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Garden From Kitchen Scraps

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Very happy today to see these wee sleepy heads (planted at the start of September) starting to waken up the garden 🌱🌿🍃

So I think I’ve been growing a weed for the past 6 months lmao ,It’s fuzzy and it just doesn’t grow anywhere,I got the soil from outside, so I’m thinking the weed killed my flower and has been just fucking piggyback riding on me since this little bastard...

(Tumblr ) January is a good month to plant hedges. It’s worth looking out for bare-root plants as they’re cheaper than pot-grown ones. ⁠ ⁠

Cristate forms of Ferocactus sp. and Carnegiea gigantea. This growth form is relatively rare and results from a broadened area of meristematic tissue

Even when there's no snow on the ground, these can make it look like there is.

赤と緑と光。 少しK-7っぽく撮れたかも? PENTAX K-1改 + DFA 15-30

Studies show that in the workplace can increase productivity levels, reduce stress, and boost morale. Some plants can even help purify indoor air! 🌿 Here’s how to create a little bit of office envy with :

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This magical looking ivy covering a tree in the park

Safe Arbor

Evergreen pining out of season
Only acting on good reason
Need or want a fragile feeling
Never lose, never stealing

Balance keeps you sane but
stops the bleeding, inner ear stops the fall
Filter, off-kilter, key keeper
Guards the strands that keep me undone

Sound my voiceless script,
Cast myself as comic relief
in someone else’s fairytale, a
Moment of meditation

A soft
A can stand on my own roots
I don’t need someone to clutch
My hand, kneed my palms and save me
and my rough knuckles dust the bottoms of
my shoes, the gloves on my heels a footnote
to that hollow pain in my trunk, to plant in my stomach,
but at the end of that bright cycle
it always leaves me

Healing Grimoire Page

I’m feeling a little under the weather today, so today seems like a good time to share this page I’ve started for my grimoire. Some of these are personal correspondences, but many are also traditional. I’ll be adding more to this later probably, but I’m satisfied with it for now.

What else should I add to this page? 


it’s crazy the way plants can give me so many vibes. only seeing a bunch of those green creatures fill my body with peace.

when i was only a kiddo, i was so fascinated about how they can live, about his whole system. however, i think that my love for plants started when my dad bought me a purple flower and named it “hope”, or when my mom yelled at me when i touched one of hers saying that it was one of her sons. omg, my siblings are plants 😭.

anyway, i think it’s wholesome how those little lovely things can be this complex and simple at the same time.

I’m sure when i move out of home, i won’t have a single square meter without a plant.

(parenthesis) one day I read this quote that said “humans are just plants with feelings” and my life is happier than before.

i think that everyone has to fill his life with plants, they are a different kind of energy.

photos from the amazing. @eternity-in-your-eyes i hope someday i can be like you. 💚

happy evening. ✨


Whether you are vegan or not is not something as trivial as whether you like the colour green or the colour yellow. As such, it’s obscene when people tell vegans that it is “just a matter of personal choice”, or whatever else.

Whether you are vegan or not is the difference between peace and violence, liberty and slavery, life and death, good and evil.

Which side of history will you be on? What is the choice you will make?

The animals don’t have any more time for our excuses—make the right choice today.