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💚👍💚👍💚👍💚👍💚👍💚 Well, had its 1st 'Mass Plastic Unwrap' & it went great. Lots of chatty, friendly, interested people outside on Ruthin Road giving us their . Thankyou to manager James for your hospitality

The Speed Plastics team will be at MEDICA all week to talk to healthcare companies about their manufacturing needs. Come and see us in the UK Pavilion, hall 16, stand K17-7

This is what humans are doing to this planet . The first post is the building and opposite to it is the trash mainly . We are not developing we are downgrading .

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single-use plastics need to become a thing of the past

plastic isn’t inherently a bad thing and if we learn to recycle and redistribute it responsibly we can save the earth from getting wrapped in plastic wrap

no, the problem is single-use plastics. plastics that you will throw away immediately after using. that plastic. but plastic you will reuse for a long time? thats ok plastic.

so plastic tupperware: ok. plastic soda bottles: bad. plastic bucket: good. plastic ziplock bags: bad.

but until we come up with a replacement for all these products it’s pretty much a moot point.

some ideas are replacing single-use plastics with glass or plant fibers or cardboard. but, in the end, we all know what we gotta do

reduce plastic



I went to an art display that my college had and wrote a poem inspired by what I saw. This week has really inspired me to write poetry again (and I think taking a creative writing class also helped). If anyone has any suggestions for edits, feel free to lmk :)

The world is our oyster

they say and look

at what we’ve done:

the oyster

has been filled with vile

slippery slime,

killing machines disguised as jellyfish,

and other invasive items

Different beads of plastic

that represent what fills our bodies

our earth’s revenge

for the damage we’ve caused

7 pots filled with molasses so soulless

and dark, I see the reflection

of a monster

7 pots placed upon sugar

something we sometimes feel

we can’t live without

so much so that it once swallowed

Boston whole

The world is our oyster,

That’s why we colonized America

and forgotten the meaning

of the names of places around us

To focus on economy.

The world is our oyster

and we plucked its pearl

right out of its mouth

because it was too shiny

to put down.


As part of its Climate Edition, the Daily Mirror newspaper has published a carbon footprint calculator on its website to allow people to calculate their individual carbon footprint.

The app asks questions about travel, spending habits, food waste and the heating of your home and, although its end calculations are perhaps lacking in pinpoint accuracy, it certainly provides food for thought. For most people, being presented with the things that contribute to their own footprint can often be surprising.

At the recent PPMA show, we were pleased to welcome Dr. Emma Fieldhouse, Director of Future That We Want to our stand. She guided some of our visitors through the Great Carbon Footprint Game – also known as How Bad are Bananas - which allows people to compare the carbon footprint of various products and materials. We were amazed at the number of people who found themselves shocked when plastic performed better than materials such as cardboard.

What the game highlighted was that in the recent backlash against plastic, other materials are being used, many of which actually increase carbon footprint rather than reduce it.


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