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I'm heading to the desert this weekend. What are you doing? Keep your CBD handy to help you recover from workouts or just to help you chill.

Feeling something healthier? Try ordering one of our specials: the aka a highly ancient super green from the Middle East! Yes! We serve this unique dish🥬🌱

Come party with us at our official launch of Hijo De Su Madre!! We'll be at the in DTLA from 2PM - 10PM on Saturday, March 30th.

Fan love... it makes us smile 😍 And we think it's pretty cool to hear from other food lovers like us 😎 So, what's your go-to? Let's talk about something mouth-watering!

Male chicks in the egg industry are killed within days, sometimes hours, of hatching. Why? They are deemed "useless" as they can't lay eggs. 😢

SATURDAY FEATURE: Tofrito Crunchy Wrap! SPICY tofu sofrito, black beans, pico, crumbled nachos, creamy cheese sauce, cilantro and lettuce, Spanish rice, salsa and sour cream!

Happy National Chia Day! This smoothie bowl topped with chia seeds is breakfast goals. Recipe by Arbonne Independent Consultant, Area Manager Christina Lamorte.

Walking with my Bud ( named after some drummer) I ask my mama who is no longer here, if I’m heading in the right direction... I walk a little further and spot a young woman in a field of wild garlic. I got my sign.wild garlic and nettle soup

Fancy some of this ?. Well it's only available this Monday to Friday 12-2pm so let's hope you are in the area. All homemade, delicious and , what's stopping you?

Hey there, we make seriously legit vegan recipes for free for you to share! Follow us on for over 1000 recipes!

Aubergine 🍆 & Butter Bean Tapenade with Crumbled Feta. This is a made up recipe using green tapenade. With roasted aubergine 🍆 Fried red onion, garlic & butter beans with spinach & red pepper. Topped with crumbled feta (Sainsburys Greek style alternative).

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from @iregrow - Great weather!! Come on in we are open! //Booth 570 @ygfarmersmarket

Say codeword “Happy Growing” 😉 and receive $5.00 OFF

No Shipping fee at the market!

Get Both for $15 just say the magical words 🌱 💚💚💚🌿🌱💚💚💚
Keep Strong!
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SMOOTHIES for TWO! 💕🍓🍌✨ My current daily brunch has been this smoothie bowl! And it’s easy enough to make when I travel. 🙏🏽 It’s FullyRaw, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, dairy-free, and nutritious. After a morning workout, there’s nothing better than refueling your body with a nutrient dense bowl like this one. Not only is it hydrating, but also it’s very filling. I’ve blended dragon fruit, bananas, @sunwarriortribe vanilla, raspberries, blackberries, and water. It’s topped with kiwi and berries. Serve with love and enjoy. 🌸🙏🏽✨

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Reposted from @wthfilm - What kind of blood do we want in our bodies?
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Yeah I eat all health to the max and shit. I have SIBO(small intestine bacterial overgrowth), a Haitial hernia, possible pathogens in my stomach, and I’m seeing a holistic doctor to test for heavy metal accumulation which is usually the root cause to all my tummy issues / smell issues / hernia In my stomach ! Gotta get them out. What a wretched realm… I have much to teach when I’m done healing this mess of a meeeessss.

I eat vegan, gluten free, yeast free, refined sugar free and I avoid shitty oils. Love coconut , sesame and grape seed and olive oil!!! Say no to canola. It’s a GMO. I avoid GMOs usually and usually eat 95%organic. I eat these organic , non gmo sprouted corn tortillas tho! Corn isn’t the best but in a tortilla form it’s easier to disgust!!

I can help anyone in needs of helps for healthy eating and such! I came a long way from being very chronically unable and I’m still cleaning myself out. You are what yah eat damn.


I am still sick so I am at home and can´t work out (and I have regrets about it) but I did a little bit of yoga with Adriene. It was an episode called “charisma” and it was very chill with very little movement so it was ok. I hope to get back to the gym on Monday.

It just sucks to be sick, I miss empty nose and normal voice.

Breakfast: porridge with apple, turmeric, cinnamon and blueberries

Lunch: whole-grain pasta with broccoli and leek sauce topped with sun-dried tomatoes

Dinner: buckwheat with roasted butter pumpkin, tempeh with sauerkraut on side

And don´t be fooled - I also had some chocolate :)