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The benefits of a LOCKWOOD Air Cup planter? We'll let the efficiency of perfect spacing speak for itself in this pic. 👌 . .

Tiarella ‘Sugar and Spice’ looking fab!! Using in our scheme. Does best in cool moist - moist but well-drained humus rich soil, in partial to full shade.

Happy Bank Holiday Eve! Are you ready for your weekend in the garden? We have a great range of planters to brighten up your garden.

Did you know that Palisades is best known for its performance in shady lawns or areas, its drought tolerance, and its rapid recuperative ability, which makes it a grass that can withstand a high volume of foot traffic.

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Double exposure of planting pots and scotch moss. The stack of pots picture was rotated.

Let’s Go to Yara’s Garden to explore different plants & acknowledge plant parts🍃🌺

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1st day of sprouting & 4th day of sprouting

Yessss make lil sugar pie pumpkins for me, I need pumpkin meat for tasty pumpkin bread!

I think I captured an actual murder on camera

Ok so I’m starting to get back into gardening again, right? Well. I go to my local farm supply store and pick up some starter plants, seeds, and ladybugs. For reference, here is what the ladybug container looks like:

WELL. I get everything planted and settled, and released my little ladybug army. I become so overwhelmed with this little plant paradise that I’ve created that I start spamming the hell out of it with my camera. I looked at my pictures and this one stood out to me in particular:

I see it and think “Awww my little baby ladybugs look so cute on my little baby spearmint!” until I ZOOM IN ON THIS


(Long live the ladybug king?) but who was the killer? Who was the victim? What was the one true motive? The answer will remain….

And that is the story of how I captured a murder on camera

I want to plant a garden

I have absolutely no idea if I’ll be able to keep up with it, but I really want to do this.

See, we live in a rented duplex, and about a week ago there were some people out here clearing brush from the backyard because it was interfering with power lines. So now I have all this space with like, no grass or anything on it, because it was covered by the brush.

(The brush also probably housed a lot of creatures, which makes me sad for them. Anyway.)

I’m really not experienced with growing things At All. But I still want to try! At least to plant some native wildflowers or sth, but vegetables would also be good. 

Its already spring here, so it’s too late to start some things I know, but I’m going to do Research ™ and try and find out what I can get started here. (I have to get landlady-permission first, but I’m betting she’ll let me.)

So, two things:

1. Any advice from any of my followers who are gardeners/good with plants would be most welcome. 
2. I am going to be posting progress reports to my new blog, @jomakingspace

I spent the last weekend replanting and reorganizing my cactus as they were in desperate need of attention and love. I found these neat cedar boxes at the local garden store and I found the rock from my back yard. All of them really turned out well. Come on spring, I can’t wait to start gardening and planting.

So I started my dream job, and never have I felt so blessed. Funny how when you think one door is closing, and that it really could be the end of the world, it’s really just exactly what you wanted manifesting itself in your world.

Look at all the beauty that came out of the pain! Is the magic ever alive here. All it took was a little bit of patience. Lots of patience, actually, and a damned focused intent. I did it though! So let the growth begin 🌱

We have some sweet little blue flowers that SPRANG up in the past couple days in our front planting bed and I was a bit suspicious about their eagerness and I think I’ve identified them as Siberian Squill, which apparently is highly invasive. I want to dig them up but it’ll make me sad, as I got my hopes up to some green this early in the season.


Calamansi, chili plant and flowers… ❤👌
#iwantagarden #plants #planting #chili #calamansi #flowers (at Manila, Philippines)

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