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Truncated Octahedron Lamp - Hanging Ceiling Pendant

I made an lamp that can hang from ceilings. One of the original solids. Amazing what precision you can get w/ lasers

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Okay but y’all really out here sleepin on those platonic soulmate AUs huh?

Like I’m fine with all this good good ship content but where’s the fics where they’re not romantically interested in anyone?

What about AUs where Logan dreads seeing every new message from his soulmates because oh god he doesn’t have time in his life for one partner, let alone three, he can’t handle a relationship right now,

What about AUs where they meet eachother for the first time and Patton knows that he loves them but he doesn’t love them like that, but he keeps it to himself because it’s fine, this is fine, everyone else seems happy with this so why isn’t he?

What about AUs where Roman’s grown up his whole life thinking that a soulmate is someone you’re supposed to want to kiss and hold and touch, but whenever he sees them it just doesn’t happen, there’s no sparks that fly or butterflies in his stomach but he shoves away thoughts that maybe he just doesn’t like them like that because that’s what’s supposed to happen, maybe it just hasn’t clicked yet, maybe he’ll just learn to love them the right way, he’s good actor, just fake it till you make it, Roman.

What about AUs where Virgil overthinks himself into a panic because yeah he’s never actually told them that he loves them like that but it still feels like he’s lying to them, he feels horrible because it’s not their fault he can’t love them like he should be able to. Before he knows it it all comes spilling out, and there’s a terrible silence for a moment while Virgil braces for rejection and oh god his soulmates are going to leave him and he’s going to be alone forever-

The other three jump to help Virgil calm down, with Logan walking him through breathing exercises and Roman humming a soft tune that Virgil doesn’t recognize but relaxes him nonetheless and Patton asking carefully if it’s okay if he hugs him and Virgil shakes in Patton’s arms because it feels so nice but it doesn’t feel like it should.

And the four of them talk it out, and oh my god they’ve all been worried over nothing. So the four of them move in together and they know they love each other. People ask if they’re dating and they shrug it off, and they’re happy being together without anything romantic.

What about platonic soulmate AUs y’all???

  • Virgil: and part of me was like 'whatever'
  • Virgil: 'this might as well happen'
  • Logan: you were stabbed
  • Patton: 13 times
  • Roman: by a starbucks barista
  • Virgil: eh
  • Virgil: adulthood is weird
  • Virgil: you know?
  • *various confused noises from the others*

Always - Sanders Sides

Pairing(s) - Platonic LAMP

TW - Hunger, food mentions, self-hate, mentions of a car accident, overworking, headaches, nightmares, badly written angst, crying

A/N - Still not dead. 😂 I know, angst! That’s new for me. Then again, it does end with some fluff, so I guess that counts?

Summary - When Thomas gets into a car accident, Patton repeatedly reminds all the Sides that there’s nothing they could have done, and that the important thing is that Thomas is alright. He’s right, but that doesn’t stop one of the Sides from blaming himself.

Thomas had been in a car accident.

Granted, it wasn’t too serious. He was still alive, and he’d just broken his arm.

The others said there was no point in placing blame, but Roman had to disagree.

The only reason Thomas was in the car was because Roman wanted him to go to the store and get himself some kind of treat.

He wad only on that street because Roman told him to take a shortcut.

Roman knew it was his fault, and he didn’t understand why no one else would acknowledge it.

I’ll make up for it by putting together a script so incredible that Thomas forgets all about his injury. So spectacular that even Logan says it’s amazing. So perfect that Virgil doesn’t think anything can go wrong with it. He vowed. He wouldn’t mess up again.

Of course, these expectations were completely unrealistic, but his guilt was too powerful to notice. As soon as Thomas was sent home, he immediately got to work.

Roman paced his room, trying to think of a good idea. He knocked down multiple, hearing Logan’s voice saying the scripts were things like “preposterous,” “ignorant,” and “awful” in his head.

He knocked down more when he heard Patton’s disappointed voice saying, “Oh, sorry, kiddo, I just thought they’d be…a lot better than this…”

Even more at Virgil’s saying, “We’ll lose all our views if we post crap like this, Princey. Try harder.”

With pictures of their disappointed faces imprinted in his head, he sat at his desk with his head in his hands.

It’d been two days, and he still couldn’t think of a thing.

He looked at the plate of sandwiches Patton had delivered him hours before, pushing them away from him.

He hadn’t eaten, drank, or slept since he started working. And yet, he couldn’t stop. He had a headache, pounding so ferociously it could probably count as a migraine.

He kept writing and rewriting scripts, trying to think of a good one and ultimately failing.

The others were worried; he’d shut his room off from the rest of them, and Logan, who had been paying carefully attention to the kitchen since this started, had informed them that he hadn’t gone in to get any food or water.

But Roman didn’t care about that. He just wanted to do something right for once in his life.

The only thoughts he had were of his crushing failure as he passed out, too exhausted, hungry, and dehydrated to keep himself away.

Roman walked around the Mindscape, which now looked darker than ever. He entered the Commons, only to see the other three waiting for him. “Guys..?” He asked tentatively.

The other three looked at him, looking pissed. “Roman,” Logan said, standing up. “Why the hell haven’t you thought of some kind of script? You’re such a nuisance; the least you could do is get some work done for once.”

He choked on his words, unable to get them out. “I — I’ve been trying…”

Patton was the next one to speak. “Well, you’re not trying hard enough! Its bad enough that you got Thomas into a car crash! Why can’t you do anything right?!”

Tears slipped down Roman’s face. “Patton, please, I —”


Roman jolted awake, tears rolling down his cheeks. He couldn’t let that dream become a reality. He looked at all his work, pushing it onto the floor.

His dry throat didn’t allow him to speak to himself, didn’t allow him to keep himself sane.

Every part of his body was screaming at him on the third day, begging him to take a break, but he didn’t listen.

He didn’t care that he felt lightheaded, or that he was so tired he could hardly stand.

He kept writing, so sunk into it that he couldn’t hear the banging on his door, begging him to open up.

He kept writing, pushing away his own needs.

He kept writing, guilt tearing at him from the inside; just an addition to the pain he as already feeling.

He kept writing until he passed out, unable to stop.

Patton looked more panicked than he had in years, and it only got worse when they heard a large thump coming from the room they were outside of.

“Lo, how are we going to get in?” He asked, tears threatening to spill. The intellectual trait looked at the door nervously for a few seconds, until his eyes brightened.

“We’ll have to open it forcibly. In the control room, if the three of us press certain buttons at the same time, it’ll open.”

They rushed into the control room, each going to their respective buttons. Virgil did the countdown. “Three…two…one!”

They each pressed as hard as they could, and a red key slowly came out of the button Roman would’ve pressed. Logan quickly grabbed it, and they ran back to his door, putting the key in the lock and opening the door.

What they saw was not pretty.

Roman’s normally upbeat and colorful room was now dull and dim. Papers were scattered everywhere. Roman was on the ground, breathing softly.

Logan, obviously, was the first to figure his physical needs out. “Virgil, go get some water bottles and some of those granola bars Roman enjoys so much. Patton, figure out what all he was doing in here while I try to wake him up.”

As they each did their part, they were terrified. “Lo…” Patton said softly, hand over his mouth, “All these papers are scripts. And really, really good ones. But the best ones are all in the trash…why was he doing all this?”

Roman came to in his bed, where Logan had gently put him on moments before. The first thing he noticed was his thirst, and he quickly reached for one of the waters Virgil offered him.

He’d finished the first bottle in a few moments, the others waiting patiently for him to finish.

“Ro, why are there so many scripts in here? And why are they all scattered?” Patton asked him, gently holding his hand.

“I…” What was he supposed to say? “I’m sorry.” Yeah, he thought that seemed like a pretty terrible thing to start with.

“Princey, where would you be sorry?” Virgil asked.

“Because I’m the reason Thomas got hurt. And I couldn’t even put together a script that all of you would like..! No matter how hard I tried, and no matter what I did…they were all terrible.”

“The scripts are actually extremely satisfactory, Roman. They’re well-written, and there isn’t much room for improvement. All of them are very well done. And really, all of us are to blame for Thomas getting hurt. I was the one to suggest a shortcut, and Virgil and Patton were so eager to get him nice things that they immediately wanted to go.”

Tears stung Roman’s eyes. Before he knew what he was doing, he was sobbing into Patton’s chest, the fatherly trait gently rubbing his back.

“You can’t do this to yourself, Kiddo. If you’d asked for help, you would’ve gotten it. We would’ve helped.”

“I k-know…I’m sorry…” Patton shushed him. “Don’t be sorry. It’s alright.”

After a bit more crying, drinking, and eating, all of them ended up having a “Cuddle Party,” as Patton had put it. Roman’s head was resting on Virgil’s arm, and Logan’s on Roman’s shoulder.

Patton was trying to hold all of them in his arms, obviously failing, but it made them feel more comfortable anyways.

Needless to say, Roman had never slept better.

He’d spent so much time blaming himself, and yet he’d never stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, playing the blame game wasn’t going to fix anything.

He’d never even thought of asking for help, which just made him feel even sillier. But after that, whenever he built up thr courage to ask for help, he always got it, no matter what the others were doing.

Even the ones everyone thinks is unstoppable needs help sometimes. It was honestly a relief to them all, knowing they’d get help if they needed it. Some of them, though, will never ask for help even if their life depended on it.

You just had to be able to tell which.

Game Night Chapter 6

Fic Summary: After playing an intense video game all day, Thomas dreams about it so vividly that the Sides are trapped in the dream! How will they get out of this predicament?

Chapter Summary: Ickiness abounds in the Tower of Flesh, and the danger continues to ramp up…

Pairings: Platonic LAMP/CALM

Word Count: 3,846

Warnings: General horror imagery, monsters and monster violence, mild Discourse, icky slimy stuff, recklessness FOR SCIENCE!!!, mild cursing, acid mention (not the drug), arguing, graveyard imagery, zombies (@otakugirl111300  totally called it), werewolves, grotesque sloppy eating, poisoning, difficulty breathing, fire, rope-climbing, suggestion of BIG snake

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

“So, uh, guys,” said Patton, “before we get in too much of a hurry to tackle that next tower, I really need to restock my alchemy goodies. I’m down to crumbs after making Logan that new string where we reversed the polarity.”

“Reversed the…” said Logan. “Patton, you are adorable when you try to sound technical, but this isn’t Star Trek. More’s the pity.”

“Say no more, Padre,” said Roman. “I am more than happy to clear the field of foes once again and bring you the spoils.”

Virgil conspicuously coughed into his hand. It sounded like the word “vulture.”

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that,” said Roman.

“That’s the second time he’s claimed not to hear me,” Virgil remarked in a mock-horrified hush. “I think he might be suffering from hearing loss. We need to get that sorted out pronto. Think of what it would to do Thomas if his creativity went deaf!”

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Anything For You

For previous one-shot click here (go down the rabbit hole while you’re at it)

Words: 2550
Desc.: Logan is really bad at feelings. He can talk the ear off of anybody, but once emotions are thrown into the mix he forgets complete sentences. Maybe that’s why he connects to the twins first.
TW: None

It’s nothing but fluff in here

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platonic? or romantic???

I’m currently writing a sander sides au that I adore and I suddenly realized something-

I have no real clue what the ship(s) was going to be.

At first, I was leaning towards Prinxiety and Logicality with huge amounts of platonic LAMP/CALM where they are a big ol’ family with lots of platonic kissing and cuddles.

But then I was like- wait, wait… we could make this romantic LAMP/CALM. Everyone damn loves each other romantically and they’re still a big ol’ family just in a completely different way, and everything is 100% gayer. Also leaves room for things like figuring out what poly is and suddenly being like oh… that explains literally all of my problems or maybe one of them has a hard time understanding/accepting why they feel this way about the other three all at once. 

Ehhhhh, I donno, I seriously have no clue if I should have it be p lamp/calm or r lamp/calm.

Welcome to the famILY!

I heard the song and I thought…why hasn’t this been done yet? I’ve loved this song for so long…why didn’t I jump at the opportunity to not only utilize fandom references…but to also bring rock music edits into my jam?

Idk fam.

I’m trying XD


EVERYTHING: @sos-fandoms @tycwi @ultimate-queen-of-fandoms2 @hanramz-the-fander

Video Edits: @royallyanxious @akiraaria @sandersshitpost @moxiety–sanders101 @romanasanders @dennithekit @flufffandomtrash @depressed–and–underdressed @ravenclawicecream @wrakspurt-invasion-ts-fan-blog @ironwoman359 @toujours-fidele

FIP: FamILY In Progress, Ch. 2

Chapter 2 of 3!! This one took me some time because I have the focus of a broken slinky (idk what that means but it feels right), but it’s about as long as Chapter 1, so enjoy!!!  AO3 

It was a shock to him to wake up in his bed the next morning, his hoodie draped over the desk chair across the room, blankets snug around his body.

  He couldn’t remember getting up from the couch the night before - he wasn’t exactly complaining, for one reason in particular: for the first time in God knew how long, Virgil actually had energy.

  He opened his eyes… and they just… stayed open. He didn’t feel like going back to sleep for twelve years, or downing a pot of coffee, or taping his eyelids open (he’d never tried that one before, but it had occurred to him on more than one occasion).  Instead, he felt like he could get up, he could eat breakfast now instead of noon, he could-

   He could clean his room.

   Virgil’s room wasn’t necessarily dirty - the thought of anything resembling a Hoarder’s episode gave him, well, anxiety - but it wasn’t exactly clean, either; discarded t-shirts littered the carpeted floor around empty water bottles and various, unidentifiable crumbs, and everything from CD’s to makeup palettes sat scattered across his desk and dresser top.

   He wouldn’t really call himself organized. Or whatever was a level below organized. Or the one below that, for that matter- the point was, he was a little bit of a mess. He’d wanted to fix his bedroom for a while, but sleeping three hours a week didn’t really allow the mental stability for the task, so he’d left it how it was (he had been spending more time in the Commons anyway, so, ha).

  But now! Now he had something resembling motivation, and he was determined to get his room to a point where he didn’t feel like duct taping a sleeping mask over his eyes 24/7 so he could ignore the mess with more efficiency (he actually had tried that one; he learned to push his bangs off his forehead before bringing tape of any magnitude near his face).

   So after a brief, albeit panicky, search for his phone (it was still in the pocket of his hoodie, which he shrugged back on as soon as he saw it again), he pulled up a random playlist and situated himself in the direct middle of his room, sitting cross-legged on the floor and bracing himself for what was to come.

  The first hour went by relatively smoothly; he made his way around the floor, slowly but surely, tossing trash into the plastic bin beside his desk with a few soft “yeet”s to himself - not that he would admit it anywhere else, but the vine was iconic, and he had no qualms mimicking it because life imitates art, dang it - and gathering the random assortment of t-shirts in his arms, stopping briefly to examine them (did he ever even wear the gold shirt he stole from Roman after one of their arguments? Absolutely not, but that didn’t stop him from shoving it back in his closet). He picked through crumpled papers near his desk, scanning their words and throwing most in the trash; he managed to clear a whole corner of his floor, save for vacuuming. It almost made him smile - he’d done something productive! Only a small part of the room was clean, true, but it was something!

  The only issue was that there was a lot more ‘something’ to be done. He had to clear his drawers out, and straighten his desk up, and maybe go through his closet so he actually knew what he owned - a glance around at the remaining mess made his stomach turn, as all of it at once seemed to flood his brain without a proper warning, draining the energy he’d been so excited to feel earlier that morning, and then all he could think about was laying down and not moving for hours or possibly years.

  That’s how he ended up leaning against his bed with a bundle of t-shirts draped over his arms, his phone blasting Panic at the Disco as he just stared blankly at his trash can, mind whirring with the list of things he had to do. He hadn’t even eaten breakfast. Did he know what time it was? When had he woken up? How long had he been up? Had he even really done anything? Maybe the entire idea was dumb. He should have just stayed in bed, let his eyes stay closed until that night when he’d inevitably be awake until sunrise to start the entire process over again-


  Virgil’s head snapped up to the door - it creaked open slowly, and a second later, a pair of glasses and blue tie popped out from behind the wood.

   “Ah,” Logan said, his eyes finally landing on Virgil as he scanned the room. “You’re up. I just came to make sure you haven’t died. Are you alright?”

   “I’m… alive,” Virgil responded slowly; he paused his music and raised an eyebrow at the logical side, still hovering half-covered behind the door, his eyes narrowing. “Why? Did I do something?” Had he? He went through the last few hours in his head as quickly as possible - he might have been making too much noise-

   Logan squinted at nothing before shaking his head. “Not that I know of.” His gaze flickered around the room, no doubt at the scattered mess still draping its floor, and he cleared his throat. “Patton made breakfast, if you’d like some - my apologies for bothering you, you’re not usually awake at this time.” He nodded once and ducked back behind the door.

  It didn’t close, and he reappeared a second later, his own eyes narrowed behind square frames.

  “May I ask what exactly you’re doing?” he said, glancing around the room again.

  Virgil opened his mouth to answer when his head ached suddenly, the turbulent pressure of his to-do list pushing at his mind as he stared down at the t-shirts in his arms, and he took a deep breath. “I was cleaning my room,” he said quietly, “but it’s kinda stupid, I guess, ‘cause I can’t really do it all at once when there’s so much. I- well, I guess I could, but it’s a lot and I don’t really know how to get through it-”

  He cut himself off suddenly, sucking in a breath- what was he doing? Logan didn’t care about what he could and couldn’t do, and rambling did nothing to fix the mess in his room (or his head). Now Logan would think he’s lazy, or just complaining about something that was his own fault; Virgil braced himself, glancing up at the logical side.

   Logan’s eyes had gone slightly wide as he looked around the room a third time, and his face lit up.

  “Do you need any help organizing?” he asked in a single, rushed breath, finally stepping into the room, though his hands still rested on the doorknob, as if he were afraid to intrude fully and commit to his spot on the carpet. He eyes fell over every surface of the room, sparkling with an odd excitement that Virgil had never seen in him before (save for the Crofters discussion, of course).

  “What?” Virgil said before he could stop himself, a frown tugging at his lips. Logan stopped.

  “Oh, I-” He seemed to comprehend his own words suddenly; his fingers flew to his tie as he pulled gently at the knot, readjusting it despite its perfection, his lips pursed. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t- I got ahead of myself. Please excuse me.” He shuffled in his spot for a second before turning back to the door, muttering quickly, “I’ll- I can go-”

  “No!” Logan paused in the doorway, looking back at Virgil’s outstretched arm. The anxious side met his eyes as he tried carefully to pick through their gleam - Logan didn’t seem the type to make fun of him, but his instincts remained nonetheless. “I just didn’t- you’d really wanna help?”

  “Of course,” Logan said without hesitation.

  Despite the shock that blared through his head, a smile tugged at Virgil’s mouth before he smothered it, offering the logical side a single nod instead; Logan didn’t even bother to hide his own grin as he stepped further into Virgil’s bedroom, examining the mess with his hands on his hips and eyes bright once more.

   “Is there a particular way you have things ordered?” he said, lifting a stray sweatshirt from the desk to glance at the contents beneath. Virgil frowned.

   “Does it look like anything is ordered in here?”

  Logan just let out a small chuckle, until he finally noticed the bundle still in the anxious side’s arms and raised his eyebrows. “Would you like to start by sorting those?”


  “Of course. Dirty, clean, weather appropriate- I suppose we could even do color-coded, if you’d like-”

  “Let’s just stick with clean and dirty for now,” Virgil interrupted quickly, his grip on the shirts tightening.   

  Logan watched and paused for a moment before nodding. “Alright, we can do that.” He strode to Virgil’s side at the bed and sat down next to him, clapping his hands together - Virgil noticed a genuine buzz in his movements, bright and almost (no, scratch that, definitely) excited as the logical side waited for him to let go of the clothes in his grip.

   “Oh, is it- can I play music?’ Virgil asked quietly. The room was too silent, too much and not enough at the same time without the notes around him, not to mention he’d have to think of conversation topics so it wasn’t awkward-

   “Of course,” Logan replied, grabbing the first shirt and folding it without so much as a glance in his direction as Virgil tentatively grabbed his phone and clicked the first song that came up - it was a cello cover of something Virgil couldn’t quite name, but it was smooth, and it danced around in his head as he picked through the pile of shirts before him and began separating them.

  There was an odd comfort in Logan’s presence, the anxious side soon found. He didn’t seem to expect constant conversation, much to Virgil’s overwhelming relief, but the air around the pair wasn’t awkward as they folded in silence (save for the soft melody in the background) - Logan even bounced along to the music at times, his head bobbing subtly side to side with the beat of the song, as the method of the work lulled Virgil into a steady rhythm that he found maybe a little too much joy in.

  “Is this Roman’s?”

  Virgil was snapped out of his reverie by the logical side’s curious lilt; he glanced up and saw the prince’s captive t-shirt in his hands, golden even in the dim light of his room.

  Had he forgotten to throw it in his closet? It was sort of a joke to him earlier, but now he just looked like a thief - he needed to play it cool, but not too cool because he was a very un-chill person, and anything too cool would be suspicious.

  “Maybe,” Virgil said.


  Logan looked down at it and snickered, folding it into a neat square and laying it on top of the ever-growing pile at his side. “I assume you took it in retaliation?” Virgil nodded hesitantly, opening his mouth to explain, but the logical side cut him off with another short laugh. “Phenomenal. No worries, he never wore it anyway, though I’m sure it taught him a lesson.”

   Virgil raised his eyebrows. “You’re not… mad? Or anything?”

   “Of course not; Roman has taken my ties on numerous occasion for the sake of ‘pranks’,” Logan air-quoted drily, “and personally, I don’t see why he needs so many different clothing choices in the first place. It seems like a waste of valuable space.” Virgil looked sheepishly down at the piles of t-shirts around them, and Logan just raised an eyebrow. “Trust me, this is nothing compared to his closet.”

   Virgil couldn’t help but snort at the logical side’s exasperation, from his heavy sigh to the monotone delivery of the statement - Logan gave a small smile.

   “It’s true,” he continued as he grabbed the folded pile nearest to him - Virgil hadn’t even noticed that they’d finished sorting the clothes - and stood. “There are so many clothes in that closet; I’ve never even seen him wear half of them!”

   “I guess he really puts the Imagination to use,” Virgil quipped. He gathered the dirty pile in his arms and dropped them in the otherwise-unused hamper by his door as Logan harrumphed in agreement.

   The music on his phone switched suddenly from cello to a bouncing rhythm, heavy with percussion and synthetic instrumentals - Logan stopped at the closet door.

   Leslie Odom Jr.’s voice sang out from the desk where Virgil’s phone sat, and it took Virgil exactly three seconds to realize that it was Guns and Ships; a laugh escaped his chest before he could stop it as Logan went stoically back to placing the folded piles on the shelves of the closet, his eyes trained carefully on the clothing rack in front of him.

  “Man, I love this song,” Virgil said after a moment, humming the melody loud enough for the logical to hear on the other side of the room. Logan just nodded; Virgil raised an eyebrow. “I wish I could rap it.”

  The closet door fell shut with a sharp click - Virgil jumped, but a smile crossed his face as Logan put his forehead to the wood with an exasperated sigh.

  “Patton Sanders,” he muttered under his breath, squeezing his eyes shut.

   “Sorry, Lo, your secret’s out,” Virgil snickered. “Only to me, I guess, and Patton- at least Roman doesn’t know.”


  The anxious side stopped at the genuine snap in Logan’s voice - it was harsh, concise. It struck him suddenly, what Patton had told him after Virgil suggested anxiety for the logical side’s privacy: He’s anxious about messing that science-y picture of himself up. He doesn’t wanna mess anything up.

   Of course Virgil had mentioned it. He hadn’t even thought about it- he imagined it’d be funny, but it wasn’t, and now he’d upset the person he’d gotten along with just fine for so long.

   “I’m sorry, Logan,” he breathed, turning back to his hamper and busying his shaking hands with the cords on its rim. “I was just- I shouldn’t have mentioned it, I didn’t mean to make fun of you- Patton just told me you were really good at it and I thought- I wasn’t thinking-”

   “Virgil.” The anxious side glanced over his shoulder - Logan’s face with pinched with concern as he watched Virgil. “It’s quite alright, really. It’s not your fault - it’s not anyone’s fault, of course, save for my own, I suppose-”


  Logan raised his eyebrows. “I beg your pardon?”

  “How is it your fault?”

   “Oh.” The logical side’s hands flew to his tie again, tugging at the knot. Virgil suddenly felt better at fiddling with his zippers when he was anxious. “Well, I- music is a wonderful coping mechanism, of course, but I shouldn’t- I don’t need it. For anything productive, I mean.” He cleared his throat and turned to the dresser, sifting through and separating the contents on its surface. “It’s a frivolous pursuit for Logic.”

   Wow. “Logan, you know you can do both, right?”


   “You can enjoy music or, uh, frivolous pursuits and still be productive. That’s kind of what we’ve been doing for the past, like, hour and a half.”

   “Well, yes, but-” He cut himself off.

   Virgil eyed him carefully, from his short, jerky movements to the taut line his mouth had formed. “But that’s not the problem?”

   Logan’s hands stilled above a nearly-empty makeup palette, hovering above the tin box for a few seconds before he sighed once more.

   “I need to be taken seriously,” he said quietly. “Thomas needs an objective outlook - Patton and Roman are valuable aspects in regards to his future, but they can be harmful to his wellbeing all on their own. If they begin to disregard my input even more than usual, I…I don’t know what would happen. To Thomas or me.” The music stopped suddenly (his phone must have died, but the timing was too appropriate).

   “Oh,” was all Virgil could offer at first. Logan looked up at him, and his face fell.

  “My apologies, Virgil, I shouldn’t have put that on you,” he said quickly, finally straightening the mess on the dresser’s surface in a rush. “That was rather sudden and inconsiderate of me. Just…we can just move on. I’m sorry.”

   “What? No, you- you didn’t do anything wrong,” Virgil insisted. “I- I get what you mean.”

  Logan didn’t respond.

  “It can be frustrating to be ignored when you know you’re just trying to do what’s best for Thomas,” the anxious side continued hesitantly; something flashed in Logan’s eyes, a spark of something sad before he turned back to the dresser. “But Lo? They trust you- we trust you, even though we get ahead of ourselves sometimes.” Virgil’s mouth quirked into a smirk suddenly as he added, quieter, “Even if you can rap Hamilton the best.”

   Logan finally cracked a smile, crooked and bright, just like Patton’s. “Thank you,” he said, his voice almost a whisper. They fell silent; the logical side seemed contemplative, his mouth scrunched to the side and brow knit.

   “We can finish up with the desk,” Virgil coughed. The room was much nicer than when he’d started (apparently the clothes made it seem a LOT messier than it actually was), and he felt a swell of pride in his chest as he looked around. Logan and he made a nice team, he thought.

   The soft buzz of silence fell around them as they cleared off Virgil’s desk - Logan’s gaze was far away as he sorted writing utensils and various, torn notebooks, but the anxious side next to him was content to flip through the books scattered across the table without a word. They were done in no time.

   “Thank you for helping,” Virgil said as the pair rose from their cross-legged positions on Virgil’s carpet.

   “It was no problem at all. I’m happy to help again, if you ever need it,” Logan assured him, hands on his hips as he paused at the door, gaze clouded. Virgil nodded gratefully and turned back to his desk to examine their work, but he didn’t hear Logan leave.

   “Virgil?” he heard finally - Virgil glanced to the logical side, still hovering in the doorway. Logan took a deep breath and offered him a small, genuine smile. “We trust you, too.”

   A sunburst seemed to explode in his head.

   We. They. The others trusted him. He didn’t know quite how much that applied to Roman, of course - Virgil didn’t know much at all about their relationship now - but the thought of the others, even just Logan and Patton, trusting him brought forth a blossom of warmth in his chest, one that spread from his heart to the tips of his fingers in an instant. He thought, perhaps, his brain had stopped working completely, but he managed one thing:

  “Thank you.”

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I’m Only Human

Roman spends his life putting on an act, but you can only pretend to be okay for so long before you break. 

Read it on AO3

Warnings: Self-esteem issues, dysphoria, mentioned/implied  transphobia, homophobia, conversion therapy

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LAMP date to the Aquarium! 

Virgil and Patton pet the sting rays, starfishes, etc together. Logan and Roman go on the educational tours. Patton and Roman visit the gift shop and buy plushies for each other (Roman gets a pink dolphin for Patton and Patton gets a tie dyed sea horse for Roman). (They also get a purple jellyfish for Virgil and a blue octopus for Logan.) Logan and Virgil go through the conveyor belt with the arching tank overhead and visit the poisonous creature/science section. Finally, they all meet up at the Dolphin show then go to the food court to get ice cream!

Some Roman Headcanons

♔ Roman totally calls Remy ‘Remington’. Based off the app, he believes they were meant to be 'twinsies’. All of the people of his kingdom call them “Prince Roman and Prince Remington”. Remy visits often because he likes taking naps on Roman’s throne and partying at all of the balls Roman throws. When they’re out on the battlefield, they have become famous as 'The Shining Knights Romulus and Remus’.

♕ Roman did one of those things where you buy a star, name it after someone, and receive a certificate. Logan thinks it’s bogus and a bit insensitive towards astronomy, but secretly appreciates the gift a lot. He has the certificate framed
and hanging with his PhDs, Doctorates, and other educational awards on one of the walls in his Room.

♔ Roman realizes all the sides are stressed one week and decides that they all need a spa/salon day! He starts off with their hair, giving them all a hot oil treatment. He dies his bangs rainbow, Patton’s hair pink and blue (cotton candy!) and Virgil’s black with Purple tips. Logan just helped the others die their hair since he didn’t want any in his. They finish with some leave in conditioner. Next they move on to nails. Roman and Logan give everyone a manicure before they paint their nails. Roman paints each nail a different color, Virgil’s paints all of his nails black, Patton does all pastel colors for his and Logan paints his black with dark blue tips. They end the spa/salon day with giving each other pedicures and foot messages. They then curl up together on the couch to watch TV.


what up! here’s my @ts-storytime art for @nottodaylogic ‘s fic Like,

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, which you can read here. It’s a really great story about social media loooove between the boys, and it gets kinda meta with the in-story big bang and i LOVE IT.  highly recommend. pat and virge have a cat. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Burned Out Chapter 5

Summary: You learn more about Jay and Red and their past with the other sides and with each other. Logan and Patton learn some valuable information and set out on a journey to said their friend…or do they?

Words: 3276

Notes: I apologize for the slow advance of the story but I’m hoping if I send out chapters quickly it will make up for that! Enjoy and let me know what you think !!

Warnings: Self-Hatred as a side, Self-Loathing, crying, insecurities, mentions of Deceit.

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5

Patton visibly shivered, “Where did our Roman go?! What has happened to him?!” Patton began to freak out and panic, feeling scared for Roman and for Thomas.

Logan placed a hand on Patton’s shoulder, giving it a small squeeze. Virgil’s head and Patton’s head both turned to Logan. Logan looked strained, stressed and overall tired. Yet the spark in his eyes held determination. It held the love for Roman he kept hidden down and the dedication to help their loved one.

“Don’t worry Patton, we are going to get him back and I am certain of it” He told the two of them with a nod. Logan looked to Virgil, “But to do that we need you to tell us everything you know, Virgil. It seems you know more about this then we do” Logan spoke analytically. Patton’s tearful puppy eyes looked to Virgil.

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There’s A Ball At The Castle And I’ve Been Invited

Roman wants to hold a ball, so Patton decides to practice his dancing

Set in The World We’re Gonna Make Verse. Can be read as a stand-alone or along with the other fics, found here and here. There’s also some background info here. Or, read it on AO3.

Warnings: None

The sound of someone moving closer to him caught Logan’s attention, and he looked up from his book just in time to see Patton come around the corner of the bookshelf, arms outstretched and moving as if he was dancing with an invisible partner. The sound of the rain drumming against the roof of the library, along with the occasional rumbles of distant thunder, almost covered up the sound of Patton’s soft humming, meaning Logan had to strain just slightly to make out the tune. It took him a moment to place where it was from, but once he did he couldn’t stop himself from smiling fondly at his brother. Beauty and the Beast had always been Patton’s favorite movie. If he was going to dance to any song, it made sense for it to the be the one where Belle and Adam shared their first dance.

“Patton, if you don’t open your eyes you’re going to run into something,” Logan said after several seconds of watching Patton drift in a circle with his eyes closed, getting dangerously close to running into one of the bookshelves, which was when Logan decided he should finally speak up. The sound of someone speaking startled Patton so much that for a moment he froze, eyes opening slowly as he looked around himself confused until finally, he spotted Logan.

“It’s a little late for that Lolo,” Patton giggled, twirling his way over to the table where Logan sat, nearly crashing into it which only made him laugh harder, despite the worried look his older brother was now fixing him with. “I may have gotten a little carried away with my twirling earlier and tripped over a chair that definitely shouldn’t have been in my way.”

“Patton!” Logan cried alarmed, standing up and quickly rounding the table, taking ahold of Patton’s shoulders as he looked him up and down for any sign of injury. “You have to watch where you are going! You could have been seriously hurt.”

“Aw, you worry too much Lo, I’m fine.” Patton insisted although he didn’t protest as Logan continued to look him over, knowing that he would only relax again once he made sure that there was nothing he was missing, and that Patton really wasn’t actually hurt. “It’s not the first time I’ve tripped over something, you know how clumsy I am.”

“That is exactly why I worry,” Logan muttered, looking Patton over a moment longer before he sighed, dropping his hands and taking a step back. “The three of you manage to get yourself hurt more than I swear should ever be possible, even with my attempts to keep you from doing so in most occasions. I’m fairly certain without my uh ‘Mother Hening’ as Roman once put it, there would be far more serious injuries to deal with far more often.”

Though he did his best to look annoyed as he spoke, there was a fondness in Logan’s voice that gave away just how much he really did care for the others. Even if they drove him crazy sometimes with how much trouble they managed to get themselves into, though at least it was rarely like the type of trouble Logan got himself into (If there was one thing Logan was grateful for, it was that at least for the most part his brothers were far better at biting their tongue or knowing when to back down than Logan ever had been. While they might be careless at times, they also hadn’t gotten multiple detentions for threatening to and/or actually fighting people they didn’t like).

“You’re probably right.” Patton giggled, nodding his head in agreement. Logan sighed exasperated, walking back around the table to pick up his book. “Is there a reason you are dancing around the library, Patton? I know we have been here longer now than intended, but are you truly that bored?”

“I’m not bored at all, I’m having lots of fun with my dancing!” Patton replied, spinning a few times with a bright smile on his face as if to prove his point. Logan groaned softly, opening his mouth to explain that that wasn’t exactly what he meant, but before he could Patton was talking again “Roman told me this morning that he was going to throw a ball and asked me to come. So I’ve been practicing my dancing.”

“A ball?” Logan asked, raising an eyebrow as Patton hummed in confirmation, bouncing on the heels of his feet he was so excited. “Yeah! Every good Prince has to throw balls, you know. How else are they supposed to find their true love?”

“But if Roman is throwing a ball surely the only people coming are the four of us and perhaps Thomas considering that it is his house,” Logan said, his eyes furrowing in confusion as he tried to understand the purpose behind all of this. “So there is no possible way that he could find true love as only family will be there. Not that he would regardless seeing as he’s only 7, but still…”

“Logan, you’re overthinking it.” Patton laughed, shaking his head fondly as he walked back towards Logan and taking a seat beside him. For a moment silence fell over them until in a much more serious voice Patton added “I think the real reason Roman wants to have a ball is that he misses dancing. And not just the silly little dancing he does when he sings or something, but actual proper dancing. The type you do in dance classes or at…”

“At balls.” Logan finished, sighing heavily as the pieces finally clicked together in his head. Of course. It made perfect sense that Roman wanted to throw a ball, it had been years since he had had the chance to really dance. Logan knew he used to take classes before his mother died, but he had never once stopped to consider how much he must have missed it in the past two years. “I suppose it’s a good sign that he finally feels comfortable enough to start dancing as he once had.”

“Comfortable with us, or with his environment?” Patton asked softly, glancing over at Logan who could only shrug in response. A heavy silence weighed over them as they thought it over. No doubt that it hurt to even think that all this time Roman hadn’t fully trusted them even after all they had done to make it easier for him, but Logan couldn’t blame him for it if that was the case. After all, it took him months to come even close to trusting Patton completely, and they were both far younger when they met and hadn’t fully experienced the harshness of this world’s reality. Even now there were things Logan would rather keep hidden from the others.

“Patton,” Logan said finally, breaking the silence between them as he shifted to look at his brother, worrying his lip between his teeth for a moment before asking almost shyly “Do you think that you could teach me how to dance like you just were? If Roman’s throwing a ball, I should like to be prepared.”

“You want to learn to dance?” Patton asked, his eyes widening in surprise, and Logan stuttered slightly, his cheeks turning red as he rushed to take back the request. Before he could get the words out though Patton’s face split into a large grin, and he grabbed Logan’s hand, dragging him out into the empty space talking a mile a minute as he went

“Of course I’ll help you, Lo! I’m not the best dancer, but I can try at least. Oh Roman is going to be so excited when he finds out, he was sure that no one else would want to dance at his ball which is why I’ve been practicing so much, but now you’re going to too and I’m sure Thomas would love to dance with us and we can probably even convince Virgil although he can’t do as much because his ribs are still healing but still!”

Logan blinked, trying to process exactly what Patton had just said, and by the time he had done so, the younger boy was already attempting to lead him in some form of dance. And from the sound of Patton’s giggling, Logan wasn’t doing very well. Not that it was exactly a surprise, dancing wasn’t something he did very often, even for fun.

But Patton had been right when he said that seeing Logan dance would make Roman happy, and well, Logan would do just about anything to make his brothers happy (Not that he would ever let them know that, they would abuse the power in an instant if they knew). He could stand a bit of embarrassment for while if it meant giving Roman the chance to do something he loved.

After all, at the end of the day wasn’t that what big brothers were for?

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