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¿Por qué debería dejar de usar botellas de plástico para ir al gimnasio?

A little something I wrote recently: Top 3 Children’s Plastic Adirondack Chairs For Your Children

soon takes to the stage at the Innovations in Food Safety, Traceability and Processing Technology Forum 2019 in where she will be speaking on how to build a future using the valuable benefits of responsibly

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SA says making is not enough and is taking a series of specific actions to "achieve a -free future," including a focus on .

Excited to have found all these fab jars in local charity shops to help me reduce my waste - can't wait to fill them up with goodies at ! 👣

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The 3 Plastics Every Parent Should Avoid
Repeat after me: 3, 6, 7.

Worrying about plastic is so last year I know, but I’m into recycling I even recycle other people’s rubbish. It’s not because I’m worried about the environment anymore that anyone else. It’s just that when I get into something… well you know.

Anyway look at this bottle cap how on earth can anyone with even 20/20 vision know wether this is recyclable. It’s annoying that we get blamed for say the destruction of the environment and the death of rare species. How on earth have I got the authority and power to be responsible for the death of an entire animal species when the kids down my street won’t even listen when I tell them not to kick their ball at my door.

I digress. Please massive corporations and plastic manufacturers, I understand how busy you must be doing whatever it is you do, but could you take an hour out of your schedules to get together and provide a decent easy uniformed system for identifying recyclable plastic. I read an article in the paper about how much they pay you because your so brilliant and worth it, so it should only take you about an hour.


Dirty Business: what really happens to your recycling


This is how I print my linoleum cut relief blocks. I hope you enjoy watching this video that highlights my process!
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Dazzling display. Expanses of mirror punctuated by clear lighting globes sparkle everywhere in this dramatic, open bathroom. The long counter combines vanity and platform tub in a single unit sheathed in a blue plastic laminate. The room is an extension of the master bedroom. Children can either enter through a doorway flanked by hot water pipes that act as a towel warming and drying rack. Pocket doors close off the space when needed.

Sunset Bathrooms - Planning & Remodeling, 1983


Thrifty Thursday: More Donation Items & Ear to Ear - ASMR - 3D Binaural, Soft Spoken, Tapping
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