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This is what the and the are about. They keep you in line with the by threatening you and insulting your intelligence, like this little

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Ouverture du nouvel appel à projet , révisé et simplifié ! Découvrez le nouveau cahier des charges :

Congrats to my main man and fellow alum Kevin Beard () for being promoted to WR Coach for the

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Nottoway Plantation - The Mansion on the Mississippi, one of the largest remaining plantation homes in the South. Built in the late 1850s, this antebellum mansion survived the Civil War and various owners; until it was converted into a resort. Accommodating many events on its beautiful grounds. They offer a Mansion tour (of course for a price), that goes further into the history of the property.

Nottoway Plantation & Resort

31025 Hwy 1

White Castle, LA 70788


Call for tour details


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How many of you realize #nfl has no owners of color?? It is a modern day #plantation and mentality of corporate #racism Just #shutupandplay #civilrights be damned. Folks tuned out #superbowl this year Folks waking up… #theydontcareaboutus unless we make them money… #staywoke #thisisamerica It’s bigger than @kaepernick7 #takeaknee It’s a system of oppression… and the full lyrics of the #nationalanthem is just ONE issue even though kneeling has nothing to do with it… For the record #libertyandjusticeforall does not exist! Especially in professional football.

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First Person Narratives Of The Civil War, Letter Regarding Slavery By Edward Lathrop- Georgia

Photo: Slave Quarters Hermitage Plantation, Savannah, Georgia, ca. 1870.

Disclaimer Warning: This Post contains offensive language/words or negative stereotypes that may be disturbing to some readers. Such materials must be viewed in the context of the relevant time period.

JULY 23, 1903.


       “I will proceed to answer your inquiries. You know I am Southern born and raised. I am a Georgian, and although never a slaveholder I was nursed by a negro woman to whom I was most fondly attached, and who, I believe, loved me as she would her own son. I have had the opportunity to mingle freely with slaveholders of different characters and dispositions, and while I regard slavery as such an enormous evil and am heartily glad that it has been abolished in this country, I am bound in candor to say that my observation, during all these years of my residence in Georgia and South Carolina, thoroughly convinced me that in the majority of cases slaves were more kindly treated and brought into more intimate and kindly relations to white families than they are now, though free. This, of course, is not given as an apology for slavery, but it is a simple statement of facts. I might refer, for example, to what I witnessed and felt, while a guest, on more than one occasion, in the house of your honored father and mother. Your father seemed to me to be as watchful of the interests, both temporal and spiritual, of his slaves as of his own immediate white family. It was, to my mind, a beautiful illustration of patriarchal slavery, as it existed in the days of Abraham. Of course there were exceptions to this treatment of slaves by their owners, but, as a rule, so far as my observation extended, your father’s methods were universally approved, while the cruel slaveholder was indignantly condemned and repudiated.”

“You may remember that I was for three years the associate of Rev. Dr. Fuller, then pastor of the Baptist Church in Beaufort S. C. Beaufort District (now county) was probably the largest slave holding district in the State. Most that I have stated above, as to the kindly treatment of slaves was emphatically true of Beaufort. The Baptist Church, in addition to its white membership, embraced about two thousand slaves. These slaves, as church members, enjoyed equal privileges with the whites. Dr. Fuller or myself preached to them every Sunday. The Lord’s Supper was administered to them and to the whites impartially and at the same time. And any grievance that they complained of, among themselves, was as patiently listened to and adjusted as was the case with the white members. In a word, all that could be done for them, in their circumstances, was promptly and cheerfully done. I could add much more of the same tenor to what I have written, but I will not weary you with a long discourse.”

Affectionately yours,

ld Plantation Days; Being Recollections of Southern
Life Before the Civil War:  Electronic Edition
, De Saussure, N. B. (Nancy Bostick), 1837-1915


1849-58 TRADE TOKEN 

Trade Token from N.C Folger. Clothing merchant that was located at the corner of Old Levee st. and Custom House st  ( now Canal Ave. and N.Peters where the US Custom House is , at the moment home for the Audubon Insectarium  ) The merchant was located there between 1849 and 1862. 

A fantastic and rare piece of New Orleans Pre-Civil War history , token is fantastic condition , known in the numismatic world as LA-20. 

Item No. E4980

Dimensions: About 1″


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504.581.3733 / t / e


The history of chocolate - Deanna Pucciarelli

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