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What would do if we all unpack our purchases before we exit their store & leave all the with them? Is there a here?๐Ÿค”โ“๐Ÿ“ฆ

you clearly donโ€™t give a toss about plastic reduction when this kind of packaging is the norm in your shops. An aubergine in a plastic bag is taking the piss.

If you live in & have bags you can them with to help your at St Josephs secondary school, Sontley Road, Erddig at boxes in reception. Tomorrow or keep for after summer holidays.

Trying to avoid when it comes to giving gifts? Trying out an from iGiftie gives your friend all the freedom of a gift card in their email inbox instead of in their wallet. Strive for gifts that make a impact in more ways than one.

- @muji_global chopsticks illustrate how plastics can be elevated to become enduring products. . Read the rest of the article on here:

Take-out is never , but you can always ask for less packaging & single-use plastic. Choose restaurants that use paper wrappers & bags! Even if you donโ€™t have somewhere to compost, paper is less environmentally toxic than & will actually decompose over time!

We're on a mission to remove single-use from our boxes as soon as possible. Please support us & help us collectively become a mindful community that looks after our planet. Unsure how to recycle your packaging? Read this ๐Ÿ‘‰

Are you a residents, non-profit organizations, businesses or institutions? Please share your perspective through an online survey on whether the City should ban bags and charge fees on paper and bags.

We must innovate - not recycle - our way out of the pollution crisis. Good read below from Waste Crisis: Americans Create 3x More Waste Than Global Average:

Apparently in take coloured milk top lids so a good way to recycle them recycle them -just has family drop some into them so I am going to start collecting them with my children โ˜บ๏ธ Not sure what they do with them though.

RT @ Earth_Changers_ : Transformative change in how we interact with nature is required. Urgent action must be taken to address land use and reduce the loss of biodiversity for our planet's sustainability โ€ฆ

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Mengelola sampah plastik menjadi minyak Berdiakusi dengan mahasiswa di acara konservasi internasional yang di adakan oleh conservation international indonesia

Lovely to see a Little Egret, but sad to see plastic bottles in pools in front of the hide at Doxey Marshes yesterday. I have managed to crop the bottle from a couple of shots

Thanks to for the Workshop today. The Proof of Concept studies of medical, agricultural and packaging are sharing up nicely. Good work towards a and evidence - led solutions to our problems. ๐Ÿ‘

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No community should be polluted or exposed to harmful chemical substances from toxic food packaging. 

To #BreakFreeFromPlastic this July and beyond, let’s “unwrap” the health risks of plastic and food packaging chemicals!

Follow @BreakFreeFromPlastic for actions to take throughout the month!

Choose bamboo over plastic. There are plenty of stores that sell such products and since the EU has approved the ban of single-use plastics (which will become law in the member states in a maximum of 2 years), we might see a growth in such bamboo products!

laurainwaterland: Beached mermaids 🧜🏻‍♀️ #MermaidsHatePlastic

The lifeless bodies of sirens @7vensuns and @laurainwaterland were found this 15th of July 2048. The two had been cleaning up plastic waste and bringing it back to human shores for a century. Marine scientists assume they died of exhaustion from this daunting task while finding it increasingly difficult to sustain themselves since fish is becoming hard to find

This creation is our way of taking a stand against plastic waste polluting our Ocean. The time to act is yesterday to prevent this from becoming our future ➡️ Please use your voice by sharing this powerful image on social media to spread awareness

should I get rid of all the plastic containers, tupperwares, plastic bottles I own? but i already own them and buying more sustainable ones would use new ressources/keeping them would mean risking to get micro plastics in water/throwing them away would make plastic waste even bigger/donating them would just give the problem to someone else

I am going through such an existential sustainable crisis right now, and this post is not including my thoughts regarding fast fashion, veganism versus my eating disorder, sustainable travel and transportation 


The average person creates 84 kg of plastic waste per year. Your Plastic Neutral contribution, starting at only $44 USD per year, ensures the recovery of an equivalent or greater amount of ocean-bound plastic within the Social Plastic Ecosystem.⁠⠀
Become an Ocean Hero or Ocean Champion to recover even more plastic and help build communities in need around the world.⁠⠀
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I was running a kids’ craft activity today and some of the supplies were packaged in these plastic bags. All 20 of each sized bag came home with me.

After a wash, the large bags will be perfect to use for my home baked Christmas gift treats. The small bags will be excellent for storing and gifting my saved vegie seeds in.

Zero spend and recycled resources. Easy.