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listen. platonic cuddles between alec and jace are my weakness

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Magnus, at 2am: Alexander, do pigeons have feelings?

Alec, muffled by his pillow: Go to SLEEP MAGNUS!!!

Jace, propping himself up: No wait, do they?

Alec, throwing his head up: HOW DID YOU GET HERE??!

Jace, as he nestles in between them: What do you mean?

Friendly reminder

That just because Jace and Alec are brothers doesnt mean you can shit on their relationship (and yes they have a relationship) THEYVE BEEN BROTHERS FOR LIKE 10 YEARS AND THAT SHIT JUST DOESNT GO AWAY BECAUSE YOU DONT LIKE JACE.

Gtfo with that bs because family is the only kind of relationship Alec has ever had until he met Magnus, and family means a lot to Alec.

jalec is such brotp wow i have never seen more of a brotp ever in the world, beautiful brothers supporting each other in a brotherly way

How I Met Your Mother AU!situation in which Alec announces that he’s moving in with Magnus and Jace is so upset that he steals the moving van so Alec can’t move.