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๐ŸŒณ๐ŸŒณWouldn't it be wonderful to have these plants above your bed?๐ŸŒณ๐ŸŒณ๐ŸŒณ I think so! Having plants in your room can actually increase air circulation. How cool is that??

Our most important goal is to provide seed, coordination, media support and information for our 'Dirty Hands" Clean Seed Planting Volunteer Groups ....."Planting Local All Over the Country". We Support our Volunteer groups

Architonic Product Pick: Nyon II | NYO 00 by Roger Vancells for Made Design

Today we planted bulbs in Ms. Baranikโ€™s Pre-K class at Eastlawn Elementary ()! It was awesome to teach the kids the steps for planting a seed! We will 100% be back to do more outdoor activities.

The weather had my students and I craving greenery in our so today we began an herb & some pine trees to get the transformation started. The class is pretty interested in learning how the energy from the is at the centre.

From November, bare root trees, shrubs and hedges will be available for . For more tips for November, check out the full blog

In the northern part of Holland planting tulips is in full swing in the clay soil. Planted fully automated in nets.

Amazing flower and one of our favourites, seen here in one of our recently completed gardens in SW London ___________________________________________ โ€ฆ

The ideal time to start planting is to achieve the showiest garden of them all. Check out โ€™s guide at:

is hosting another major of shrubs and grasses at the Bald Hill Natural Area! OVER 100 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! WHEN: Nov. 18 WHERE: Dunawi Regeneration Site (Bald Hill) EMAIL David Eckert at to !

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Possibly The Most Unique Tree Ever? Levi Explains | S1:E7 | MIgardener


Why Fall Is The BEST Time to Plant Perennials

Update on my lil tomato plants!!! The biggest one is the same one I posted about recently, they grow so quick! I’m so excited to repot and grow them to their full size! Post on tomato care is coming I guess, gotta actually GROW tomatoes first lol

Autumn planting work finally started. Since seedlings have stopped sucking up the water in the ground, we have to complete the work in about three weeks until the construction term and snow cover. This year it seems that Todomatsu in Hokkaido is bad, and most of it is larch supply / demand.

Rayllum week Day 2


Callum was sitting on a rock, holding something. Rayla walked over to him. “What’s that in your hand?” She asked. He held up a small seed. “Oh this? It’s a seed from the forest outside of the village.” He pointed down the side of the mountain. “Why do you have it?” She asked.

“Well,” he scratched his neck. “When we have delivered the egg, I was planning to plant it. It will grow and I will always remember the time I teamed up with a butt kicking, elven warrior to save a dragon egg which has since hatched.”

“That is really sweet. Is it a human thing?” He shook his head. “So it’s a Callum thing then.” He grinned at her. “There is a Moonshadow elf thing I am going to do.” She said suddenly, sitting down next to him. “I am going to carve little figures of each of you, and tie one of your hairs onto them. That way, I’ll always have a piece of you with me.” He smiled quietly before standing. “Well, we had better get going, this egg isn’t going to deliver itself.”

He reached down and pulled her to her feet and they left in a companiable silence.

Years later, three young children swing on the branches of a huge tree, with two small figurines watching from the window.



planting flowers bought at the SABOT plant sale 

bush morning glory

tropical turks cap|  Malvaviscus penduliflorus

Blue boneset |  tamulipas mist flower supposed to bloom in spring 

Pale rock rose | white flower  with maroon center 

Flame anisacanthus “garry’s golden’ yellow flower form