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researchers conduct first global assessment of the lifecycle of gas emissions from :

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Just in time for : Northwestern is addressing the unprecedented accumulation of with a new Program on Plastics, Ecosystems, and Public Health:

Just in time to celebrate , announces a new program to study the environmental and human health impacts resulting from unprecedented use and accumulation of worldwide.

Home is where you make it. Love grows when you allow it. Life is beautiful... share it. Let's take care of our home. Earth Day.

Today is Earth Day. What can you do to help our only home? This is an everybody topic. Every day should be Earth Day.

Talking about our problem for on tonight. Here’s my water bottle - how do you reduce your plastic use? – at Life Sciences Centre

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Ocean-Clogging Microplastics Also Pollute the Air, Study Finds
Microplastics are known to cause ocean pollution, but a new study suggests airborne plastic particles pollute the air and dry land as well.
Six-decade plankton study charts rise of ocean plastic waste
Handwritten journals from 50s show how plastic problem has grown to global emergency
By Jonathan Watts

A trove of data showing when the Atlantic began choking with plastic has been uncovered in the handwritten logbooks of a little-known but doggedly persistent plankton study dating back to the middle of the last century. From fishing twine found in the ocean in the 50s, then a first carrier bag in 1965, it reflects how the marine refuse problem grew from small, largely ignored incidents to become a matter of global concern. The unique dataset, published in Nature Communications, is based on records from the continuous plankton recorder, a torpedo-shaped marine sampling device that has been towed across more than 6.5m nautical miles of ocean over the past 60 years.
'We can’t afford to stand by and do nothing’: 10 everyday heroes fighting to save the planet
We talk to 10 UK activists on the frontline of our most serious environmental issues
By Patrick Barkham

“If you had told me a few years ago that I would be involved in an environmental movement, I would have thought you were joking. I was far more interested in social inequality and minority rights. But I came to realise that the environment crisis is the biggest threat to us all, and it is people from my background – more disadvantaged, ethnic minority – who are going to bear the brunt of what is coming. ‘After a successful action, you can really feel the electricity in the room” … Chay Harwood. Facebook Twitter Pinterest  ‘After a successful action, you can really feel the electricity in the room” … Chay Harwood. Photograph: Rebecca Ellen The environment is often seen as a white, middle-class issue, while people from my demographic have other things to worry about, such as putting food on the table and paying the bills. But I went along to the first Extinction Rebellion meetings and found that they were organised and people were prepared to do what it takes to make a change: sleeping on office floors, working until 4am, or running around London in the rain, blocking roads – all of which I have done. Being part of that is incredibly inspiring – after a successful action, you can really feel the electricity in the room. But it is also emotionally draining. I was involved in the swarming protests blocking roads, and I saw that we were making life harder for people who were just trying to get to work. But when I raised that point, my voice was heard, and so we are working hard to take actions that only directly impact the elite, who are complicit in creating environmental harm .”


If sea creatures had a voice… Do you agree? 🐋

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We don’t realize that somewhere within us all, there does exist a #supreme self who is #eternally at #peace.

Join #tour to #Ladakh #spiti #bhutan on #JEEP #bikes

Say #no to #plastics, #Save #Mountains, do not litter on mountains. Help to #preserve the #nature

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Learn more about the Rotomoulding Process.

Rotational Molding and Its Advantages 

Rotomolding is a technique used in the manufacturing industry to create highly durable and customizable hollow plastic products. The process allows for double wall construction. It ensures uniform wall fitness throughout the construction. 

Rotomolding process is ideal for making large products such as tanks and bins that have to be hollow, and can be made in one piece. It is also utilized to make complex medical products, toys, recreational craft, and extremely artistic point-of-sale products. 

In comparison with other methods of plastic molding, rotomolding has many advantages in terms of relatively low levels of residual stresses in the process and relatively inexpensive molds. 

Rotational molding is also called roto-molding or roto-casting. Many manufacturers of hollow-type plastics usually prefer this method in making their products. Another process used in liquid-vinyl is slush molding, which is also a similar process. 

Rotational Moulding process offers many advantages as compared to other methods of plastic molding such as injection molding, blow molding, and thermo-forming. 

Benefits of Using Plastic

ü  Plastic is corrosion resistant, it cannot rust. Stainless steel products are subject to rust in welded parts.

     ü  Plastic is chemical resistant. It’s a material that can withstand various chemical components, which makes it perfect for tanks, intermediate bulk containers, and other containers.

     ü  Plastic is a durable material. It is extremely impact resistant and it does not dent. Plastic parts can incorporate metal inserts in high-stress areas as well.

    ü  It is economical. Plastic is lighter weight than metal, therefore it takes less fuel to operate equipment with plastic parts. The material is less expensive than metal. Because rotomolding allows for one-piece construction, this reduces assembly costs. 

ü  Plastic is a safe material to use. It eliminates sharp corners and burrs, resulting in a smooth, seamless product. This reduces the risk for injuries for operators.

Advantages of Rotational Molding Process

 Size Options

 Rotational Moulding can produce any size from the smallest part to larger sizes, which means the process is flexible compared to other systems. The process can be used on a small ping-pong ball sized plastic part to 21,000-gallon tanks. Many manufacturers are able to produce a large capacity tank between 0 to 1000 pounds, and as tall as 17 feet.

 Different Designs

 With rotational molding, it is very easy to design different shapes. This is because when the hot plastic compounds are placed into a mold, they take the shape of the mold as they melt and then harden. The process makes it ideal for creativity since manufacturers can make any shape using the process. While other types of molding processes are inelastic in nature with few options, rotational moulding can provide different varieties of design in the manufacturing phase.


Rotomoulding can easily accept metal inserts while producing the part. It also allows the possibility for additional threading inserts. Other methods are cumbersome, while with rotational molding can be processed at very low costs. Assembly techniques can be changed in the rotomoulding process easily. Other manufacturing methods do not readily take inserts and this can make it more costly than rotational molding. 

Color Sectioning 

Color sectioning is much easier with the rotomoulding process. Color blending can be done in-house to a variety of shades. Color matching is done easily on the process without extreme volumes.  A number of colors can be achieved at a lower cost. 

Quality Surface Finishing 

Rotational Moulding process offers high quality surface finishing capabilities by taking the exact shape of the particular mold as well as the texture. This allows very high gloss quality finishes on the product surface. It can also produce smoothness and quality artistic design, and can take on a high oriental texture finish on its surface. 

Decorations in Mold 

The process takes any originally designed decorations made in the mold and will feature it on the plastic in a vibrant way. This amazing technique of in-mold graphics is used to decorate and design graphics are a by-product of rotational molding. The unique designs will stick permanently in the final plastic product. This method allows easy molding for items such as serial numbers, bar codes, and colorful logos. The designs often appear in better quality compared to the traditional ones. 

Quick Tooling 

The molding process uses low-pressure without any need of ejection or in-mold cooling, thus reducing the costs of a mold for rotomolding. Especially given the extreme heating and cooling cycles, aluminum manufactured molds tend to perform better. The process is cheaper when aluminum is involved. Depending on the design and complexity involved, a new tooling process can only take about four to twelve weeks. 

Top Quality Durability

 Parts and cases that are roto-molded are stress-free and can withstand impact force, chemicals, and environmental factors. This is the reason why the process is ideal for making cases designed for both military and commercial use.

 Quick and Easy to Make and Customize

 Rotomoulding can significantly reduce lead times. Molds can be made in a matter of weeks when possible.  The process allows for tooling to be produced which would mold multiple cavities of a product to be integrated into one mold, thus reducing the part price. Rotational molding also allows further customization since the molding process is capable of using a wide range of materials. 


 Rotational Moulding is a very inexpensive method to produce high quality products because of its speed and unique integration process. Larger products are to be molded at a lower cost than products made with other molding plastics processes. The cost of the equipment needed for rotational molding is also less expensive compared to other processes. With rotational molding, you get high quality products with superior durability at lower prices than plastics fabrication or even metal fabrications. 

Consistent Wall Thickness

 Usually, metal components are weakest at the corners. These are the exact areas where the parts endure the most stress. With other processes of molding, it is difficult to achieve total consistency in wall thickness. With rotomolding of plastics on the other hand, the constant rotation allows the polyethylene to coat every surface evenly.

 Rotomolding Summary  

 While not as widely utilized as injection molding or blow molding, the rotational moulding process has its place in each of our daily lives.  The durability of a rotationally molded product in comparison to an injection molded or blow molded product is second to none.  The low production requirements, inexpensive tooling costs and durability of the products help ensure that rotational molding is a polymer based manufacturing process that will be around for generations to come.  

There’s no ethical consumption under late-stage capitalism! There just isn’t. They make you think you’re supporting the health of the planet by buying ‘biodegradable’ plastic but it turns out they’re just marketing to your ecosensitivity to get your dollars and because biodegrading means breaking into small itty-bitty pieces, not going back into the earth as organic matter, little plastic bits are now everywhere! They found plastic fibers in the organisms at the bottom of the marina trench! All you can do is your best. Forgive yourself for not knowing the truth (because you were consistently lied to by a whole range of folks - marketers, lobbyists, professionals, experts) & when you know better, do better. Seek out compostable items for stuff that will truly break down, & promote the use of recycled plastic.


AND now for something really serious. What the #FCK do we do with #plastics? STOP buying stuff rapped in plastic. Otherwise we may well stop #procreation!! For all life on the #planet

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