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Mae ein Cadeirydd yn annerch y gynhadledd ar iechyd meddwl a llesiant mewn ysgolion heddiw, gan ailadrodd ein galwadau am ddull ysgol gyfan a system gyfan o ymdrin ag iechyd ac iechyd a phobl ifanc

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Hemp History - Emperor Sheng Neng was the first documented person to use Hemp as medicine dating back to 2737 BCE. The emperor would use it to treat his pains caused by gout and rheumatism. - Learn more Link in Bio | America's Trusted 🇺🇸 -

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Souvenir from Paris - Plant Woman

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2020年1月22日発売 小説新潮 2020年2月号掲載、澤村伊智著「こうとげい」の挿絵を描かせて頂きました→