn’t that what QPR partners do?”

Once again Virgil smiled and chuckled, “You really are quite observant aren’t you?”

Logan shrugged, “I pick up a few things here and there. Come here,” He opened his arms invitationally and Virgil gulped as he slowly and softly picked himself off his seat and itched his way forward. He was still nervous about this, was Logan lying the entire time? Was this just pity? But no when he got closer he could see a faint twinkle in Logan’s eyes, one that he only sees when he’s excited or talking about space. No this was genuine…

He snaked his way into Logan’s chest and shivered as the older male placed his arms around him. Virgil didn’t even notice when he started up the movie again, all he could focus on was the warmth that Logan let off. He really was warm…and comfy… Dare he say it comfier then Patton’s hugs?

Before Virgil knew it his eyes were getting heavier and heavier until he knew he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes open any longer. But still, he tried to fight it. That was until he felt Logan’s fingers play with his hair, scrapping along his scalp and his neck. And that did it, within moments he let the ever kindness of sleep engulf him.

Sure when he wakes up they will need to have a talk about boundaries. Sure they will really need to discuss a lot of things really but for right now they were happy right where they are. And sure they don’t have romantic partners this Valentine’s Day but they didn’t mind that fact one bit.

Are They Right?

Note: I made this because I was very frustrated at everyone, so here’s the result of angry and sad me writing a human au.

Genre: Angst with a happy ending

Pairing: Platonic LAMP

Warnings: Self depreciation, crying, yelling, being doubted, anxiety attack. (Please tell me if I missed something)

Word count: 1369

Summary: For some reason Patton can’t really do things like everyone else do. He never understood why he couldn’t focus or why talked so much. Until the day he finds out an answer that made sense. Too bad some of his friends don’t agree with him.

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38 - why can’t you appreciate my sense of humor?

Roman and Virgil were… interesting. They fought a lot, but in a playful way. There were days where Virgil just wasn’t having it. Roman tried so hard, but he just wasn’t funny.

When that happened, he changed from laughing at stupid things to laughing at Logan. Lo didn’t mind, he found it pretty interesting when Roman had run out of humor.

“Why can’t appreciate my sense of humor?” He cried at Virgil.

“I don’t know, Princey,” he smirked. “You’re just bot funny anymore.”

Roman exaggerated his frown and sulked on the couch. Patton handed him cookies while Logan and Virgil snickered among themselves.

Soon enough, the four of them were in the couch watching Disney for the rest of the day.

sanders-trash-4ever  asked:

If you’re still doing the angst prompts, would “don’t come any closer” and “you don’t have to be scared anymore” be ok? Please don’t feel like obligated to write this.

Forgive me, Virgil! It’s been so long since you requested this but I’ve been working on it and I finally finished it! I hope you like it!

Patton walked through the Dark Side with Deceit beside him. “Everything’s looking pretty good, Dee!” Patton chirped, though not with his usual gusto. Deceit rolled his eyes and let out an annoyed sigh. He muttered something under his breath but didn’t outright speak against the Moral Side. He probably knew that Patton wouldn’t put up with it in the mood he was in right now.

Patton looked down at the checklist Logan had given him before he left the Light Side. It was his turn to do a look around the Dark Side and see if everything was going as it should be. It was also Patton’s turn to see if the Dark Sides were planning anything against the Light Sides.

From what he had seen so far, all looked good. Deceit certainly wasn’t happy to see him, he never was, but he had shown Patton through the Dark Side like he always did and reported that all of the Dark Sides were doing their jobs as they should be.

Normally, Patton didn’t mind checking on the Dark Sides. None of them were bad Sides. They all wanted the best for Thomas. The Dark Sides just had strange and wrong ideas on how to help him.

But, after what had happened, Patton hadn’t even wanted to leave his room.

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They’re having a sleepover.

Logan is in the process of popping the tab on his fourth can of Pepsi Roman declared he lost respect for the guy the second he mentioned he preferred to Pepsi to Coke. Logan rolled his eyes and ignored himwhile Virgil and Patton make popcorn and Roman sets up Finding Nemo. Virgil pokes his head back into the living room, announcing, “The cinnamon and chocolate chip popcorns are done. Princey, your hellhole of a preferred snack’ll be out in a minute.”

Roman puffs up pompously, turning around from the DVD player to shoot back, “My taste in popcorn toppings is marvelous, Dan Scowell; you just wouldn’t know good taste if it bit you in the behind!”

Virgil, chuckling, retreats into the kitchen at that – just as Patton sticks his upper body out the doorway to innocently inquire, “Wait, Ro. Speaking of, kiddo, didn’t you use to have the biggest crush on Dan Howell?”, to which Roman’s entire being goes red, and the distant crash coming from the kitchen indicates that Virgil, suddenly finding himself rather distracted, has dropped the popcorn.

(”Nice one,” Logan murmurs to Patton a little later as he settles in next to him to view the film. Patton shoots him an innocent smile in response, but Logan knows better than to believe it, and bursts out laughing.)

(Life is good.)

edit: lmao realized i should probably put my taglist aha

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“im gonna get back to it before christmas” lmao yeah no my life kinda fell apart some more around christmas time and then shit just kept getting worse so i didn’t feel like starting this blog up again rip im sorry 🙃 i promise i will actually get back to it in the near future. just can’t set an exact time frame bc i’ll just disappoint myself and probably ya’ll lol sooo yeah. i’ll be back when im back i guess -oliver

Cracking Mask

The previous and next chapters will be linked in a reblog

AN: I’m so so sorry for long this took! Also since I’ve been working on this for a long time this chapter happens after Learning New Things About Ourselves

Tag list: @la-fandom-freak  @slothicity @glitz-glam-and-angst @theneonspacedemon

Part: 3-??(at this point your guess is as good as mine)

Genre: Angst with a happy ending 

Pairing: Platonic LAMP/CALM, focused on Royality on this chapter 

Warnings: Crying, self-hate, self-esteem issues, negative thoughts, anxiety attack, food, talking about self mutilation, spoilers for the movie Coraline (Let me know if I missed something)

Word count: 2594

Summary: After a video like that it was really only a matter of time for Roman to break. Luckily he was all alone when that happened. The first time.

He was back at his room. Finally. Roman closes and locks his door before laying down on his bed. With a snap of fingers his usual outfit was replaced by a Cinderella themed pajama. The prince takes a deep breath before thinking and rethinking about what happened today. It was a just another video. It was supposed to be just be another video. 

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Hi! Could I request Patton angst, platonic LAMP with #20?

20.) “You look like hell.”

It’s ten, when Patton gets back to the apartment. Virgil and Roman are at the kitchen table, going over a piece of psychology homework with Logan, but Roman looks up when the door closes. “Pat, hey! How was the movie?”

Patton hums noncommitally, facing the wall to hang up his coat. “We, uh… we didn’t go to the movies, actually.”

Logan looks up now, too. “Oh?”

Patton sniffles, and Logan sees him brace his shoulders before he turns around. His eyes are red, and there’s a long, thin scratch down the side of his face.

This might be fine if he’d been playing with a cat, but for someone getting home from a first date, it’s not ideal.

“Patton,” Virgil says slowly, “No offense, but you look like hell.”

Patton sniffles again and forces a weak smile. “So, as it turns out, his ex was… not a great person? And she, um, kind of freaked out when she saw him with someone else, so she attacked him! With a plastic knife, in the parking lot! And I tried to stop her, and she, um…” He rubs his hand under his eyes and sighs, breath catching. “So he drove me back here, and that was it! That was the date!”

Patton smiles again, and breaks into a sob.

Roman pushes out from the table and scoops him off his feet in one long, fluid motion. “My dear sir, you have been robbed of an evening!” He maneuvers Patton until he’s holding him bridal style. “That can’t stand, can it?”

Patton lays his face against Roman’s chest. Roman frowns sympathetically. “Okay, brains are cancelled tonight. We’re putting on a movie.”

“Oh, thank god,” Logan murmurs, closing the textbook. “Finally, something mindless.”

Virgil gasps from his side. “Was that a pun?”

“No- no-!”

“Hey, Pat, Logan made a pun!”

Patton’s thin laughter echoes from the living room.

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Hey uuuuum I looking for those series of fics where Patton’s a slythrin and Roman’s a ravenclaw and Virgils a hufflepuff and Logans a Gryffindor (I think?) if anyone knows where they are please hit me up, I need some good old fluff

He Ro: A Sanders Sides She Ra Fic

It’s a little project I’ve been working on for the past couple weeks, I’m almost into the editing stage so I figured I should post a teaser so people can hold me up to finishing it to get it out there in hopes it’s actually seen!

Basically it’s as if the sides were the main characters in She Ra, I’m only planning to write the first two episodes (maybe the third too, I have to rewatch that episode first to see if it holds some good stuff for it) since I don’t think I could write all 13 episodes.

The Cast Includes

  • Virgil, as Adora/He Ro
  • Roman as Glimmer
  • Patton as Bow
  • Logan as Catra
  • Also maybe Deciet as Scorpia but I don’t know I’m still iffy on Deciet he wouldn’t appear in the first few episodes anyway

It is also a shipless story

If you wanna know anything about it, please ask! I really wanna talk about it.

So help me, I’m not moving from this spot

Fandom: Thomas Sanders, Sanders Sides

Pairings: queer platonic LAMP

Summary: Virgil has the day off from work and chooses to spend it in true Virgil style.

Notes: I just wanted to write some qpr/qpp stuff. If you don’t know, qpr stands for queer platonic relationship, qpp is queer platonic partner. While sharing some qualities, it’s not a romantic relationship, but it’s more than just being defined as friends.

AO3 Link

           Roman came home to find Virgil lying on a pallet in the living room. As far as pallets go, this one was rather excessive. In place of where their coffee table usually sat in front of their couch, it seemed as though Virgil had taken all of the blankets and pillows in the house and made a nest for himself.

           “You’re left to your own devices for a few hours and this is what I come home to?” Roman asked, brow raised comically high.

           Virgil didn’t show an ounce of embarrassment, remaining in his relaxed position leaned back against a pile of pillows. He was dressed casually in his favorite hoodie and sweatpants. A bag of potato chips laid on his stomach. He lazily pulled a chip out while scrolling on his phone.

           “It’s my day off,” Virgil explained.

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pawtonsanders  asked:

Fic prompt for Patton: "Let's be honest. Nobody around here really needs me.."

oof. that took a long time my bad babe. i hope you like it!!!

Patton was having one of his bad days. Not like anyone really noticed the difference between Patton’s Bad Days and Patton’s Good Days. nothing on the outside really changes he just felt bad. Maybe he was having one of his worst days. The kind of day where it took everything in him just to get out of bed and make breakfast for his kiddos. Which he did, it just took a lot. Not like his kiddos really cared. Logan would eat in silence and excuse himself. Roman would find something to complain about and Virgil likely wouldn’t even show up. But still, Patton dragged himself out of bed and pulled on his khakis and a blue polo. Even still he held his shoulders back and practiced his smile in the mirror. He told himself it had to be perfect, because if it wasn’t perfect then someone would see the pain behind his eyes. He told himself this.. But he knew no one would see regardless.

He fixed his glasses and triple checked his smile and walked out of his room into the harsh chill of reality.

The kitchen was always Patton’s favorite place outside of his room. It was warm and even this early in the morning, even when it was empty save for him, it still felt so full of love. This was the room they all spent a lot of time in and it could be felt in the walls. But even the warmth of this room couldn’t touch him.

He began to make pancakes on autopilot, trusting his hands with the recipe that he’s perfected. He moved like a robot. Unsmiling, unseeing, unfeeling to the point that he’s miscounted and accidentally made twice as many pancakes as he usually did. And he usually made too many. He sighed and set the two platters full of pancakes in the middle of the table where he was surprised to see Logan already sitting there sipping his coffee.  

“Oh! Good morning Kiddo!” Patton said cheerfully. Empty, fake.

“We’ve already said good morning Patton are you alright?” Logan asked eyeing the large number of pancakes that were just set in front of him. Oh.. he’d already spoken to logan? Why hadn’t he remembered that? He shook it off. Or he pretended to.

“Oh you know I just want you to have double the good morning!” he laughed before turning around to get the syrup. Mentally though he was straining to remember the conversation he’d apparently had with Logan.

When he sat in his usual spot at the table he was surprised to see Virgil and Roman there as well. He wanted to wish them a good morning but what if he’d already done it? He stayed quiet and listened to the conversation around him butting in with a few puns here and there but his heart just wasn’t in it. As soon as he’d sat there seemingly long enough he started to clear the table. Putting himself to good use, he called it.  It’s not really like he was good for anything else around here.

He knew that wasn’t true. Just one of those less than awesome thoughts that popped up out of nowhere somewhere. But even if he knew that Thomas needed him he couldn’t help believe it.

Patton didn’t see the other three follow him into the kitchen. So when he turned and saw them all right behind him, Logan’s mouth open like he was speaking to him, he jumped. Dropping the empty plates to shatter on the ground between them.

He watched them fall.

He watched them break.

The others were watching him fall.

The others were watching him break.

Because Patton had broke. Crumbling to the floor among the glass and sobbing. If the other three were surprised to see Patton like this, Patton didn’t notice instead hiding his hands in his hands.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll clean it up,” Patton said through harsh gasps of air and hiccups. “I’ll clean it. I’ll fix it. I can handle it.” but someone was gently pulling at Patton’s hands.

“Patton?” Virgil was saying, kneeling in front of him. “Patton just breathe with me for a second okay?” he was saying. And Logan and roman were cleaning up the mess and. And…

“I can get that.. I can clean that up. I have to.” he exclaimed panicking slightly. If the others were cleaning up after him then he was even more useless than usual. They didn’t need him. They didn’t need him and now they’re having to clean up after him.

“Patton. We can get its alright. I just need you to breathe okay?” Virgil was saying.

“No you don’t.” Patton snapped. He was tired of the lies.

“I.. what?”

“You don’t.. Let’s just be honest, no one needs me here.” he whimpered miserably. The other three stood shocked and the air was tense and it just made Patton feel all the worse.

“Patton… You don’t… Believe that, do you?” Logan whispered the first to break out of there shocked silence. Which moved Virgil to wrap his arms around Patton hugging him tightly.

“We would be lost without you, Padre,” Roman said, still holding the broom in his hand but not doing anything with it instead of staring at Patton and Virgil.

“We all need you,” Virgil whispered. Patton pulled away shaking his head.

“No.. you don’t.. I just make things worse.”

“Falsehood.” Logan almost shouted. Almost.

“Specs is right, that’s utter Falsehood,” Roman said pointing at Logan like they didn’t all know who he meant by specs. Patton giggled a little at Logan’s face when Roman stole his word.

“That’s not the proper usage of…” Logan started.

“Falsehood.” Virgil grinned, interpreting Logan. And when Virgil grinned he couldn’t help but grin as well.

“Are you sure?” he whispered just looking at Virgil now. “Do you promise?”

“I swear.” and then he was hugging Patton. And then they were all hugging Patton. And maybe it was one of his worst days but maybe that didn’t mean he had to hide it and pretend it wasn’t there.

Maybe that meant he wasn’t useless. Maybe it meant he was needed. Somehow. And maybe he didn’t have to believe that right away. But he had his family to remind him. And maybe that’s all that mattered.

Send Me Writing Prompts -K

Lolo angst inspiration

Logan loves the galaxy and loves the thought of multiple universes. So many worlds, so many possibilities.

But of course he is logic, so this scene doesn’t make sense, but he cant bring himself to change it.

He’s somehow viewing Earth’s solar system from a different universe. A wormhole of sorts, not quite a black hole. It’s the end of the world in the most illogical way. The sun gravitating toward Earth. He can see his home planet burning in front him. He feels the pain of being with only a few others that are a differnet species entirely. He watches as the Earth is destroyed in a firey passion. Fire and heat erupts everywhere.

He is now out of view of the end, but he can feel the end approaching him. Only moments before the end comes through the wormhole, destroying everyone that’s left. It’s the end of the world, but he cant do anything.

He watches as the bright deathly ball of flames and gas disrupts the peice. Everyone is calm. Only tears are shed. No one is screaming. He feels as the heat makes him produce swaet that is qyickly evaporated as he feels death come for him.

That’s when he wakes up. He’s shaking and on the brink of tears, but he can’t calm himself. He shakily makes his way to the commons before falling asleep on the couch, hopefully to sleep a little more.

It doesn’t work. Instead he is able to watch as the rain falling down in Japan turns into boing water, destroying everything. He watches as the trees next to Thomas'hiuse in Florida erupt in harsh flames. He is suddenly at a distance listening to an old philosopher from an ixe planet describe their end. He listened as they described watching their planet melt.

Soon enough the heat was upon him again, ending his world.

He wakes up once again in a panic. Luckily no one was up yet, though he kind of wish someone was there to comfort him. Instead he started his day.

It wasn’t until his usual bedtime that he was feeling that fear again. He could feel the heat on hid skin. He could see the blinding light of the sun as it came to end his world.

He fell into a spiral as he read in the commons, the others watching a movie. They the thump of Logan’s book hit the floor as he relives his nightmare. He is shaking violently and cant breathe.

He blanks out as the others comfort him. Virgil helps him breathe while Patton and Roman rub grounding circles into his back. He doesn’t stop shaking, but he can breathe as he refocuses on his other sides.

Shakily he begins to explain his nightmare.

He explains his fear. The thought of death terrifies him. He loves space, but it has so much power to wipe them out in a flash.

It takes a while, but they finally convince Logan to nap for a while.

Over the next few weeks he continued to suffer from variations of these nightmares, but he has his partners there to help him sleep.


A bit shorter than I wanted it to be, but I think it came out pretty alright. Inspired by a conversation I had with Sparrow about Roman angst and Hurricanes

Warnings: Brief panic attack, hurricanes (duh), fear of thunder and storms.

Ships: Platonic Human AU!LAMP

Words: 514

Tags: @fandermom @poisonedapples @poisonedapples

The windows were pitch black, but Roman knew that the wind must’ve been shaking trees and destroying fences. With the state of their own rotting fence, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find it torn down in the morning. Past evidence would tell him to also expect shingles torn off the roof and grey skies until the storm fully passes.

Harsh raindrops fired against the wooden boards like bullets from a machine gun. The sound was loud and interrupted only by the even louder CRASH! of thunder that surrounded them. He was okay. It was just thunder. Just noise created by a bunch of science that Logan was better equipped to explain and it was all outside of the wooden boards. They were concealed in a forcefield of plywood that no storm could penetrate. They were fine. He was fine. He was fine.

“Uh, L,” Virgil called as he exited the front room. “We have a situation.”

“And what might that be, Virgil?”

“The board came off the front window.”

Oh. Oh no. No. No, no, no, no, no, no. This wasn’t happening. This couldn’t be happening. Roman’s chest grew tight and his eyes were burning. His feelings were betraying him and with a roar of thunder, he couldn’t hide anymore. He pushed himself against the wall in the corner of the living room and prayed for protection. He shut his eyes tight and didn’t notice the other three standing over him.


He couldn’t respond. He couldn’t breathe. It was too much. Too much. Too much. Too Much.

“Roman, I need to you listen to me. The storm can’t hurt you. We would never let it. Now, do you want us to help you up?”

Roman nodded slowly as he opened his eyes and saw Virgil holding up a hand to lift him up. “C’mon, Kiddo, do you want to go to your room a bit to calm down?” Patton asked. Roman nodded again, still not finding the energy to speak. The initial panic was fading away, only leaving him tired and upset. Virgil pulled him up and let Patton lead him to his room. In a matter of minutes, Roman would find himself wrapped up in blankets (and arms) as Logan brought in water bottles to keep him hydrated.

Virgil slipped a pair of headphones over Roman’s head, holding one side off of Roman’s ear as he handed him his phone. “They’re noise canceling,” he explained. “You can replace the storm with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” He let the headphones cup against Roman’s head and smiled as Roman started up the entire Disney anthology. He fell asleep between Patton’s arms and Logan’s shoulder with Virgil on Logan’s side.
In a few hours they would wake to find that, yes, the old fence would need to be replaced. Shingles would be off the roof and on the lawn. Neighbors would have lost power. They’d be left in the aftermath of the chaos. For now, though, none of that mattered. For now, the four roommates would only know peace and sweet dreams.

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Logan but he's very affectionate just in a subtle way

(Yes YES YES!!)

He’s affectionate in a way that the others don’t even realize, like, after a particularly awful anxiety attack, Virgil finds a pile of his stimming toys piled on his bed and a warm cup of hot chocolate resting on his nightstand. Or how Roman during a creative block suddenly finds a warm rice filled pillow resting around his neck while he had been passed out over his desk. The knots in his neck are practically singing praises to the warmth that helps ease them a little. And Patton, after just feeling too much one day and most certainly not being able to handle it, finds two cookies waiting for him when he returns to his room. The M&Ms that make up a smile on the cookies make him crack a grin as he happily eats them.

He’s affectionate in the way that the others don’t even realize they have until Logan gets horribly sick and he’s bedridden for the better part of a week. 

Patton, waking up and realising what day it is. He knows he’s not a kid anymore, and birthdays aren’t the same, but he still gets excited.

It’s about 10am and he makes his ways downstairs, planning his Special Patton Day Breakfast.

He turns on the kitchen lights, and is surprised to find the table set for breakfast for 4 already.

The others jump out from behind the counter (well, Roman LEAPS, Logan stands up, and Virgil semi jumps.) They all smile and shout surprise! And Patton is surprised!! He thought they were all still asleep!!! He laughs and takes his seat at the table.

Roman sits down at the table with him, bringing over the coffees. Logan and Virgil return to cooking breakfast. They all chat, and it’s a lovely, friendly, happy, atmosphere.

Finally breakfast is ready and they dig in. Patton comments that the breakfast is amazing, and doesn’t miss how Logan and Virgil blush, even though they both duck (quack) their heads to hide it.

After breakfast Roman clears up (“snapping your fingers and imagining everything clean and put away doesn’t exactly count???” “Yes it does Logan shhh”). And they ask Patton what he wants to do today. They’ve all cleared they’re schedules, and want to spend the day with him, no matter what.

Patton considers what he wants to do. It’s a dark day, and it’s raining outside. But if he wanted to play outside, they could go to the Imagination. But he has a different idea for today.

“What about movies and board games?” he suggests, and the others smile. They move to the living room, turn on Winnie the Pooh, and settle down to watch it. Afterwards they play Snakes and Ladders, the Game of Life, Ludo, and some card games like snap, and beg thy neighbour. They give Patton Cakes another go, but ultimately can’t follow all the rules, and announce Patton the winner.

They all pull gifts out from under the table and Patton can’t contain his excitement. He loves the birthday card and art supplies from Virgil, loves the new onesie from Logan, and loves the sweater Roman made him.

They have pizza for dinner, followed by cookies. They settle in to watch another movie, and make hot chocolate later in the evening.

One by one, they fall asleep on the sofa, until Patton is the only one awake. He looks at his friends and smiles, before whispering to himself:

“Best birthday ever”

  • Virgil: when i go to jail, i’m changing my name to mitochondria, because mi-
  • Logan: mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, yeah we get it
  • Patton: that’s genius
  • Roman: is no one going to bring up that he said ‘when’ instead of 'if’?

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Holiday scenario/prompt/idea

Pairings: Platonic LAMP
Setting: Alternative Universe / Human AU / College AU 

Logan and Virgil are college roommates. They’re on good terms, but not particularly close. Their conversations have mostly been limited to setting up the rules and agreements in regards of sharing a space (Logan doesn’t seem like the kind for unspoken agreements, and having it in black and white to refer to would prolly save Virgil some worrying/overthinking) and greetings, small-talk and other general niceties.

They’d have a good thing going on; both mostly keeping to themselves. Logan mostly spends time in the library or with Roman and Patton when not in class, and Virgil is either at his part-time job or just minding his own business in their room. And when they’re in the same space they’re just generally decent to the other.

(Also maybe more personal interactions occasionally, like reminding the other when they nearly went out the door without something important, Logan giving Virgil some tips on breathing when he sees him freaking out over an essay, Virgil listening with interest when Logan goes off into a tangent in response to a casual ‘how are you’, stuff like that.)

And then (this part is inspired by Thomas’ ‘the 123’s of the holidays vid’) Christmas break rolls around. Logan - who’s going to spend it with Patton (who lives near campus, already having graduated and renting a place nearby) and Roman (who lives with Patton) - discovers that Virgil is planning on sticking around for the break because he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

So, after some discussion with Patton and Roman, which not so much a discussion as Roman immediately going “why, a valiant knight such as myself would never let someone suffer through the holidays alone!” -switching back to his normal voice- “and also we’ll have even teams for board games if he comes” and Patton already getting the ‘I’m going to adopt this person’ look, they decide to invite him.

After some hesitation (bc. Yknow. Anxiety) Virgil decides that it can’t be any worse than staying on campus. And if it is, can always leave. It helps that he’s already acquainted with them at that point; they came over to see or pick up Logan sometimes, and they’ve had some casual (perhaps slightly awkward) small talk, and he found they were pleasant to talk to and that they had some things in common.

And then all the fluffy things that come with them getting to know each other over break; growing closer, continuing to hang out after the break ends and eventually becoming part of their little family.